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  1. You summed it up pretty well to how I think of this dac. The Singxer was the device to really lift this dac for me.
  2. Try using it without the 12V trigger and see how it goes. Turn on and off manually. Just so you can rule that out.
  3. This post says a Dac made a very worthwhile upgrade to his bluesound node2i.
  4. Just sent a txt to the designer and yes it seems all ok to leave on like this. I should of thought of this first before posting.....
  5. I purchased a NCore Amp from Nord a while back and he mentioned not to leave the amp on when not using it with nothing playing. Thinking about it now, is this because of the switch mode power supplies? (Amp case stayed quite warm to the touch with nothing playing) One PSU went slightly faulty as it took time for one channel to come online and needed some upgraded capacitors. Now I have a NCore500 amp but with Toroidal Transformers (No switchmode) and want to demo my amps some times, switching between them. Is all ok to leave my amp on for a few days with nothing plugged into it? Just a power cable only but on as want it to be warmed up when I switch amps. Power down of course and connect cables but hoping it will be warmed up.
  6. @Peter_F it was listening to your system that one day that totally blew my mind what a turntable system can sound like!
  7. I personally think you have to start with a great turntable first. I have had a few over the years and every time I went up in better turntables, my music became more enjoyable with the same carts and phono stages. Its like I can hear more music and way better definition. Better sound staging, it all just became so much better. Its like the cheaper ones blur the music for me in comparison. Best in my system was a Garrard 401 with Jelco arm. Then I have heard some Technics SP10 turntables at other SNAers places and the music went up even more for me. Was fantastic. One even had the same cartridge. So my personal opinion to get the most from a turntable system is to get the best turntable you can afford first, then Tonearm. Then look to experiment with Cartridges and phono stages after that to find what works best for you.
  8. Here is another from the guy just under 3 minutes why a cheaper system (speakers) can sound better than a more expensive one.
  9. He mentions they all do even 100k speakers have compromises.
  10. I just watched a video by Zero Fidelity and it sums up some interesting views. That all speakers are a compromise and as you spend more the compromises get less (in his view).
  11. Sounds interesting. What sort of freight cost can you get to ship back? What is Australia post's price? I read your post on the Emotiva board and I would be happy with slow post and it is double boxed for protection, so hopefully all ok to be bounced around (I think :-)). I can PM you if that is better?
  12. I needed something like this for some speakers. I went to clark rubber and they had some off cuts of foam pieces different thickness and densities. Used these at the time. Even thinner strips and put a few in. Even one of those pool noodles cut up?
  13. I like these ones https://www.hificollective.co.uk/binding_posts/mundorf-tpcu670se-silver-plated-copper-post.html
  14. I have something this if interested - LINK
  15. You mentioned no network, so not sure if the Aires Mini can be used without and just using an iphone or ipad to control it? Talking direct and controlling the mini.
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