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  1. tolerated 7...was totalllllly burnt by ep8.. should i even bother with this?
  2. Suze DeMarchi...brings back memories
  3. Hey Kat, Are the CX4mk2's up and running yet?
  4. Upgraded from prologue to LS100? So LS100 is better? but he was using different tubes. The soundstage width/depth was huge, had better texture from memory.
  5. Dmax.. same same but different. Ask @PorkBun69s - he's got a black version of the LS100 When i was over at his place years ago, he had a prologue before he upgraded to the LS100..
  6. Interested in the Preamp if you decide to seperate.
  7. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/topping-d10 Topping D10. Pretty decent unit and usb powered.
  8. aurealis sut with Cinemag 3440AH Transformers. Figured it would be a good place to start and upgrade from there. Got offered a hashimoto HM-3 but the price was too steep, just under $1.5k
  9. @MattyW thanks for the info. I have one coming my way in the coming weeks, will see how this stacks up against 2 of my phonostages and as input into them both running at 47k.
  10. Used to have a decent collection like that next to the toilet, all those reading hours spent interrupted.
  11. Thanks a many chaps. Great info here. Will speak to Geoff about this.
  12. Great feedback. Thanks @metal beat I will try a sut out and see which one sounds better
  13. @andyr , Andy, thanks for the input. I understand it now. Im loading it at 100ohms, which was recommended by Warrick. But i havent tried the higher loads, ie: 200, or 400ohm loads yet. Probably should based on the calcs above.
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