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  1. No problem, it’s a bit like buying a Hyundai and being disappointed it doesn’t perform like a WRX.
  2. The amp and speaker combination will never deliver a decent rock performance. Either upgrade them or accept their limitations.
  3. Wow, that seems like a lot of work for little gain. If the plinth is well built then why not use different armboards for each arm, with each board being unscrewed/unbolted with the arm attached and the board with different arm dropped in and screwed/bolted in place as I did with my Lenco.
  4. Yes I agree with this, but not so much with Class D. 🙂
  5. I had mine recapped with Rifa caps and had the aluminum earth bar replaced with 35 x 10mm solid copper bar, as well as quality binding posts, RCA sockets and heavy duty power cord.
  6. The P2200 is just about the best value power amp I've heard and out performed many lauded 'audiophile' amps I compared it to. I wish I still had my pimped P2200, it was a beast.
  7. It's this attitude that makes many systems I've heard sound quite underwhelming. Spending more on amplification will most often provide a better outcome for speaker optimisation and quality sound.
  8. A very underrated amplifier indeed and highly recommended for those with Gale 401 speakers.
  9. I'm a huge fan of the Reference 104.2 so can only imagine how these may sound. 🙂
  10. I thought it was a kit, which came complete with all components including crossovers?
  11. Provisionally sold pending pickup and payment.
  12. Hi Ged, thanks for that and yes it was one of a few Lenco's I fiddled around with.
  13. Further information: For sale is an excellent Lovan shelf/rack for hifi/home theatre. This particular configuration is quite large and rare. The unit measures 1190(W) x 575(D) x 780(H). The internal width is 990 and between the shelves is 260(H) and 185(H). The shelves are 12mm thick. Local pickup only. Cheers Pete
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