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  1. Same here. Very sorry Con and hope you can still have those very good times too.
  2. I seem to be less interested these days coming here as there is this push for proof for everything when people post about an opinion. eg Someone posts like this cable is better than this cable when I tried them, this dac is better, this capacitors sound better etc It appears to me, to be less fun as it is becoming more common people demanding proof these days (dreaded DBT name dropping) and squash peoples opinions of what they post. I thought of this forum as just a bunch of guys shooting the breeze in a common hobby expressing opinions, but seems to get a little hostel and belittling, to be fun as much as it was when I first joined up. Each to their own as others really enjoy getting extremely into the technical stuff just as much. Still think a Technical section (or subjective vs Objective) separated sections would be better.
  3. rocky500

    Music vs Audio?

    I find some music can be no better than a nursery rhyme but still can move you. Buying new equipment can have a huge enjoyment factor too even sometimes better than the music itself. So no problem from me if enjoyment comes from any angle, enjoying the music, enjoying the equipment, its all good in the end. Each to their own. I think no way is better, just that you get something out of it.
  4. I just went through the exercise with my new amp. The designer offered and lowered the gain but it lost a bit of definition. It was like someone turned the tone controls down slightly. So in the end went back to its original form. I sometimes use the Windows players I'm using to lower the volume (like the attenuators) so the volume range is better suited to my listening levels. eg. Foobar, JRiver etc I have used in-line attenuators in the past and they had a similar effect of toning down the music. Some more than others. It is slight but noticeable.
  5. Just to add this is for Tj the designer of the Snakoil OS to test some settings to see what native DSD mode it needs to be in, or if native DSD ever works at all. https://www.snakeoil-os.net/
  6. Good point. I am in W.A. Tuart Hill.
  7. Can anyone lend me a Dac DAC that uses the Amanero Combo384 chip. Some of the gieseler dac's had the Amanero Combo384. The thing is I need to borrow it fairly quickly (like today even :-) as it to test out some software in development. I can lend you another Dac, say like a Topping D50 or something else. Thanks
  8. rocky500

    schiit amp hum

    This video tries explaining why ground loops can cause hum sometimes and ways to try to minimize and fix it. http://twit.tv/show/home-theater-geeks/139 It starts around the 11 minute mark on to about 23 minutes.
  9. rocky500

    Lose It !

    Less pea stops?
  10. Now if only you went to eight decimal places, now that is a black magic art and your speakers will boldly go where no other has been.
  11. This thread reminds me of those flat earthers trying to explain their theory behind their thoughts.
  12. I went to Jaycar with my LCR meter to try and match up some ceramic resistors for my speaker crossovers. Wanted each crossover to be close in values if possible. Even the guy working there was quite amazed at the different values between each resistor with the same markings.
  13. I think high end gear have to be considerably higher in price ratio as they don't normally sell as much. Might stay on shelves longer, suppliers have to hold onto more expensive stock longer, manufactures make and ship smaller amounts etc...
  14. rocky500

    Smart tv's

    I think most TV's now have Netflicks plus others. Best to check on the TV's you are interested in before purchasing. Plex supports 4K, so should all ok with your files. I think it may also depend on your network and speed. https://support.plex.tv/articles/203810286-what-media-formats-are-supported/ You could install Plex server on your PC and then use the client from some of the new TV's or devices like Nvidia shield, apple TV etc that can have Plex. Another reason I bought my TV as it had the option of having Plex, so don't need any other devices. Plex is free to use with a slightly more advanced version that you can pay for if you want. I bought it as it has multiusers and remembers what each family member is watching or watched. I also stream over wifi to someone else's house down the street. They have their own Plex username and also watch netflix off my NBN.
  15. rocky500

    Smart tv's

    Plex server might be able to install on your Popcorn. (not sure) then Plex can be run on TV to access all the files.