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  1. Just had a look at Infuse and is it only for iphone/ipad?
  2. Some tables have Servo tonearms like some of the JVC's eg. JVC QL-Y5F, JVC QL-Y55F. I think Denon made a few good quality auto return tables too?
  3. I bought some a while back for a Garrard 401. Here https://www.ba-bolts.co.uk/bagrubs.html It was the 6BA x 1/8" Allen Grubs. Ended buying 20 but gave the extra ones to someone. They are not quite exact but was recommended on another forum and they worked well.
  4. Thanks Gordon. Gives me something to think on. I like the idea of the ioslator reclocked board too. If I happen to go this way ,could always try the Keces as it has 2 outputs. Currently 12V and 5V and if both used they are 3A each. Some switches inside to change voltage but not sure I can run 2x 5V. Also have a couple of 5V single ones I picked up off ebay. Talema based power supplies. LINK How do you run i2S? Make your own cable? Currently using a standard HDMI cable from Singxer to Holo.
  5. I was wondering what makes your Dac sound better to you than say a cheapy dac. Or even a model before yours if there was one. Say a model up, what changes? Is it they become more transparent (cant think of a better word). Do they reduce some sort of noise (cant think of a better word here) in the system? Better power supplies again to reduce noise? People go out and buy very basic motheroboards instead of the very high end ones with ooldes of extra options. Down clock CPU's, even remove options on the motherbords. Then there are rasperby PI's type devices that go that step further and are very basic in design. Is it to reduce some sort of noise in the chipsets, between adding extra chipsets on each motherboard to offer more features. Using linear power supplies etc. Plugging in a USB card or other USB enhancements into my PC has helped, again why is this so. My first thought is reducing some sort of noise on the PC Usb bus? So that is why I mentioned it as I am not that clued up in these things and that was my best layman's guess. Setup my PC initially as a media center for Movies (Media Portal) and TV (installing a TV card) and used it for Audio too. Now that I will use it for only Audio, thought I may try and see if I could improve it for audio only purposes. See if I could gain any improvements for this. .
  6. This seems like a great direction. Plus another device that might help to lower the power bills. Win Win. ADDED: I have a Keces linear supply that has 5V that might power it?
  7. I bought the JCat as my thinking was that the PC would become less of a part of the chain as I would be getting a very good USB out connection from my older PC without maybe thinking of something else like going to linear power supplies for the PC itself. My dac is Holo Spring II and the Singxer still made a noticeable improvement than going straight to USB. Maybe its the conversion from USB then to i2s that helps.
  8. Sorry Guys, I should of mentioned no noise in my system that I can hear. What I meant is the chipsets, CPU's etc. Just like as I have added better power supplies going to Sotm card, Singxer, upgrading Singxer SU-1 to SU-6, etc, the overall presentation apears to get better. One way I might describe it I would say it has become more transparent? Reading on the forums about PC's for Audio, you see supposedly advancements in certain configurations. Linear supplies, modifications etc.
  9. Not sure you can combine this device into your system with your streamer etc. Not cheap but a Denafrips GAIA. Could read up a bit yourself. Was just reading up on one last night and saw this on a forum ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Gaia arrived a couple days ago, so it is not even close to being fully burned in and sounding its best, but I will just make a few preliminary comments about what I am hearing. First, if there is a better D/D converter on the planet, I'd sure like to hear it. If anyone is thinking this is just a box to convert one digital format to another, that couldn't be further from reality. You need to think of it as a sonic enhancer. I am floored by the improvements the Gaia is making to a Chord Qutest and I have a decent amount of prior experience with other very top of the line D/D converters, the Gaia improvements are much, much bigger than improvements I experience with these other top D/D converters. The improvements to the sound stage and transparency are huge. Holographic for days. I'm in heaven. More thoughts after my Gaia burns in and my Terminator Plus arrives. My personal, entirely subjective impressions using the Gaia with the Chord Qutest: (I now have my Terminator Plus, I will post some thoughts about that combo later- the TPlus is still new and burning in): The Gaia transforms the Qutest. I had to keep checking myself since the Gaia arrived to make sure I was hearing the magnitude of change I believed I was hearing. Yep, it is real. I could see the Qutest+Gaia combo as an "end game" combo for the vast majority of audiophiles. If I had been listening to the Qutest just by itself for a long time, and then I was blind-folded and someone connected the Gaia to the Qutest, but told me they had inserted a Dave*, I would believe them and immediately start figuring out how long it would take me to save up for the Dave because hearing the improvements, it would be difficult to go without. Again, though, that is just me. *I have not heard the Dave in my system and thus I am not saying a Qutest+Gaia would equal a Dave. I am just trying to express the magnitude of the change. After my years of buying and trying different DAC's in my system, I view the Gaia improvements to comfortably exceed one, and possibly equal even two DAC model jumps within a manufacturer's DAC line. Another data point: I loved my Berkelely Alpha USB D/D converter and it improved every DAC to which it was connected (most recently a Yggy Analog 2). The sonic improvements brought by Gaia exceed the sonic improvements from the Berkeley by a rather large margin. I'd love to put a Gaia up against a PhoenixUSB or Chord M Scaler just to see how it compares (yes, I appreciate these are differing devices and it would be a somewhat flawed comparison due to the different connection types). If you simply view all of these devices as "sonic improvement" devices at differing price points, which at the end of the day is what they are (thinking of the Gaia as merely a tool to convert to a different digital type is really missing the big point of the Gaia), the Gaia might prove to be a cheaper alternative for a given amount of sonic improvement. What are the primary sonic improvements? Dramatic (on an audiophile rating scale- i.e. not to my wife's rating scale) improvements to holography/sound staging and transparency (hearing even more musical information, details, the impression of the recording venue, etc). The sound stage is huge and there is so much air between the performers. I really value those aspects. If those sonic attributes are not what floats your boat, then move along, nothing to see here. Finally, as a Terminator Plus owner, the ability to take advantage of the TPlus' clock output to the upstream Gaia, is more icing on the Gaia cake. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I my self have tried quite a few Dacs and it has always been a similar result where longer listening seems to leave me cold and not really wanting to listen, where my LP's seem to always keep involved. It was not until I tried a R2R dac that it changed. Also took messing with a better power supply and a Singxer device too.
