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  1. Item: RUIPRO/FIBBR, 4K HDMI Cables - 2m/3m Price Range: Reasonable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: As above , need a couple of flexible cables and prefer one of these fiber HDMI cables. Thanks
  2. I'll be keen on the umik 1 if you decide to split pls
  3. thanks for that. True that could come handy for some but I've gone all HDMI.
  4. Hi guys, im sure this has been discussed but I couldn’t find it. I’ve done some research and looks like the 420 has all of the features of 820 except DV. Is this correct ? My pj is only 1080p and I don’t think I’ll be changing to a 4K too soon . So Just need a good player tht does excellent BD and best possible HDR to SDR conversion for UHD. ive got the Sony x700 for the oled tv and while it’s good for uhd on native hdr panels, I found its hdr to sdr conversion to be poor when I tried it with my Pj. thanks in advance
  5. Item: Panasonic UB-420 or UB-820 4K UHD Player Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi guys, been looking for one of these and missed one yesterday ;( Thank you Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. I can share my experience with this as I just automated the downlights, the AV system and my motorized screen in the lounge area/cinema room. Essentially got a google-enabled Wi-Fi switch (plenty of Aus certified ones now, to be safe I got the Deta brand from Bunnings). Had the control app connected to Google Assistant as is my Logitech Harmony app. Created a 'routine' in Google Assistant which is essentially an orchestration script which turns off the lights, triggers the Logitech to start a sequence for AV including rolling down the screen, turns on a small cooling fan on th
  7. my very first 'Hi-Fi' amp - still have it and love it (gone through a lot of tweaks over the years and improves each time)
  8. another canberran here ! welcome
  9. second in line pls was waiting for one the whole week after WTB and missed it by an hour lol
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