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  1. I like black rooms; this is my kind of style. If only they made those SVS sub-woofers available with the port on either the left or the right side for absolute symmetry. 🤔
  2. Pink Floyd - The Wall Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Dreamtheater - Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes from a Memory
  3. As previously, no I don't think so. And what this means is you can't apply it to software that does not support madVR. So streaming services such as Netflix (Windows 10 application) are seemingly out of the question. I haven't investigated this fully but even if possible and that's quite an if would most likely be clunky and troublesome.
  4. I prefer active crossovers. Then you can run any amps you like and more importantly replace them much more easily.
  5. Quite simply and I think you already know this a ported speaker vs a sealed speaker of identical drivers and volume will have pros and cons. Yes, you can plug the ports in your speaker up. My general advice for what it's worth is not to; don't mess with the design. As outlined in the previous post, if you're crossing over your speakers at 80Hz or even a bit lower to a sub-woofer the performance gain of sealed vs ported could be audibly very little or none.
  6. I think the only thing you may have overlooked is where the group delay in speakers are in the frequency range. From my knowledge (it may be wrong) but most ported speakers are tuned in the 40-60Hz range and this frequency (and lower) is where the group delay will occur. So if you crossover your ported speaker at 80Hz to a sub-woofer you are avoiding or mostly avoiding the group delay of the port because it's not contributing or not contributing much. So the difference between a ported and sealed in the above scenario means practically identical performance.
  7. I think a better way to say this is and it applies to any piece of machinery: Performance is performance regardless of how it is achieved.
  8. Yes, but he has actually said "speaker placement experimentation". Well to a point because there's no real point other than academic in placing speakers in your room where you'll never be able to live with them. I've been in rooms where my speaker placement options were extremely limited and thus my experimentation options also.
  9. You actually misinterpreted what he meant. He meant if you have the knowledge and have ALL the measurements then you can buy based on the measurements. But unless you have the knowledge and have ALL the measurements then one can easily mislead themselves. The vast majority of people average Joe or audiophile fall into the latter group.
  10. Yes, it can be and here's why. Quite often the mastering is superior on a "Hi-Res" download. The Dreamtheater catalogue from HD Tracks with considerably higher dynamic range compared to the CD releases are an example of this . So there you have it. Lazy hey? Obtaining and maintaining a digital music collection on disk(s) takes work. And if you still want to call me lazy what is this hobby about? A competition in simplicity and/or how much hard work being an audio enthusiast is? I hope not but it does appear to be in the minds of some. 🙄
  11. Hmmm, I don't think so.
  12. From HD Tracks they're usually at the US$20 mark. Still cheaper than new Vinyl from where I'm sitting. HD Tracks regularly has sales coupons (10-25% off). Once again debating whether "Hi-Res" is worth it or not is NOT the point I'm interested in making.
  13. I'm with you regarding audibility improvements of "Hi-Res" or rather lack thereof. Sometimes though, the mastering presented on "Hi-Res" releases is different (more dynamic) than the equivalent CD release. I don't know where you're at regarding extra expense of "Hi-Res" because compared to CD releases it's negligible. My initial point/purpose of the response was none of the above though. My point was that if you want the "original" (to quote you) it's most likely going to come from a "Hi-Res" download. It's not going to come from Vinyl, MP3, CD, 16bit-44K download/stream.
  14. Quite simpIy, I think you are NOT correct. I have numerous "Hi-Res" downloads and inspect the wave-forms every time I acquire one and have never struck one that obviously appears to come from 44k sampling. This may have happened with a very low percentage of early releases but I see ZERO evidence (not even "often" evidence) of this now and for years prior.
  15. That was my understanding. Seemingly the most likely "original" would be a bit perfect Hi-Res download or Stream of the master.
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