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  1. Guys this is not a thread to discuss whether anthropogenic global warming is a thing. It's about renewables. It's for technical, policy and econmic discussion. I don' t want to get shut down by the mods during such an interesting time of change and advancement in energy generation. I am keen to read Finkels latest report. That is very relevant to this topic.
  2. electric cars

    Based on some basic real world stats from a caae study I calculated that in Brisbane I could supply my houses modest 4kwhr per day consumption and charge my car for evening and weekend use, including a full battey each Friday (350km) all from a fairly modest sized solar panel (with battery for evening consumption should it not be possible via the car). I did the calculation a while back but I think it was a 6 kW system. Obviously If I did use the car for commuting I would need solar charging at work for this to work. Destination charging iat work s a growing trend overseas.
  3. electric cars

    I see Tesla have finally started allowing regular customers to configure their Model 3 with a 4 week delivery time. It’s a sign I tell you it’s a sign (says he mocking himself a little). i have a bigger question. It’s more of an idea based on what some charging companies are already promising. Should we have something like the health star rating for food whereby people will know how green a fast charger or destination charger is? This could be compulsory or it could be voluntary. In this scenario I need to quick charge my EV and I am lucky enough to have 3 practical choices on my route. 1. Catweazle’s Elect-trickery. No label power and a McDonalds McCafe 2. Black star power - 40% renewable minimum guaranteed ( 2 star) and a Starbucks 3. Green co - 90% to 100% renewable guaranteed ( 5 star) and a Health food outlet with fair trade coffee. Should I at least have the option of knowing how green the electricity is when I recharge? Do we effectively already have this information through other means? Would the option of a star label make providers more likely to go green? ( this is probably the important question - particularly as early adopters will want to be seen to be green and it establishes the idea early). Ok brains trust. What are your thoughts?
  4. electric cars

    What if you took a BMW i3 type of construction, stretched the wheel base and did a bit of stacking. That would have to get you somewhere near 2000 kg would it not. I see that the let up on Tesla panic clickbait lasted about 10 seconds. It was nice to read about cars and tech instead of stock brokers waffle for a brief time.
  5. electric cars

    Correction. My work friend has cancelled her model 3 order already. (Sad face) Seems I am back to being the only 3 musketeer I know. It's lonely on the reservation. Maybe I will get a Tri-hard number plate to compensate. Worse still, my ex-3 buddy is planning on making the downer even worse by bring her new Model S to our next social event.............see what I snuck in there.
  6. Random cars of interest

    Surprisingly similar experience but more smiles in the Citroen.
  7. Random cars of interest

    I have the solution. To the tyre shredding I mean. “Rubber” sprays in the wheel arch. Before you pull up turn the car to “ maximum plaid”. A spray in the wheel arch adds either rubber or contact adhesive to the tyre surface. I call this “ putting down the starting blocks”. The car comes to a halt on either extra rubber or some optimally grippy tyre surface. Hit the go peddle and the driver and his passenger instantly lose their lunch. Tesla need to concentrate on the driving experience from the rest of the car. This car does not need self steering, it needs progressive communicative steering and chuckable balance, despite all the weight that it would be carrying around with 200kw of current gen batteries.
  8. electric cars

    And meanwhile some automotive commentator repeats over and over that Model 3 reservation holders are going to riot because of an early production delay. These potential outraged customers are the same hard core folk that lined up to put down their deposit? Clearly these commentators don't have a clue. The only mums and dads in those lines outside stores also had blogs and electric skate boards. Announcing the new halo car just bought Tesla another 6 months easy. It's not the car but the idea that many people are buying, and that idea just got more impressive by association. The car itself is now even less important. A friend at work put down her reservation a few weeks after me even though her other halh still has doubts. She is not just buying a car, she wants a part of the positive clean green future ideal.
  9. Interesting SSM stats. - 75% of Abbott's electorate voted yes - in Western Sydney the ethnically diverse population agreed with their haters on one thing- they did not like SSM They are reporting that SSM is not a class issue. That may be so but it's funny how other issues that should not be class based, like the environment, somehow end up dividing people along party lines more often than they should. People are weird. Anyway, in Queensland the LNP opposition wants bakeries and florists to have the right to refuse service on the basis of sexual orientation. Maybe they should also refuse to accept votes on the same basis. Nicholls does my head in with the stuff he comes out with......and yet he says he voted yes. Takes all sorts I guess.
  10. electric cars

    If no one buys a new EV there will be no second hand EVs. When I EVentually get mine I have no intention of selling it for a very long time. I am looking forward to exploring the practicalities of operating a full EV in Queensland. Unless I stuff up plugging it in at home it will always (pretty much) be charged from green power or solar from my wall outlet. I suspect it would make for completely uneventful ownership blog.
  11. electric cars

    How depressing....oh, hang on. Maybe if I do a bit of research I can be green after all. and for a bit of fun, let’s chop up a Model S P 90 D.
  12. electric cars

    Re " they know how to make cars", this makes me wonder about Tesla's recruiting. It has been said a few times that the team behind Musk is the one hitting goals, but it also seems to be the one kicking the odd own goal....or is that just Musk being overly optimistic on Twitter and creating a rod for their back. Better to under promise and over deliver. Out here in consumer world we don't hear the detail of problems manufacturers experience on the way to getting a car to market. These problems must be potentially far riskier for a ground up new car with new suppliers etc. Tesla also has the additional problem of being new to mass production. All those car people they have recruited would come from manufacturers that were already operating in an established ecosystem. I think they will get there sure enough but every little bump along the way will be tabloid fodder. All those pre sales and sky high expectations are probably equal part good and bad for Tesla. We have probably bored everyone else silly with this thread but it's an interesting time to be a fan of cars and technology.
  13. electric cars

    Elon is the brand regardless of his role. The brand got the 1/2 million odd reservations. When Trump dumps the tax rebate... Ok, if he manages it, I will be interested to see what GM does. They just added 5k to the price of a Ampera E in Europe after telling dealers to stop taking orders. If that is Peugeot's doing I am not impressed with them either.
  14. electric cars

    Hyundai were very upbeat about Queensland's electric car policy that was released recently. To my mind the policy is mildly positive at best. QLD rejected incentives because we dont make EVs in AU. Instead there are some discounts, a charging network to Cairns by end of 2017, an advisory council and afew other gently positive things. I think there needs to be more to get things growing at a healthy rate. South Australia is about to announce their policy apparently. I think the hardsell for the conservatives is their need to paint a picture of an electricity sector in crisis that can only be saved by new coal generation. I am seeing LNP election signs around the place blaming renewables for higher prices. This is not a party that will promote zerotailpipe cars. 25% of Queenslanders have solar panels on their roofs. I wonder if those people think renewables are bad. I guess the coal lobby party is banking on the other 75%. As for changing people's minds on what car they should buy, I have Buckleys. People are basically emotive buyers. I work in a professional office and they are all liningup to buy SUVs. Cars are more often than not a totally emotive purchase. That's one thing Elon is getting right. When the time is right and they have the battery production capacity the Model Y will sell like hotcakes.
  15. FYI. Problem fixed under warranty. Dealer found a pinched wire apparently. I can only assume that this was on the replacement mic as the mic and cable were effectively a one piece OEM component, or so they said first time they tried to fix it. I much prefer going to my independent French car mechanic. He always brought out the old part and showed me. Old school maybe but I will be going back to him from here on in, unless it's a warranty fix.