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  1. The following please: Cowboy Junkies: Pale Sun, Crescent Moon - 2018 reissue - 2LP - played once - mint - $35 Cowboy Junkies: Black Eyed Man - 2018 reissue - 2LP - played once - mint - $35 Gillian Welch: Soul Journey - 2018 reissue - AAA - mint, played once - $40 Emmylou Harris: Wrecking Ball - 3LP deluxe edition - mint-played once - $50 Al Green: Call Me - $20
  2. Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions please, if you decide to split I'll add more, just wanted to get this one up! Belle & Sebastian ‎– Push Barman To Open Old Wounds - 3LP - $35 Belle & Sebastian: Tigermilk - $25 Belle & Sebastian:Dear Catastrophe Waiting - 2LP first press - 2cm seam split top of cover - $35 Belle & Sebastian:The Boy With The Arab Strap - Jeepster first press $25 Belle & Sebastian: The Life Pursuit 2LP - $30 Belle & Sebastian: If You're Feeling Sinister - $25 Mark Lanegan Band : Phantom Radio - $20
  3. That’s quite moving. It also gives me the impetus to have my print of the blown away guy reframed. Got it in ‘87 for my 21st , went through many share houses, storage, girlfriends, until my now wife banned it from our apartment. I think it’s time to make a reappearance on the wall in my study/listening room.
  4. I had to replace one tv, a 14 year old Phillips that the speakers blew on, and wanted a tv for the study. In the recent couple of Ebay sales, i managed to pick up from the official Sony Ebay store a 65" A8F OLED for $2,899 (rrp $5,999), and a 55" A8F OLED for $1,799 (rrp $3,999), both including delivery and full factory 12 month warranty. Now, these were advertised as "box damaged". I took a punt on the first one, and given there was only a very slight mark on the box, and absolutely nothing wrong with the tv, I bought the other one. There were quite a few available. I suspect that it was a form of clearance sale. I did steer clear of the seconds though, not confident in those. Anyway, if you are willing to take some risk, keep an eye out and you might find another sale come along from their ebay store.
  5. You are quite right Pete. I'm very happy with the Stabi S, just need to get the arms and carts dialled in professionally to complete the picture. I was daydreaming about eh Stabi R a while back, then woke up to myself (cash flow reality may have intruded on that as well) and decided to just enjoy what I have - which I am!.
  6. @metal beat I stand corrected. That looks the goods too. I think the main difference from my previous reading on the Stabi R, and the quick blurb on the Techdas V, is that there is no external motor or psu, everything is in the one tidy box. Having said that, they are both well above my pay grade until they start appearing second hand in a few years time!
  7. At first glance it looks similar in concept to the Kuzma Stabi R. I think it is a good idea for high end audiophile vinyl rig that doesn't take up too much space. It's actually already on Warwick's website, $17,950 sans arm. Be very interesting to hear his view on comparing the two.
  8. Fair point Andy. Given the Rel can only connect to low level RCA, or high level at the speaker connections on the amp, probably the only way to truly compare would be to connect to the speaker outputs on the AVR. Given many AVRs these days are Class D, likely to run into the same issue. Don't think I can even do it on my Vitus, as I believe although it isn't class D, it has a similar issue with high level connections (I recall reading that somewhere....). Might just put it in the too hard basket 🙂
  9. Bit of both probably Andy. I often wonder about me hearing what I am "supposed" to hear. When I ran the Rel connected high level to a Burson PI-160 for 2.1 duties, I felt it sounded tighter than hearing it connected via LFE to the AVR. The Burson and the AVR were in the one system, using the same main speakers and sub, and an Opp 95 as source (HDMI to the AVR, single ended stereo output to the Burson, playing a CD). Whether or not that was imagined is up to interpretation, and it certainly wasn't a double blind test, but I was fairly confident there was difference in favour of the high level connection. Having said that, connection wasn't the only variable. YMMV
  10. Hmm, me too. I didn't think Classifieds posts counted anyway. One of those things I guess - something to do with the re-indexing?
  11. I knew I had discussed this before! Also try http://www.belcantodesign.com/pdfs/e_OneTOsub.pdf
  12. This is also an issue with Bel Canto Class D amps. There is, or at least was a few years back, a white paper on the Bel Canto site which details the issue, and gives reasonably thorough instructions on how to safely connect the Rel high level cables to the Bel Canto amps. This should be applicable to your Primare amp as well. My understanding is that the Rel subs perform much better for music listening duties with the high level connections. I currently have Bel Canto Class D amps and a Rel sub, but as I only use it for HT duties, it is connected via LFE from the AVR. If I can find it I will post a link
  13. Interesting result Ross. I tried the stock Chord BNC cables initially between my HMS and Dave, then swapped to a pair of Analysis Plus Silver Crystal BNCs. I perceived a much fuller and more enjoyable sound, but hesitated to post as I always wonder about placebo effect. Subsequent research on various fora indicated the sensitivity of pairing the HMS with good BNC cables.
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