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  1. Found this in bottom of the rack, drinking very nicely
  2. @kc100 I have an Emotiva XPS-1 I'm not using you could have for $125 plus postage. Very versatile unit for the money https://emotiva.com/products/xps-1
  3. I’ll take the Diana Krall Live in Paris and Miles Davis please
  4. @Monkey_Relish, @benny Just one more question if I may, with the plug pack, i have found 3 I can repurpose, all 12 V, but they are 1.25 amp, 2 amp, and 2.5 amp. From what I can see on the listing, the rated amperage is o.7 amp. Is the 1.25 amp psu going to be too powerful for it, or ok for the short duration it will be used? I also have a few lower voltage ones, but assume they will be useless Thanks very much again Mark M
  5. @Monkey_Relish That's fantastic, thanks for posting. Just ordered the online parts, and a trip to Bunnings for the rest on the weekend. Will hunt around my box of old electronics for a psu as well
  6. Thanks Peter, but no RCM. Just a US bath and record kit I bought from a member. I think possibly some form of filtration regularly rather than constant should be the go, will figure it out over time I guess
  7. I found a couple of bottles of Melody Mate I was given ages ago, which contains isopropyl alcohol. Now i just need to figure out what the proportion the mix is to adjust when record cleaning. I too noted that IPA is almost impossible to get now. Fingers crossed I can find a store open to buy the Ilford
  8. Thanks @t_mike, that is exactly what I am after. As I read it, it seemed quite familiar. I think that was where I got to previously, just hadn't book-marked or written anything down. I'll add that to my Bunnings list for the weekend
  9. Nice answer - lucky I'm not that big on chocolate cake! But seriously, I'm happy to just try to find the main ingredients for now, and maybe even a few special ingredients if they aren't wildly expensive, I will have plenty of time to research and test the measurements and combinations over the coming weeks and months.
  10. Hi All Before I get berated too badly, and I do acknowledge this is my own fault, I would like a quick answer on what supplies I need to set up my ultrasonic cleaner. I know the information I need is already here on the forum, but I don't have the time right now to search for it (I suspect), however please read on. I bought one of these machines about two or three years now. A couple of moves and a reno in a short period of time, some very significant health issues for a long period, and then a very heavy work load meant it has never been set up. I have read various threads on this over time, but never landed on what exactly I needed. It has the normal bath, I just need to know what to fill it with. I also vaguely recall some sort of diy filter mechanism using an aquarium pump and filter medium. A a result of the pandemic, we have moved our firm out of the city office and into remote working. I am responsible for a large book of clients, and am also part of the management team, and responsible for the IT function (but I'm not a techo). It is my busiest time of year from a client workload perspective, so right now I can barely scratch myself. I am actually posting this as part of procrastinating as I sit here working for yet another late night. All of this is just to give background why I can't concentrate to do the research right now. I believe very soon we will be in lock down, and it won't be short. In order to have some sort of silver lining out of the tough times to come, I would like to clean my records. I have the USM, now I just need the consumables and filter, and want to order them ASAP. Can anyone help me out with links to the right parts of the various threads to read? Thanks in advance, and apologies for being so disorganised Mark M
  11. Oops, sorry. Attention to detail in my reading, not......
  12. Is that $700 for both, or $700 each? What length are they?
  13. Well, if its heavy you are looking for, why stop at the Kuzma Stabi Ref II? Go the whole hog, Kuzma Stabi M. 60kg, 12kg platter, can fit a 12 inch tonearm under the lid.... Or if you really want to go all out, the Kuzma Stabi XL, 80kg of analogue goodness with a 22kg platter As for all things Kuzma, speak to Warwick or Rom at Sonic Purity Disclaimer - I do like my Kuzma 🙂
  14. A former member used a pair of larger Harbeths, may have been the 30.1s, with a Luxman 507ux. I wasn't in the market for speakers when I bought the Luxman off him, but the sound was superb when I listened for a few hours with him. Might be worth a look
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