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  1. Got the call. Delivery date has been organised. My last purchase of fossil fuel will occur probably in the next week ( my lawn mower went EV about 6 months ago.). How do I feel about this I ask myself.
  2. Looks like my little plan for a mini weekend road trip (560km loop) to check out the Coopers Gap wind farm might be easier than I thought. An electric highway charger at Toowoomba provides 50kw but that is backed up by what looks like 22kw AC at Dalby. Model 3 takes 11kw on AC, which is very adequate as a plan B if you are stuck, or if you want a mini boost while grabbing a traditional Aussie road trip ( gourmet ) hamburger and iced coffee at the 4 trip advisor star Russell Tavern. Better still, Bjorn Nyland would probably recommend lunch at the family friendly “My noodle box” Dalby, just a short walk down Main Street. Will need to check if I need another cable or if the standard Tesla one does AC to AC. Way more fun when you have to plan a bit.
  3. I’m curious to hear the Model 3 sound system. It’s no name but they got some fella from B&O in to design it and it runs two amps.. End of the day it will will not hold a candle to the home system obviously. It’s more of a bonus if it’s half decent. The glass roof presents an interesting issue acoustically in a small space. I have always installed sheepskin covers ( with open sides these days due to airbags) because it deadens and absorbs some frequencies quite nicely. Fabric seats once played a roll also but Tesla use new age vinyl to keep the vegans happy. Just like the trick electric glove box it sort of makes sense in a robot taxi application ( or with kids), but it isn’t my preferred material for a car interior. I will definitely be fitting sheepskins up front once again. Based on other people’s data and paperwork it looks like my VIN ( car) might actually still in transit on the ANL Warrnambool somewhere off the NSW coast. Can’t hear the name Warrnambool without thinking of this song and family road trips when I was a kid.
  4. I visited the Tesla showroom today while it was closed so I could finally see a red 3 in person and in my own time. With the white interior and from the front it looks quiet low, modestly sized, while being throughly modern. The low bonnet look was not something I particularly noticed when I sat it the RHD version a couple of times or when I saw them in shopping centres, despite the internet pointing it out. In person the red is a proper sports car red, in my opinion, which is nice. Did not take any photos. It was behind glass anyway and the point was to see the colour in person. I tend to prefer a colour that best suits the car rather than going for a colour regardless. For an EV white makes most sense in our hot climate but that goes out the window when 2/3s of the top is glass.
  5. Might be time for me to talk to a sparky. My issue is that I can’t decide if I want to reverse down into my garage as I currently like to do or if I drive down into the garage so the boot is more accessible. The way I park will determine which corner gets the charger. The new car fits my garage but it will be cosy length wise. i was going to wait until I got the car so I could try the options. However, I currently only have an old 10 amp power point in the garage. The Bunnings tester says it”s safe but from what i read it’s not really a safe solution for an EV. Regarding power in my street, I am only a few hundred metres from our local district transformer which doubled in size about 5 years ago. I got a text today from Tesla advising me to expect a call shortly to arrange delivery. Spent all day with my phone at the ready but no call yet. I believe a car has been allocated as I have what is known as a “hidden VIN” on my order page. Arrived in Sydney 3 weeks ago. The online forum page for expectant Aussie owners is going off and is about to hit 400 pages. PS, I read on the forum that Model 3 owners get the HPWC free with the car plus a granny charger. They seem to know an awful lot so I don’t doubt them.
  6. I am seeing numbers estimating Tesla will sell more Model 3s in the next few months than it’s total annual sales in the last few years. Their biggest problem is the logistics of getting cars to new owners, probably having so few “dealers” doesn’t help. The car market overall is awful but at this point in history EVs are a different market that has been starved of product. Different topic. I’ve just been listening to an industry podcast on charging infrastructure and other related issues. It was interesting that my biggest concern was not raised. Sure, 90% of charging is done at home, but my car is predominantly for the weekend and social use. I think this psychological barrier of reliable longer trips can only be broken with Tesla scale infrastructure. I can imagine people arriving at this northern NSW motorway Tesla site ( below) feeling relaxed vs the nerve wracking NRMA experience for this Kona at Glenn Innes with one lonely “pump”. Similarly, I am keen to check out Cooper”s Gap Wind farm out Dalby way in October. The infrastructure that will make that trip easy is this single 50kW pump at a Caltex site west of Toowoomba. How many people would do the trip without worrying that the single fast pump might not be working. It’s only reliable infrastructure if it’s available or if there is a contingency for when it’s having a bad day. I guess it’s the price you pay in the chicken and egg transition phase of a “new” technology. I will definitely be filling up on the outbound trip because that way I can bail without reaching a point of no return. ( I must admit, it’s kind of fun because you can get caught out due to the single point sensitivity. More so than with a petrol car)
  7. So, anyone bought an EV lately? I am guessing 2019 will show 100% plus growth on these ( low) Aussie numbers. Certainly heading in the right direction.
  8. I should be far more worried about my current car burning vs an EV, and my car isn’t a Polo or Mazda Ute or a Ford Ute subject to a fire risk recall. In 2 years of production and having reached 300,000 model 3s on the worlds roads there have now been TWO fires following extreme accidents. Only one, this one, looks like it involved the battery. ...and a heavy stationary object. This is a Russian incident and Tesla has no sales or service presence in Russia. In this market Autopilot has limited functionality and you would use it like the cruise control on your current car. I would never dream of using cruise through a traffic incident area. That’s driver error. Maybe people are still surprised that a battery can burn intensely when damaged. Some are saying that the explosions you hear are actually air bags going off, but you would think they would have already deployed. There was time between the accident and the fire. The occupants got off lightly apparently, particularly given the highway speeds involved.
