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  1. Is this really a surprise to anyone that has listened to Tool before? The lyrics to Pneuma feel like an extension/complement to Reflections to me. I'm loving the album.
  2. Wouldn’t even need to cut the bottom out - drain holes provide the multiple entry points!
  3. Are these suggestions arbitrary or is there some reasoning for the choices here? Would be good if you could outline the reasoning behind the suggestions.
  4. Its the first project on my RealSoonNow list. Hopefully over the next month or so I'll make some progress on it. I have 2 PCBs for Bruno's design so may try some variations of the attenuator I'll be using it at my desk setup to switch between balanced phono and DAC.
  5. I don’t seem to be able to edit the hyperlink on mobile so I’ll just put the link here - https://www.hypex.nl/img/upload/doc/an_wp/WP_The_G_word.pdf edit - fixed the link in earlier post too
  6. I don't think 6 way passive line level crossover in parallel is really 'usual' Anthony! 😎 Basically the usual case doesn't have a complex impedance to drive so would be expected to be flat. If the complex load is a problem then you'd need to separately buffer each of those? I think we're on the same page but I'll go through how I think about it for fun ... My philosophy is the same as racing a car quickly through a corner. Never hit the accelerator before you're confident you won't be baking off, or worse, braking again. Correspondingly I see no value in amplifying a signal that will need attenuation before subsequent amplification. In the case of say a phono preamp, have the gain of the phono and the power amp such that almost no attenuation required for maximum expected listening levels. Then put the volume control in to allow you to also listen at quieter levels for practical and domestic reasons. I've also recently found myself in need of an analogue pre-amp. The design I like is buried (page 10 on in that pdf) in an article on balanced audio design is by Bruno Putzeys with Hans Polak's extra board to replace the pot. Bruno's commentary on his design philosophy around the pre-amp design decisions may be insightful too. Ha! Just skimming that Bruno Putzeys article and found this on page 10 - relating back to input impedance: So if your load is now inductive from the crossover parts between the preamp and power amps then that's probably quite unusual. Hopefully you're at least as confused as before I posted Anthony! Chris
  7. When I daydream (often!) about getting a new turntable I keep coming back to the Audio-Technica LP5. Direct drive but without the DJ features/bling and without the need to modify to bypass the built in phono that comes on some of the cheaper models of the super OEM decks. When I was just looking I noticed storedj have the stanton with straight tonearm on sale for half price - https://www.storedj.com.au/stanton-str8150m2-direct-drive-professional-super-high-torque-turntable-straight-tonearm - which would be tempting if I could get over the number of times they've written the brand name on the thing.
  8. Fake post. Too positive. 🤣 I got 4/5
  9. I haven't got much of a clue about reading the waveforms but here is Sober from HD Tracks (top) vs the rip of my CD (bottom). I'm more interested in potentially different mastering than redbook vs high res. We've got a newborn (3 week old) in the house and I left my good headphones at work so I haven't had a chance to have a proper listen yet.
  10. I did get it. Unfortunately I really haven't had much time for diy electronics this year so I'm not best placed to give opinion on that. The eevblog forum has threads for people with issues with it and discussion on the meter (see the stickies in this subforum - https://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/) I do like that they are actively fixing/improving things and new firmware being released (although that could be seen both ways - depending on your use case)
  11. You've been saying that for a while Dave, I have only ever made it to the annual event at the Jones residence for an afternoon a few years ago - it's worth it! 😎
  12. I've got a Aussie Amps 6ch amp (when he did 3ch of the nxv100 on one PCB) powered by a coldamps SMPS, works well. I've got another diy amp (called 'the wire class ab' with lme49830 and lateral MOSFETs) that has regulated SMPS powering each channel. The SMPS risk is that when one fails, it's harder to repair than a linear power supply. I've had one fail and happened to have a guy local selling some that he had bought from the same group buy. It's far from ideal as now the vendor is out of business but I have a spare. If I was building an amp to the specs you're after I'd look at the modulus 686 https://www.neurochrome.com/product/modulus-686-2/ with either their meanwell controll boards and meanwell smps or a connex SMPS. I'd lean toward meanwell for the simple fact that I can be more confident of finding replacements when stuff goes wrong. The cost of that combo isn't cheap though. Honestly diy high power class ab is always going to be difficult to do well for cheap. At least with the neurochrome stuff I can see measurements and know that I can verify the build performance with some soundcard measurements of my own, which to me would be worth the $$ although I know some in diy circles struggle with the idea to pay more than PCB manufacturing costs for a PCB. Chris
  13. Passed away in the last day or so . Many tributes over at diyAudio - https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/in-memoriam/327275-rip-siegfried-linkwitz.html RIP Siegfried Linkwitz Some interesting talks from him at Burning Amp and other events - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=seigfried+linkwitz
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