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  1. Got to say, he looks so uncomfortable in that cabin. Wheel between his legs and knees up near the dashboard. Wouldn’t it be terrible to meet the dream car of your youth and you don’t fit in the drivers seat. Just as well I never sat in the Fiat X1/9, it was tiny by all reports.
  2. Not quite, but there is nothing like listening to a true car enthusiast enjoying their favourite, whether that be Eric Bana showing off his Falcon or mechanic Iain Tyrrell driving and singing to his favourite “film star”. Cool video.
  3. EV wins Targa over Mitsubishi Evo 7 and 911. https://thedriven.io/2020/08/10/ev-first-how-a-tesla-model-3-won-the-targa-south-west-rally/
  4. The EV for people that think they don’t want an EV?
  5. Investment? Mistake. Fail. ( and I think you already know that) Apparently the first generation Honda Civic is now collectable. Common in its day and nothing special, but now rare ( because nobody cared) and part of someone’s nostalgia trip. Better to get a car that you love with affordable upkeep and can actually drive on weekends. If that is the RX8 then enjoy! (Advice from an armchair car collector who has spent way too much time watching everyone else collect cars, with varying success, on YouTube :-)) The guy who designed the Maclaren F1 kept his own early car until it got too expensive to insure. That’s a sad story, although he has just designed a new one, coming out in 2022 ( but you probably knew that as well 🙂 )
  6. Peugeot had the VLV 50 mile electric car in 1942. I have ridden a bike faster (40 vs 36km/h....on the flat...ish, wind was probably behind me) but that was the tech almost 80 years ago.
  7. Regarding range impacts, I have not noticed this but in Queensland rain is rare until Late. Spring and that’s hailtime, not a risk I am wiling to take if I have a choice. Now for some Chinese Norwegian techno. (with Dynaudio cameo). Roads in the future, I can see it now. Reminds me of a holiday to Asia.
  8. Want one. I’m greedy. Wouldn’t mind an Alpine as well, but that’s not green, available as a manual, nor going to fit in my one car garage. I was so glad when I found out that Tesla do a smallish steering wheel in the 3. I loved the wheel in my 308 and the relaxed low position. The Zoe wheel by comparison was like driving a bus.....relatively. The curious thing about EVs is that smaller does not necessarily mean more frugal. The Mini E manages to do both but it’s in the ioniq/Model 3 class. E208 is thirsty and does not make best use of its 50kWh. With Model 3 you get decent room for 4 or even 5 adults. Even in my 308 I was apologising to my adult rear seat passengers. In a Model 3 you have to put up with them ogling the panno roof and the novelty of it all. Space is not a discussion point. You can have your cake and eat it....but I still like small. Pugs.
  9. The problem with Zoe was a mix of half hearted support, the unfortunate nature of the Australian market and the slightly hobbled tech. If Renault did a Suzuki Jimni EV type product there would be a niche that would pay the premium. It would need fast charging and a unique selling feature like four wheel drive via dual motors, even if they were relatively tiny motors. You would probably need a 50 kW pack as well. I am starting to wonder about the MG ZS as well because it’s a me too two wheel drive soft roader with a discounted petrol brother. It’s fine for the UK market but Australian’s want something more outdoorsy. I little rock crawler, even with 250 highway km capability, might excite fisherman and women. Offer accessories like a solar shade structure that can trickle charge your car or just run a tiny fridge via the traction battery while you are at your campsite. It might rarely get used but people would pay the premium. “Getting warmer” might be this.
  10. Looks like Mini e is an efficient little beast. You get 160km range at 120km/hr and 235km at 90km/hr. That is Ioniq/Model 3 ( benchmark) efficiency levels even at high speed. Given highway traffic in my area you would be lucky to average anywhere near 90km/hr on a trip up or down the coast. It’s still a bit compromised for range but for the fun factor it could almost be forgiven. NRMA in NSW are putting in a network of chargers at 150km intervals. You would also need base mini 1 spec because the launch the addition is way too expensive for a 30kW usable battery. I had a laugh at Bjorn’s space test. The car is tiny but he has fun trying to make it work. I like the green on this car but maybe a white roof and white bonnet stripes to make it look feisty ( photo for illustration purposes only).
  11. All valid points Betty, but for me the time was right for an EV. Still young enough to enjoy a nice car with performance pretensions but old enough to get affordable insurance, had. been waiting decades to get into a practical all purpose EV and finally had a no compromise option, had to pay through the nose for it but didn’t have to go into debt for it ( timing, timing, timing), got a “launch edition” spec bargain ( performance for long range price). For my decision to make any sort of sense I need to still be driving it in 15 years time, but that’s entirely possible and I will officially be old at that point. I also get to drive what I consider to be a future minor classic car from new. My only fear is long term future support for all the tech, but honestly, if it all falls in a heap I am happy to have got in early enough to still be an early adopter.
  12. 2200kg. Ouch. polestar is similar, 2150kg.. A petrol 2020 Peugeot 208 is 1080kg, the e208 is 1530kg with a 50KW battery. Interestingly that would mean a Model 3 would weigh about 1180kg as a petrol car. Right now I think a 50kW battery is the sweet spot for an EV drivers car. Decent range and not too heavy.
  13. Don’t bother with all the other “ car” reviewers, listen to Uncle Bjorn. The number of car journalists out there that think they can review an EV after reading the press release and focusing on Apple car play .....it does my head in. This guy is the expert end user. 100%. Case in point. This is a proper preview of the Nissan Ariya and how it should perform in the real world ( preview caveats aside). Good stuff.
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