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  1. EV servicing. Is there less to do? This has been discussed a while back.
  2. The issue of living in an apartment gets dragged up a lot. In Queensland’s priority development areas this is the new solution. “iii. provides facilities to support the charging of electric vehicles including at least one Destination AC charger and the electrical capacity for Basic AC charging on all non-visitor parking.” I could hace have sworn this started life proposing one DC fast charger in the visitor spaces area, but it looks like sanity has prevailed. Looks like a good solution to me because sparky have said that retrofitting in apartments car parks is cost prohibitive. We just need the above PDA policy to become the universal solution ASAP.
  3. I went to buy a spark plug and some parts for my old lawnmower today. OMG. What happen in lawnmower land. Bunnings had a row of petrol models for two sections, with a couple of electric interlopers, but then I turned around and the whole aisle was boxes of new battery models. True the boxes took up more space, but they went back also. Not only that but Bunnings didn’t have the parts for my Victa. Looks like I will be shopping for a ....I forget the name..EGO, that’s it. Looks like I will get my first EV next week, which is good because my back yard is looking dire. Funny, I shared my surprise with another Bunny shopper and he said “ yup, first mowers, then cars”. I agreed of course, pointing out that there was a silverTesla downstairs as I entered the store ( number 3 EV for my area, hooray,........... I didn’t share that bit). I have posted this already......but, there is EV price parity in some market segments if you are prepared to wait until August.
  4. .....hint. The driver is not sitting on the left.
  5. You mean broader energy policy I strongly suspect. ......or cross border....or bolder maybe. If I read between the lines correctly I guess you are also saying that we need policy support behind generation and grid transition before we worry about the minute amount of EVs that will arrive in Australia this year and probably next year. I can see your point, but I also think we can drive and chew gum at the same time. Policy takes time to develop and implement. The sooner you start the sooner it comes into effect. It will not help me by an EV this year but I just want people in my suburb to start seeing a few local EVs driving around. It needs to be normalised. I have seen two EVs in my area ( by which I mean 5 or 6 suburbs only 5 km from Tritium’s Brisbane fast charger factory) in......four or five years. One was a model S and one i3, both seemingly passing through.
  6. Ooh, this one looks a bit different.
  7. When is he driving on the autobahn? On all the videos I have seen the traffic is way heavier. I have to say, 270 on a public road is stupid fast. Imagine doing that on any Australian road with Australian drivers. RIP ASAP.
  8. Oooohh. Shiny. I could save thousands on my next car by going black, and this looks amazing, but at the end of the day I would rather enjoy looking at your efforts than owning such a colour myself.
  9. Mazda”s current plan is to sell only 5% EVs in 2030. That is grossly irresponsible in a carbon constrained world. They will find that many markets will be shutting them out by then. The benefit of a smaller battery car is to lower the lower up front cost. The Sono Sion (25k Euro est) partially self charging car is an interesting example in this space.
  10. As a small fossil fuel car company Mazda are between a rock and a hard place. Mazda was my families preferred car brand when I grew up, my dad bought 3 of them, my sister bought one and I had one. I like their zoom zoom philosophy and they sell nice manuals. That being said, their vision of the future is a big fail. Why would you match an interesting but inefficient engine to an efficient motor when you don’t even need an engine in 2019 and beyond. Bite the bullet Mazda, build a fast charging 40kWh battery car and invest in the charging infrastructure in the markets you sell it in. In 2019 a Tesla model 3 can now 250 kW fast charge to 80% in under 20 minutes on a road trip. It has achieved parity with a safely driven petrol car. If you drive harder than that ( without proper breaks) YOU are a public menace. YOU are the problem, not the car. Sure, you think you are a better driver than everyone else and can drive 6 hours straight on no sleep while texting to your mates, but science and the stats tells us otherwise. To support my point, this is a 1/2 speed (current/old 125kW) charge to 80% for the long range model 3 in under 40 minutes. Smaller battery and a 250 kW charger should 1/2 this time. ( note, this car is running the old software and has not been 250 kW enabled, which is double the current charge rate). This video predates the first 250kW supercharger opening and software update release this week.
  11. Sydney to Brisbane in Model X PS ...and following on from my last grumble ........Kia CEO Damian Meredith yesterday cast doubt on the Kia eNiro coming to Australia. “People in headquarters around the world look at what’s happening in western Europe or North America and say, ‘OK well they are putting these things into place, we’ll put the cars there’,” he says. Unless government policy changes, he believes Australian EV sales will remain small — at less than 5 per cent of the total market — for up to a decade. But he doesn’t see that as necessarily a bad thing. “I’m a great believer in the less government interference the better.” Damian, mate, that’s more than a little bit unsatisfactory. I can imagine him saying the same thing about mandatory seatbelts, or fuel quality standards. People say there is an Elon cult, but to be frank it’s not hard to sound like a super hero when this is what the opposition offer. Loss leaders and compliance cars. What the haters don’t get, and never will, is that these guys are the tobacco companies of the climate change era. Maybe Damian should look up scope three downstream emissions. Clearly they are not on his radar. I will be making full use of the fart app when passing Kia dealers in future until Damian starts showing some social responsibility. They have the product but never planned to make enough of them.
  12. 🙂. Overhyping doomsday. You should see my music collection. Currently spinning.
  13. On less positive news, Hyundai website in the UK has dropped the Kona EV. You can express an interest but can’t order one. I read that there is a batch of Kona EVs on their way to Australia but I wonder if that is it for Australia for 2019. Grab a few headlines, sold out before they hit showrooms and back to selling the fossil version. I will be watching that one closely but it seems like a well worn script for Hyundai. Maybe Kona will never stack up as a profitable EV so their solution is their newly announced dedicated 2020 EV platform. I wonder what the Leaf will do in 2019 in the Australian market. Sales around the world seem to be dropping ( at least temporarily) so in theory they should be able to supply our tiny market. Maybe the bigger battery version announced recently is causing a bit of the old Osbourne effect on the current 40 model. Aussie fleets might go for a 40 but I can’t see many private buyers lining up unless it matches or under cuts the Ioniq ( if you can find one). Private buyers might need a more convincing package. Where is my crystal ball.
  14. CCS2 for the Model 3 in AU. https://thedriven.io/2018/11/19/australian-electric-vehicle-plug-war-is-over-tesla-picks-a-side/
  15. I would think that one plug type would help mass market adoption. Chademo and CCS 1 ( without an adapter) are the only options at some stations currently. Mr Ioniq or Kona rocks up to the charger and gets frustrated. I would argue that an established standard does matter, particularly while plugs are still relatively rare. If I found myself at Cooroy behind Noosa with a low charge and no CCS2 I would be relegated to the AC charger ( until recently when a new Tritium charger was introduced). Anyway, all will become clear shortly once I get some practical experience. I strongly suspect I will be fast charging very rarely. My friend still hasn’t done a fast charge in anger ( I.e. not just to “ try it out”) and they do Brisbane to Noosa return regularly.
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