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  1. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    CMD (Clear Motion Drive) on JVC projectors is applicable to any content, nothing that is specific to 4K and/or HDR. If your player has a similar technology then obviously you need to turn it off there too.
  2. Keith_W system

    Yes I believe so.
  3. Keith_W system

    Good move ditching DSD for PCM processing. I've been using the JRiver LOUNDESS feature for years which are based on the Fletcher-Munson curves and I could never go back to listening without it.
  4. Time to embrace ACTIVE SPEAKERS?!

    I think your dream will become a reality, it's just a matter of time.
  5. Time to embrace ACTIVE SPEAKERS?!

    If using an outboard active analog or digital crossover then that's not correct, you can use any amplifier you like.
  6. Metal: Currently Spinning

    @awayward I'm liking it more and more each listen, a thumbs up from me.
  7. Multi-Sub Optimizer

    I'm getting deJa vu.
  8. What would it take to change your view?

    My "view" is aligned to the scientific knowledge I have. To change my "view" I would need to improve my knowledge of science (happens all the time) or the science would have to change.
  9. F1 -- 2018

    Hypersoft tyres.
  10. Hi, Nope. I hope I'm still invited at the Gold Coast.
  11. It certainly makes one less tolerable, of you know...
  12. Sigh, and useless in isolation. The claim was made by ML that nothing is as good or better, so we need the equivalent measurements from other speaker to make a fair comparison. Do you get it? So you see where my doubt comes from; I don't have all of the information. Logical yes. I'll send you a PM.
  13. I doubt it because unless I can see equivalent measurements from every other speaker in existence, your claim cannot be validated. Does that seem logical? Perhaps you could put this out as a challenge out to all your competitors? Flat to 25Hz is pretty poor by today's standards, especially for the money, my three ways play flat to 20Hz, are sealed and cost significantly less. But even they couldn't satisfy my bass needs so I have two largish sub-woofers doing below 80Hz duties. Every product has compromises, something has to give.