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  1. yep that's the one - the challenging parts were getting the co-prime dimension requirements etc simply change an input argument ... my script at the moment assumes a single panel design so would be a little bit of rearranging to split it over a few sheets.
  2. Can’t miss the Linkwitz options LX521 or lxmini+2 or lxstudio all be worth a look.
  3. Dan and @almikel I got that external drive caddy and found the files - should be easy enough to run again. Need to know size of panels and also some specifics about what info is needed to operate the plasma cutter. At the moment it can spit out a list of hole centres. The other area of tweaking is in the hole diameter vs hole spacing (effectively the ratio of reflective surface vs open). I'd love to hear more about the First Watt amps you're building too - I'm hoping to fire up a few electronics projects that have been on the back burner - hopefully have some actual pro
  4. I haven’t built / heard these speakers but the author of the article has the same name as what comes up on the contact page of that website. Spidey senses suggest they’re the same person ... 😄
  5. Yeah no interest from me at the moment. I think I need to buy a usb caddy for the old nvme drive that code was sitting on - I was planning on doing that soon. Unless maybe it is sitting in an old email to @almikel or @acg maybe? If you guys proceed then I should be able to dig the code out I guess. I'm a bit hesitant handing the code out to folks I don't know (there have been a few PMs over time) because I'd rather support DIYers than provide that work to someone starting a business - I'm not that smart and it took me a couple of evenings and a copy of the right book and a few cans
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