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  1. Insanity! Ok, rant over. Something needs to be done and I am interested in your feedback. The Esplanade at Manly is a popular destination for road and recreational cyclists. It’s not on the way to anywhere but the waterfront so I would call it a “destination” location with a posted 50km/hr limit. Basically its a location where drivers should really ( in a perfect world) just naturally treat it like a equally shared area. They don’t. Also, lots of children are in the area on weekends and afternoons. It is so popular that cyclists easily outnumber motorists at certain times. Today at around 7.00am was one of those times. I was walking south to north on the esplanade and within about 1km I saw three events that put multiple cyclist lives at risk. 1. A utility with fishing boat overtook a group of 4 road cyclists ( Lycra clad people riding at speed) before turning left into the Border Park car park from the right side of the road. Basically they were barely in front of the cyclists before turning off into the car park. I made eye contact with the driver and passenger and they clearly thought something was amusing. 2. About two minutes later a utility tried to overtake a group of 6 road cyclists heading north on the Esplanade. Due to oncoming traffic the utility had to return to the left lane, pushing their way into the middle of the group and revvIng their engine, covering them with black smoke. They continue the overtake in a similar manner, spewing black smoke as they accelerated. There were oncoming cyclists in the other lane. Both these incidents were due to aggressive behaviour by the motorists. The cyclists were riding lawfully, two abreast at most. Again, this is a residential area fronting waterfront parkland and boating facilities. 3. A Range Rover Evoke travelling south overtook a group of cyclists while another group of cyclists approached it the opposite direction. The overtake was in the middle of the white line. Unlike the other two events this appeared to be a driver that didn’t have a clue rather than someone being aggressive.. I do intend to take this issue further. Not via the police, although there was a patrol vehicle that passed between incident 1 and 2. They must know about this awful behaviour. Clearly this level of conflict between road users cannot continue and traffic management action needs to be taken to reduce or remove it. The options that come to mind include: 1. Reduce the speed limit to 30km/hr and put double white lines for parts of the Esplanade? The limit could be varied by the time of day/ week, just like school zones. 2. Introduce 2 wide cycling lanes and either one way vehicle traffic or a single contra flow type traffic lane ( this might be tricky due to two driveways into the boat harbour car parks, you would need coordinated signals...might be too impractical). 3. Designate the area as a shared zone with its own rules, possibly including single file only for cyclists at key locations ( which is how I ride anyway but it should be possible to be more flexible and riding 2 abreast is legal in Queensland. Cyclist are a big part of the cafe culture on the waterfront and it’s a quality of life thing for the bayside to maximise the sharing of space. Cyclists should not be marginalised). 4. Close or partially close key parts of the esplanade to motor vehicles before 8am ( or similar) on weekends. Thoughts? Is there a better ( sensible) solution. Note. I know there are lots of cyclist haters out there. I am not interested in excuses for the driving I saw today. As a third party I was disgusted and there was no excuse for that behaviour anywhere, and even more so at this type of location.
  2. If I am made to do it by law I’m going coconuts. My August 2019 build 3 missed out on the noise by a few weeks. Judging by my experience travelling at low speed behind a bunch of chatting teenagers as they walked down the middle of a very quiet suburban street, EVs do not need a noise. They still heard my wheels on the road, and the man with the red flag that walks in front of my car to warn people yelled out “ incoming” ( dad joke emoji) Meanwhile little ( 5 million people) but very long (1,700 km) Norway bought about 1,000 model 3 cars in March. We bought 1/3 of that but without Norway’s pro EV tax and incentives.. On the plus side the Model 3 is (just) outselling the Mercedes C class and BMW 3 series in Australia ( first quarter 2020 sales).
  3. A lot is made of this, but I am reminded of a hifi newbie friend of mine trying out headphones. I was there along with another seasoned hifi guy who was familiar with the headphones. The newbie preferred the mid spec headphones and the seasoned guy thought he was nuts. The relevance of this is that car reviewers and guys that want the noise are not seasoned EV owners. To use a further hifi analogy, once you get used to a low noise floor, low levels of distortion and a tight bottom end, chances are you will be annoyed or at least not amused by JB hifi sound. When a guy with a big exhaust and slow ( relatively) road car ( pretty much anything not exotic, we are not talking top end here), then the sound is comical, not engaging. The other thing is that most EVs are not completely silent if you give the accelerator a bit of a nudge. That low level sound becomes the new sound track and it comes with real bite. Currently the crowd says they want pointless noises. Over time I am sure that will start to shift and opinions will vary more evenly on the subject.
  4. They say every cloud has a silver lining, and this cloud is a dark one.....but! If lots of people drove EVs what would the air be like. Can I suggest going outside now and taking a deep breath. Earlier tonight I thought the air smelt a bit like when I was a kid. Fresher. Well it is right now. https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/clean-and-green/natural-environment-and-water/air-quality/clean-air-index Imagine what would happen if we all adjust to cleaner air. When life comes back to normal it will be an unpleasant shock. If only we can get price parity on EVs sooner rather than later. Imagine tonight’s sweet smelling air every night.
