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  1. Thats your problem....Jump on the free Tidal hifi offer and report back.
  2. Yum... They do look the business.
  3. Good buy... They would have been mine if they closer to home.
  4. Just reread my post from yesterday and i have not explained myself very well by using the wording "In Pre Mode". What i wanted to do is use the d70 as a dac only to my integrated and wanted to know if lowering the dac volume would lower the voltage? After doing some more reading last night i think it might not do this? Cheers Geoff
  5. Brought a D10 to use as a usb converter for a Windows 10 based desktop system and was also impressed by its Dac SQ for the money and was thinking i might try a D70 in my main system The issue is my Yamaha AS2000 is limited to 2.8 volts via its balanced input and the D70 has a output of 4 volts. The Topping can be used as a preamp as well so does that mean if i lower the dac volume control in pre mode it will lower the dac output voltage to get me down to below 2.8v???? Cheers Geoff
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