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  1. markm1111

    Dark horse speakers at $4k?

    @Arcsabre I would have a good look at these. I sold my BR1s due to a change in use of my room, but I thought they were fantastic speakers. The BR2s are level above again. These wouldn't take up much more floor space than a pair of C1s as the C1s are so deep, the BR2s are front ported which gives you much more flexibility on positioning, good for a small room, and the bass is excellent. If you can get a listen to a pair of any of the BR range in Perth, I think you might be very surprised. I also second the comments about the Arcam AVR - I would be going for a really nice 2 channel integrated with HT bypass, and a much cheaper AVR for HT duties. I have had separate stereo and HT systems using the same speakers i my living room for almost 10 years now, after having just an AVR, and I wouldn't go back.
  2. markm1111

    SOLD: FS: Aurealis R1 Dragon

    I'll take it please
  3. markm1111

    FREE- Signed CD raffle

    Thanks Anthony, and also thanks to Jeremiah. I am looking forward to having a listen!
  4. I've recently taken up exercising daily, and listen to music as I do it. I'm sick of the feedback from the swishing cable of my otherwise excellent sounding Hifiman RE-400s. I'm looking for comfortable in canal earphones, Bluetooth, with good battery life. I wear glasses all the time, so would like an ear clip that is slimline if it has one. Earbuds fall out of my ears, so needs to be in canal. Not interested in on-ear or over-ear. Good sound is a must as well. Some level of water resistance would be good too. Any recommendations out there? So much choice and the reviews online usually list 10 or more, difficult to sift through. Thanks in advance
  5. markm1111

    FREE- Signed CD raffle

    I like the bio, think the music might be for me. Please include me in the draw
  6. Hi Tom I'd like the following please Daft Punk - Random Access Memories Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Oscar Peteron Trio - Night Train The Lumineers Tracy Chapman Belle and Sebastian - Boy With the Arab Strap Jazz at the Pawn Shop Keith Jarrett (can't read the title, the white one) Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Hum and Tijuana Moods Amy Winehouse - Back to Black Cannonball Adderley - mercy mercy mercy John Coltrane - A Love Supreme Thanks
  7. Item: Paradigm Stylus 470 v3 white outdoor speakers, brand new, 2 pairs Location: Sydney North Shore or City Price: $550 per pair plus postage Item Condition: Brand new in box, one box still sealed Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these from Eastwood Hifi about 12 months ago or so in anticipation of putting them on our planned new deck. I spent a lot of time researching the best sounding and most durable outdoor speakers (this is our third reno, so i wanted to get them right this time...), and came up with the Paradigms. The new deck didn't eventuate at the time, and had to be redesigned, and these excellent speakers won't suit the new design we intend to build. One box has been opened to just check they were the right speakers, and they have been sitting in my office ever since they were delivered. They are brand new. The current rrp is $1,199 per pair. They are on sale at Eastwood Hifi now for $699 per pair. Save yourself an additional $150 per pair by buying these. You won't get better bang for your buck in outdoor speakers, the 8" mid/bass driver has heaps of punch, and they are consistent to that clear Paradigm sound. Please see the link for specs. https://www.paradigm.com/products-current/type=outdoor/model=stylus-470/page=overview They can be collected near Chatswood, at the bridge end of Kent St in the city, or we can arrange courier collection from my office. Whatever suits you Pictures: Some stock pics and then the actual boxes
  8. Class AB Vitus RI-101 in the listening system, Class D Bel Canto pre and M1000 monos in the family room system. I like the sound of both, the Bel Canto gear is convenient in size yet powerful. The Vitus is very refined yet very powerful, I love it. I have had valve headphones amps and small integrateds in the past, will probably buy another valve headphone amp at some point.
  9. I have had a few Squeezeboxen over the years, and was always very happy with them. I still have a couple, streaming from my NAS. I’m not sure exactly why I decided to try an Aurender, but I am extremely glad I did. I haven’t done a controlled comparison with the SB Touch (plus extras), but I feel the sound has improved, albeit incrementally. However, the Aurender app is superb, the Tidal integration is excellent. I’ve just signed up for the MQA app, so I get the first unfold on the masters tracks. This really makes the most of my system. I also like the idea of having a second copy of all my files on site - you can never have too many backups! My only regret is that I have the N100H, with my changes in layout I could really use an extra output from the Aurender. The N100C would be ideal, but not cost effective for me to change. Hope that helps a little.
  10. Thanks everyone for input. I appreciate you taking the time, and it goes to show everyone has different preferences and hears things differently. I have decided to trial something a bit left field, a Playback Designs Merlot. Like the Chord dacs, it is FPGA. However, unlike Chord, Playback Designs provides software updates on an ongoing basis to upgrade the dac. There aren’t a huge number of reviews out there, but from what I have read I have been intrigued. The Merlot is only a couple of years old, and coms on the back of the very highly regarded MPS-5 sacd/dac. Anyway, I will report back in the next month or so. Thanks again
  11. A lot can happen in a few months. I had a bit of an epiphany, and decided to pull together the best sounding system IMHO that I could afford. Out went the Luxman, as much as I loved it, for something more powerful, a Vitus RI-101. Added a Bel Canto CD3T for those times I feel like spinning silver discs. A new platform for the Kuzma which looks a lot more refined and is easier to get level. And the piece de resistance, the real evolution (or should I say micro evolution...... [emoji14]) my new TAD Micro Evolution Ones. These speakers are what I have been looking for ever since I heard my first pair of high end speakers at Victor's place quite a few years ago. They aren't even run in, but their sound has me mesmerised. I have done nothing but listen to music since I hooked them up. I look forward to many wasted hours. At some point I will pen some detailed musings, but for now, a few pics.
  12. markm1111

    My System this morning

    Was supposed to be this morning but damn chores took precedence, so afternoon it is. Just listening with a smile on my face, the new RI-101 and ME1s are sublime.....
  13. Now that you have hopefully found a solution, I couldn't help myself: So your Foobar is FUBAR'd??? It's been a long week.......