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  1. Has it blown a Jaycar Fuse? I tried for a time some SR fuses and they blew after a few times in my amp. Always on power up. Their reply was to go from the 4A fuse to 5A one. Even though I tried a littelfuse 3.15A fuse many times and it did not blow. (what I had handy at the time) I just don't think they are exact on these exotic fuses and it can be a hit or miss when you power up your device.
  2. My 2 were the topping D50 and the same 3K dac.
  3. And yet, I did the comparison very similar to you and it made a huge difference to me. Go figure?
  4. I have both a Holo Dac and a Topping D50. They are very similar if I could even pick them when I test them against each other in quick tests but it makes a massive difference in my enjoyment of my music when I just play my music. I do not enjoy my listening sessions that much with the topping. There is something about the sound while the Holo it is just so much better in my listening sessions. Enjoyment factor is big in comparison. Maybe I'm just prone to the way a R2R Dac presents the music in my listening.
  5. Someone emailed me with these questions and I will post my reply here: I think the biggest thing with the Tekton was they portray vocals so naturally. They are quite dynamic speakers too. I had some nice speakers before known for their midrange before these Tektons. They were great but lacking a bit in the bass for my largish room just under 8m x 5m. Also think the Tekton's might capture the midrange a bit better. Have had Magnepalnar 1.7 speakers and they were great but seemed to lack a bit of body to the music. I have owned lots of other speakers but with different electronics (you could say) different times of my audio journey. I have had 3 different models of Tekton speakers amonst many many others over the years, which I am finding more to my preference. Previous models where enjoyable but lacked a little something, so always moved them on after a while. Now with the DI's, I think I have found my Speaker for the time being. I have had them for over 2 years so far. I have found the DI's the be one of most natural sounding speakers I have owned. When ordering I just paid Tekton the speaker price and the freight charge and let Tekton do all the freight. They used DB Schenker Australia. Tekton I think charged me around $350 to $400US freight back then. But that was a while ago and freight seems to have gone up these days. (I would be interested to know what they quote you now as if I ever need to order anymore 🙂 Just had to drop out to a warehouse of Schenker Australia in high wycombe to pick them up as I don't think they offered a delivery to the door?. Not sure if they have a warehouse near you? Customs called the day before delivery to Schenker Warehouse and I think I paid around $500AU over the phone for Customs & Duties. I made a time about 5 days later with the Warehouse and went there and loaded them into my Station Wagon. A friend helped me at home to unload and setup. I did call Tekton at the time and discussed buying the speakers and the freight info. PH: 0011 + 1 + 801-836 0764 for Utah and spoke to Eric & Daniel The build quality of the speakers, I would put them in a category of seeming like they were built like a DIY speaker. To me they are more function over form and exactly where I prefer the money spent to be. Used a wide verity of amps, preamps, dacs, turntables and all worked well with them. If anything they were a great speaker to hear subtle differences as I changed tings around.
  6. If you want to save a little on the price I think this is the same one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1M-3-3ft-DIY-Audiophile-Hi-End-HIFI-Audio-Mains-Power-Cable-Cord-AU-IEC-Plug/352702271999?hash=item521eb191ff:g:duUAAOSwxM1dFDuu&frcectupt=true
  7. Ebay seems to be a place to buy cassette tapes. Eg. below https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Lot-of-16-Brand-New-Blank-Audio-Cassettes-Tapes-Various-Brands-416/264515829284?hash=item3d965f3e24:g:cO4AAOSwdb5duWae
  8. Bought it yesterday and it came with 7. Then updated to 8. Then straight after to 9. Not sure it will go any higher as it is a 2017 phone. Possibly later?
  9. Picked one up to as my iphone 7 is on the blink. Powered up and It updated to Android 9.0 (Pie). I wasn't sure that might be available yet for this phone in Australia.
  10. I did buy this one for my Topping D50. I bought this one specifically because there was a write up on this circuit as a good recommended one. Not sure I can find it again though. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DC-25W-DC5V-3-5A-TALEMA-25VA-ring-Ultra-Low-Noise-Linear-Regulated-Power-Supply/273006837224?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 This one is the TALEMA 25VA transformer.
  11. Vinyl must be like a enigma and thorn in their side of the measurement brigade. Vinyl must go against every fiber of their being in their body. I personally find a good Vinyl setup can sound better and be more enjoyable than a digital setup. Also lots of others find this too. Measures quite poorly against digital, go figure? Getting back to Linear power supplies. I replaced most of my Switch mode power supplies I had in system to Linear ones and it has been one of those great upgrades that has elevated my listening enjoyment.
  12. Weird as it says on the back 16V AC. ADDED: Looked up that Swagman and it is made to suit as it is 16VAC. If you get one for the mani make sure it is AC too not DC.
  13. I think I will get the topping one for the Dac and tt inputs. And then for my phono pre, another $300 purchase. The schiit mani I will need another one The Schiit mani is different. It is AC. Do not try a linear power supply with that one.
  14. Typical science people always looking at it wrong. It is just ......... that it sounds better. Science people just can not wrap their head around subjective preferences.
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