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  1. Trail of dead - into the godless void. Every album they have is a rollercoaster and it's great
  2. My uinderstanding of this is as follows: In general, warranty will be as written (manufacturer's warranty is not the same as consumer guarantees outlined in the ACCC website - it can be over and above, but cannot limit your consumer rights). This means you can't assume it will be transferrable, even with proof of purchase so due diligence would be sensible if this is a factor. Your ACCC consumer guarantees as outlined on the ACCC website are applicable to purchases from businesses - if you purchase from a private seller you no longer have the same guarantees. At least that's what I
  3. Nothing like using lunch on a miserable and dreary day to enjoy a new arrival
  4. This just arrived today from Dutch vinyl. Just sad I won't get to listen to it until the weekend
  5. I have not but I'm about to check them out! Hopefully I also have a new band to get excited about ++edit++ yep, have a new band to get excited about. these guys are good. remind me a little of another scottish band i saw in Edinburgh years ago
  6. Rowland s Howard, teenage snuff film. Absolutely ripper album
  7. Elliott smith self titled -25 year anniversary edition
  8. It arrived with the packaging looking like it'd been sat on, so I'm actually impressed it's as flat as it is!
  9. Warning: gore This beauty arrived Wednesday. Been waiting two months for it to arrive from I believe Germany. Fortunately stickman records were awesome and are getting a replacement on its way to me asap
  10. it looks like the Denon AV receivers still range from entry level right through to high end. But their stereo components haven't really offered the same for I think at least 10 years. They've been more on the AV train than anything else. Taking a quick look at the ir current range, they offer a handful of entry level integrated amps and then one sitting at about the $5k-ish mark, which really lets you know it's not a market they're super invested in, unlike their sister company Marantz. I also think they likely have trouble competing against a lot of the better (currently) known pl
  11. Had a few items arrive today. I'm looking forward to a really fun weekend
  12. From a small sample size on my end, however I feel this album sounds pretty damn amazing https://www.discogs.com/Rowland-S-Howard-Teenage-Snuff-Film/release/15030344
  13. I think the 800 series are made in the UK. Although it's possible some components do still need to be made in China. So I doubt these are badge engineered. Also, the dimensions on the speakers you linked are hilarious. They're certainly designed to look like 801's, but I anticipate disappointment when someone buys them and discovers they're kinda mini
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