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  1. Pretty much all film based content is 23.98 and not 24 frames per second so running at 24 will result in the odd frame repeat which will appear as an off-putting glitch\twitch. Regarding this Vero vs the Oppo was either one upscaling and if so to what resolution? Upscaling is processor intensive and unless they were outputting at identical resolutions then that could account for one being smooth and the other choppy. If they were outputting the same resolution then one could assume the Vero is faster at processing and\or upscaling for whatever reason.
  2. I can't see how a different amp (unless it has a Loudness feature) will help with low volume listening and in case you don't know or have forgotten I suggest you familiarise yourself with how the ear works in regard to perceived frequency response versus volume. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudness_compensation "This is intended to be used at low listening levels, to compensate for the fact that as the loudness of audio decreases, the ear's lower sensitivity to extreme high and low frequencies may cause these signals to fall below threshold.[2] As a result audio mater
  3. I'm guessing there were still more CD's sold than Vinyl records so those numbers represent the revenue share and not total sale numbers. And of course as we know vinyl is magnitudes more expensive.
  4. I presume you're referring to DVD as opposed to DVD-Audio. So when was music ever released on DVD exclusively?
  5. Really? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astronoid
  6. I try to just walk out of JB HiFi with them but the guy at the door insists that I can't without paying. 🤨
  7. Hi gibbo, since acquiring a setup similar to yours [Digital Crossover speakers with miniDSP SHD and subwoofer(s)] I've been playing around more lately with potential curves. So, I've been thinking of starting a thread where we can display and upload our frequency response Curves. For me it would be based on Dirac Live but would I wouldn't care if other platforms were included.
  8. What have you used to measure the phases of your speakers and subwoofer?
  9. Yeah, I feel after $50 a month the value proposition starts to go down. I'm NOT trying to poo-poo Kayo but I quit Foxtel about a month ago and then straight away signed up to Kayo for a tiny $15 a month fee for 12 months (Telstra customer offer). But from either my 4K OLED or pseudo 4K projector it looked like a cartoon compared to Ultra HD Foxtel. So I rang them back 3 hours later and thankfully they could easily cancel my cancellation and offered $43.50 a month for 6 months with a bunch of free movies (not that I'll watch them). The guy said just call back after 6 months and you're likely to
  10. The old man got me this awesome shirt for Christmas. 😎
  11. Hey, you can get better deals after a while with FOXTEL. From memory I'm down to about $43 a month. Obviously more money but for me it's worth it.
  12. Yeah it's a great little device but KAYO does not support 4K. KAYO supports up to 1080 HD and even then I think the bit rate is lower than FOXTEL satellite.
  13. I tried but the KAYO quality compared to UHD FOXTEL on my UHD TV just doesn't compare. I really wanted it to as I was offered KAYO at just $15 a month for 12 months as a Telstra customer.
  14. Considering what I have to pay for a FOXTEL HD Sports subscription each month I'll take as many races as I can get!
  15. Hi, it actually could be a difference between the hearing ability of your two ears. Just in case you have not tried already if you swap the speakers from left to right is the issue still there and did it move with the swap? EDIT: It could also be your electronics so if not already done so you could try swapping cables and leads.
  16. Yeah fair enough. One of the things that slightly concerns me with active speakers in general is the potential for more heat in the boxes. Is there more likely to be overheating issues of electronics and drivers especially when pushed near their limits for a duration? And what about more heat wear over time? In the case the Dutch & Dutch 8C there is even a moving part fan inside there. But thinking of which they have the side vents for the mid-range drivers so perhaps they also push some heat out. The big three as I'll call them (KII, D&D, Burchardt
  17. But that exactly describes SGR's as in the thread title so ATC must be in.
  18. In an attempt to get to the truth and whether someone prefers 2 channel or more channels is actually the irrelevant part (to this thread). Go back and read the question posted by the OP; there was no question about preference.
  19. Well, maybe. If a main board goes on one of these things in 10 years time I doubt it is fixable but rather would needs replacing and will it be available in 10 years time? Some can get stuck on the upgrade merry-go-round with active speakers too. 😉
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