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  1. I bought a Primare Integrated many years ago and thought it sounded a bit flat and lifeless. I agree it did look really good though. Could be they work in some system combos and not others. Same with a GD dac I tried.
  2. Here is some of the times I checked the meter. Seems it may line up a bit with what I hear, so could possibly be related. Then it could be something else too but seems to correlate. Could also mean mornings/evenings are better with less EMI on the line? Need more data points.
  3. With that budget I would try out the combo of a Chord Qutest with the Chord M Scaler.
  4. Not sure exactly what you mean. I plug into the powerpoint on the wall, it is a 4 gang. the meter reads 930 right now. The balanced power supply is plugged into that same powerpoint on the wall in one of the other ports. Plugging meter into the output of the BPSU it currently reads 77 on the meter. If I turn on the 65" LCD the meter jumps to 400 still plugged in the BPSU. The wall remains the same with and without TV. The balanced supply has 3 outputs. 2 are used to different power boards that all my stereo gear is connected too and one is free.
  5. I thought there was also a advantage having a balanced transformer. Gets rid of more noise? https://www.tortech.com.au/custom-transformers/balanced-transformers/
  6. Just tried plugging into my balanced transformer. It is wired to drop the voltage a little too. Everything in my stereo runs from this but my Amplifier.
  7. Ordered one of these just now to see if changing cables makes any difference to the device. LINK This morning. House powerpoint 1750/240V (no radio station head this time) & Stereo powerpoint 780/247V
  8. Just got one of these today, thanks Ittaku. Quick plugin right now and it is 1400s to 1500s in one power point. Plus I can hear a radio station faintly in the background. Plan to try it out with my stereo system with the different times of day/night. Tuesdays seem to be the day for me, when my stereo sounds the best. Will be interesting to see if it relates to a lower number that day. ADDED: Here is my other powerpoint my Stereo comes off. I had a separate dedicated line put in to the room when I renovated the room. We have 3 phase coming into the house for the old 3 phase hot water systems, oven etc. Electrician put the room on a different phase to what the other power points in the house were wired too.
  9. No worries but only have very limited range of "photoshoping" . It is from the original pic that mine came out metallic like. I am sure others can give a more realistic paint colours. Last one, dark type green. Looks like an awesome speaker.
  10. I used them on some Tekton speakers that are 4 Ohm and have an efficiency of 98.82 dB 2.83V@1m with no problems. Sounded great. Used a Class D amp and Goldmund clone amp. You could also shoot Mike an email explaining the system you have to see if he thinks they will be ok. Maybe even a trial of them ...
  11. You would think that if they are certified 8K, then you would have no problems with 4K/Ultra. As you say, buy once to future proof when you may upgrade components at a later date. Some of these so called 4K cables don't always work so well with 4K in all instances.
  12. One tip I picked up was to replace the finger lift with a toothpic as I found my finger got caught on the original one a bit. Made it a lot easier to place the needle down plus their was talk about the tweak of removing the original finger lift as it put a bit of weight to one side, supposedly sounded better without it.
  13. You could send a message to this seller if they can put BNC on both ends. http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/e09.html Also get a beldon to try out too. http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/e07.html
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