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  1. I've got a good working Harmony Elite and I thought about it for a couple of days and take Logitech on their word that they will keep the online service running long term so I've got another new one on the way.
  2. I found this interesting regarding the KII's from: https://www.hifinews.com/content/kii-audio-three-bxt-loudspeaker "Working In Unison There is no crossover as such between the THREE and BXT. Rather, the BXT supplements the THREE below 250Hz, mimicking its behaviour while dividing the LF output among a larger number of drive units. As with the THREE, the THREE BXT radiates omnidirectionally up to 50Hz before transitioning to cardioid radiation above 80Hz. This is maintained up to 1kHz, at which point the directivity becomes dominated by that of the tweeter. It's this surre
  3. I have the SHD Studio and use two different DAC's. This is just my opinion but the difference in DAC's is extremely minimal and for bass frequencies that extremely minimal becomes extremely minimal again. With this kind of setup you can turn off the upper or lower frequency providing DAC to hear what it sounds like with a high pass or low pass filter respectively just on their own. Even with my subwoofers low pass filtered as high as 80Hz they just sounds like "gurgling" noises and not at all "musical" own their own without the upper main speakers contributing.
  4. If you were prepared to do away with your preamp you could use the either the SHD or SHD Studio. The difference between the two is the SHD has digital output for your current DAC and analogue outputs for your subwoofers. Alternatively using the SHD Studio you can achieve the same thing but you would need a separate DAC for your subwoofers. The SHD line is similar to the 2x4 line in that they are 2 channels in and 4 channels out which is perfect for a 2.2 setup.
  5. Whoops, perhaps you might want to take back that "Like" because thinking about it more you won't be able to control volume of the Subwoofers with the MiniDSP SHD series unless you use it as digital preamp or control volume digitally with your Sources. Sorry.
  6. MiniDSP SHD or MiniDSP SHD Studio which comes with Dirac Live.
  7. Interesting but I'm not that surprised by this. If memory serves me right you have a 13 inch and a 12 inch SVS sealed subwoofer so your overall sound could have been benefitting from the Kii's lending a hand down low. My first thoughts of experimentation was for you to set an 80Hz low pass filter for your subs most importantly and perhaps a high pass to the Kii's at 50Hz. But there are so many combinations it is mind boggling. This got me thinking does anyone know what the BXT module addition does presumably with a settings change or upload to lighten the load to the main modules?
  8. I've simply done the miniDSP way virtually to the letter as per the documentation. I don't consider it trivial.
  9. I played it and watched it through the JRiver Analyser. The biggest energy is between 40 to 80Hz (low bass) but quite a bit from 80 to 200Hz (mid bass?). From the Poem of Chinese Drum I got recommeded the following from Youtube and if it don't get the chest pumping then I don't know what will. 😏
  10. Why not go straight there? In the diagram below one can do the role of the DAC, PreAmp and HSU High Pass from the diagram below and provide a genuine crossover that is highly configurable.
  11. I don't really agree. Unless I'm mistaken you've only used it in a surround setup. In a 2ch setup with the miniDSP SHD there is no subwoofer object(s) but rather just two speakers so you really have to do the following: 1. Decide crossover points and slopes of subwoofers and mains and set in SHD. 2. Decide gain values and set in SHD (probably with REW). 3. Potentially time align subwoofers to mains (probably with REW) and in @gibbo9000's case a seperate miniDSP unit is needed to provide the appropriate "time wastage" for the KII THREE's (90 milliseconds?).
  12. For sure, its very easy to overstate how audible if at all artifacts can be. Anyway I think this is a good discussion. I guess I'm just of the mind that the improvement in my system might be subtle at best; I don't know. If I were to use it it would be round 1 of correction on my two subwoofers working range (<80Hz) before running Dirac Live over the entire frequency range and from what I gather that would get a tick of approval.
  13. Finland metal bands have plenty of time during winter to lock themselves away and write good music. I have that exact Japan CD release of it. But, would you believe it that a less dynamically compressed master exists but it is only available from iTunes? Yes it does. See here: http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/list?artist=Omnium+Gatherum&album=Grey+Heaven
  14. Righto, is that both subs or just the L (Left)? Is MSO choosing or was that you? So at 130Hz at 24dB\Octave the subwoofers will already be 6b down. I don't have something to simulate with in front of me but I don't think you'll have much EQ potential above 125Hz and of course won't be able to EQ the Left and Right channels independently. At the moment I think you'll have little to no EQ applied above about 125Hz and will have two mono subwoofers that are being crossed over at frequencies far higher than is typical. You might not have noticeable localisation
  15. OK, it appears to me now that I had that part wrong but the above questions still apply.
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