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  1. Item: Harbeth Compact 7ES3 Speakers Location: Dunedin (NZ) Price: NZ 3,700. Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Not Needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Looking to sell a pair of Harbeth Compact 7-ES 3s in Cherry. Bought a couple of years ago from Analogue Seduction in the UK, when I was living overseas. Reason for selling: Bought Dynaudio 3.4LEs and no longer have a need for them. They have had very little use and probably won't be fully broken-in (have been in the box 95 percent of the time I have owned them). They are essentially as new. Pictures attached (the darker patches on the top/right side are just the result of variation in the wood veneers). Prefer pickup Dunedin, NZ. Demo could be arranged. Looking for NZD 3,700 (retail NZ 6,000). Cash preferred (could consider Paypal). Photos:
  2. I just got my QUTE DAC hooked up in my system where it is competing against my Metrum Octave. Too early to draw any conclusions but I am liking what I am hearing so far (sorry about the crappy photo)
  3. Glad it sold quickly, I expect to sell mine when my Chord QUTE DAC arrives
  4. Thanks. Good to know they do the trick. Think I'll give them a try.
  5. Has anyone used for reducing echo in their lounge/listening area. I'd be interested to know the results. A bit pricey but I am curious... http://www.pyroteknc.com/echohush-cosmo.html
  6. cloth_ears;176898 wrote: Absolutely, although my client is reluctant to do anything about it. Hoping that other owners might have something to add. Send Perreaux an email - they are usually very responsive (at least in my experience)
  7. I bought a Metrum Octave from COEM a couple of weeks back. Great service and it arrived quickly and safely. Highly recommend COEM (though have mixed thoughts on the Metrum at this stage )
  8. Ernie;175183 wrote: Hmmm, I've seen plastic covers on prized furniture of my in-laws who are NOT Chinese. My children (their grandchildren) have sorted that problem by unwrapping the furniture. But yes, my childhood was Bad Boy Bubby's wet dream (of plastic wrap). I once went to a house in Guangzhou where everything was covered in wrap. Couch, tables, computer - probably the cat if he had one. I asked the owner if he had just moved in. He had been there four years
  9. chilli;175190 wrote: I was in Beijing about a month ago. The wind blew everything away and the sky was as almost dark blue! Beautiful weather. Only had a couple of days, thus, did not get time to visit opera-consonance and the art district in the end! Sorry/glad to hear you're moving back. But I guess you've been there for years! Was hoping I would get more time in Beijing in the coming years... Glad to see you've made a few changes. I am especially intrigued by the nice tvc and that new dac. And the speakers! I was thinking of buying a tvc to try as well but implementing would probably mean a power amp purchase! Am not sure if a tvc will run into my 8150 integrated. I better have a look. Lucky you have an input that allows you to run the dussun in the meantime. Let us know how it goes... I'll post some notes as it all settles in
  10. Any reason your CDP is not centred on the top shelve? A cable length issue? One of the tips I picked up from Roger Smiths book was that placement of the CDP on the shelf can influence sound and I guess this would likely apply to separate DACS as well. Did you audition any other speakers before buying the Auditor's? No sensible reason. I moved it when I adjusted the amp and haven’t re-centred it yet. I’ll get it sorted soon. I listened to quite a few speakers but not always with the same amplification (when I was auditioning I was looking at speakers and amps at the same time). I spent a lot of time listening to the Harbeth SHL5 and Monitor 30s. Also the Dynaudio Countor and Wilson Bensch standmounts and PMC and Proac floorstanders (and numerous others). All were good but in the end it came down to the Harbeth SHL5, Proac D18 and the Sonus Fabers. The SF Auditor Ms were the most ‘apartment friendly’ and cheapest (they were on special) which tipped me in their favour. Auditioning hifi gear in China is a bit weird at times (e.g. I am just back from looking at a Simaudio W5.3 power amp at a local dealer and when I asked if I could have a listen he said ‘no, because then it would be used’ Cool gear - and you've found a brilliant rack. How do you find living with those wee standmounts? Cheers, the racks are made by a Chinese company and are quite cheap. Full range is at http://www.guizu.com.cn/ I am currently talking to them about having a couple of pieces customised. Everything is still breaking in but I like the SFs so far. I live in an apartment so I need to be mindful of the bass. Once I am back in NZ I may look at active floor-standers – but not for a while. Somehow I managed to put a tiny ding in one speaker when setting them up – so I need to get a little refinishing done on them.
