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  1. rocky500

    FS: khozmo Acoustic 64 step attenuator

    Its Relay based as that seems to be the only one that is 64 step http://mockingbirddistribution.com/khozmo-attenuators/relay-based-ladder-attenuators/
  2. I reckon the feds would have quite a few Dealers in their back pocket. Just put the word out amongst their dealers and I reckon you would pick up an awesome system for a few hunge. You can even meet in a dark alley somewhere, so not to be seen and also no paper trails to worry about. Just be on your toes.
  3. rocky500

    DENON DL-103R just died....

    Just make sure the diamond tip is still there in case it fell off. Don't want to go ruining any records. Do you use fluid at all to clean the stylus?
  4. rocky500

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    Nice test. I think if you are gamer that has long sessions then maybe best to stay away from OLED Tv's.
  5. Its like that Ted talk from that girl about womans rights that someone posted earlier. No matter what you say, it is twisted to support their view or pre conceived ideas of what they already have cemented in their minds. Its not what you are actually trying to say but they hear it there way. We all do it to some extent. This one I think
  6. I think these types of tests are impossible to do at home properly to get meaningful results that would hold up to scrutiny. Harman Labs comes to mind of doing it better. They train their listeners, all parameters are taken into consideration and tried to allow for. Im my testing everything sounds the same, so it does support the as you say it "non belivers". That is why they trumpet these tests so much, as when you look online, they pretty well have the same result. 99% shows it is as good as guessing. I find it hard to pick Dacs, Preamps, digital analog etc when they are close supposedly what I think are subtle differences.
  7. Playing the Zaph card here. There has never been a DBT to show amplifiers sound different. Show me one online that has been done properly with they reliably picked which is which. It seems the same with all DBT's when there are subtle differences, the results are as good as guessing.
  8. I wrote it poorly. I should of said I like to approach things with an open mind.
  9. I might be trying hand gliding soon, so will let you know. or does this count, my brother took me up flying a while back to get some hours up.
  10. I did the tests here myself and don't believe they work. Too hard to get everything right. Everything sounds the same in those tests. My Dacs, Amps, turntable etc. Just like most tests you read about, no one can reliably pick a difference when things are similar sounding. Though would be great fun just meeting a new Stereonut like me and listening to a new system and talking hifi stuff.
  11. Yes, just like I have to see it with my eyes to believe it .... I have to hear it with my own ears to form my take on it. Simple question, simple answer. But I have an open mind to anything, instead of having a closed view in the first place.
  12. rocky500

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    Just replaced my 60" Panasonic Plasma (TH-P60S60) with a Pana TH-65FX800A LCD. Gave the plasma to my brother. Fantastic upgrade as I always had a problem with reflections from light. It was like a mirror even when off. Picture is better all round. The new one has a great anti reflective type front panel. Maybe they all do. Plus its IPS, so great viewing angles. This should hopefully see me out until the new new MicroLED TVs become available and mainstream. My Pana Plasma did have image retention when displaying my desktop for long times, but it would always disapear.
  13. rocky500

    Holo Spring Dac (level2) review.

    Its also the first Dac where I thoroughly enjoyed listening to DSD tracks. In the past Dacs I had that could do DSD sounded a bit soft sounding( not as good as the PCM), like it was an afterthought to tack on DSD playback.
  14. Hehe... Its just that rantan left the door wide open on that one, sorry rantan. I like giving likes to peoples posts that are well put together or are interesting to me or similar opinion without having to get involved (drawn in) to the discussion itself. eg. Like the power cable threads. :-) I think it can show support for someones post too, a acknowledgement.