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  1. Hi Dan. Do you mind letting me know what you bought, and how it went? Helping out a mate set up a system and his CD player is way too hot for his amp, and this could be the ticket. I was thinking attenuation plugs, but wasn't sure what value to get, so variable would be much simpler if the quality is ok
  2. Ahh, nice. Pathos gear always looks that bit more eclectic. I was fooled by those "Toppers" on the top - I thought they were heat sinks!
  3. That's not something I recall seeing before, what is it?
  4. Ditto. Highly recommend. It solved my TT vibration issues on a bouncy timber floor
  5. Thanks Pete. Any idea what does a second hand Node 2 go for?
  6. Thanks @Willmax, this has real les. Olds Samsung S5, a micro USB OTG charging hub so it can charge and play at the same time, a cheap USB A-B cable and we will be cooking with gas. Cheers!
  7. Thanks @Snoopy8. Mucking around with code is a no go, very low $ means up to $200. Thanks @metal beat, that looks right on the money. but it doesn't seem to have digital out. I think the dac in the Audiolab CD would outperform most of the $200 brigade. I'll look for something similar
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys, some good ones there, although not sure they can all do the Spotify Connect thing. It needs to be a solution that works with a phone or Ipad for Spotify rather than streaming directly from a PC. I've had a chat to someone else who has suggested that i could pick up a Sonos Connect Gen 1 for about $100, and use the Sonos S1 app which is still on the app store. This would be a really tidy solution for me - anybody have one that isn't bricked?
  9. Item: Cheap streamer for friend Price Range: Very low $ Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I have spent so long upgrading over the last ten years I have completely lost touch with the value end of the spectrum. I have a mate I am trying to help out who is putting together a system after many years out of the game. He has had his old Musical Fidelity A1 and an Acoustic Research TT serviced ready to go, inherited an Audiolab 8200CD player and pair of Tannoy speakers. He loves the sound of it, but wants a way to get the family involved. The Audiolab has coax, optical and US
  10. +1 as well. Recently bought some Furutech connectors at great pricing, cheap postage, and they arrived in less than 4 days. Very responsive to email queries as well - from the MD/CEO actually
  11. After many years of thinking about it, I finally bought a pair of HD800s. Unmodded, totally stock. I picked up an Aurealis copper litz balanced cable for them, and sat down while working today to give them a fair crack. I have read many reviews over the years about these 'phones, but have still been surprised by just how good they are. Listening to Lisa Gerrard "The Silver Tree" was revelatory, I found myself regularly stopping working to marvel at the sound. I am very, very happy with this purchase.............. but........... I'm not sure I find the ear-pa
  12. Just a bit of a heads up for anyone buying anything from Moldova. I bought some valves from an Ebay seller based in Moldova - I know, perhaps foolhardy, but the valves I was after are generally only available from the former eastern bloc. I was told they were sent registered post shortly after I paid. They arrived today, 29 March 2021, post marked 30 October 2020..............1 day short of 5 months..... I'm not sure how their postal system "works", how many sherpas or donkeys were involved, but letting you know it appears your item will get here eventually. Cheers!
  13. Something special for our anniversary lunch. It deserves the accolades.
  14. Ahh, that all makes sense now. As I have FTTC, and the pit is literally on our front verge, if I connect to that, NBN will run a cable from the fibre to my house. If I go FTTP, then they run fibre all the way in. My only question is, I have read they connect to the existing copper telephone cable, can you specify a new cable? Our home phone line has been patchy for us in the past, so my preference would be a new cable - is that possible? We don't really use our landline any more, and switched to Foxtel satellite, so I have no idea about its current performance. We always had issue
  15. I’m a bit mixed up on the terminology. Is HFC the cable joining FTTC to my house, or is it something else? If the FTTC connection isn’t HFC, what are my speed options? Sounds like I would be wasting my money on FTTP at this stage, and for a while to come, and may even get it free at some point.
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