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  1. Nope. It should be but we know how that's ended up. Here's a solution that works well: https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/Volume_Leveling
  2. I would go with option 2 to simplify things at a lower cost than option 1. I'm sure option 1 is good but I think it's an overpriced product as NAD will probably sell only a handful of C658's compared to the T758V3 .
  3. Perhaps you just need a digital audio switcher like some of the following. coaxial+optical+switch+box - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM 4-Way optical switch — Blustream WWW.BLUSTREAM.CO.UK
  4. A centre is not required, period. I've been centreless for years. But it all depends on your speakers and setup and preference. So simple just try it, perhaps for a week or two and evaluate.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I've got one of these coming with a new PC and looking forware to madVR tonemapping.
  6. All options will work. Regarding option 1 I don't think splitting will be a problem. Regarding option 2 I asked SVS about this some time ago and their response was that the inputs and outputs are straight wired so no change of signal and no loss of timing when just daisy chaining. Option 3 is best for optimal integration including EQ. I think you can completely replace your DAC with the miniDSP 2x4HD. You can even purchase an optional IR remote control to change input and volume. miniDSP IR remote WWW.MINIDSP.COM miniDSP IR remote Accessories IR remote for the miniDSP products, compatible with all platforms.
  7. Yes I enjoy my 3D too. I wonder if they will release the final Star Wars movie of the current trilogy in 3D?
  8. No. I've got a JBL Boombox and it sounds very good and it's portable and only cost $399. But it's no replacement for my big toys. Yes I've had regrets in the past, live and learn.
  9. Oh man, the wife is heavily preggars and to have to look after our 18 month old terror at the same time was asking too much so I did the (noble?) thing and sat it out this year, at home, sulking. 😔 If there is a next time in bleak city I'll shout a carton of Colonial IPA (2018 beer of choice) to try and make up for it! In the meantime I'm lining up a trip to Sydney next year. Good to hear. I've never purchased from that UK site but I get a good vibe from them and a Streacom PC case is a good looking something that looks like it belongs in your electronics rig. Cheers.
  10. The one that sounds best is the one you can't hear at all. These are built and shipped from the UK and I don't know of an equivalent builder and seller here. Quiet Desktop PC Systems QUIETPC.COM.AU I have a media PC similar to this: Lora Fanless Media PC QUIETPC.COM.AU This beautifully finished high-end PC offers almost limitless possibilities for storage, power and expansion. It can...
  11. I've put my two black ones together and placed them behind my mains. I'll get on to wall mounting them soon. So far I think their affect is positive not just as a bass trap but as a wide-band absorber, the latter seemingly more so. So the wife goes you've spent all this money and time on things that make sound and now you spend more money and time on things that remove sound. So funny that all I could do was laugh and not even try to justify it.
  12. With your second DEQX I think you can apply delay to two or more sub-woofers individually. Yes you cannot EQ them separately but I think this is far less important.
  13. @Snoopy8 If they are class D amps which I assume most AVR's have these days rather than class A/B then aren't we talking 80% to 95% efficient?
  14. Just not confuse anyone that actually thinks one sub is better than two after decent positioning and calibration ... I presume you're saying that without decent positioning and calibration one might measure better than two.
  15. You say "small"? Now that's just rubbing it in.
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