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  1. and007

    Home Theatre amplification.

    I vote for Nad M25s. Awesome power. I use a pair at the moment running 11 channel + 3 bi-amping the front 3 channels. I have one spare M25 - but that is for future expansion plans... Andy
  2. and007

    Ultra HD Blu-ray (4K) Spec set

    Yes, but for $400 USD, who's going to complain that much....
  3. and007

    SOLD: NAD M51

    Hi, Pm sent Andy
  4. and007

    SOLD: FS: JLTI modified Oppo BDP-83

    Hi Raf Does the tray only ever stay open for 6 seconds or is this a random event? Thanks Andy
  5. and007

    Nad master series

    I have two of the Nad M25 that I plan to setup with 7.1.4 Atmos with the front 3 channels bi-amped. The Nad M25 have limitless power! I can't wait to see the new M27s though and a decent Atmos pre. Andy
  6. and007

    SOLD: FS: NAD C565BEE CD Player

    Hi, PM Sent, Andrew.
  7. and007

    FS: Willie Nelson Bundle

    Hi, Just had to say I Went to Willie Nelson's bar tonight in Maui, nice place! Best of luck with sale, Andrew
  8. and007

    SOLD: ETI Quiessence Speaker Cables

    Hi Any chance of 2 pairs of q500 with banana plugs, 3m long? Cheers Andrew