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  1. SOLD: FS: Kuzma 4Point Tonearm

    Arrrhh....my end game arm..pity im too poor these days.
  2. WTB: Miles Davis & John Coltrane LPs

    All sound advice. There are over a hundred Blue Note releases, and far more from others. I usually suss out all jazz albums off Youtube or via digital streaming. That way i can judge if its off liking to me. I have listened to quite a few albums that get raved by others but I just didnt 'get' the music. It wasnt for me, so I just skipped it. As all the expert vinyl enthusiast have mentioned here, listen to as many albums and artist as you can, suss out what you like, do some research and put some hard earn on those and enjoy. Also something that doesnt get mentioned but is practiced by many, - Not everyone will loan you thier prized, or collector edition records to play. Reason being is that records are easily damaged (misaligned carts, dirty stylus etc..) and orginals/audiophile remasters arent cheap and are hard to come by.
  3. But to be honest, shipping anything from the US of A to Ar$e end of Aus cost big dollars. Distributors here need to add this to the overall cost, which i guess is fair. That being said, i got 2 SB12NSD's second hand for just over $750.
  4. WTB: Miles Davis & John Coltrane LPs

    @Spider27 get in touch with Kat and ask him politely to loan you his Music Matters and Analogue Production series Hahahaha..
  5. WTB: Miles Davis & John Coltrane LPs

    Just another reissue but for $30 as you say, I guess its a good start. But as the OP stated, starting out with vinyl and jazz particularly, investing big dollars on vintage quality pressings or audiophile pressings may not be the best way to approach this.
  6. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    Well its not a show for everyone. I don't dig sci-fi shows but this one IMO is one of the better shows around at the moment. Watched it with the missus and she said that it had too much flesh. In the shows defence, I said that maybe in the future nudity isn't a biggie, which makes sense considering how many shows had gratitious nudity 50 years ago compared to now. And since this show treats human bodies like 'car's, hence just confirms the above.
  7. Hello Bill, Is it $50 for a 1m XLR cable as well?
  8. FOUND: Quality interconnect SE or Balanced

    PM sent
  9. Same here. I stopped using them and now just route all via Wifi and its heaps better. Just my 2 cents worth

  11. FS: Sonic Frontiers SFD2 Mk 2 Dac

    Which dac replaced this one?
  12. Trance and House currently spinning

    Agreed - just briliant