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  1. Many of these were purchased with aftermarket tonearms, which at that time was usually the SME3009. Does your dad's have a standard Technics' arm or other?
  2. Item: JBL TLX6 3-way Speakers Location: Perth Price: $225 OBO Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only For sale is a set of JBL TLX6 3-way Speakers in excellent, original working condition with the drivers being near mint. One of the speaker tops has some faint marks which is difficult to photograph (pic included). Great sound for very little money! Local pickup. Cheers Pete.
  3. If the motor worked without issue, including pitch, consider upgrading the arm (if possible) and the issues relating to the arm mechanism disappear.
  4. IME, big speakers = big sound. Small speakers can sound nice, and of course may be better suited to a small room, but all the standout systems I've heard have very large speakers capable of moving a lot of air with huge amps to run them effortlessly. It's the distinct lack of distortion that makes them stand out. I find small speakers, like headphones, quite fatiguing.
  5. When they’re on they’re fabulous to watch. Some of skills last night we’re brilliant, particularly their field kicking and tackling. Hopefully they can back it up next week.🤗
  6. I’ll take it - local pickup too, pm on the way.
  7. What work was done to the Gales? New bass and midrange surrounds? Any work to the crossovers? The Gale in the picture appears to be missing the metal tweeter grill.
  8. It’s difficult to imagine Woosha keeping his job. He’s performed very poorly as a coach this year with that list.
  9. These are on my wish list to listen to. Unfortunately they just don’t come up for sale very often and don’t know anybody who owns a set.🤔
  10. The Audio Technica AT95E is an outstanding performer for the money.
  11. Without a doubt the finest piece of gear I've owned in the Technics SP10 MKII turntable. A joy to use with incredible build quality and performance. I could never consider owning ANY modern turntable, or any other turntable other than a MKIII.
  12. Although I'm unsure in your situation about the amplification and speakers, obtaining the most suitable amplification can significantly improve bass control before even considering room treatments. If possible are you able to try or borrow other amplifiers?
  13. Wow, stunning condition! I had one of these as my very first turntable in 1981, and was later tricked into 'upgrading' to a Rega 3. 😒 A lovely deck to use and very rarely come up for sale.
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