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  1. I was right into head-fi quite a few years ago, and chopped and changed headphones and headphone amps a bit. I settled on a few that I liked, and they have been my staple for quite some time now. I have the AKG K702, Denon AH-D7000, Beyerdynamic T1, and a year or two ago added the Hifiman HE560. My main listening system has changed substantially over that time, and is very close to where I want it. My headphone listening isn't as regular, but can be for long periods. I am finding I mostly use the closed D7000s, as it is usually when I am sharing my office with my kids. I am using the Chord Hugo TT as both dac and headphone amp. Now, in the past, I would have spent days trawling through Head-Fi to try to answer this question, but I am a bit reticent. It's not for the faint hearted, and sorting the fanbois from the genuine, and identifying when minor flaws, as well as positives, are blown out of all proportion, is difficult. So I am hoping to short cut the process a bit on SNA first. I want to cull my headphones down to just the T1s and D7000s, and add another pair of higher end closed back headphones. I am not a bass head, so don't need ultimate bass. They must be very comfortable, not too heavy, not as warm as the D7000s, and work well single ended. Having said that, I could move to a balanced amp and run it from my Dave, but the performance of the headphones would have to justify it. I don't want full noise cancelling, closed is sufficient. I want to be able to hear a bit of what is going on around me, but not have too much sound leakage to disturb others. I also don't think any noise cancelling headphones are up to the quality of higher end closed back phones. Note, I read Alsitair's thread from last year, and am still wondering. So, what suggestions do you have? Thanks in advance
  2. One example I'll give is the Vinomofo thread on the Australian Frequent Flyer forum. Absolutely nothing to do with the original premise of the site, but a huge thread and very helpful if you are trying to work out what a Black market deal really is. IMHO forums are better off for a bit of diversity in content
  3. I have often wondered the same thing. Victor ( @vmhf) was very active for a long time, then has been very quiet. He had some of the most amazing gear, and listening to some YG Acoustics Carmels, and I think it was a pair of Cystal Cable Arabesque Minis, gave me an audio memory that I have been chasing for a long time. Many a high end system could have been built with his cast-offs. I am sure there are quite a few others similar to Victor. Just hope they are all well and enjoying life.
  4. I've been considering these as well. I have a pair of Aurealis prototype cables on loan to try out. Would be great to compare against the Kimber, but don't really want to spend the money just for the sake of comparison. If I decide against the Aurealis, will definitely try the 8TC, even 12 TC maybe.
  5. markm1111

    Aurender N10...well it’s okay...

    I'd be interested whether you compared the N10 vs N100H before buying. Why did you choose the N10? I have the N100H feeding a Chord M Scaler into a Chord Dave at the moment, and am finding that a very, very good combination. Prior to that the N100H was feeding directly into a Chord Hugo TT. I have always found the sound, and interface, with the Aurender to be first class. I stepped up to the Aurender from a Squeezebox Touch with Audiophileo 2 and linear psu, and it was a significant change. Tidal integration, and now Spotify (for the family playlists) really round out the utility of it for me. I'll qualify my praise by stating I have never used Roon. However, as always in this game, I'm now wondering if there would be an improvement moving to the N10..........
  6. PM sent earlier with intent to buy - fingers crossed I am at the head of the queue!
  7. markm1111

    SOLD: FS: Taoc Spike & Plate SP-500 for rack

    Now sold. Thanks
  8. markm1111

    Sony TV opinions

    If you are happy to take a small punt, you can get a Sony OLED on their ebay store. Damaged box, but stated as fully checked and tested and with 12 month factory warranty. 20% off sale at the moment. I picked up the KD65A8F 65" OLED for $2899 delivered. That's for a $5,999 rrp 2018 tv (although they were selling for less than that street price). For me, the sound (as my wife just wants to push a button.....) won out over the better interface of the LG C8. YMMV
  9. Price reduction and will include postage
  10. markm1111

    SOLD: FS: Bel Canto CD3T (cd transport only)

