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  1. Not including any subwoofer(s) thrown into the equation I think the Dutch & Dutch 8c is quite likely the speaker that gets it more right than any other. When you consider all amplifiers, DAC, EQ is included the price is within practically everyone's reach. And they are so small they fit into practically any room. https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/dutch-dutch-8c-loudspeaker-review-r739/ My only concern is when something goes wrong how easy and cheap it is (or not) to fix or replace something within them.
  2. Nothing new and it's been mentioned many times before that strategically positioned mono sub-woofer(s) are very effective against filling in suckouts/nulls.
  3. I have recently used Dulux Theatre Black on both ceilings and walls. Yes it marks up very very easily.
  4. I think they should have released it as a double CD album and fit the whole thing. I was sucked into buying both the CD and the HD Tracks version so it's been a $90.00 album in total for me. I'm listening to it now for about the 5th or 6th time. I've found it to be good background music but it's a bit too slow paced to get me excited. The instrument players wrote and arranged the music and Maynard added some vocals at the end and really does sound like it. 7empest is the best track IMO with a bit more of a rocket up it's clanger. I think next time (if there is one) they all need to work on it together. I think with Maynard in there more closely it would become more song focused again and less of a jam.
  5. One can download the three extra tracks in MP3 (320 kbps) for free with a code provided in the CD packaging.
  6. Fear Inolculum has been mastered louder than Lateralus. I'm not saying the latter is better overall in terms of production but you would need to level match them to do a "proper" subjective assessment as we humans have a tendency to like the louder one. Yes I remember HDCD and I used to have a CD player that supported it many moons ago. My software player of choice (JRiver MC) has just recently added support for HDCD CD's and Files. I think the TOOL album with the most dynamic range is the Undertow CD but not the recent digital download which has been compressed.
  7. I actually did misunderstand you but it's all cleared up now. Regarding replacing your DSpeaker Anti Mode 4 with something else well looky here:
  8. Yes it's quite clear that's what you consider a fact since starting this topic/thread. I don't have much interest in debating it.
  9. I've got an idea ... ...buy a brand new DEQX HDP-5 and I'll swap it for my HDP-3. 🤩
  10. If you really believe what you believe and know what you want then just take any other views on the chin. Anyway, I think the DEQX guys are a good bunch and would be very surprised of any ridicule and/or humiliation.
  11. I'm gathering you think that anything that upsamples is NOT truly hi-end performance. I'm shaking my head at this one.
  12. If @Ittakugets in direct contact with them I think they will be OK to discuss it.
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