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  1. This is a fair enough point. But, as someone who considers themselves mostly objective I can't think why technical measurement with electronic instrumentation is actually required to demonstrate/illustrate a change, no. Continuing in an objective manner, the ability to detect an actual change needs to be demonstrated somehow, doesn't it? I'll let you think how that could be achieved. Cheers.
  2. So for the following you have Optical selected? And if you have not already tried for the following setting select PCM , at least to start with.
  3. Yes I've often thought this could be a reason towards why those prefer vinyl over digital (along with other things). A crossover to a subwoofer at 80Hz will alleviate the speakers and amplifier of so much work to do. A bit higher then 80Hz (100Hz maybe) could be an option and as you say especially if the sub-woofer was centralised. 80Hz 100Hz
  4. Hi, have you ever had this TV working with an external amplifier? Regarding your photo, the RCA connections appear to be inputs as labelled "AV IN" rather than outputs.
  5. I have a 3-4 month old one I will almost certainly be ready to sell and ship tomorrow.
  6. Carpet won't absorb bass frequencies and furnishings will do little to nothing especially at lower bass frequencies. Really, you can never absorb too much bass because ideally the bass outputted from your speakers should just go by your ears and never be reflected back from your room.
  7. The OP has dual SVS PB3000 sub-woofers so my recommendations were based on those sub-woofers doing most or all of the work less than 80Hz and possibly turning those two way (Krix Megaphonix, Red Spage HE2) into three ways. I believe both of those speakers are better, more efficient and will provide higher SPL than the current speakers.
  8. I have three Crown XLS 1502's and if you can stretch a bit more money it might be worth it for the 6db better signal to noise ratio; a comparison from Crowns website between the 1002 and 1502 is below. https://www.crownaudio.com/en/products/compare?utf8=✓&product_ids[]=xls-1002&product_ids[]=xls-1502&commit=Compare+Selected+Products Also, I'm pretty sure that all Crown XLS models convert the analog input signals to digital and back to analog regardless of what settings are selected. If this is the kind of thing that bothers you then look elsewhere. Also,
  9. I think you need a separate (is that so bad?) Analogue to Digital USB converter for step one like the following for example. https://www.av-connection.com/?PGr=8489
  10. Do you want 2 channel (full range) or 4 channel (high pass/low pass) out of the miniDSP SHD?
  11. A couple of options that come to mind. https://www.krix.com.au/megaphonix-in-room/ http://www.redspade.com.au/audio/HE2.php
  12. A better amplifier is a better amplifier. But if an amplifier is good enough for the job then a better amplifier is no better for the job. 😏 If you can forget about the equipment you have for a moment can you describe how your reproduced music\sound could be improved?
  13. You can actually use both, I do. I have two miniDSP units and DEQX unit and below illustrates the setup which is effectively a 4 way system. HTPC\JRiver MC (USB) ---> Focusrite USB Interface (SPDIF) ---> miniDSP SHD Studio (SPDIF - 80Hz High Pass) ----------------------------------------------> DEQX ---> Speakers High
  14. For sure, certainly something progressed well beyond the ordinary design. I heard them at the 2018 HiFi show as demonstrated by Bill Mclean (http://www.mcleans.info/home-entertainment/home.do) and they sounded truly excellent. The highs might be thought of by some as lacking "sparkle" and\or "air" and I think that's because with them there is less of it bouncing around the room like normal speakers produce. This trait and the way they generally remove so much of the normal "cluttered" sound in room made the sound so appealing and non-fatiguing. I would still want to use sub-wo
  15. Dutch & Dutch 8C ? From: https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/dutch-dutch-8c-loudspeaker-review-r739/
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