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  1. Another vote for the Goldnote PH-10, covers your whole wish list. I use it with the PSU-10, but I have also heard good things about the PH-10 only. There was also an Esoteric E-03 floating around on here recently second hand. Great build quality and dual input, not sure about the balanced output though
  2. A step down, but I have the CMA400i. It is an excellent dac/amp, and I have had no thoughts about trying something else since buying it. Doubt anyone would be unhappy with the 600.
  3. Eastwood Hifi is always worth a look, they generally have something on special, and I'd take a Yamaha AVR over a Sony
  4. Well, rather than emailing directly I tried their web form for my question - success! Who'd a thunk it?? Unfortunately, sounds like it is likely to be the Icepower 1000ASP amp module is failing. Roughly $750 landed to replace, plus tech fees. So, it got me to thinking. Should I replace it, old technology really, with a fairly high chance the other one will follow? Or should I sell one good mono and one needing repairs and buy something else? Or, thinking a bit laterally, do I use these flash cases with all the connections, and try to install some different modules in there? Later Icepowers? Or maybe change it up to Hypex? What do you think, sacrilege, or genius!?! 🙂
  5. Tried that mate, no response. Unusual, as they have always been pretty good with answering queries from me over the years. COVID maybe? Might send them a follow up
  6. Never had a Taurasi before, but it came highly recommended. It is full of flavour, long, but not palate filling. Very enjoyable, but no Barossa Shiraz. Reminiscing about our amazing family trip to Italy, 12 months ago today, so Italian wine was a must.
  7. Funds are low, but I have been umming and ahhin about getting a six pack - 2 x Standish, 2 x Schubert, 2 x Relic. Or maybe 3 each of the Standish and the Schubert. Is the vintage really that good?
  8. I almost wish I was in the market for a car at the moment, I would buy this in a flash. I'm trying to think of anyone I know who is looking, this is a no brainer. I had a Golf R32, the baby brother, for 7 years before some idiot t-boned me running a red light. I believe both the R32 and the R36, were made in Germany unlike the more mass market versions of Golfs and Passats. They are so easy to dawdle around in, then sh*tloads of fun when you have the opportunity to kick them along. A real Q car
  9. I have a bit of an issue with one of my amps. I have had a pair of Bel Canto Ref1000 mkIIs for almost 10 years. They have been fantastic, moving with me through about 5 different houses including 3 renos. They have heaps of drive, and their cool running means they are so easy to incorporate into any form of cabinetry. Their low power draw means I leave them on at all times, as per Bel Cantos suggestion. Recently one of the amps has developed an issue. When I start playing something, no sound from one amp. I turn the amp off at the power switch on the back, wait for the light to go out as the capacitors discharge, turn it back on and it works fine. The sound is exactly the same as the other amp. No issue with drop outs as long as there is a signal going to the amp. Once the signal stops for a while, the issue arises again. Any thoughts on what the problem might be? I will get a tech to look at it, but I prefer to have a bit of an idea about potential problems before asking for something to be repaired. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  10. I’ve been looking for a practical lamp, and this looks like a good choice. What version of the Navlinge is this?
  11. Stretch your budget and go for these - I very much doubt you would ever regret it! And they are in Perth!!
  12. Hi Cammyboy. If you change your mind and decide to go two-tone, I have a silver Project Maia that has seen very little use in my system I'd be prepared to let go. Just shoot me a PM
  13. Please see the deal below. It was received via email. No links that I could see on the website to the deal. Just says to contact sales@sgraudio.com.au, or call them on 03 9846 8002 These are absolutely superb racks, i have two three tier racks of the Signature version. If you are in the market for high end racks, you should look very closely at these. I coudln't be bothered copying the pictures, had to do it individually. Check out www.sgraudio.com for pics Superb Hi-Fi Equipment Rack Offer New Old Stock (NOS) Warehouse Clearance We hope that you and your family are well and coping in this new world we now find ourselves in. Pandemic or not, the financial year is coming to a close and we at SGR Audio are making room in our warehouse to expand our manufacturing capacity. This New Old Stock Warehouse Clearance EOFY sale at 40 to 45% off normal Retail price will never again be repeated. Take advantage now. Model V Signature Hi-Fi Rack normally $3000 per level now from $1700 per level Available in Victorian Ash, White and Black with stainless steel tubing Model V Symphony Hi-Fi Rack normally $3000 per level now $1800 per level Only a limited number of prototype textured finish available in White & Black with stainless steel tubing
  14. @Cloth Ears Thanks very much for that, a very useful list. Will be a tough job to work through, but someone has to do it....
