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  1. I did buy this one for my Topping D50. I bought this one specifically because there was a write up on this circuit as a good recommended one. Not sure I can find it again though. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DC-25W-DC5V-3-5A-TALEMA-25VA-ring-Ultra-Low-Noise-Linear-Regulated-Power-Supply/273006837224?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 This one is the TALEMA 25VA transformer.
  2. Vinyl must be like a enigma and thorn in their side of the measurement brigade. Vinyl must go against every fiber of their being in their body. I personally find a good Vinyl setup can sound better and be more enjoyable than a digital setup. Also lots of others find this too. Measures quite poorly against digital, go figure? Getting back to Linear power supplies. I replaced most of my Switch mode power supplies I had in system to Linear ones and it has been one of those great upgrades that has elevated my listening enjoyment.
  3. Weird as it says on the back 16V AC. ADDED: Looked up that Swagman and it is made to suit as it is 16VAC. If you get one for the mani make sure it is AC too not DC.
  4. I think I will get the topping one for the Dac and tt inputs. And then for my phono pre, another $300 purchase. The schiit mani I will need another one The Schiit mani is different. It is AC. Do not try a linear power supply with that one.
  5. I see revisiting the article it is from Aug 2016. I think when about the NCore was making an appearance.
  6. I take it these AA DPA-1M's are using the Hypex modules. The sterophile ended the article with this statement below. Would this be with all these Hypex type amps? "Although Audio Alchemy's DPA-1M offers an astonishingly high output power for such a small, lightweight amplifier, its measured performance reveals that it will operate at its best into higher impedances. Speakers that drop below 4 ohms are best avoided.—John Atkinson"
  7. A video from Paul McGowan that has some info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKb3zi6Oo84
  8. The one thing I would of liked to see in these modules is the use of better caps. Mine came with Su'scon ones in the power supply. Looks like they are thought of down the bottom of choices. Lets hope they improve with a bit higher tier ones with the new modules for hopefully better longevity. Did a quick google and on Toms hardware, they are rated the lowest, even under Jamicon . LINK I even bought my 2nd NCore 500 amp with Toroidals as my first one failed with a cap in the PSU and just out of the 2 year warranty too.
  9. I have bought most gear from I would say kind of word of mouth. Read what others say from trying out the stuff also take in reasoned information that is available. I actually put more stock in people similar to me trying the actual items. Like people on here at Stereonet. As I said it seems to have worked great for me so far. I can't see myself buying one of these but would be interested in at least reading how others go with them.
  10. I always thought it is just a observation. I can only speak for myself but don't really care. I leave it to the designers. I will just try them out myself and let my ears be the judge if I like something. Its worked great for the last 20 years. Just like I enjoy sausages but do not need to know how there made.
  11. Typical science people always looking at it wrong. It is just ......... that it sounds better. Science people just can not wrap their head around subjective preferences.
  12. Mike did post this on the MLT3 a while back here
  13. Here is the one I was referring to sonci said: I think the owner was pretty clear here, the Dac sounds good, better then well measuring ones, so it seems we are just measuring the wrong things.. amirm replied: So I did some subjective listening tests. I grouped the Wyred4sound Dac 2V2 SE with my Topping DX3 Pro in Roon so they play in sync. I hooked up the (RCA) unbalanced output of the DX3 Pro to Massdrop THX AAA 789. And to give more of a benefit of doubt, I used XLR connection from Dac 2V2 SE to the THX 789. This then allowed me to switch between them using the input switch on the THX 789. I matched levels using Audio Precision. I then went through my reference clips across many genres. There is no audible difference. Matching levels is key. I can make either DAC sound better by increasing its volume. --------------------------------------------------- Link to Dac tests here
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