  5. So, sacrilege I know, but a car with these problems would be an ideal candidate for an EV restomod. This model shows that BMW once new how to design a pretty car. The current and upcoming models are awful. I always liked the idea of a BMW, only I was too poor, and then there was the reputation of the”BMW driver”. There is a nice looking 1973 blue 2002 on car sales right now. $45k but fully restored. That would be cool, but not sure how much of a money pit it might be going forward.
  6. It’s a real shame how few classic cars you see on the roads these days. Recognised the old Cortina straight away ( used to call a friends car the ‘ funky cold Cortina’, blue with baby poo coloured vinyl roof). We had the last Cortina for a week or two while our family Mazda was in the shop. It was novel mostly because it was new, and we never had new cars in the 1970s.
  7. This video is awesome. It makes me wonder “ if you were going to keep and cherish a significant car from your past, what would it be?”. Personally I have had a very limited car history because I spent 20 years with a Peugeot 306. If I was going to restore a car from my past it would be a 306. Below is my humble 1994 Pug 306 as it looked the day I sold it in 2015. Not mint, but everything worked and was in very good nick, other than some sun damage on the upper rim of the steering wheel. Otherwise it looked and drove like a 1 year old car. After watching this video I think I would rather take a different path and keep my current car for 20 years and create a new bit of history. Maybe it’s a little too flash for its own good but the Tesla Model 3 will definitely be a classic in 2039. It’s the Citroen DS of the 2020s ( maybe that’s the Model S, or maybe not as the 3 is more daring inside). That being said, I love the Ford guys passion (obsession) and would love to know what other cars are timeless favourites for people. What car would you like to track down and keep for a bit of motoring nostalgia?
  8. Have we outgrown the Internet influencer and their Tesla? We now have the Model Y and every dude with a camera is out there repeating the same buy stuff and tart it up even more videos. Tesla have relied on these guys to get the brand known, and adverts are the antichrist in my book ( I hate being screamed at to buy more stuff), but typical influencers are mostly just as bad. Chrome delete, paint film, fancy wheels blah blah. 5 reasons why I don’t want a Model Y ( I will be sticking with my current EV) 1. it’s SUV form factor. It looks worse and it’s less efficient. I like the lower form factor, would have preferred a wagon. 2. The model 3 has plenty space already. A hatch would be nice but the 3 is big enough for that not to matter much. 3. Having the latest and greatest does not save the planet. There are already too many people swapping their Tesla every 5 minutes. 4. Like good hifi I expect expensive stuff to last. I have more respect for people with well looked after older cars. Anyone can have a shiny new one. 5. I would prefer that other people bought the car so there are more EV owners out there. This is for a different demographic.
  9. 5 stars for the MG ZS EV
  10. Hot fuzz. I just wanted to say that, maybe it’s my insomnia tonight ( rare fortunately). Interesting comment about the BMW fuel savings. Fuel is cheap right now but I have wondered how the lads and ladies in blue would get around if fuel was scarce. Segway to UK police on electric “prowlers”, well general duty vehicles anyway. I post this more from an alternative tech perspective ......although I might be a bit obsessed with the things.
  11. Looking at the MG ZS EV in top spec as available in Thailand. With tinted windows it actually looks ok for an SUV/CUV thingy. Mostly this car looks under wheeled but this particular specs looks are fine. As good as any other bloated wagon on the road.
  12. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-14/tame-impala-win-triple-j-hottest-100-of-the-decade/12056688 As a Xer my music is supposed to be from the late 70s and 80s. I was surprised to see that I own the albums that feature the top 4 songs on the JJJ hottest list. The only qualification is that I prefer different songs by Violent Soho, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys and Gotye. My favourite film clip ( a big feature of my youth) for the last decade is a ‘one shot’ clip by Brisbane’s own Violent Soho. Check this out Brisbane people and tell me where the clip was shot. I will give you a hint, the vacant site where the clip begins is now a Brisbane Southside high end hifi store ( not JB, high end).
  13. As the video fades the guy from EVO magazine (Harry’s garage) is heard to say “ god.......That’s mad”. I have now done 6 months with a Model 3. I was going to write a bunch of points, but I don’t think people are that interested beyond “ yup, great car, everything works just like it says on the tin”. I still think it’s a pretty car. What might interest folks more is this EV comparison tool below. If you want to know the utility of a particular EV it’s quite useful. Real world range, charging, space are all covered. I assume it will be updated as this years new models are tested. spreadsheets https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HOwktdiZmm40atGPwymzrxErMi1ZrKPP explanation
  14. As a curious Tesla owner I have started watching the third row Tesla podcast from February 10 this year. It’s a 3 1/2 hour discussion with Elon and his brother. I might need to view this marathon in chunks, but It’s a great insight into the bloke behind 1 million EVs. He started out cutting lumber in Canada before getting a scholarship and a physics/business degree. He went on to be the guy who wrote the code to put vector based mapping on the internet for the first time back in the 1990s as well as writing computer game software. i think once you know a bit about the man you get why we have the cybertruck and the tech overload ( for some ) in the Model 3. To dismiss Elon for his online gaffs is like saying Stephen Hawking was just an odd guy in a wheelchair. It was interesting to note that Elon’s reasons behind going electric were not initially environmental. He just didn’t like the idea that hydrocarbon based fuels would one day run out. I think if you buy a Honda you only buy shareholder profits, when you buy a Tesla and you are financing someone’s vision of the future ( although shareholders are still part of the equation).
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