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  1. Definitely happy. My system is sounding great, it's well set up, imaging is fantastic and it sounds very balanced and real (I value these things quite a bit). Having said that, I still have plans. I'm discussing room treatment at the moment. It's been in the works for a while and I'm really excited about it
  2. I've had a few additions to my system recently. Very happy with how it's currently sounding.
  3. Today's purchase (or more accurately today's arrival)
  4. Haha, I'm totally OK with this, at least for now! Will just make me search a little harder to find something else I want when ordering something more obscure But thanks for the reassurance everyone. Guess I better get ordering!
  5. So I'm starting to buy records and build my collection. However despite trying to order locally wherever possible, I'm noticing there are some titles I'm keen to pick up that are only really available overseas. My main concern when I do this is the state they arrive in, and more specifically whether they often wind up warped in transit. Is this something I need to be particularly aware of? And at what point does record warp have a noticeable impact on sound quality?
  6. well this is the end result of the urge, for anyone that's interested! The turntable arrived today (and the vinyl only a couple of days prior). Now looking forward to a weekend of listening enjoyment. And currently very grateful for the gentleman who sold me the new toy (I won't dob him in unless he wants to be)
  7. Well I've had a very kind SNA member make me an offer that was too good to pass up, so looks like I'm doing exactly this! Moving a little faster than I had initially planned, but that's certainly something I can live with.
  8. Absolutely. I think even my CD collection has cost me more over time than my spinner, and a lot of those disks were cheap. I'm not terribly stressed about this factor. I don't exactly get to spend huge amounts of time every week just listening to music, so a small but growing collection will be just fine for my needs at least initially. Strangely, this is what I'm looking forward to the most! The ritual of playing a record looks like it creates a far more involved experience, and in the age of everything being just a button click away, that actually sounds pretty enticing
  9. I actually just saw it when I jumped on today, but thanks for bringing it to my attention!
  10. Thanks for all the info and suggestions! In regards to VTA, is there a reason some turntables don't include it?
  11. Currently using a CD-S1000 as my cd player Yeah, I understand it's not universal as a term so I guess what I specifically am looking for is a turntable that is useable for a new-comer to vinyl - I understand there can be some with tricky suspension or finicky tone-arms. I'm trying to avoid these. I'm looking for a turntable that will be newbie friendly but won't provide underwhelming sound quality (like I suspect I might find on the budget options).
  12. I've never really dipped my toe into vinyl. I've been a physical disk kind of person, but have always opted for CD. There's been a few reasons for this which I won't get in to, but now I'm looking at possibly, just maybe, looking at a turntable. Not immediately. Late this year would likely be the earliest. But I do want to start investigating the possibility. I'm interested in what a decent "beginner" turtable would be. The Rega Planar 3 looks to get good write ups (although maybe not the cartridge?). Are there other options that I should consider at around (or cheaperthan!) the sa
  13. I think you'll find most people who are interested in dealing wtih room issues do it via room treatment, digital room correction or a combination of both rather than a graphic equalizer, which I would typically expect to overall yield worse results. There'll be a few reasons for not bothering, which could be things like not wating "ugly" room treatments in a shared room, not wanting the added complication of digital room correction or just feeling that with careful placement of speakers, that they're getting good enough results!
  14. Further information: I still have the original packaging and remote, these are included Blemish in the top comes from partner blu-tacking something there Lovely sounding pre, very pleasant and smooth tonal balance. This pre was near $1kUS when I purchased, before shipping and import duties. Selling cheap to help get funds for new upgrades In the interest of of transparency: I have posted this before, had described a hum at the time in one channel. I have re-tested and have not been able to reproduce this so most likely was interconnect related Photos: P
  15. FWIW I think that's actually normal, or at least the lack of parcel details - These details are (I believe) generally only available for eparcel items. Recently received an item from Bill and my tracking still shows more or less exactly like this. The lack of tracking is weird - normally means someone has forgotten to scan something/misplaced something at a depot. Quick bit of positive feedback on Bill's cables: for something that appears to be made to order, turnaround is incredibly fast. Bill is very responsive to inquiries, and despite the fact I ordered something comparatively
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