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  1. Its possible the links on the back of the speaker have come loose where the speaker cables go into it? There are some gold links that go from the top terminals to the bottom terminals. Also the plastic nuts have to be tight against them. Only if you are using a normal pair of speaker cables and not biamping them with 4 speaker cables plugged into all connectors.
  2. You could try headshell spacers to lower the cartridge a bit. Something like this LINK
  3. What about the landlines that take a sim these days. A quick search and something like this. https://www.seniorsphone.com.au/product/fixed-wireless-4g-desk-phone-big-button-4g-senior-phone/ or they also have a basic flip phone. Easier to get used to answering buy just opening them up. https://www.seniorsphone.com.au/product/4g-seniors-mobile-phone-unlocked/
  4. No on the Lores, only the Tekton DI speakers. Sounded great but I still like more power to the DI speakers. I think the Lores would suit that amp a lot better.
  5. Try the Subwoofer crawl method. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV3oLLMgS-M
  6. rocky500


    I personally would be a little worried if new people used a VPN to hide where there from on here as there are a lot of scammers around these days. Especially if they are new and were buying and selling. Just a sign of the times I suppose. eg. if someone walked into my shop wearing a balaclava, I may be a little nervous too.
  7. I think you mean Rockingham area. Unfortunately too far for me
  8. Not all suburbs have higher voltages, I'm in Tuart Hill and currently my power is around 252V while a friend in the next suburb over gets a steady 240V. You can buy one of those cheap meters that plug into a power point and have a digital readout, you can see what your power is like. Bunnings has this one LINK You may find you are also around the 240V and nothing to worry about.
  9. Sorry for going off topic here I think it might be something along the lines of how are brains have been wired when listening to music over many years. You might find connection to the music with a cheap dac and a Class D amp when someone else might find it sounds off to them. I think you posted a while back listening between a very good Tube amp and class D amp and different Dacs, you did not hear a difference or it was so small it did not matter to you. While others it possibly would be quite big or at least make them want to listen to one and not the other for enjoyment. For me it has been the small differences that has enable my system to fall into place, where now I finally can just sit back and listen and enjoy the music without thinking of changing something.
  10. You missed your classic one They all sound the same.
  11. Must just be different systems, personal preference. I do not really enjoy the Topping D50 dac I have but love listening to my Holo Spring Dac. I was hoping after reading early SSZ comments about his experience I could sell my Holo Dac and bought the D50. Quite a bit of money I could save. Not the case for me as the Holo is so much better the the D50. I just can not connect to the music like I can with the Holo. With the topping I find I am listening to system and want to change settings, amps etc as something is not right, while the Holo, I forget about the system and just thoroughly enjoy my music.
  12. Or totally respected! Life must be good for them if they can spend that much on a cable. I do not have a spare 10K to spend on anything!
  13. An Audiophile is someone who is into and enjoys the journey, not just the music. Its the hobby itself, might be meeting new people, going out, exploring hifi shops, magazines, articles. Going to Hifi equipment shows. Joining audio forums to chat to like minded people. The lows and the highs. The thrill of a new piece of equipment, finding that super bargain or rare pressing in some obscure place. I think it all comes down to the journey and not just the final destination. To me that is one of the best ways to enjoy life.
  14. Has it blown a Jaycar Fuse? I tried for a time some SR fuses and they blew after a few times in my amp. Always on power up. Their reply was to go from the 4A fuse to 5A one. Even though I tried a littelfuse 3.15A fuse many times and it did not blow. (what I had handy at the time) I just don't think they are exact on these exotic fuses and it can be a hit or miss when you power up your device.
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