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  1. Random smartphone pics of interest.

    Hoi An lantern shots after a bit of playing with the montage tool. Has been resized so not quite so sharp. One of my top 10 places I have ever visited, even 15 years apart.
  2. Random smartphone pics of interest.

    My favourite NYC skyline shot on my smartphone - relatively early in the morning, straight up, no manipulation. Memory of a fantastic trip
  3. Which photo editing software?

    Thanks @Snoopy8 I'm really just wanting to have a play to see what, if any, difference I can make with the RAW file vs a high quality JPEG. I agree, I'm not about to go out and buy the Roller, some reasonable freeware should be enough to give me a taste.
  4. Having taken the plunge and bought new gear for my trip to Vietnam, I also invested in a couple of 128 GB SD cards for it. These high capacity cards meant I had plenty of space to take photos in both RAW and JPEG. Never having used RAW before, I need some tips on the best value editing software to use with it. Simple would be good too, as I am a novice. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. BTW, I am using a Windows 10 OS
  5. Audiophile in Vietnam

    Wow, it is timely this thread should pop up again. I'm flying out tomorrow to Vietnam, with a few nights in each of Ho Chi Minh, Mue Ni, and Hoi An. Any suggestions on places to go for hifi, or just great places to eat, drink and/or chill, would be much appreciated.
  6. Just to round off this thread..... I bit the bullet and decided on a Nikon D5600 with 18-55mm VR lens kit. The functionality was great, only marginally larger than the Canon, and some keen pricing swung the deal. Nikon cash back on both the camera and the 18-300mm VR zoom lens I bought as my one and only, more saving with the GST refund, and all up I saved about 45% on rrp. Camera, one lens to rule them all, a couple of 128Gb cards, Hoya filters, a new Lowepro bag, and a sweet brown leather strap from Australia's own Lucky Straps and I am ready to hit the road! Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. @KenTripp Thanks Ken, I will take a look at the D7200 as well. It's just like hifi, you upsell yourself!
  8. Thanks very much Ken, that is the way I am leaning, and its nice to hear the rationale put so succinctly. I can get the D5600 with 18-55 and 55-300 lens from JB Hifi physical store for $1,298 less $100 Nikon cash back plus 128Gb SanDisk Extreme Pro for around $90. A very nice setup for under $1,300. Will hunt around for cheaper, but that seems pretty good value. Its a long time ago, but I reckon I spent more than that back when I bought my 300D, and that was 2004 dollars!
  9. I have one and love it. Note, the 2Tb internal HDD is also capable of being upgraded to a larger drive. I asked them directly about the ability to upgrade the HDD and potentially change it to a SSD. To quote from Aurender themselves "We don’t support an SSD in place of the HDD, so it does need to be a standard hard disk. Seagate/Samsung are the only drives currently available in 4TB or 5TB in a 2.5" size, the model numbers are the same for both (I believe the majority are now shipping as Seagate drives) – it is ST4000LM016 and ST5000LM000 respectively." Again, evidence of the excellent Aurender support. You can install the new drive yourself, or Cameron at Krispy can do it for you as well.
  10. Hmm, I really have been out of this game too long. All the Canon lenses I own are so far out of date, and poor quality with what is available now, that I don't think I will use these existing lenses as a reason to go with Canon. So, it looks like the Canon 200D twin kit (18-55, 55-250) vs Nikon 5600 twin kit (18-55, 55-300) vs Olympus OM-D E-M5 MKII (14-150 effective 28-300). Points against the Olympus are the lack of integrated flash, more expensive, and minimum effective 28mm focal length (but does look very cool, is weather resistant, and only need one lens), I have a nostalgic draw towards Canon, but that Nikon kit looks pretty nice too. All cameras are around the same size, both Canon and Nikon are close in price, and all seem similarly specced. Any more thoughts from anyone?
  11. Around 13 years ago I purchased a Canon 300D as my first DLSR. To date, it has remained my only DSLR. Over the years I have taken some amazing photos (IMHO) and have been very happy with it. Of recent times however I have found myself using my phone more and more to take pictures, producing some pretty good shots, but mainly for ease of use. Part of the move away from my current DLSR is the small screen, difficulty to see in bright light, the size and weight, and lack of connectivity. In this day and age, you regularly want to share photos, so to have to wait to connect to a PC and download limits its functionality somewhat. I saw an article today about the Canon 200D which piqued my interest. Could this be the replacement I am looking for? Small, light, reasonable connectivity options, even a selfie mode, and still a Canon. I have a couple of general use USM canon zoom lens, as well as a USM 90-300mm zoom, so staying in the Canon family would help me out there. I am not about to turn semi-pro, so don't need the ducks nutz right now. If I get back into photography more I could look at something more versatile later. We have a trip to Vietnam in a few weeks, and a West Coast America trip in January, so plenty of opportunity for use coming up Anyway, so for now, any thoughts on the new 200D? Anything else I should consider? . Thanks in advance
  12. @scumbag I'm sure @soundfan was talking about the flotation tank - I'll go second in line for the isopods
  13. Lenehan Kit Loudspeakers

    They are Gen 1. The Ultra was a model between the Plus R and the Reference. I don't think they were officially marketed, would have to check with Mike. My understanding is that they are about 90% of the Reference. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  14. Lenehan Kit Loudspeakers

    I'd be keen for that Greg if it was an open invite. I could bring along a set of the original ML-1 Ultras for comparison as well. I have the flight cases for transport so nice and easy
  15. If my PM is too far down the list, and the eventual buyer has some double ups or excess, I'd be very interested in taking the overflow. Just PM me