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  1. I used to have a Chinese badged version, the Classic 6.10. Great little amp, wish I still had it. See IIRC, the talk around 10 years ago was that the Plessis S1 was a rebadged version of this amp. If you look closely at the pics, you would be hard pressed to argue.... However, please see comments in following post for an alternative view on the provenance
  2. I have two small tasks that need doing, but I don't want to stuff them up myself. Looking for ideas on an economical way to get them done. 1. A pair of Jungson silver XLR cables. These were squeezed a bit in their installation, one cable in particular. They are quite stiff near the connector, and unknown to me, it was bent quite a bit. Ultimately, it has bent too far and is now damaged. I need to remove the connector, cut down the wire, then re-attach. Beyond my very, very basic soldering skills, so need help. 2. I have a 4m custom headphone lead that currently has a mini-xlr connector on it. I want to remove this connector, split the cable for use in a dual entry headphone, and attach the appropriate Mr Speakers connectors, to use with my Aeon Flows. The current cable is nicely sheathed, and I know I would make a mess of it, so looking for an alternative. Any suggestions welcome 🙂
  3. @harmo_hammer Thanks Hamish, great summary, much appreciated. No berating from me, I'm interested in all views. Just for the record, I don't intend to bi-wire. I have a great pair of single run cables in the Aurealis silver/copper litz 400, with matching jumpers. I figured i was better off spending my money on one pair of excellent cables, than two pairs of lesser cables. My main question is around which terminal to connect first. I liked @Muon N' suggestion of positive to the high, negative to the low, it's an each way bet, so will try that for a while.
  4. I wouldn't rule out running Roon because you have to pay for software. At $700 or so AUD for a lifetime licence, the cost is immaterial in comparison to what you are prepared to pay for the streamer itself. I am currently in my free phase of Roon, having moved from Aurender. There are a lot of things to like about it so far, although I am yet to fully work through to see if there is anything missing that I had with Aurender. Note, Roon works with the Innuos, and I think the Antipodes as well (but check that one)
  5. Excellent, thanks guys. I had Geoff at Aurealis make me some matching jumpers for his speaker cables, both in silver/copper litz, so I have that covered. Now just to try out that alternating input. Much appreciated for the input and the links
  6. Firstly, apologies if this has previously been covered, but I couldn't find anything along these lines. I have speakers with bi-wire inputs. I utilise jumpers between the two pairs of terminals, and single speaker cables running from the amp. Is there any recommendation between connecting to the woofer terminals first, then jumping to the mid/tweeter terminals, or connecting to the mid/tweeter terminals first then jumping to the woofer terminals? Thanks in advance
  7. Being a long weekend, it justifies consecutive nights..... I approached this one with some trepidation. It had been on several moves, been cellared well and not so well over time. I wasn't expecting much, even anticipated pouring the thing out. I let it breath for about 4 hours. It actually surprised on the upside. A little bit of bricky colour, but still plenty of red. Past its absolute best, but still a very enjoyable drink with plenty of fruit flavour. For a 25 year old wine with dodgy history, it was a cracka!
  8. I guess when you reach half a ton people tend to go the extra yard. Yes, it was a very nice gift, and worth saving for a special occasion. We very much enjoyed it
  9. Followed up by a nice little find - was drinking superbly
  10. Bit of a celebration last night. This was a gift - superb bubbles, but not sure if I would stump up the cash
  11. Not an option for me, only output on both Zenith and N100 is USB. I might temporarily pull my Audiophilleo 2 out of the other system to give it a try, but I don't want to permanently introduce another element. If that works, then I might have to try different USB cables to see if any of them make a difference.
  12. @Sime @Ittaku Thanks for the thoughts guys. Unfortunately it isn't just at the beginning of the track. It happens sporadically throughout the song, no particular time intervals, very inconsistent. It almost feels like it is buffering
  13. I'm hoping another M-Scaler owner might be able to help me out here with a bit of an issue. Firstly, some background. My M-Scaler runs into a Chord Dave via twin Analysis Plus BNC cables. Source is an Innuos Zenith connected to M-Scaler via Curious USB. Previous source was an Aurender N100. When playing 16 bit 44.1kz files, the system works perfectly. I accept others may have different opinions, but I love the sound, the level of detail. It is the best my system has ever sounded. The issue arises when playing higher resolution files Anything over cd quality results in irregular pauses/silences in the music. Not long, maybe a second, but incredibly annoying. It has happened with both sources, and from locally hosted high res files and Tidal MQA files (first unfold on the Aurender). I tried reducing the level of upscaling but that didn't make a difference. I have searched for this issue but haven't found other references to it. Has anybody else come across this problem, or read about it somewhere? Any feedback would be appreciated
  14. Double J for me, with occasional ABC Jazz. Great for the car
  15. I thought very seriously about a second hand pair of these last year, but in the end suffered from the same sort of room issues so passed them up. I heard Victor's pair of Mk 1s, and was absolutely blown away, They actually started my search for high end speakers. In the right room with the right amp, these would be amazing.
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