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  1. Totally agree on the stand, I bought it as well. Perfect place to keep the Aeons as well.
  2. Nice selection @danter I'll take the following please: Air Moon Safari Arcade Fire Funeral Bush Sixteen Stone Cake Fashion Nugget Clouds Penny Century Died Pretty Doughboy Hollow Died Pretty Every Brilliant Eye Died Pretty Sold Died Pretty Trace Groove Armada Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) K.D.Lang Shadowland Moby Hotel Nirvana Nevermind Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman Song X - Twentieth Anniversary Powderfinger Double Allergic Tex Perkins Dark Horses 2CD The Cruel Sea Over Easy The Cruel Sea Three Legged Dog The National High Violet The Sundays Blind The Sundays Static & Silence You Am I Hi Fi Way You Am I Hourly, Daily Thanks
  3. Recently picked up a Questyle CMA 400i. Very happy with it so far.
  4. Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I have a similar problem with a TT motor, being a 230v one that has a slight vibration. I wanted to find out what my power output was at the wall before spending on a step down, but didn't want to risk sticking my multi-meter into it. What is this little gizmo called, it is perfect!
  5. I believe your iPeng app is for music playback. The back up menu I believe is found in my.innuos.com. At least I hope so, I have been meaning to do it for a couple of weeks now for my Zenith - just hope the power outage over the last week didn't fry mine! Only got power back last night and haven't had a chance to check out the hifi....
  6. Thanks fort eh suggestion, but I had one of those quite a few years back. It was ok, but not to my taste in the headamp. I'm thinking the BNC connection may be limiting too much so will open up to RCA SPDIF inputs and just use an adapter on my cable
  7. No wonder, you wouldn't have time once you start working your way through all those albums! Enjoy
  8. The main phones are a closed back pair of Mr Speakers Aeon Flow, which are planar, 13 ohm impedance and 93dB sensitivity. The other sometimes pair are Focal Clear, 55 ohm impedance and 104dB sensitivity. I am after a combined amp/dac, or amp and dac stack, to suit. I had a Chord Hugo TT which I was using, and really liked, but needed to realise some cash so sold it off. I have tried using a long extension cable from my main system, but that is less than satisfactory, so I want to go back to something on my desk. My budget is down considerably from the TT at $1,000. My request is a little bit more specific - I would really prefer a BNC input for the source, which is making my search a bit more difficult. When I had the TT, Geoff from Aurealis made me up a really nice long BNC to BNC cable to feed the dac from the M-Scaler in my main system. Given the length, I want to stay with BNC at both ends of the cable if I can. This limits what would have otherwise been a plethora of options. So, any suggestions out there? Thanks in advance
  9. That is amazing! But tape???.............
  10. I never really came back to this, but I ended up buying Optoma Nuforce BE Sports4 late last year. Really good sound, fit me really well with the small tips, but they have a range of different sizes. No microphone or Siri integration, more just for listening https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07DHMS6C3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'm sorry I looked at this now, I paid $135 last year! The only issue I have with them is that the Bluetooth sometimes cuts out if I have my phone in the left pocket. In the right pocket never an issue – go figure. Other than that, very happy with them, and now only $80.....
  11. Price adjustment. Open to reasonable offers. Will include postage in Australia
  12. Item: Denon AH-D7000 Headphones + JMoney lambskin pads and original pads Location: Sydney North Shore Price: $825 incl postage ONO Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have had these headphones longer than any other pair I have ever owned, as they are very hard to beat. I am only selling because they are not getting any head-time any more, and they should not be just left in a box to be looked at occasionally. I could also use the cash elsewhere. They are about 8 years old and still in excellent condition, as you can see from the photos. They are fantastic headphones to listen to, and the build quality is absolutely superb. You will find many superlative reviews online. These are not detail freaks, they are beautifully mellow sound but still with treble sparkle. Still special. They were my goto closed headphones for such a long time, however I mostly used open headphones so they haven't been overused. Just nicely run in. They are very easy to drive, being 25 ohm resistance. No monster amp required. 3m cable with 1/4" single ended connector, gold plated. The frame is made of magnesium alloy and duralumin, meaning it is very light for its size. They sit incredibly comfortably on the head. Piano finished mahogany housing is a delight to look upon. This was the Denon flagship model for quite a long time. They also come fitted with JMoney lambskin pads, which are also in excellent condition. These pads are much thicker than the stock pads, allowing much more air flow which means more space for instrument separation, bass control, and overall better clarity. Leather will last much longer than the stock Denon pleather pads (also included). I never felt the need, but different levels of mod kits are still available from Lawtonaudio.com. Again, lots of information online about potential mods to take these headphones even higher. Photos:
  13. Thanks pulinap. Which one do you mean, the T1288? What was so good about them?
  14. I'm trying to complete a project, and need a 12" tonearm. I pulled together a Kuzma Stabi S12 (the 12 inch pipe version of the Stabi S), so looking for a tonearm to match. I'm trying to keep the budget down, so at this stage not looking at new Kuzma arms even though they would be an excellent match. (although I do have a WTB up for anything second hand......) In my travels I have come across a few arms from Opera-Consonance, the Chinese manufacturer. They are a T8-12, a Trio, and T88S (unipivot). These are current or just superseded models. The older ones were the T1288 unipivot and the ST600 Does anyone have any experience with these arms? Positives, negatives, ease of use etc? There is not a lot I could find despite quite a bit of time spent with Dr Google
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