  11. The Metrum should be smooth, a NOS DAC, what DAC chip/s does it use? If the Music First has the +6dB option, try that & see if the sl leanness improves (aside from adjusting down the vol). I am not sure what Chip it uses (I have seen debate about this on various forums but haven’t seen a definitive answer). After about three hours playing the DAC has smoothed out a lot. I have left it running so it will be interesting to hear it tonight. I am using the +6dB option to adjust the volume – the Music First has a stepped volume control and even on its lowest setting it is too high late at night. And a sweet collection of guitars. Just a quick observation; you really should get that DAC power supply (brawn) well away from the DAC (brain). If only you could see the rest of them… I have tried the DAC/Psu side-by-side and stacked. I can’t hear a difference to be honest but I have followed your advice. Some room treatments might help ? with the wooden floors maybe helping with the brightness? the other thing i was recommend was magnan cables wow the have certainly changed my system for the better without losing any detail IMHO I definitely need room treatments (even a rug would help). Starting to look at a few options (e.g. Echohush panels) but I won’t get serious about room treatments until I am back in NZ. I’ll look at cables etc when back also.
  12. About time I posted something in this forum. I recently bought the Sonus Faber Auditor Ms and have had the pre-amp sitting in a cupboard for a month or more. I had planned to wait until I had decided on a power amp and then put everything together at once but it snowed yesterday and I was bored. Cheapo Cayin CD player >Metrum Octave DAC> Music First Audio MK II passive pre-amp > Dussun V8i on power amp duties> Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M. After connecting the pre-amp to the integrated I was stunned by the instant improvement compared to the Dussun. Better resolution, wider sound stage and better separation of instruments. At the cost of a very slightly leaner presentation of the sound. Had a blonde moment when trying to change the volume using the Dussun remote...:confused: DAC arrived today and I set it up tonight and had a listen. First impressions aren't positive. Sound is harsh and my gut reaction was to go back to the CD player. I have seen mention of this harshness in various reviews but I wasn't expecting it to be quite so pronounced. I'll leave it running 24/7 for a while and see how it goes. Next on the agenda is a power amp – probably the Modwright KWA100SE. Then I am done for a while. Some snapshots (pardon the mess) Attached files
  13. I am looking for a power amp and this thread makes the SX1000s look very tempting
  14. mycenius;174398 wrote: Some unusual rhyming there Damocles...? Some hidden "Poetic Justice"...?! :eek: I'm pretty sure all the top end Focal gear needs hundreds and hundreds of hours to get fully run in, and I suspect will highlight deficiencies in other areas very quickly at any time (e.g. amps, cables, room acoustics, etc) - so is it possible, do you suppose, you and/or LHH may have experienced a lack of the former or perhaps too much of that later in your experiences - thereby giving you that unengaging impression...? Anything is possible (phase of the moon maybe?). Buying hifi gear in China is a bit odd. Even in the shops that sell kit in the NZ 100k+ range, the level of service is often more akin to that which you get from commission driven sales staff in big-box stores rather than that given by the knowledgeable folks in NZ's dedicated hifi stores. Rooms aren't always setup very well. At my local dealer (which is enormous) the high-end Focals are in the same room as Sonos, Wharfedale and Audiolab... (I can't for the life of me remember what the Focals are usually hooked up to). I have heard them with Burmester, Chord and Pass Labs gear and that was enough to know they weren't for me. For a while I wanted to go the active speaker route but always found myself preferring passive kit (lately the newer Sonus Fabers) so i think it is just how I am wired. As you and Too Tall indicate the Focals are probably much like actives in that they 'tell it like it is' but the presentation just doesn't gel with me. That's the great thing about this hobby. Whether you opt for nine foot tall horn speakers, actives or omnidirectionals. Whether you prefer vinyl, CDs or streaming etc – the journey is really about finding out what works for you
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