  10. I have put in the JCat card and then I am connecting the Singxer SU-6 to the JCat USB. Then to my Holo Dac. I did read on the JCat forums them mentioning about putting the JCat card in the PCIe slot that runs direct to CPU? Usually the one closest to the CPU it seems. here is a bit below I just found. OctavianH, on 07 Apr 2020 - 5:16 PM, said: More important is if a PCIe slot connects to CPU directly or goes via PCH. You'd have to check the motherboard's specs and block diagram Regards, Marcin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am using Splashtop Personal to remote to it on local network (free to use over network) and think I found one problem. When removing the Geforce and defaulting to onbord Video, it was only allocating 64MB in bios for video. Increasing that seems to have fixed the sluggishness when remote connecting to it. Just easier while I am using my desktop PC to remote over and control that PC. I did build it with a fanless Power supply. A XTS460 Modular one (Seasonic being the OEM). LINK The GeForce 730 is passive cooling. The HDD is a Samsung 850 EVO 120GB. Also a WD 4TB as my 2nd Drive. I do play files over the network from my CCTV machine for a lot of stored music. All hard wired. Using good USB cables. Looks like the consensus is to keep this one. Just thought PC's being PC's that after 5 years or so, the new ones can be quite a bit better. Maybe not so important with music it seems. So thank you again.
  11. I could also update my main use/work machine and use that one instead for audio too. That is a ASRock Z170 Extreme6+ motherboard. LINK Has the i5-6600K CPU, M2 Drive, 16GB ram. The current i5-4460T CPU was bought 2nd hand about 2 years ago when I started to try and lower my power bills. Bought 3 of these low power type CPU's and put them in my machines I had around at the time that stay on 24/7. Still have another machine ASRock Z87 Professional with CPU Intel Core i7-4770S that is my CCTV Camera server with Blue Iris plus Plex server. It has all the sata ports used up for storage. I used to buy all AMD's many many years ago and switched to Intel along the way. I am curious to see how one of the new AMD systems go these days too.
  12. Great idea guys on the Linux. Might have to try that, now I am no longer running it as a HTPC. Looks like the JCat is also supported by linux too. Not sure of the Singxer but did just see this... Native Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel, using system-driven (tested on Ubuntu and Daphile systems, based on INTEL X86 platform)
  13. Just read peoples impressions all over the net to see that it does make a difference to some. I most probably would of sold my Dac and kept looking for another until I put a Singxer in my system running off the PC USB. It seemed the missing piece in my Dac search. It made all the difference to me.
  14. I have a Sotm card but now a JCat card too. JCat allows me to use a uptone LPS that I have here that was sitting idle. Also my Singxer SU-6 is similar to the denafrips iris. So have that covered with PC usb to Dac. I suppose you can only try one to see if makes any difference to yourself. I certainly thought the Singxer was worth it for me. Now to see if the JCat helps too.
  15. Just redid Windows 10 on this machine from scratch and just thought it seemed a little laggy. Remoting to it was not that great. It has only 1 big PCI express and read that the JCat preferred running in this main one next to the CPU to possibly give it just a little better performance. So took out the Geforce 730 passive card I had (was my HTPC for most of its life but now just using the TV with a soundbar) and used onboard Intel 4600 video and put the JCat in only in the main slot, then redid windows. Not sure the JCat is an advantage yet as I am running USB to Singxer SU-6 then Dac. Thinking they are doing the same thing here? My main concern was just that it is getting on in age and thought new updated Motherboards, chipsets, interfaces may benefit me slightly? Maybe I may update my main machine that is the PC I use all the time for everything and work stuff, a i5-6600K. Was Windows 7 for years and just updated to Windows 10. If I am going to redoo Windows 10 from scratch someday, I may be better upgrading before. Also this has got me thinking it may be time to upgrade my PC's shortly. https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/6/21167782/intel-processor-flaw-root-of-trust-csme-security-vulnerability
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