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  1. Satanica

    Kodi v Jriver

    The current version can play decrypted bluray disks with support for bluray screen menus, 3D disks, and Ultra HD disks.
  2. Satanica

    Metal Music and Hi-Fi?

    Room acoustics are very important to sound reproduction. Compared to a headphone setup where it's irrelevant, it's something you should be very wary of irrespective of genre. Also, don't get caught up with particular brands. Concern yourself with performance first and foremost.
  3. Satanica

    Hi from Darwin

    Hi, it sounds like you may have used Audyssey on your Denon AVR and the microphone that came with it. I've got a Paradigm Seismic 110 as well and it's a good little thing.
  4. Satanica

    Hi from Darwin

    Hi, have you ever considered Paradigm's PBK (Perfect Bass Kit) for your setup?
  5. As reported in post one, the inconsistency of sighted listening evaluation.
  6. Interesting, this post is right up the alley of why they are no joke.
  7. Satanica

    has anyone here tried a dual subwoofer setup?

    Just as reminder of the assumptions of that paper. Limiting Assumptions • Rectangular room, subs located along walls. • System is equalized. • Subwoofers driven coherently. • Maximizing LF output is secondary goal. • We are interested in acoustical response in a seating area, not at one particular seat.
  8. I think they generally do allow that.
  9. I'm going to try leaving the sub-wooofers at 80Hz and then simply lower my mains from 80Hz to 50-60Hz. This is with a miniDSP, not an AVR or HT processor.
  10. Satanica

    Anyone have a view on JL Audio products?

    I considered them when buying a small sub-woofer about 6 months ago. I've not heard one but I think they're a bit overpriced for what they deliver from what I read on paper. I went with a Paradigm Seismic 110 instead.
  11. Some good information again thanks; some of which I'm aware of. In my case I've found it's a bit damned if I do and damned if I don't. If I remove my subs(s) out of the corners I end up with large nulls. As you probably know by corner loading subs it will excite more room modes which will more likely reduce room nulls. I get some chest thump right now, but not live concert level for sure. What I'm thinking of doing is bringing down the crossover point of my mains from 80Hz to 50-60Hz to overlap the subwoofers. Then there'll be four more 10 inch drivers working in the "chest thump" region along with my three subwoofers.
  12. That idea was floating around in my head, that full range systems flat to 20Hz may sound "slower" especially with the extra standing waves in room of the lower frequencies. I notice the JBL's mentioned roll-off pretty sharply bass wise: http://www.keithhaddock.com/assets/_managed/products/files/JBLK2.S9900release.pdf with -6db 48Hz and -10db at 33Hz.
  13. It's an issue for music videos. Yes the options are few and far between. That looks like a good unit. Just an idea, you could split your HDMI signal sending one to your video display and one to the this unit (mini-DSP nanoAVR-HD). Then from the HDMI output of the mini-DSP nanoAVR-HD use some sort of HDMI audio extractor to SPDIF and then convert to AES/EBU and be able to switch with your "music" source. Wow, getting complicated. Can you switch between the AES/EBU and Analog Balanced input with the 8C phone app or something? And/Or will they do it automatically on what input signal they're receiving?