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  1. How to calibrate a Sony TV KD-49X 7500F for best picture quality ?
  2. Xiaomi Mi Piston V2 In-Ear Headphones - Award winning in ear monitors at bargain price Sennheiser HD25SP I’d recommend is to get the HD25 velour pads as it’ll give more treble as well as helping the phone to sound more open Ultrasone HFI-2200
  3. Success I was suspicious of some new security software I was trying It was an anti-RansomeWare in a Beta version So I uninstalled it and did a restart on the computer Then in case that beta software had damaged Logitech Media Server I downloaded and re-installed Logitech Media Server No joy on the Squeezebox Touch so I did a factory reset on the Squeezebox Touch Now it found the wireless and I had the option of setting up the Wi-Fi and installing the password Music and radio streaming are working again on the Squeezebox Touch, you can probably hear American Songbook playing in the background ! Many thanks for all your advice and enthusiasm it helped encourage me to keep trying Quelch
  4. Yes thanks everyone, I tried everything suggested The Squeezebox no longer gives the option of Wi-Fi I'll keep playing with it to see if I can resurrect it I’ll have a squiz at the BlueSound Node and Auralic Aries Mini The missies will want her streaming music back; she’s an artist and has it playing when she is painting More importantly she has it playing while she is cooking !
  5. Yes thanks joz Tried everything It works OK on Ethernet but not Wi-Fi Frustrating because we've got used to it for six years, used it nearly everyday and really miss it Quelch
  6. No Kaynin, have not and Wi-Fi connected iPad and Samsung tablet still work happily Thanks for the quick response I'm trying to work out how to use the iPad for streaming music as a temporary fix My internet provider is Internode and we have free internet radio streamin through them, well not free but included in the monthly deal The iPad will never be as convenient as the Squeezebox Touch
  7. Squeezebox Touch Wi-Fi stopped working, it's been reliable for the last six years We've always used it to stream music from internet radio, now we feel bereft ! I connected it to Ethernet cable and it worked on that but the modem is too far away to use Ethernet It will still play stored music, card or USB stick but that's a secondary function it's streaming music over Wi-Fi that is it's main function and that has stopped Any ideas how to fix it or if it can be fixed ? Alternatively Any ideas what to replace it with ?
  8. I too, couldn't take to Blood Father, I didn't even last as long as you, as my neice would say 'BOOORING' Never heard of 'The Great Wall' I'll see if I can find it
  9. Thanks Metamatic, I’ve got: Apocalypse Extinction Afterlife Damnation Retribution The Final Chapter Is that the right order ? The Final Chapter is high definition but the rest are standard definition Standard definition should be OK on a 42 inch TV Quelch
  10. Hi Metamatic, I've never seen any of the Resident Evil movies How many are there ? Which one would you recommend I start with ? Quelch
  11. Xiaomi Piston 2.1. Big Performance For Only $25 outstanding budget headphones Astounding Headphones With An Irresistible Sleek Design - Your Ears Won't Believe What They're Hearing (And Your Eyes Won't Believe The Price) I've had a pair of these for a couple of years, they were a bargain Use them with my hi-fi gear and my computer sound, Schitt Fulla headphone amplifier and DAC Use them in preference to my Sennheiser and Ultrasone headphones Recently bought my first Smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro The sound quality from this combination is surprisingly high end
  12. I've put my CD's onto memory cards to play though Squeezebox Touch I now need a device to play music from the memory cards in another location Played through good quality amp and speakers Would prefer a device that plays lossless formats but MP3 playback will have to do if that is all that is available If someone would be able to suggest such a device
  13. Thanks for the quick response The Samsung would be ideal Friend recommended a Bauhn 32" from Aldi for $200- Is anything known about these, are they reasonable for the money ?
  14. I have a Topping TP20-MARK2 mini amplfier May be suitable for anyone looking for an amplifier for home use, not suitable for commercial use in my opinion The TP20-MARK2 is the model without the headphone socket Excellent sound, excellent price, about $A87- Currently playing music from my computer into a pair of Mission Cyrus desktop speakers Have used it in my hi-fi system playing CD's and have used it plauing from my Nexus 7 into small speakers, the smallest hi-fi system I've ever had Highly recommended For the price everyone should have one !
  15. Looking for a cost effective (nice way of saying as cheap as possible) 32" TV that will play video from a USB stick Don't need anything special, it's for the bedroom I've posted a request for a dumb TV in the smart TV forum, is there anywhere else I should have posted it ?
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