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  1. Today I had to fix a problem. One of my channels kept dropping out. So what does this have to do with system supports? you ask. Nothing, but it removes expectation bias if you busy trying to fix another problem. I started trouble shooting the bad channel issue. I did a interconnect swap because I thought this issue was an interconnect into my pre. Nope. Then I recalled that I had been swapping amps recently, so I did the amp end interconnect swap, nope.....but it did indicate that it was a speaker issue. I started with the amp speaker hook up. Nope. Shiiiiiiiiiit!
  2. The ART27A is a top tier 36watt Class A KT88 tube amplifier in the Conrad Johnson range. I had the opportunity to try this amp in my system over Christmas. It’s a limited run model - 250 units. I am running a pair of 2010 Vivid B1 speakers which I ordered new. The speakers are average sensitivity and are a moderate load, so not a natural match for a lower powered tube amp, at least in theory. Mine were originally powered by a CJ CA 200 solid state power amp. I later added a CJ CT5 preamp which improved things nicely. Later I tried the matching power amps, the ET250s and the LP7
  3. Best EV review of 2020. Includes essential practicality test......if you are a teenager ( not that........minds out the gutter please). This is what a sustainable city car looks like. Happy new year. Turns out 2020 wasn’t that bad after all.
  4. You didn’t read my post did you. All you did was apply your own confirmation bias.
  5. 2020 is drawing to a close and on the EV front this was predicted to be a breakout year. I think it has been, although in Australia the new players are only just starting to arrive. I thought I briefly saw a Taycan in traffic today based on the DRLs but my camera reveals is was a 911 turbo S. Nice, but ...... Harry’s garage reviewed the ‘ game changing’ VW ID3 this week and once again he seems to not understand EVs, and he drives a Jaguar I-Pace. Harry complains about the ID3 ( mid sized battery) having a 288km real world range on a 1. cold 2.wet 3. highway road trip when the WLTP
  6. I suspect that the lack of optical drive ( and screen) is partly why the Mac mini is such a popular music server solution. On the negative side, it doesn’t allow me to use my beefy external power supply from Paul Hynes. What I want my system to do is get out the way. If it’s playing a well recorded relatively unmolested track I want to get that ‘ in the room with you’ illusion. Removing the optical drive got me from’ you are listening to a hifi’ to ‘ you are listening to a recording’. If I plug in the power supply it takes the big slightly soft image and screws everything down a
  7. PS. When I was running my now dead 2009 MacBook “music server” the old optical drive failed so I had removed it. At the time I thought “ you know what, I think it sounds better without the dead optical drive in the enclosure. Maybe it was because it was broken”. Jump forward to the replacement 2012 machine which I upgraded with my SSD and max RAM. Initially I thought it was a bit Meh sound wise. After 4 hours the amp settled down fully, the bass had tighten up, more detail was back. I went to bed thinking all was ok, although I still could have sworn things sounded better 3
  8. Update. Maybe not the cheapest of cheap solutions but my problems were solved with a visit to Cash Converters. Got a clean 2012 MacBook unibody and installed my SSD and RAM upgrades. Hopefully I can get 5 years out of this while I consider future options. Worked like a charm and I now have a spare battery should the one in the new machine go south. Thanks to everyone that offered solutions.
  9. Follow up on the EV forecourt / motorway services. Seems it does work just fine when put to the acid test ( full capacity). The video below does contain some people being possibly overly optimistic about the future and what they have achieved, but at the same time I don’t want to rain in their parade. Lots of beards I notice 🙂 Nice start, lots more work to do. (Should not be negative but I have not had a good day with humanity after watching someone in a Lexus casually run over an admittedly dumb bird on a local street for no good reason, Almost saw something
  10. That’s very generous of you David. Much appreciated. Santa should treat you well this year. I will however say pass I think as I may still be able to achieve like for like. I liked the sound achieved from the Paul Hynes power supply which runs the Weiss and the MacBook on different rails. I was thinking of looking for an older MacBook. Not sure what I can scavenge off my 2009 as it seems to have gone into an even more dead state ( MagSafe stopped lighting up and the tiny battery indicator on the side stopped working today. Once one thing goes everything else can sometimes follow
  11. I have been to a few motorway services in the UK and the busy ones in summer were pretty....very unpleasant to be honest. Worlds worst loos, overcrowded, wall to wall fast food. I would not choose to stop there if I had any choice. I can’t help think this early EV alternative is a bit rose tinted compared to a future reality inhabited by the “great unwashed” ( EV drivers can be oinks as well, by comparison Aussie country servos mostly seem to do their communities proud), but at least for now this new UK infrastructure is interesting and impressive. As they say, it’s a far cry from a
  12. Thanks for the thoughts guys. Unfortunately my new Mac is also a work machine so I am not going to stuff around with something that works with my remote working requirements. Daniel Weiss has gone quiet on me. ( sad face) I took a punt and bought a new battery for my old 2009 MacBook in the hope it would spring back to life. The battery was going before it stopped playing ball. New battery is in and I am trying the battery calibration process but so far the computer is just refusing to do anything but show the LED battery indicator on the side going from 90 % to 100
  13. Not sure that you will get much out of this forum on car audio matters. Home systems that cost as much as your car or my car is a different matter. Car OEM stuff has always been a bit Big W in quality and Bose....well I am told they do a half decent noise cancelled travel headphone, but anything else is ....Bose basically. Eight speakers is most likely 8 shitty speakers, as is evident from the tiny magnets. I faffed about with basic car audio years ago and got best results from a half decent set of easy to drive aftermarket coaxial speakers and a brand head unit. Fancy Focal driver
  14. My state MP says no plans for a EV tax in Queensland. Too early but a road tax at some point is inevitable due to falling excise. I'm happy with that. EVs will not take off here properly until battery prices hit that magic $100 kWh. At that point it will be time for EV buyers to pay their fair share.
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