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  1. Are these factory 'Ultra' or sent back to Mike for upgrades to bring them up to 'Ultra' spec?
  2. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    I struggled with the expanse and it wasn't until halfway through the second series that I started enjoying it. Altered Carbon IMO is much better. I also liked Discovery too, although I thought the ending of Series 1 was wrapped up too quickly and easily.
  3. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    Excellent, looking forward to it.
  4. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    Yes I loved it too. For me it was like Blade Runner meets Game of Thrones! Great sci-fi combined with violence and hot babes. Looking forward to S2 if they make it.
  5. I consider The Wall a masterclass album, and although I'm a huge Gilmour fan, Waters for me is Pink Floyd. Anyhoo I'm looking forward to the concert next week.
  6. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    Hey Stef, Thanks again for your hospitality mate. I really enjoyed the system. Just when I didn't think that John Wick could get much better! If only we'd put it on earlier!! Always nice to meet new people with the same affliction, and of course catching up with the regular infected folks too. Cheers Pete
  7. My new speakers are sometimes too bassy.

    Have you considered the positioning of your speakers? Perhaps you could post some pic's of your system and speakers in situ.
  8. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    Oops, somehow I missed the latest news on this GTG. Yes please count me in.
  9. Hi Clay What were your impressions of the Vlabs clock over the standard crystal? Cheers Pete
  10. Tantalising Turntables

    Just stunning! I want one. Its actually cheaper than I anticipated, and it may be considered quite reasonable given that many overseas sellers are selling the SL1000 MK3 for around 15K!
  11. Turntable Isolation platform DIY

    The blue balls have air inside, just like squash balls, which prevent vibration coming up from the platform. My TT weighs over 35kg making squash balls useless for my situation. A LP12 is a lightweight TT so they may work in that situation.
  12. Turntable Isolation platform DIY

    Isolation is isolation. Either its isolated or isn't. I use the following method: Lovan racks with the legs and rails filled with sand to eliminate ringing; 20mm granite platform bonded to 32mm MDF to reduce the granite ringing, and positioned on the rack with metal spikes; Rubber balls to decouple the TT from the platform; The plinth is made of 20mm thick granite plinth bonded to 36mm corian. The rubber balls are supporting over 35kg. The compressed walls of the balls acts as springs to suspend the TT as if it was floating effortlessly.
  13. The Twins

    It wouldn't hurt using that many screws but essentially its a waste of time and money as long as you have sufficient pressure on the joint while it cures. The trick with MDF is to use less screws if possible as the core has very little structural integrity as it splits and bulges very easily. Also, lightly sand the the face of the MDF butting up against the edge of the other piece to remove the waxy/smooth surface and allow the adhesive to penetrate and bond properly to both surfaces.
  14. The Twins

    I've been a cabinetmaker for over 35 years, I know my schit.
  15. The Twins

    Why not just use wood adhesive?