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  1. The NBN was recently installed down our street, so I have been bombarded with the "sign up now before you are cut off" mail, email and text messages from various providers. I understand I have up to 2 years in which to make decision? Anyway, we are currently on Bigpond Cable, which has pretty much always worked. I have heard horror stories about FTTN and/or FTTC giving slower speeds than my cable, so was looking at whether or not to try to get FTTP installed. There is a pit directly outside our house, so connection should be relatively straight forward. I have found a bit of inform
  2. Hmmm, this thread seems much harder to fill than the fugly thread. There are many TT custom made plinths I have lusted after, but far fewer stock items I like. The Luxman amps with VU meters have already got a mention, I still have remorse over selling mine. As a piece of fantastic industrial design, and I do have a personal interest, but the Kuzma Stabi S is a triumph of precision, simplicity, and beauty to me. Quite a few steps up the chain from my ME1s, but these TAD R1s have a huge presence to look at. I know they have been favorites of a number of memb
  3. Drinking beautifully. It’s comparatively lighter than some of the other Standish Shiraz, but still plenty of flavour and length. This is the wine that introduced us to Dan Standish when we drank it at a restaurant. Very happy we found it. I love his wines, just can’t afford to drink them very often.
  4. They look very interesting, never had a chenin I liked before, but then again never known where to look for a good one. Add it to the list...
  5. Four week detox over, thought it deserved something nice even if it is a school night....
  6. Thanks TDX. That is for the Syncro cable, I'm after the Uni, which is the stand alone DC Blocker box, which can have 10A or 16A inputs. I'l put up a pic.
  7. Item: Isotek Evo3 Syncro Uni 16A Price Range: Market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for the 16 amp version of the Isotek Evo3 Syncro Uni as part of a potential upgrade to my power supply. Preferably in silver, but will consider black. Needs to be the 16 amp version with the C19 IEC connector rather than the usual C13/15 IEC . Alos, must be Australian plug on other side. Thanks (Picture courtesy of @Hydrology - note this is two Unis, I'm after a single one only))
  8. Item: Kuzma brass record clamp Price Range: market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Just on the off chance somebody has one they don't want
  9. Item: KEF S1 stands for LSX black Price Range: market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Probably a long shot, but anyone with a pair of these to move on please get in touch. These speakers are being used around and for the kids and being moved regularly, so the security of bolting to the stand appeals to me. List price new doesn't when I bought the speakers themselves second hand Thanks in advance
  10. I didn't - my wife thought it might be a good idea. She was wrong
  11. I hate February - annual post silly season detox. I actually prefer sparkling mineral water.....
  12. Based on this, I reckon give The Lifestyle Store at Parramatta a go. Given their range and the volume of sales I believe they make, they might accept the cards.
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