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  1. hey mate, does this model feature a ht-bypass connection ?
  2. Hi Quark, the room will be light-controlled (to a certain extend) but it's not a dedicated HT room therefore the walls are not painted dark. But I do see you point, perhaps it would still be alright. Guess I don't have much option now anyway 😞 The room is not large, 4.3x 4.05x 2.7m. The screen will be on the 4.05m wall . Couch at the other end about 0.8m-0.5m from the back. Meaning distance from screen to seating would be about 3.5-3.8m. Trying to stick closely to the THX 0.84 rule of thumb here I've done some calculation based on the popular JVC, epson models but would love to hear yours/others thoughts pls !
  3. Cool no worries and yeap I see what you're saying. My preference is the same , which is to have the width align to the 16:10 screen. What I'm unclear now is how do we handle or hide the 'unfilled bars' to the top/bottom ? Ideally we would want these to be black bars. Is there certain feature of a PJ that could do this for the desired height ? In my case , this would be about 8cm for top and bottom assuming a 16:9 image. thanks
  4. Hi Quark, Thanks for your reply. Just a few questions pls. Let me see if I get this right. If I aligned source 16:9 to the height of the 16:10 screen, it results in an appx 129" 16:9 image on a 120" 16:10 screen. Hence image stretches out horizontally due to the wider aspect of 16:9 for the given height. May I know how would this result in unfilled bars to the side pls ? I'm probably not understanding this correctly Zooming in to fill the screen's width, results in about 117" of 16:9 on a 120" 16:10 screen. Therefore there'll be unfilled space at the top/bottom. I would prefer this method, but how would one then fill the space with black bars without the PJ knowing the the actual screen it's projecting to ? Hope this makes sense and as stated earlier I'm very new to the world of PJs. So pls mind my ignorance if I'm completely wrong here
  5. Hey guys, seeking your wisdom here pls I purchased a motorized tab-tensioned 120" screen for a bargain. Was very excited since it was the exact brand/model that I was looking for until I noticed I've just purchased a 16:10 screen and not 16:9. Was too late to make any changes. Now, I know that we can technically view 16:9 or 2.35:1 source on 16:10 screen. Question is, how do I do this ? Do I need to get a PJ that also supports 16:10 aspect amongst others eg vivitek HK2288 ? Or can I use any decent projector (eg Epson TW9300/9400/JVC X5900/X7900 etc) and somehow scale it for 16:10 ? Much appreciate your reply Thanks
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