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  1. @Yamaha_man, would the SBT with the Boulder mods be my old one? I regret selling that, as I am now getting a new lease of life from my SBTs as Roon endpoints, and the one in my living room is being fed directly via Cat 6 from my Innuos Zenith MkIII in the study. I want to max it out, the Boulder mods would be just the ticket!
  2. Didn't even know this existed. Very happy with my CMA400i, can only imagine how good this would be
  3. What are those speakers? Are they a fonken variant? Interested....
  4. The X14A would be a great option, but unfortunately they don't have the wireless functionality. It seems to be coming down to the LSX and XEO2 for functionality, size and budget. I do have to get them past the significant other, so the silver ones for sale on SNA won't cut it. They need to be unobtrusive, so black it is. Unusual I know, but our walls are painted a deep navy blue, so black will meld in, silver would stand out like the proverbials.....
  5. Great post to get the suggestions coming John. I now have two amps needing 12AU7s (changed the Ming Da...), so will use this as a bit of a guide. Saves me some research time. Now just to work on the EL84s and the 6N6s. Tube rolling is fun, yes?
  6. I wish............an amp on my bucket list, but unfortunately the time isn't right. GLWS
  7. Thanks Bill. I was intending to come to you if I decide I need a permanent pair - in the meantime I was hoping to just compare the amps at low cost with a second hand pair.
  8. I had the Curious USB, and upgraded to the Curious Evolved. At the same time i bought a Wireworld Silver Starlight 7. In my opinion, the Evolved is better than both of these, with the WW SS7 just ahead of the standard Curious. I have yet to try the Platinum Starlight 7 or the Heimdall 2, but for now, I am very happy with the Evolved. I should get around to listing the Silver Starlight 7, which is the 0.3m version. @genkifd it might be of interest to you?
  9. Item: Male RCA to female XLR interconnect cable pair Price Range: Budget to moderate Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I have two amps I want to compare from the same source, swapping headphones between them but don't want to have to plug and unplug at the back in between. Length say 50 cm to 1m. Don't want to pay a fortune, as I may end up using only the one amp. Will decide afterwards if I want a permanent rca to xlr cable and get something better made. A female rca to female xlr adaptor might work, but it could be clunky in the space I have so cable is the preferenc
  10. Updated my query to reflect a bit of a budget - have had some cracking suggestions if budget wasn't a consideration though!! Thanks
  11. Hi. I want a very minimalist system for our lounge room. Hope to install a gas fireplace (fluing is complex though) by next winter. This will mean we use this room a lot more, and I can use it to relax in front of a fire with a glass of red/whisky and some tunes. I will be using both a headphone rig and some background small speakers. I want to keep the cabling to an absolute minimum, so the ability displayed by the two Kef speakers above is very interesting to me. Is there anything else out there that can transmit wirelessly between speakers rather than being connected by cable? I
  12. This might seem random, but keep an eye on the unclaimed post auctions. I lost a Jelco 750B in the post about a year ago. I'm not sure how long things take to move through to the auctions, but its worth a shot. It was in perfect condition when I packaged it. I had someone else post it for me, and despite me asking for registered or express post, they managed to send it without any form of tracking or ID..... 😞
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