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  1. MDF if used appropriately is not the evil sound killer that many audio crazy people think it is. Its a wonderful product, and like sorbothane, its use in hifi is largely misunderstood. It has excellent resonance cancelling abilities and when correctly partnered with other materials to form composite structures is a very cheap and versatile product. Hardwood ply is also an excellent product, but again it has its limitations like MDF, and is very expensive.
  2. IME a CD transport is equally important as the quality as the DAC.
  3. In the modern hifi world with so much bling and crap touted as hi-end, these are the real deal. Congrat's on the purchase.
  4. Depending on the condition but the cart alone is probably worth the asking price. Bargain IMO. 😎
  5. The Technics SL1000Mk2 crushes the L07D - it is a disco toy. It comes with an integral arm which is extremely difficult to change and a particularly poor motor control circuit. The L07D has a design mistake as the motor control is not hard wired to the motor but is in a box at the end of a cable with a plug. These very often fault with the motor control better applied right at the motor like the SL1000Mk2, not at the end of a cable.
  6. I went nuts for a while on Accuphase gear. Which speakers are you using?
  7. I went from SS to a full on tube based system for a couple of years and then back to SS. I don't buy into the audiophile BS about valve based systems and found them very unsatisfying - very wanting. Coincidently, all the truly great systems I've heard have been SS with not a valve in sight. But I understand we each have our own preferences, biases and delusions. 😎
  8. You haven't mentioned budget? The SME3009 is okay, not great, but well overpriced in the current market. I'd go with a Jelco or pimped Rega arm (because the stock ones are schit).
  9. I don't get 'horns' at all. I've only heard one horn system that I liked in Singapore as pictured. Otherwise all have sounded disjointed, coney, shouty and pretty much an acoustic disaster. As Kajak12 used to say, great for listening to the sounds of banging tin pots and pans! 😧
  10. Item: Custom Plinth for Lenco G99 Turntable (Plinth only) Location: Perth WA Price: $725 Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, may consider shipping Photos: The G99 and tonearms shown in the photos are not part of the sale - plinth only For sale is a brand new custom plinth to suit the Lenco G99 turntable. This is a very complex and high quality, multi-layered composite plinth designed to get the very best performance from the G99. Furthermore, the G99 and armboard is recessed into the plinth, which required significant planning and work to achieve. The plinth weighs 16kg and measures 470(W) x 485(D) x 117(H). The plinth is comprised of 3 x layers of 18mm plywood, 2 x layers of 18mm MDF, a single layer of 14mm Corian, laminated top and bottom and wrapped with solid 20mm jarrah fascia. The machined cutout is sealed with a bitumen coating for added dampening and to seal the raw materials - attached are pics showing the layers prior to completion. The plinth is very solid and rigid, and is supplied with 3 x blank, double laminated removable arm boards. It is fitted with an IEC and 4 x M6 metal inserts to allow a choice in feet or spikes. *****The Lenco G99 and tonearms displayed in the pics are not part of the sale, but was included to show how the plinth looks when set up. Some may balk at the price, however, if you consider the prices of overseas plinths, many of which are quite basic and more bling than performance related, this is a bargain considering the attention to detail, significant amount of materials used and extensive labour. The use of 14mm Corian is a real game changer in regards to mass loading and dampening. Prefer local pickup but may consider shipping. Cheers Pete
  11. I’m a huge fan of the CD85, and prefer it over the highly lauded CD94.
  12. It’s gotten quite ugly and only in the 3rd quarter!🥺
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