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  1. Thats pretty Schiit that its a production fault thats totally being ignored..
  2. OMG i got fleeced.. i paid $5 for mine at Officeworks..
  3. shogo33

    ATC SCM100ASLT - Active Towers

    Maybe you could live OMAD - one meal a day lifestyle for a year and bike to work..that would make a dent to the food bill and that way you could save these speakers..
  4. Great pre when i had mine. Yes you can run without tubes in ONLY Passive or JFET output stages. Be sure you *Dont* remove the tubes whilst the pre is running in eaither Passive or Jfet. IMO, the best tubes for this pre were the VT99's, but you need 6SN7 adaptors for them. It sounded much fuller and lusher in the mids then with the stock tubes, which should have ended up in the bin.. Tube roll to your hearts content..
  5. shogo33

    DEQX Owners Thread

    Thanks a million Mike. All good and priceless info here. Food for thought.
  6. shogo33

    DEQX Owners Thread

    Mike, Many..many thanks for this detailed explanation and the time taken to do so. Much appreciated.
  7. shogo33

    DEQX Owners Thread

    Cool.. I take it the answer is 'No' i dont need that cheers
  8. shogo33

    DEQX Owners Thread

    thanks. What is the HD active option? Would i need that?
  9. shogo33

    DEQX Owners Thread

    Hi DEXQ owners, Noobie question here - excuse my ignorance. If I was to get a DEQX unit, which one would be best suited for my rig? I have a pair of SGR CX3B (active bookshelves) and 2 SVS SB2000 subs. I'm hoping to do away with my analogue preamp and use a DEQX unit as a preamp for my digital sources to simplify my setup and also do speaker and room correction? Thanks in advance
  10. Let us know your thoughts / first impressions on it Dave
  11. shogo33

    Valves by Emission Labs

    Very nice tubes. Well built too. Yep, sourced mine from the US Dist. No local dist unfortunately.
  12. good enough reasoning. To the OP, dont lose sleep over this. In this respect, good retailers will let you demo a pair in your system for you to ascertain if it meets your taste.
  13. shogo33

    naim cable

    why dont you contact a Naim retailer here is Aus and ask?
  14. Unfortunately Geoff,..this seems to be the way most sales here go. The barrage of low-balls will fill in your inbox, some with condescending words to make think that its worthless.. And there will be the FS 'classifieds' stalker that always PM's you every month or so with a common 'Are these still for sale', you reply and then never hear back from them, until the following month.. On another note, I have these exact speakers and yes, they're pretty decent for a surround setup with a good sub! GLWTS
  15. Cant wait to watch this evening..only 3 hours to go..