  9. I agree about getting more range for the dollar, but it's getting to the point where you are spliting hairs on vehicles over $60k. At that price point you can now have a 64kWh tank, 150kw of power and over 300nm of torque and up to 400km of range. The Niro body style has good rear space and a decent boot. On a road trip a 400km stint, break for lunch followed by a 400km afternoon stint is probably more than most families will tolerate. With an EV you do the 400km, then you do short part charges to stay in your cars fast charging sweet spot. There are more than enough early adopter customers that would be 100% happy with that. People who need more are a small minority and they will wait impatiently for next gen cars. I look forward to the first sub $40k car with good weekend ability, but it is most likely to be a pre-loved Kona EV or similar. New ones at that price will be "city cars".
  10. No faster than a Tesla P3D but obviously you get all the Porsche performance bits and the badge ...and the price. i think this car is great because all EV boats will rise on the incoming tide of models. More choice is a win win....there are no “killers” ...unless you are 12, in which case your favourite car has to kill everything else.
  11. There does seem to be an issue with joining up the dots with this whole autonomous thing. We really need to do some modelling. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/01441647.2018.1523253 Ok, I skimmed that article, too knackered to read it all right now, but I came away with the impression that “it’s still early days.” I think the problem of automated vehicles is equivalent to evolution. An evolutionary biologist will tell you that a critical characteristic of evolution is the individual functioning successfully at every stage of evolution. Making history is even harder. You need all those successful baby steps ot evolutionary stages to get you to your goal. You need an autonomous vehicle that can navigate road rage and texting Chadults. If it can’t be successful then it doesn’t live to breed more hybrids with better adaptions. Elon thinks he is near self driving with a car that relies mostly on cameras. People drive that way every day he says. People also understand human behaviour. Car AI does not. I can sense that a car is being driven erratically, or that someone has been waiting a long time and will pull out into the smallest gap in traffic. There is a lot more to driving than we think. The computer just sees a data point. Put me in a foreign city with drivers I don’t understand and see how well I don’t drive until a adapt. Google has shown us the autonomous cars are not forgiven for the mistakes that they will definitely make. AI needs to survive in a hostile environment before it gets to live an in auto-utopia with only other AI to deal with. It also needs to address and not add to congestion, parking, vehicle cost etc.
  12. How long does it take to charge your phone? Only time I will be charging outside my garage will be on holidays. 400km is heaps. 350km is the most I have done in a day in the last 12 months. Getting ready for the big day. Got a heads up SMS from the dealer warning that my car is not far off.
  13. The Feed on SBS recently featured the product Ozi Air https://oziair.com.au/ which had me scratching my head while also questioning my own belief in the need for EVs. Oziair is based on a joke product from Canada. The Oziair guy drives his petrol car to an isolated location where he sets up a diesel compressor with a 1 metre-ish snorkel that captures ‘ clean’ air for export shipped in aerosol cans to people in more polluted countries. They do this with a straight face because there is a market for their product. For me it was a reminder of how EVs can potentially help manage air pollutants, but they also have limitations. They are at best a pragmatic lifestyle maintenance tool in a world were so many of our priorities are f-ed up big time. In Brisbane (which has ok air quality) we have transport air quality corridors that spatially identify where we regulate uses like child care centres. In transport air quality corridors sensitive uses must employ mechanical ventilation to draw fresh air from the rear of buildings to achieve adequate indoor air quality. In a world of EVs this might be avoided....and yet we live in a country where some twit wants to sell our air to China, one can at a time ( with the associated carbon footprint and waste). Crazy, but also a good reminder of the bigger picture issue and our illogical daily choices, like which diesel SUV we must have to drive the kids child care.
  14. Just looking at the current drive away prices (QLD) for long range EVs after a bit of a shake up in recent days. Hyundai Kona Highlander $71,847 drive away Tesla model 3 standard plus in Pearl white $68,910 drive away 158 vs 140mm ground clearance (not dissimilar) front vs rear drive EPA 258 vs 240 miles range, but Tesla charges about 40% quicker ( peak), assuming you can find a 100kW post for the Hyundai. 5yr vs 4 yr warranty, battery 8years for both. Servicing optional on the Tesla ( I would get safety checks as a minimum) Small SUV vs medium sized sports sedan. Limited commercial vs supercharging + limited commercial charging 2020 some time delivery vs September 2019 This comparison is actually disappointing because I want both buyers to be happy and a 6 weeks max wait for both. I think the Kona should be $63k drive away based on what you get. The Tesla is decent value given the current market and what you get for your money. People I speak to think $70k is a steal plus no $120 bills to fill the tank ( does it really cost that much to fill an SUV?).
  15. Cat delete?. I hope you don’t mean catalytic converter. See, if I’m reading this right then this is why ICE, and ICE performance is basically wrong.. I”m going fully smug on this one...and it’s not even the fast version of the EV. Powered of rooftop solar panels i’m sure ( cough, hope so or i’ll look silly).
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