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  1. I have heard the Q Acoustics at a mates place, yes they're cheap and cute..but they struggle when you go loud for HT. You need a subwoofer to cross them at around 150-200hz which is too high, otherwise it sounds hollow between the 100-200hz range. Look for some bookshelfs that have at least a 6inch driver..that way you can supplement the low end with a sub crossed around 80-100hz..
  2. NBN HFC setup question

    Thanks guys for that info. Makes sense now. Cheers
  3. Thanks Paul. My Schiit Freya has 2 pairs of outputs, 1 XLR pair and 1 RCA pair. Both outputs are active at the same time, so I was going to use the RCA outputs (L & R) to the subs (L & R) inputs.
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to ask the people who has NBN HFC installed at their home. My area - Chadstone is to be provisioned with HFC soonish (fingers crossed!) from my [email protected] ADSL2 connection. I'm currently with Telstra ADSL2, so I'm using their ADSL gateway modem/router (as a modem) and running a third party router (Asus RT88 that was installed by a tech savvy mate) for wifi. From what I gather it seems that HFC is like high speed cable? So when my area is provisioned with HFC, NBN will install a HFC point at my home and provide a HFC modem? If so, then I will have to run 3 units (HFC modem -> Telstra Gateway - Asus Rt88). Is this correct? Sincere questions so pardon my ignorance.
  5. Just putting this out there, as I'm thinking of getting a SB1000. My preamp has sub preouts (L & R). As I'm planning to run 1 sub, can I use 2 rca cables from the L & R preouts from the preamp into the (L & R) inputs of the SB1000? Will it cause issues? or should it be fine?
  6. Thanks Marc. I don't mind spending a bit more for quality service. These days its hard to get good workmanship and service and this is something I want to ensure it was done right.
  7. Hi SNA'ers, Just wanted to get some recommended IP security camera installers around Melbourne metropolitan area that you have used recently. Happy to get PM's as replies, as I am looking to get these installed before Xmas. Thanks
  8. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Pennywise hosting a christmas GTG...Wonder whos on the menu..
  9. I've heard a pair of SB1000 at my mates place and he upgraded to the SB2000. The SB2000 is a much more better sub. YMMV.
  10. You might want to ask this guy
  11. Wanted to say rogue 1 as it is the prequel to a new hope. Imo, definitely up there with Empire strikes back. But not something I'd introduce a young padawan to get into the star wars franchise.
  12. FS: Interconnects and Power Cables

    Updated listing. I'll throw in postage to your location for the cables.
  13. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    Been tube rolling quite a bit on the Freya. Im almost convinced that for the gain stage you do need new production tubes that are quiet and non microphonic. Almost all my nos 6sn7 stash exhibited some strange tube noise from either speaker when my ear is placed up close to it. This itself places 2 different challenges, finding nos tube that are not microphonic and finding a brand that sounds good to my ears. You can get away with lesser quality tubes in the buffer stage but it does subtlely impact the final sound.
  14. FS: Interconnects and Power Cables

    All pm's replied. My sincerest apologies for not getting back to you on time.
  15. FS: Interconnects and Power Cables

    Both power cables on hold