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  1. hochopeper

    Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Awesome! Our not quite 3yo daughter is all about Midnight Oil - Short Memory. Every time we go for a drive we simply must listen to it or we've got a mutiny on our hands.
  2. hochopeper

    Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Cool stuff Anthony! I think I mentioned this article to you before when discussing the topology for gain structure around passive line level crossover. Now that you're going to go down the turntable road, a read of this article - http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/diyaudio-com-articles/163570-masters-noise-thoroughly-modern-tube-phono-preamp.html - would be worthwhile IMO. The solution might not be to everyone's tastes (he's open about that) but the theory discussed (especially using balanced connection for connection to the cartridge) would be worth at least a read for background. I've spent most of my spare time lately renovating a bathroom, so I haven't had a chance to look more closely, do you mention anywhere in this thread which phono stages you're building?
  3. hochopeper

    Post some pics thread...

    Another bird from my trip to the Bunyas.
  4. hochopeper

    Post some pics thread...

    Just got back home from 5 days in the Bunya Mountains ... Eastern yellow robin Wedge tail eagle Two wedge tail eagles having a disagreement about who gets to play in this thermal.
  5. hochopeper

    "NEW" Speakers Under $500

    Behringer b2031 or b2030 would be where I would look in that price range.
  6. hochopeper


    Not long after this thread there was a new meter on kickstarter - probably not of immediate interest to Peter but I did forget to come back here and mention it - from the same guy that is selling the rebadged brymen that I linked at the time there is a new design meter he did in collaboration with UEI. I've got one coming in the next few weeks hopefully. Simultaneous voltage and current measurement. Wide bandwidth trueRMS. Low burden voltage on the current reading (important for accuracy in measuring small currents) and bluetooth. It will be my first step up from the ~$50 jaycar meters so I am really looking forward to it. It should have general availability in March I think once all the kick starter folks have their orders.
  7. hochopeper

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Nelson Pass has posted a variation of the B1 preamp using it too http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pass-labs/313612-b1-korg-triode.html
  8. If you were to import the drivers another option would be to try the http://www.linkwitzlab.com/LXmini/Introduction.htm If the amp you've got is actually a multichannel AV receiver you could use it to power those speakers (LX Mini has active crossover so needs separate amp for each speaker).
  9. Im not sure of the price for a Red Spade HE2 kit. Would be worth a chat to Paul Spencer though. http://www.redspade.com.au/audio/HE2.php
  10. hochopeper

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    R25 is optional for changing input sensitivity and C4 was a not required after the designer first built the test board and changed some of the cap values for filtering in the low pass filter. From the design files there is this diagram that shows what's going on with the board. DIY Audio project thread - http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/equipment-and-tools/176144-diy-project-measuring-noise-10hz-100khz-lna-1mhz-rms-dc-converter.html
  11. hochopeper

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Assembly almost complete. Missing one resistor only, how annoying. The next month or so I think I'll be focused on building various measurement tools. After this one is completed then I'll be assembling one of the linear audio autorangers and putting a PCM4222evm ADC into an enclosure.
  12. hochopeper

    Dual MiniMarty's With Dayton Ultimax 18-22's

    wait till someone suggests that you put the sub in the listening position and only move the mic? I know that process is successful with one sub. I wonder if it works with two? Could you place one at the listening position measure. Select preferred location for first sub. Place second sub in listening position, measure, repeat and select the best location for the second sub. Since the wavelengths are long is there still an issue with output summing differently when you move the second sub to its preferred location?
  13. hochopeper

    A general power cable discussion

    Thanks Frank. I perhaps miss-interpreted the comments from PS Audio as conflating issues with signal cables and then 'begging the question' to say well if that's the case surely power cables matter too. Now I see that their blog post wasn't related to power cables. I personally don't have a need for the information at this stage so I won't go waste his time. My system is, like many DIYers, currently in parts waiting for me to have spare time to fix an amp and finish some DSP stuff. I've got a mix of belden cables for the system and don't see any significant issues with them currently. Looking at those articles there there are lots of good details about the cables. That's all well and good, but they show nothing about how those parameters interact with the components they are connecting. Anyway they're not power cables so it's off topic for this thread. Is Copper Magazine PS Audio's corporate magazine? And on re-reading it appears to just be a comment to say there will be future articles on it, they aren't there currently. (I had a quick look at 'issue 46' and 'issue 45'). Chris
  14. hochopeper

    A general power cable discussion

    If he's going to reference someone elses work as justification for seeding doubt in the minds of consumers that he's selling products to the least he could do is name the article(s) of interest. At a glance it all seems like a false equivalence. I'd be interested to see/hear how his 'buddy' from Belden feels about his views being represented that way. Chris
  15. hochopeper

    Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Hey Anthony, those amps are really taking shape! Feel free to report this post - it's mostly off topic as far as your project is concerned, but your post triggered a thought so I've put it here. When I read your latest update I had been thinking about the latest Nelson Pass inspired project over on diyaudio. The MOsfet FOllower (MoFo) - http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pass-labs/313649-build-mofo.html . It is a power buffer, no gain, about 10W output. Designed as a follow up to the amp camp amp. As it happens I have a few of those exact MOSFETs in the garage *somewhere* too. I'm thinking I might just build a pair to scratch the itch that keeps me thinking about building an DIY Pass F4. Power supply is a laptop brick and that's the only part not shown on the schematic that contains less than a dozen components: Anyway, it struck me the complexity that gets added in the persuit of this hobby! Sure this amp isn't DC coupled and various other elements from audiophile wisdom that says it shouldn't sound any good. But man that is so simple I can't get it out of my head. The article is a good laugh too! So worth a read regardless.