    Will include Australian postage in the price
  11. I might be wrong, but I thought the 95 was region free for DVD, but had to be modded for Blu-Ray. Might be worth checking
  12. Loved my 507UX, only moved it on as I needed more oomph for power hungry, low sensitivity speakers. I suspect one day I will buy another one if I can find somewhere to hide it. As @Razuu says, the build quality and value are superb - and the VU meters are mesmerising!
  13. Item: Jelco SA-750D tonearm, JAC-501 phono cable, Ammonite Audio Jelco mounting collar Location: Sydney North Shore or CBD Price: $600 ono plus postage. Will consider separating if I get buyers for all parts. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have been using the Jelco 750D as a second arm on my Kuzma Stabi S, with only very light use. An opportunity came up to have all Kuzma, so the Jelco needs to go to claw back some funds. I had to pay a lot more to improve on its performance. It has detachable magnesium headshell, oil damping, and VTA is adjustable via grub screw into the side of the shaft. These are a very well regarded tonearm, only just recently superseded. Used as OEM for many turntable brands (e.g. Transrotor, Orotfon etc). They are very popular in the second hand market and the asking prices seem to be going up, not down for some reason. It has both the standard and heavy counter weights, and a paper mounting template. It originally retailed for about $700. http://liquidaudio.com.au/jelco-sa-750d-tonearm-review/ http://www.hi-fiworld.co.uk/vinyl-lp/34-arms/160-jelco-sa-50t.html?showall=1 Also included in the sale is the upgraded Ammonite Audio tonearm collar, which are over $100 landed from the UK - this gives a much more stable grip on the tonearm, keeping it absolutely vertical. The original collar will also be provided. Finally, the Jelco JAC-501 tonearm cable to fit is part of the deal . It retails for $165. If I can find buyers for each piece I can separate: SA-750D $450, JAC-501 $95, Ammonite $70 all plus postage Jelco has ended the production of the SA-750D to be replaced by the TS-550S at $1,050. The new model is near-identical in functionality however the price has increased by 40%. Also the TS-550S comes with the inferior HS-50 headshell instead of the HS-25 (magnesium) that comes with the SA-750, which means that the TS-550 does not offer azimuth adjustment. Some marketing blurb "The Jelco 750 series of tonearms punch well above their weight. Nothing under $1200.00 including the various Rega tonearms come close to the performance. Jelco (Ichikawa Jewel Companny) has been quietly making OEM tonearms for many of the big names in analog audio. Their Japanese engineering is second to none (think Lexus). They made the famous Sumiko MMT and we believe the Linn Ittock II as well. Jelco makes their own jewelled bearings and other parts in house and are in complete control of quality." Excellent tonearm, awesome performance for the money, needs to be used. Note, the cartridge is not included in the sale. I don't have original packaging, but I can package very safely for postage. Pictures:
  14. Item: Taoc LSR-4S hifi rack Location: Sydney North Shore or CBD Price: $500 ono Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Taoc LSR rack is an excellent, stable hifi rack. It sits in the Taoc range between the MSMKII and the ASR II, although no longer imported. It has the same constrained layer shelf technology as the ASR II but fits together with the poles rather than sitting on individual spikes on each level. It sold for around $2250 or so when new. The metallic brown version looks great. I have tried to capture a few nicks and scratches. They look much worse in the pictures. One shelf has been damaged in the past and partially repaired, but I had this corner at the back so it couldn't be seen.The same for most of the scratches, the shelves can be rotated to hide just about all at the back (apart from the bottom shelf with the branding). Probably pick up only as it will be difficult to pack, however it does disassemble. It can easily be made into a 2 level or 3 level rack You might be able to buy top and bottom pieces to make 2 x two level racks. I have bought parts from the importer before. It has the SP-500 spikes fitted, but not the matching plates. I'll throw in a set of Blue Horizon spike shoes (a little rusty, but should clean up ok), or you can use felt pads, or I can do a package deal with a near new SP-500 set (see separate listing below) Pictures:
  15. Item: Taoc Spike & Plate SP-500 set for rack Location: Sydney North Shore or CBD Price: $125 ono plus postage (RRP $225) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is an almost brand new set of 4 cast iron spikes and plates to suit the Taoc LSR and ASR series racks. Capacity of 500kg. Three of the spikes and two of the plates are completely brand new unused, the other spike and two plates show some signs of where. I have replaced my Taoc rack (see rack listing below) and no longer need these. Pictures: