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  1. With this, I think Muon is likely right here and that's it's just a difference in presentation. i can't help but wonder if maybe the Paradigms might have had a small mid bass hump or similar to make them sound a little "bigger" or "fuller" and the proacs might have just a more balanced overall sound. or possibly low end rolls off a little faster? I'm not sure a new power amp would resolve the issue you've described. A sub might
  2. couple of questions: did you audition the speakers before buying them? And if so, did you notice this difference at the time? What is it specifically that you feel is lacking? Is it high frequency sparkle? Or are you missing some low end punchiness? What were your previous speakers for reference?
  3. Room or amp. Amp honestly looks like the less likely of the 2 (50 watts for what appear to be 90dp speakers that according to spec don't dip below 4.8 ohms), however is the easiest to test, if you know anyone nearby that could loan you an alternative, and depending on music, room and preferred listening level could turn out to be the issue. Room might be harder overall. Someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to provide advice Other thing to check: accidents happen, maybe the repair had an issue? There are simple phase checks that can be tried online
  4. Time to start finally looking at the room itself! I can't audition components easily at the moment, surprise surprise, and speakers are sorted for a while now, so room seems like the next place to check out. And likely to give the biggest gains
  5. Using cars and the auto industry as an analogy to make it easier to understand convey concepts in other industries is a wonderful thing, but tends to fall down when we get into the specifics.
  6. I think this can't be stressed enough, especially if it comes to an item that's not terribly exotic, ie most HiFi purchases. You lose out by selling the item at a steep discount, you can no longer demo it until you've replaced it and then you have to discount it again at end of life. I would expect any unit sold as a demo unit to maintain a full manufacturers warranty unless I've specifically been advised otherwise. I'd rarely expect it to be treated as second hand
  7. I think you'll get better bass and room fill, and likely be able to play a bit louder. I don't think you'll improve actual sound quality. It might be worth it if you're a long way from your speakers or if you like volume (or if you like a few mates round for beers and tunes!). It probably won't be if these criteria don't fit you.
  8. What speakers are you using? If they're on the esoteric side, do you need more power?
  9. Saw that breakdown video, thought it was really interesting!
  10. Further information: Audio GD fully balanced stereo preamplifier Been removed from my system due to recent upgrades I've had it about 7 or 8 years I think. Nice sounding pre, has some small damage on the top of the unit. I've included a photo. This should be visible in most racks. Origin is some blu tack put there by a partner There is slight hum from the right channel, it was only audible at about 10cm from my reasonably efficient speakers, and completely imperceptible from listening position. May possibly be cable related, but I didn't do any checking as it was on the way out before I even noticed it existed Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. A turntable won't really be the thing that would stop your system "cutting it". The only thing that is likely to do that is you no longer liking the sound, something breaking or you getting a bout of upgrade-itis (a legitimate and well recognised illness that generally only has a single known cure).
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