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  1. Perfect, thanks Sime. That helps me a lot. Not worried about the MQA bypass, the Aurender does a software first "unfold" of MQA content to 88.2/96, so would already be outputting at that level.
  2. I'll take 'em, PM incoming
  3. Hi Sime You raise an interesting point in your ABing of the Qutest vs the Mytek. I had asked Chord a question about the M Scaler which they hadn't got back to me on. That question was, does the M Scaler output from the dual BNCs and S/PDIF at the same time? Not necessarily to play at the same time, but so that you can leave both cables connected and not have to do any switching. Can I assume from your testing that it does have this capability? I was considering getting one to help me use a single output source (Aurender N100H) to drive two dacs, one to be a dual BNC input Chord in my listening system and the other a good headamp/dac at my desk for those times when I am sharing the study. Thanks in advance
  4. If only they were silver! Exactly what I am after, but black just won’t work for me. GLWTS
  5. Really liked my PI-160 when I had it, lasted for almost 7 years in my system when many other things around it changed. Great value at this price. GLWTS
  6. markm1111

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    Nick Cave book now spoken for, a very generous donation made by a kind SNAer. Johnny Cash still available
  7. markm1111

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    Thanks very much again to@candyflip for organising this generous raffle. This win is a nice little extra on top of feeling good for helping those less fortunate. If anybody else particularly wanted the Johnny Cash or Nick Cave books, make a donation to Wayside Chapel, post the receipt here or shoot it to me with your address details, and I’ll send the book to you after I receive them from Jon.
  8. markm1111

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    Great initiative Jon, donation made Every now and then it's good to get some perspective - reminds us of the relative importance of some of our hifi concerns......
  9. markm1111

    Dark horse speakers at $4k?

    @Arcsabre I would have a good look at these. I sold my BR1s due to a change in use of my room, but I thought they were fantastic speakers. The BR2s are level above again. These wouldn't take up much more floor space than a pair of C1s as the C1s are so deep, the BR2s are front ported which gives you much more flexibility on positioning, good for a small room, and the bass is excellent. If you can get a listen to a pair of any of the BR range in Perth, I think you might be very surprised. I also second the comments about the Arcam AVR - I would be going for a really nice 2 channel integrated with HT bypass, and a much cheaper AVR for HT duties. I have had separate stereo and HT systems using the same speakers i my living room for almost 10 years now, after having just an AVR, and I wouldn't go back.
  10. markm1111

    SOLD: FS: Aurealis R1 Dragon

    I'll take it please
  11. markm1111

    FREE- Signed CD raffle

    Thanks Anthony, and also thanks to Jeremiah. I am looking forward to having a listen!
  12. I've recently taken up exercising daily, and listen to music as I do it. I'm sick of the feedback from the swishing cable of my otherwise excellent sounding Hifiman RE-400s. I'm looking for comfortable in canal earphones, Bluetooth, with good battery life. I wear glasses all the time, so would like an ear clip that is slimline if it has one. Earbuds fall out of my ears, so needs to be in canal. Not interested in on-ear or over-ear. Good sound is a must as well. Some level of water resistance would be good too. Any recommendations out there? So much choice and the reviews online usually list 10 or more, difficult to sift through. Thanks in advance
  13. markm1111

    FREE- Signed CD raffle

    I like the bio, think the music might be for me. Please include me in the draw