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  1. The average recording is good or "good enough" so if the end result doesn't sound good or "good enough" then yes the system is at fault. 👍
  2. Of older recordings yes but no excuse for not so old recordings. I have a JBL Boombox ($400) and I enjoy the "good" sound from it and (always) enjoy the music from it just as long as I don't cram it in a tight space and then the bass goes out of balance. It think Medium Fidelity (Mid-Fi) is all one needs to enjoy music. High Fidelity is more than just enjoying the music; it's a hobby.
  3. I think this has been splashed on here at least once before.
  4. Are you aware that the DEQX will convert all analog signals to digital? If you have digital sources then consider running into the DEQX first. You should describe your setup including all of you source components. There may be considerably better products for you if you just want room correction.
  5. OK, thinking some more I hope it is fair to say room measurements are neither on-axis or of-axis as they include content from both as opposed to actual speaker measurements.
  6. Ha good one! It is good that you know yourself especially as there are many here (perhaps including myself) where audio fidelity is by far their biggest hobby and can give advice on the presumption that the person asking is similar in this regard.
  7. I think that's taking it a bit too far and overly presumptuous on what the intention is of each and every AVR designer. I think if you refer to the websites of brands like NAD, Arcam, Anthem and others they'll advertise that music is very much a consideration of their AVR line. So, there's plenty of music in movie soundtracks and they handle that each and every day. Is it your assertion they are not designed to replicate the music in movie soundtracks or more likely just not two channel stereo music? If the latter, then I can't see how that works. An AVR is just
  8. Definitely don't include the cost of a dedicated DAC in your $10,000 as it is not important. The big important bits are your speakers and your room acoustics. Get those right first and then later on if you want indulge in the audiophile tweaking hobby look at other small things like dedicated DAC's.
  9. Me too so then I used G O O G L E https://barefootsound.com/
  10. Hi, regarding Dirac Live do you know how much "weight" on-axis measurements versus off axis measurements go towards equalisation? Taking into consideration you can choose from three options (Tightly Focused Imaging, Focused Imaging and Wide Imaging). Also, with Dirac you can choose to do a single measurement and although it will complain that you should do more it can then provide equalisation based on a single measurement which presumably the user would do on-axis and at the main listening position.
  11. If speakers can accept a digital connection then it might be worthwhile providing as such.
  12. Careful words like this might be considered Lampooning in these parts. Ahem, I recently tried to get my old man to upgrade to what I use which are these: https://www.jaycar.com.au/2-x-rca-plugs-to-2-x-rca-plugs-1-5m/p/WQ7226 (Jaycar Concord $21.95) as his current as cheap as they come interconnects have gone rusty on the connectors. He refused, citing that they are too expensive! 😆
  13. It's totally fine to use free Spotify because one would be using the product as intended.
  14. Many audiophiles maybe even most don't even consider active speakers in the first place so for them it's a moot point. Me, I prefer speakers with active crossovers but with all of the electronics outside of the speakers because they are easier to keep cool. Perhaps I'm thinking too much but surely this means the speaker drivers should be cooler too than if everything was crammed inside. Having the active electronics and amplifiers outside of the speaker generally means they're going to be less proprietary and easier to maintain. The proprietariness of the Buchardt speakers is
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