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  1. electric cars

    I walked past soooo many SUVs on the way to work this morning. Thank heaven the e- Kona, i-pace and e-tron come out this year. The sooner these inefficient SUV things are electric the better. The i-pace is even coming here this year ( not just to Europe).
  2. The Audiophile Club of Athens

    They need a sequel. Sons of audiophiles of Athens. It would be about skateboards and drones.
  3. electric cars

    Zoe looks like it’s getting a bit of a refresh mid year with 20% more power. https://pushevs.com/2018/01/30/new-renault-zoe-r110-arrive-july/ At UK pricing that would make it a sweet little car. Maybe whack in some sound deadening in the doors to give it a VW thunk (it’s something fussy UK owners have been doing with good results). The 2018 Leaf was given both treatments, more pep and better sound insulation. If Zoe can manage 10 seconds to 100km ( currently 13 seconds, which is 80s hatchback slow), it would give it that lively feel with any luck. This is NOT the 110 Zoe, but I am reminded of this fun little thing.
  4. Spending money on older cars.

    That’s cool Rantan. The catalytic converter on a 2006 model car is probably no longer ........converting. I know mine wasn’t on my 1995 model car and it was part of the reason I finally buckled.
  5. Spending money on older cars.

    If you can’t afford $1000 to maintain a car you can’t afford $25k for a new one. If that’s the first grand you have dropped on that Mazda then you have been incredibly lucky. I was spending that per year in the mid 1990s to keep a 13 year old Mazda 323 on the road. If you like the car and it’s generally holding up well, and you have been looking after it, then I would give it until at least 15 years ( with a few more $1k services probably). Just keep an eye on the cost to you per year on average. It’s not like you have been told you need a new transmission and the engine compression is shot. ps, I kept my last car 20 years. Should have kept it another 5 really, but 20 is ok, and it looked almost new when I traded it. No rust, still polished up a treat, neat interior....and it was a Peugeot.( drags out photo of car on its trade in day, again.......sniff sniff).
  6. electric cars

    http://reneweconomy.com.au/tesla-ev-charged-with-diesel-generator-still-cleaner-than-conventional-car-61942/ Point made I think. A generator running an electric motor ( with regen) is the basis of Nissan e-power I believe, only unlike the Tesla you can't plug into a solar panel at home or work.
  7. That time traveller from the future saw this thread. He knows what you are going to post next. I see renewables and coal generation had about the same output last year in Europe. Coal was on the down escalator, renewables were on the up escalator. I don't think the economy or civilisation have failed yet due to the green peril of renewables.
  8. electric cars

    disclaimer: I currently have a model 3 reservation. Given my propensity to revisit things, last night I did a back of the envelope double check on my 2017 decision to reserve a 2019 (?) Model 3. I reviewed my EV options. This was done in the knowledge that I own a perfectly good 3 year old car the happily craps all over corolla’s rated CO2 emissions, sitting below 120g CO2 ( official). My car also does most of its km on the highway as I have weekday commute options. It’s probably used for just under 50% city/ outer suburban driving, just over 50 % highway kms. My 2018/2019 options looked like this, best to worst: 1. Tesla model 3 - basically 100% of trips doeable on one charge, most expensive to buy but most car for your money, resale good, battery longevity good with thermal management (BMS) and supercharger network availability. Relatively this will be a big seller, in my opinion. 2. BMW i3 94 ah second hand - charging on highway trips currently problematic but city trips good, so so resale based on badge and new car hit already taken ( second hand car), battery management good but sales volumes poor so could get “interesting” as a long term option. I really like the size and overall style of the i3....but as a package ??? 3. Hyundai Ioniq ( new) - least expensive option but BMS ( cooling) seems non-existent, highway range relies on charging and resale is so so. Less of a drivers car. also rans - Leaf - no thermal management and stories of fast charging issues already with the 2018 leaf. 60kw might be interesting down the track,but at a Tesla price and 2019 plus timing it’s a hard sell. - Zoe - has some thermal management apparently and good range but it’s expensive for what it is and would be hardest to unload if my circumstances changed. For me the only compelling EV out to 2020 is the Tesla. If I was in the Uk I would own a 41 kw Zoe, but I am not. Also, if a decision factor is putting my money where my mouth is then only the a Tesla pushes the EV agenda hard and that should be supported. Pity I have to wait years, but my current car is still young and brilliant for an ICE ( economical and sweet little engine ) so I’m fine with that. its interesting that it’s Renault/ Nissan and VW who look like the only potential Tesla competition in the next 3 years or so. Chevy seem to have stalled deep in compliance territory ( despite the decent engineering in their product- see below). I base that comment on the article below ( while cautiously remaining wary of relying on any one source of EV news). https://cleantechnica.com/2018/02/10/gm-not-trying-woo-tesla-model-3-reservation-holders-chevy-bolt/ please note- this is my back of the envelope assessment. Your value/perspective will vary. That doesn’t mean I am wrong.
  9. electric cars

