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  1. Thanks for the offer mate, and I'd be more than happy to listen if I was in the neighbourhood.
  2. Despite all the hype, the LP12 is far from a precise piec of engineering, quite poor for the money actually. Even Watson will tell you that.....
  3. No schit Sherlock! But most I've seen are not 100% square.
  4. The top plate appears sit nicely in the plinth indicating that the plinth is square. The LP12 arm boards seldom sit square between the top plate and the plinth frame, which is not a problem at all. If the mitre joints are still intact with no movement then there's no problem also. I don't know why people caught up thinking they must have a braced LP12 plinth? If the joints are good, the plinth is good. I've restored a dozen or so LP12 plinths and they can be fitted with corner glue blocks, which I've only done on plinths where they were completely stripped and repolished as part of the refurbishment, or the plinth was coming apart at the joints. Hifi people tend to invent problems that don't exist only to then try and solve them. If it ain't broke, it ain't broke! Consider getting your plinth repolished, braced, and possibly stained in a different colour? I've also installed IEC sockets as well to get rid of the bulky cord which takes a lot of stress off the plinth and the bottom.
  5. It was game over before quarter time. From the first bounce Port were on, and WC couldn't take a contested mark to save themselves. Port were very good and blew WC apart. Jack Petrucelli looks like a star in the making, and Jack Darling played bruise free footy as he has done this season. Time for JD to spend some time in the WAFL and bring Jake Waterman in who is averaging 5 goals a game.
  6. As it never rains in Perth, and we've had some decent rainfall in the last 12 hours with tough playing conditions expected, I think it'll be a close game and only picking WC because of the home advantage. Either way I'll be there so hopefully WC will get the job done.
  7. Which model ATC did your friend buy and how much did they cost?
  8. It's a Wheaton Triplanar tonearm. Here's the link for the latest versions, https://www.triplanar.com/tonearm.html I can only imagine just how good they are! 🙄
  9. Item: Completely refurbished Gale GS401C Speakers in black Location: Perth WA Price: $1600 Item Condition: Fully refurbished - less than 10 hours use! Reason for selling: Home renos and the need for space and cash. 🙄 Payment Method: Cash on pickup Extra Info: NO stands included in the sale. For sale is a set of fully refurbished Gale GS401C speakers with no expense spared. I had intended to use these in my home theatre set up and had always wanted a set finished in 'sexy black', which as far as I know none were never originally produced, only in natural veneer. But, these look amazing and you'd be very lucky to find a better set for sale! This was a no expense refurbishment with the following work undertaken: New surrounds installed to the bass and mid drivers. Tweeters completely rebuilt with new diaphragms installed. Crossovers stripped and all components completely resoldered to eliminate dry joint, upgraded with new attenuators, fuse holders, binding posts and resistors. The original caps were retained where possible to retain the Gale sound, however one cap on each crossover was out of specification and had to be replaced. Cabinets stripped bare and finished in black with a high quality, two pack clear polyurethane. Grilles stripped with brown cloth removed, timber refinished in black and recovered in transparent black cloth. All work to the crossovers, drivers and tweeters was performed by Perth's best (and most expensive) technician Jason (The Turntable Doctor), as I will not deal with other techies. I've also attached pics of the serviced crossovers to verify work undertaken. All cabinet work and polishing was completed by professional trades. These have less than 10 hours before being put into storage and will perform very well for another 20 years if looked after. The Gale GS401's has deservedly obtained cult status, and with the right amplification can play most genre's of music very well. **** Pack and Send have quoted $203 shipping with insurance to Melbourne and I may be able to do a deal to help with shipping costs. 😉
  10. I love the Star Trek reboot with Chris Pine as James T Kirk. When you compare these to the last 7 Star Wars movies the studios should bow their heads in shame.
  11. Yepp agreed. In fact 8 was sooooooooo bad I have no desire to watch 9 or revisit any of the Star Wars movies. I am keen to watch Solo someday though as I've heard good things about it.
  12. Without a doubt the BEST spinner on the planet for the money. Idlers and belt drives are mere toys and farming machinery by comparison IME. Unfortunately the SP10 MKII is often the victim of audiophools who poorly implement them and blame the deck. There is no limit on their potential as they can be mated with arms and carts of the absolute highest calibre. I've owned well over 250 turntables and still have about 20, but the SP10 MKII is still my reference. My only 'upgrade' would be to a MKIII.
  13. These are 240 volts. I believe there's a voltage tap on the tranny and were converted to 240 volts. I've had no issue using 240 volts and the techie in his testing did not discover any issues with them either.
  14. Yes! My bad, will change the ad. Cheers. 😎
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