  15. Only just discovered this thread, what an education! My tastes have been picked up over the years from various recommendations I liked, no science to it, and very little structured tasting. This thread has me wondering..... I tend to drink Lagavulin 16 if I want something nice and peaty, Laphroaig for something lighter, Yamazaki when others are buying, and Glenfiddich 12 for the regular tipple. Glenfiddich has always been a favourite ever since I went to the distillery about 20 years ago or so. Same for Yamazaki, I used to do some work with the importer, again about 20 or more years ago, and could buy it direct for about $25 a bottle back then - if only I had known! I am looking for a good quality single malt as a value alternative regular to Glenfiddich - any suggestions? I have seen the Glen Moray around, how does it stack up? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  16. Just getting the ambience right.....
  17. @dalamii Nice to see the update, a very eclectic, and I am sure wonderful sounding, mix. You have had some amazing gear over the years, so I am really interested in your choice of the Goldnote DS10. Any thoughts on it you would care to share?
  18. Hi mate. Well, things move both fast and slow in hifi, but for me the last 18 months have wrought a few changes. I trialled the merlot, and it did sound very good. However, the output via XLR was quite a bit less than the TT, and combined with my low sensitivity speakers it meant I was running at the equivalent of 9 o’clock for only modest volume. It didn’t work for me so I ended up returning it (at a cost unfortunately). i got very lucky, and managed to pick up both a Dave and an M-Scaler at the same time second hand. I have been, and still am, very happy with this combination. I have had no inclination to try anything else. Having said that, if I hadn’t gone down this path, I would have tried the Mola Mola. i also moved on from the Aurender. It was an excellent bit of gear, but I had the opportunity to move to an Innuos Zenith. The Innuos is definitely better, but at a higher price. One of those situations where the dollar value for incremental improvement starts getting hazy. Hope this helps a bit
  19. Something a bit different to go with prawn tomato chili linguine. Tough vintage, but this was delicious
  20. I'm also running mostly Aurealis in my main system and am very happy with them. To get back to the OPs post, he stated he is already using nice cables in his digital based system, and was looking for recommendations for analogue. Lets do him the courtesy of putting forward suggestions - if you don't have any, don't post. The audio debate forum lies elsewhere....
  21. About 10 years ago I had a Decware CSP - 2+ I imported from the US. I kept it for about 2 years, and only sold it because it wasnt getting much use. It was an excellent headphone amp, and I sometimes used it as a pre as well and liked it a lot. Excellent build quality I recall. Unfortunately, too long ago for me to remember enough for a detailed review, but I do think about it regularly with fondness if that helps at all.
  22. I'd go down this path. For $2k you could get a much better stereo integrated with HT bypass than the equivalently priced AVR. Drive the front left and right with the amp and leave your existing AVR for centre, sub, and assorted trickery. You'll see the benefit for both music and movies Many moons ago I went down this path and have never looked back - funnily enough it was Dyns at the time too
  23. Bugger! It never pays to relax on weekends....
  24. I'll take the following please John Abercrombie-Timeless ECM 2016 repress from Analog tapes, played once $25 Pat Metheny-Offramp 1982 German ECM VG $15 Fred McDowell-Mississippi Delta Blues VMP Exclusive coloured vinyl Played once $35 Just heading out, will PM later
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