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  1. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Star-Quad-RCA-Stereo-Pair-Twin-Phono-Van-Damme-Audio-Cable-2-Gold-Plated-RCAs/162837591343?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=461874556316&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649. At 10mtrs, its gonna cost you more than $100. Question - Does the rega fono need to be 7-10m away from the yamaha though?
  2. Tannoy Saturn 6 LCR speakers here. Pairs well with tube amps, UL push pull designs with a bit more wattage over SETs. Had them for nearly 18 years and watched a movie using them yesterday - still kicking hard no issues Only thing that fell apart were the original port bungs that were made from foam. They crumbled 6 years ago when i tried to remove them....oh well.
  3. Ditto. I did the same with the Convex MK2 actives, addressed 4 issues re: speaker, amps, subs and speaker cable dilemmas. This allowed me to simplify the overall system and pay more attention and coin across the sources, namely in this order - preamp, dac, streamer. I have a TT setup, again this is simplified where the TT is connected to the phonostage (gain adjusted) so i can run it direct to the XLR input of the SGR actives. My preamp is a passive one, ie - Schiit Saga, which i use for my digital sources - essentially a source selector with attenuation. No gain needed as the output gain from my sources are 2v,. I use 3m RCA and XLR cables, even at these length's i noticed to drop in gain or noise pickup at all - just dead silence at unity gain with my ears again the speaker's tweeters.
  4. Very nice! Cant wait to hear your thoughts once you get the Wilsons in room powered by Schiit..
  5. Agreed. I just went through the same dilemma and looked at a couple of headphones and the Sony came out tops for my requirement and bang for buck value. The bose was a bit more comfortable and the noise cancellation a bit better than the Sony, but the soundstage was much more narrower and the bass had a bit more of that duff duff quality. The Sennheiser momentum 2's were good but ear fatigue came in after listening for an hour.
  6. Am loving every episode! Definately put this on your radar. There was another BBC - reenactment done a few year back on Youtube. Not as dramatic as this, but quite similar.
  7. I have listened to the LS100 many times @Porkbuns69 I believe he had VT99 tubes and an EML meshplate rectifier running on his. This unit scales up with different tubes in play. If you have the stock sovteks or tungsols in there, swap them with NOS or better tubes. You will be rewarded, and at this price..its a bargain.
  8. Item: Aurealis Audio MC SUT - Cinemag 3440AH Transformers Location: Melbourne Price: 350+ postage auswide Item Condition: as New (bought in Apr 19) Reason for selling: Second system for the study will not go ahead. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This MC SuT was built recently by Geoff from Aurealis Audio as a step up transformer to my Tisbury Domino, which had a 100ohm load for MC carts, as such not a great fit for my Lyra Delos. As the second system will not go ahead now, the Domino and Tisbury preamp have been sold recently and this is no longer required. Upon discussion with Geoff, he recommended that the transformers be kept in the enclosure to minimise hum pickup and this is true as i sat this next to a 2 channel amp that housed a massive torodial transformer. I also opted for one with less "bling" as he ran out of the engraved plates which are shown on his website. Otherwise, it has the same build specifications, listed below: Features Cinemag 3440AH - these are the Blue Labels with superior laminations. SUT configured for switching between 9x (loads at 560 Ohms) and 18x gain (loads at 140 Ohms). Can be configured for 36x gain (loads around 50 Ohms). Gold-plated CMC RCAs Easy to use ground terminal Ground and lift switch to aid in eliminating hum issues PDF user guide provided (at the bottom of the pictures) Pictures: SUT-CM (3440AH) user guide.pdf
  9. Item: Tisbury Audio Domino MC/MM phono preamp. Location: Melbourne Price: $200 Item Condition: As new, puchased in Apr 19 Reason for selling: Second system will not go ahead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: https://www.tisburyaudio.co.uk/domino-phono-preamplifier Bought this for a second system, but that plan has been bumped out, so not going ahead with the study room system. I kept this over the Schiit Mani as it had more warmth and bass weight over the Mani. Comes with a linear pSU, so no upgrades needed! Domino has four switchable gain settings: 40, 49, 58 and 67 dB and 100ohm load for MC and 47K load for MM. The Domino matches well with the Tisbury preamp. If you need a SUT, i have a Cinemag one that can be sold seperately. (not included with the Domino sale). Pictures: To be loaded over the weekend.
  10. Item: Tisbury Audio - Mini Passive Preamplifier Gen 2 version Location: Melbourne Price: $200 Item Condition: As new, puchased in Apr 19 Reason for selling: Not going ahead with second system. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: http://tisburyaudio.co.uk/mini-passive-preamplifier Bought this for a second system, but that plan has been bumped out, so not going ahead with the study room system. I tested this on my main system with a pair of 3 meter interconnects to the SGR actives, with no noticable loss in volume. You could also use this as a switch, Output 2 can be configured (by switches on the base) as either an additional primary output, or as a 'loop' out, to bypass the volume control and loop out to another device. Output 1 is the primary output and its level is set by the volume control. A new feature is the selectable attenuation, which allows you to reduce the signal by a fixed -10 dB or -20 dB. If your system has too much gain and you can't turn the volume dial past 12 o'clock without hearing damage, this setting will help. I compared this passive to another 5 input version (made in China), and this one sounded better to me. Pictures: To be loaded over the weekend.
  11. If you want a plug and play unit that will cover off wifi blackspots around the house and surrounding area, then the Orbi will do this rather well. If you want a more comprehensive router software facility then the Asus is a better option IMO. I have used both and but kept the Asus instead.
  12. hard to miss that perspex platter.. the first tt that caught my eye..
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