    Brain the size of a planet and they ask me to send a electric sports car into space. https://mobile.twitter.com/elonmusk/status/960992715579125760/video/1
  10. electric cars

    What I want to know is, how is that red Tesla roadster floating in a tin can far above the world going to get serviced when it’s 250 million km away in Mars orbit. Exactly! EVs don’t need much servicing. Proof. If it was an ICE it wouldn’t even start in zero atmosphere. Because it is an EV it will still function, provided that there is a supercharger out there somewhere. This is all assuming that it doesn’t explode on the launch pad before breakfast time. just remember, in space no one can see your panel gaps.
  11. electric cars

    Did anyone see the article on the Chevy Bolt?. No servicing required for life was the claim. Not strictly true, but no annual servicing was the point. Some fluids after 5 years or so, brake pads, should you ever use them, that sort of thing. EVs certainly have the potential to be very low maintenance. I think that is the point of " fewer moving parts" statements.
  12. electric cars

    Brie Vegas, Queensland.....leading the charge! Well the private sector is anyway. http://reneweconomy.com.au/tritium-boosts-ev-charger-production-seven-fold-at-brisbane-plant-68714/ I was in the area on the weekend so I did a drive by just to get an idea of how big these guys are, footprint wise. They are the main supplier of 50kw chargers for the Queensland electric highway. On a less positive note I was sad to read that after this recent expansion their next step will be moving closer to their main markets. I also saw the announcement today that 17 of the promised 18 charge points on the Queensland electric highway are now in place. I have a few questions for the electric highway guys ( will send them an email to follow it up). 1. Why is it free for 12 months when we won’t see most of the new gen cars in Australia until the end of 2018 anyway? The free period is basically not an incentive at all unless it is for 2 years 2. What level of service is being provided to users to ensure availability. Is there a 24 hour help line. Can you see if a charger is working online? Can you tell if the stall or stalls are occupied? 3. distance between chargers? Townsville to Bowen 202 km, Townsville to Tully 208km, Bowen to Mackay 190km, 2018 Hyundai Ioniq and 2018 BMW i3 94ah max range 180km. If you have an EV in Townsville or North Queensland it had better be a Tesla. Surely they should have planned for 140km hops. “Almost” might as well be not at all when it comes to EV charge point network gaps. This is a big fail in my book.
  13. Trump

    If a duck was president by accident a portion of the population would support it and die for it if it declared war. It's just how it is.
  14. Why aren’t women interested in hifi?

    Some thoughts. Ever noticed that the JJJ Hotest 100 has naff all female artists year after year. It’s worth noting that those voting are still 50%ish male and 50% ish female. Why is this relevant? Fair question. I think the survey shows that the love of music is typically more about meaning attributed to music and the person performing rather than the sound of the music itself. It’s just like that nostalgia thing, it’s the emotions and memories of youth that many people are reliving. So people who truely listening to the music and sonics ( not just the bass) are the minority, and those interested in the finer points of audio reproduction are an even smaller group. I think that by the time you get to our outlier group the men are the 1% and the women are the 0.05%. I also suspect that the number of women musicians that love the gear would be less than the number of men. The number of women that love vocal qualities in a singer would be greater, although men can obsess about such things. Women definitely like singing in choirs more than men. nature vs nurture? that’s a whole other question. Changes over time: it seems that the interest in sound quality is dropping overall. Maybe because the amount of truely dreadful gear is less these days. By dreadful I mean basically unlistenable due to distortion. My first proper stereo was a Rotel turntable that played fast and seemed to catch dust like a magnet and distort after 2 songs ( proper carts don’t seem to have this problem). I suspect this is what got me started looking for better sound, and I just didn’t know how to stop. Now that does tend to be a male thing.
  15. Random cars of interest

    Surely the ID hatch, released 2 months later. will kill the Golf 8. The promised price parity, similar range, cheaper running cost, vastly superior NVH and driveability, lower servicing costs. Why would you buy a stinky, jerky, tardy ICE VW when you could get a EV version. Maybe for suspicious elderly folk that don't like change and like to reminisce at the pump?