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  1. This disappointment from 2012 reminds me of the Honda e- what’s it. How is it that tweeking a few dimensions can turn an interesting and nicely proportioned concept into a ho hum looking production car.
  2. Tesla killers. Don’t make me laugh.
  3. I love the Citroen above but it needs to be EV not some lame hybrid. It’s not 2010 any more. The Volt has been and gone. Hyundai Kona EV is powerful, long range and an EV. No reason why a big Citroen can’t be those things as well. Citroen still do innovative. I know and regularly ride in one of these and it’s way more interesting and innovative than the competition.
  4. Ha ha. Beat me to it. There was a time when the first conversion would have been a convertible or a two door. Today every wants to be rugged and resourceful.......because we mostly aren’t.
  5. The “market” should be left to guide purchasing decisions? Just like the trend towards black house roofs in sunny 33 plus degree Queensland. That is what the market gets you. Fashion over function. Let’s look at how we are doing on transport CO2 emissions by looking at Australian government reporting. All of the data below is from the end of year report 2018, with the exception of the CSIRO number which I think helps paint the picture of the trend by providing another data point. Australian population growth in 2018 was 1.6%. From 2025 the projections assume that the growth in CO2 will slow somewhat due to fuel efficiency and fuel switching. Slowing emissions growth does not fix the problem. You need to reduce emissions economy wide ( despite population growth) to address the problem. Australian annual transport sector emissions in Mt CO2-e 74 2000 national greenhouse register (NGR) 82 2005 NGR 90 2014 CSIRO 102 2018. NGR projections 105. 2020 110. 2025 111. 2030 At present the “market” is broken when it comes to addressing CO2 in transport and the numbers prove it. It’s BAU because any improvements in efficiency are being gobbled up by faster, more powerful and fatter vehicles. People prioritise what their neighbour thinks or what the rival mum at school drives. It’s only rare CEOs governed by an almost evangelical drive (Elon, and more power to him) and some surprisingly forward thinking governments in Europe and China that are attempting to deal with the market externalities and irrational and short term priorities at play.
  6. ..and on a more musical note. In 2017 car journalist Johnny Smith noted that the startup chimes on VW EVs had been pinched from Depeche Modes Personal Jesus. More proof that Depeche were/are big in Germany.
  7. Crystal ball 2020. What will our EV options look like this time next year in Australia? I think the only readily available options under the luxury car tax limit will be the MG EZS (hopefully), the Leaf and and the Tesla Model 3. For under $50k the MG will be the no brainer and over $50k it’s the Model 3. Given all the new models being released OS it’s sad that we will have so few options. Mind you, Europe will only start to see the VW ID3 on the roads in mid 2020. What positive options and developments have I missed? Of course! I missed the big development. Ace EV cargo vehicles will enable the reanimation of the long dead Aussie panel van.. Like the VW micro bus it will capture the surfing market, but unlike the still concept VW it will be under $40k. In my mind I can see the idealised beach scenes, Lord of the rings and Game of thrones artwork already. Anyone any good with photoshop?
  8. I thought Motor Trend were supposed to hate Tesla, yet they pick it over the new BMW 3 series. https://www.motortrend.com/cars/tesla/model-3/2018/2018-tesla-model-3-long-range-dual-motor-first-test-review/
  9. Well, I’m all configured and paid the deposit. Car arrives in August. Need to sort out a home charger (EVSE) now I guess. Any suggestions from the electrically knowledgeable appreciated. I don’t want to upset my hifi’s dedicated circuit which runs near the garage. Imagine impacting on sound quality just to charge some rotten car.
  10. People are cross shopping now only because the options are limited. If there were no EVs I would be sticking with my current car for the foreseeable future. Which cab company is running Hyundai EVs and what model are they running? Must be Ioniq as the Kona back seat is tiny.
  11. I have been working through the options. SR+ is RWD already, did I miss something there. My configurator said under $70k drive away for the poverty pack in QLD. I don’t like black so it’s around $72k on road in a colour. That’s the SAME drive away PRICE as a Kona EV Highlander on car sales. Hyundai may do deals that Tesla will not, otherwise on paper the Tesla walks all over a car that looks very much like it’s $29,999 brother. The Model 3 should do very well if we can get past the SUV disease. - Tesla has less range but is more efficient and charges faster and has access to a network of smart integrated faster chargers - Tesla is a driver’s car in terms of handling, performance, RWD, looks and not looking like a budget SUV. - I hate SUVs and they are fricken everywhere.. Kona EV is only an SUV in style as it’s lower than a Leaf, but it’s the principle. Cd is about .28 Kona vs .23 for Tesla ( and Ioniq) - for all its many many flaws Tesla has a mission and I believe that it’s equally flawed CEO actually believes his own “cool aid”. As I said to a colleague this week “ we do not live in a eco-dictatorship so we are basically stuffed medium term, but at least this technological fix may delay the inevitable long enough for us to become a little bit more evolved”. Taking a step back I think Elon wants us to buy the SR+. There is limited incentive to go long range just for the purpose of getting more range. It’s very much a rev head option because it’s a 23k premium if you don’t need AWD or heart stopping grunt.. unfortunately my insurance company basically told me that under $100k my premiums would be similar for all model 3s, I.e. about $10 a week more than my modest Pug. Might need to shop around on that score. anyway, back to “a better route planner.com” to run a few more trip scenarios. Head say SR+ wins comfortably, heart and range anxiety says Performance by a whisker.
  12. My Renault 12 was a rust bucket, but so was the hatch on the Mazda 323 that replaced it. I got $4500 trade on the 306 that I ran for 20 years. Should have kept it another 4 years given that my 308 will be traded into an SUV obsessed market. I know the world loves SUVs but the world loved the Spice Girls and John Farnham. SUVs are the Stock, Aitchen and Waterman of motor vehicles. In fact they have something in common with a Bose. You pay more for a hatchback on steroids with worse handling, higher centre of gravity, more weight and me too looks. Meanwhile your neighbours dogs are far happier in the back of his Golf wagon than pretty much any SUV. life’s too short. Buy the car that makes you smile, not the one that you buy to sell before it’s even run in properly. Mind you, I think a small part of the appeal of Peugeot is that most people don’t appreciate them.
  13. Two failed attempts to spell Peugeot in one paragraph. Very impressive. PSA bailed out Opel who were haemorrhaging Euros at a fair rate. They are now profitable again and new models will be based on PSA platforms. Of course a simple google (not spelt poodle or noodle) would have made this apparent.
  14. I agree about public transport and other measures being a big part of the transport solution in dense cities. Apartment dwellers can use Ubers, cabs or Gogets for those trips that need a car. In Norway the Kia E-niro is working just fine as a cab. There is a UK mini cab driver on YouTube that runs a Nissan Leaf. The problem many people have with the future is that they have limited imagination. We are talking 10 or twenty years in the future. A power substation can be upgraded, or maybe home appliances will be more efficient, or both. Wireless charging is also on the horizon. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it come to the solutions that will be available. One qualification. Australia voted for a return to last century on the weekend. In 2040 we will all be driving diesel hilux utes and every shopping centre car park will feature stream crossings, slippery boat ramps and washouts with steep approach and departure angles just so we can reconnect to our inner bloke on a weekly basis without leaving town.
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