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  1. It says real wood veneer. Unless I see pics, I have no doubt the plinth is veneered MDF.
  2. Its pretty obvious too much is being asked of the speakers as they're far too small, and a 2-way, to cope with the demands of complex music played a reasonable levels.
  3. In the pics it appears to be vinyl and not a timber or veneer finish.
  4. Here's the 'before' pics of what was a stunning example of 401C's ....
  5. Making good mitre cuts is not as easy as people think. Things to consider are: The Saw - I have a top level Makita which is lovely to use but there is play in the arbor, which means the blade has some lateral movement and is inhibited by not being able to cut as accurately as it could. The best mitre saws I have used are Omga, which are belt drive, and have a very high quality arbor/bearing assembly with zero lateral play allowing the blade to cut optimally. The Blade - I have a 96 tooth high quality timber blade which I only use for timber cuts. It cost $300 so it only come
  6. They have Concerto components but they're not factory Concerto boxes. They appear to be DIY cabinets.
  7. Not if the amplification isn't up to the task, and the better the speaker the more it will expose an incapable or unsuitable amplifier.
  8. Yes indeed. Unfortunately audiophiles generally like domestic hifi amps, which are mostly limited in capacity and performance. The Yamaha P2200 is an excellent amp for the Gale 401's, but getting quite rare and pricey these days.
  9. Hi Guys Thanks for the compliments regarding the work on these speakers, and yes it looks as though I have definitely underpriced them a bit, but too late now. For those who may have an interest in these, they do like a very capable SS amp with some grunt to get the best out of them. Cheers Pete
  10. For sale is a set of legendary KEF Reference 104.2 speakers. These have been professionally refurbished with no expense spared as I intended to keep them. Here's a link to the refurbishment thread: Unfortunately these have been sitting wrapped up in storage, unused since March, and after some pleasant conversations with the wife have decided to be practical about things. The work undertaken includes: Cabinets completely refurbished and finished in laminate, which has added significant bracing to the cabinets, Original tweeters serviced with new Ferro
  11. If only they could make movies this good! Loved it from the start, and the ending was brilliant. 👍
  12. I had a remaster box set that included the Wall and all were diabolically dull and couldn't listen to them at all. I have US and UK 1st pressings and they are excellent. But there is a UK 1997 reissue which a couple of locals have, and it could be the best recording of any LP I've ever heard. If you can get one I think they're around $200 and one day I will own one.
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