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  1. Try this. Use red and black wires only. https://www.bunnings.com.au/olex-4mm-stranded-two-core-and-earth-electrical-cable-per-metre_p4430101
  2. Hi Snurb Have you thought about eq'ing those speakers. If you are using something like Jriver to play your music it is very easy to add an eq function. https://www.soundstagenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=941:nrc-measurements-kef-ls50-loudspeakers&catid=77:loudspeaker-measurements&Itemid=153 If you look at an anechoic measurement above, it shows the speakers to have excess energy in the 1.5k - 7khz region. This is a very sensitive region for human hearing and will make the sound fairly siblant and fatiguing. I'd eq 3-4 db out of that region to help with the sound balance. This should help a fair bit although you will not get those frequencies under 70Hz without sub integration.
  3. When I got into this hobby years ago I remember going to JBHIfi and listening to both Ikon 8's and the concert 10's. I enjoyed the Ikon 8's the most out of those I did listen to on that day including the Bigger concert 10's.
  4. Hi Tony How do they sound compared to your other speakers you have owned? Simon
  5. Toe in does the same thing but can also have the benefit of creating a larger sweet spot for other listeners other than the central position. That's why some recommend to have an extreme toe in position pointing the speaker to cross them in front of the listening position.
  6. https://www.audiopcb.de/boards/biino-volume-control/ Yep thats the one. He sells the pcb boards, relay, display and power supply boards unpopulated. You have to then buy the components and solder them yourself and then put them in a box. I use it as a volume/input control and then send the signal to my power amplifier. It is controlled by an arduino which also needs to be bought as well. Simon
  7. I use a relay volume control. Biino volume attenuator. Zero noise. Easily better than any of the ldr attenuators, or potentiometer types I've built.
  8. If you are into DIY. You can buy Jantzen blue speaker cable from Speakerbug in Brisbane. or get some Canare cable from Cliff Electronics at Coomera. Those are great bang for buck cables.
  9. Why don't people use google ? Searching the main title "Sony 85X8500F tv settings" produces "rting" website link as shown above! Now has anyone got a recipe for lemon cheesecake?
  10. In essence you are using one cap per channel. One cap is for the positive rail and one is for the negative rail, so you still need the two caps connected. If you remove any more you will lose one of the rails which won't be a very good idea.
  11. I thought there was going to be some schematic sharing in this thread.
  12. Nice vid and pics Pete. Appreciate that.
  13. What a nice rebuild. I've never seen anyone go to the trouble of electroplating the metal components before. Do you work in the electroplating business? Should look fantastic with all that shiny copper everywhere. Some nichicon fine gold caps would look nice in there with the copper parts as well.
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