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  1. Satanica

    Music vs Audio?

    And the room they're in and the position of the room they're in. The only way to really come close to hearing just your speakers is to listen to them outside when it's quiet.
  2. Satanica

    SDR V HDR on projectors

    SDR (typically 1080P) versus HDR (typically 4K) perhaps?
  3. https://www.jbl.com.au/JBL+BOOMBOX.html I win 😎
  4. Satanica

    MotoGP, Moto2 and moto3 2019

    Nah, they'll all start cheering for Marquez.
  5. Satanica

    F1 2019

    It was actually a mediocre weekend and I expected him to do better. The only reason he managed to chase down finger boy was because Ferrari took the gamble to pit him (Seb) early in an effort to upset Mercedes and so his tyres were much older. Yes, I can't see shy they did not pit him to go after the fastest lap.
  6. Satanica

    F1 2019

    I'm impressed with it. I switched between 4K and HD and noticed a genuine improvement from 2 metres away looking at my 65 inch OLED. The main thing I noticed was the extra detail in the track surface. I was going to cancel Foxtel and go with Kayo but glad I didn't. What does it cost? Well they advertise their prices but are most open to do a deal when you tell them you're going to cancel the subscription. 😏
  7. Satanica

    SDR V HDR on projectors

    You don't have to rip them. Just have the appropriate UHD drive and decrypting software (e.g. AnyDVD HD) and then play them with a supporting player (e.g. JRiver Media Center).
  8. Satanica

    FS: PSA V3600I Monster Subwoofer

    I'm guessing much more output in the 20-40Hz range but not going quite as low into the single digit Hz.
  9. The way I see it we don't get good value buying hi end anything but Hi-Fi products might very well be the pick of the bunch. 😏
  10. https://www.swamp.net.au/power-amplifiers/
  11. Satanica

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    I've got a complicated active system so it's difficult. I'd really like to try it at my mates place in place of his big NAD A/B class power amp.
  12. Satanica

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    No, but I'd like to.
  13. Satanica

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    I use two Crown XLS amps for bass drivers. I have a Master/Slave power board such as below from Bunnings so they turn on/off automatically when the "Master" device is switched on/off. https://www.bunnings.com.au/eco-solutions-6-way-master-slave-powerboard_p4331027
  14. Satanica

    Kodi v Jriver

    Well it's pretty obvious, the developers aren't interested.
  15. Satanica

    JBL Options...experience??

    I don't think that's true as there are numerous speakers flat to 20Hz. They're usually the active self powered kind from what I've noticed, the bass drivers at least.