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  1. Yep..the 3000 range is the best bang for buck value in the SVS range atm. The new driver tech is really good
  2. So true - well said MHouston and Snoopy8. I too was guilty of this ever evolving chase and the fun that it brings. Downside is that you're always spending hard earned and flipping the old for new for a lot less, essentially making this hobby a money pit. As to the Op's question, yes - only you can answer that. But also, do take time to enjoy the system and over time it is a journey to be enjoyed.
  3. @m0rkz I have had both subs in my system. TBH, if you're contemplating duals, have a look at the SB3000, it is a much better sub then the other 2. I moved from having dual SB2000s to just one SB3000 and it just so much more of a sub, control, flexibility and power over the other 2.
  4. Include me as a recovering Audiophile addict. I stopped chasing dacs 2, preamps, and source gear years ago, as it was futile. My only recent addiction comes in the form of digital room correction and minidsp unit and learning the effects of an untreated room, and how this plays havoc with our speakers. To me, this is a much bigger problem to solve and its limitations is one that i will have to live with. Far more beneficial for me to spend my limited time on rather than roll my hard earn continuously into new hardware...
  5. Nothing wrong with the NAD. If you can use preouts into another set of poweramps, will bring this closer to the Arcam offering. Only issue is that i has 1 sub out, but you could run a 'Y' cable out to the sub(s) if need be. I am unsure if Dirac will correct for both subs accurately in this scenario.
  6. Snoop is pretty much on the ball here. Dirac 2.0 is pretty damn good!
  7. Lov it! Excellent room and great to know that you're enjoying the journey.
  8. Second on the Mani. Easily one of the better MM phonostages under $300, less if used. Just make sure you keep the gain low, otherwise you do get a bit of gain noise (hiss) from your speakers. I woulndt recommend it as a MC Phonostage (even it has the option to run it as MC) due to the noise issue.
  9. Agreed! THe vinyl fad is getting so expensive, and record companies are noticing this trend and are producing more essentially digital copies transferred onto records., exception being those audiophile transfers from original master tapes, which cost a bomb! I get that tactile feeling of wanting to spin a record, sit down and listen, and swap over when the side is over, those moments are far and few these days for me though. So my essentials these days include a simple disc spinner.
  10. All items now sold pending payment clearance. Thanks for the interest.
  11. Item: Sonic Euphoria Passive Preamp / PLC Location: Melbourne Price: $500 + shipping AUS wide Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need funds for Reno Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Shame to see this go. Purchased back in March from another SNA'er here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/281378-sold-fs-sonic-euphoria-passive-preamp-plc/ This preamp was the heart of my system. I couldnt have found a more transparent preamp with use on sources that output at least 2v's. This unit is very solidly built, and near bulletproof and sonically 'invisible' as the previous owner has mentioned. The dial on the left is for the source switch, middle is for volume attenuation, and the one on the right is to fine tune the volume, essentially giving you control to around 48 independant volume steps. As it's passive, it doesn't even plug in to the power, and its main parts are 2 switches, a high quality volume control, and 2 tapped, hand-wound transformers. The tape out RCA's bypasses the volume control totally, so you can use it as a switch. The volume dial is very robust and locks in to the taps solidly, unlike other cheap clicky sounding relays. Comes with a grounding cable if needed, but sounds best without. It weights about 8kgs. No remote (not that type of preamp) Review: https://www.stereophile.com/solidpreamps/106sonic/index.html Donation to SNA upon completion of sale.
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