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  1. Ive found i still prefer the sound of my old Touch to either the HEOS as a player using my DAC and using the built in DAC in the HEOS. I cant put my finger on why just yet though.....maybe just used to the sound of the SB/DAC combo i have. I cant say that the HEOS is offensive/lacking or harsh in any way....just different i think. I also find the control app a little frustrating as i havnt figured out how to create a 'Favorites' section as you can do in the Squeezebox app. I must admit i havnt put too much effort into looking into it as yet. On a more positive note i do like the way i can just fire up my system and the HEOS works every time and all my tracks are there....the old SB was a bit "touchy" (pardon the pun) sometimes trying to connect. Certainly not having to fire up my computer and then run SB server is a welcome change.
  2. It’s an old Marantz 6001 .......and I’ve solved it .....well more like accidentally pushed the right button.There is a series of buttons behind a flap on the Marantz .One of those buttons is labelled ‘auto’ .Ive seen it before and found that pushing it never made any difference that I could detect, so have ignored it .I have no idea what it does normally ,but now pressing it seems to have fixed my problem. My wife asked me how I fixed the problem ....I told her I pushed a button.....she patted me on the head,told me I should work in the ‘genius’ bar and laughed all the way back upstairs. hummmp I’ve settled in for some comparative listening between the Squeezebox through my Stello dac,the HEOS through the Stello dac and the HEOS through its own dac.
  3. Yes you’re right..... but it’s hard not to want your cake ...and eat it too. I am persisting at this stage .....there are a plethora of combinations to try before I give up yet ,
  4. Ummm ,well I thought about it overnight and was convinced it was the PCM output setting on either the tv,the receiver or both.Been fiddling with those settings now for a while but with no luck.Also went into Netflix Settings but nothing there that seems to relate to audio settings. Anyone ?...
  5. Well I’ve had some success with the reformat of the 128gb stick. Heos recognises it and mostly seems to function well enough,I did notice that at some stage it failed to read the stick when I selected list all tracks,giving a message that there was “no media”. It had listed them earlier in the day....so that’s a work in progress.It still shows them all under artist,album,genre though.... The next issue I have now is some sort of hookup problem I think but it’s a doozy. In my lust to use as many options on the HEOS as possible I decided to hook up my AV system through the HEOS as well. Ive connected the toslink out from my receiver to the optical in (toslink) on the HEOS and hey voila ......tv sound through my hi fi system.That was easy.... BUT when I clicked on the tv’s Netflix icon to watch a movie .......no sound out through the HEOS to the hi fi system.What the hell.....thought it was all going too well. Its got me stumped at the moment but hopefully the answer will come to me overnight. If anyone else has ideas why this is happening please share with me. What I’ve done so far..... Flicked between all the inputs on the Marantz receiver even though the digital outs should be common to all inputs. Rechecked the HEOS app to make sure I’m selecting the optical input.
  6. This seems to be a one sided conversation now ,but just to keep the thread useful i’ll Keep posting my findings. Turns out the 128 gb USB stick and the 120gb SSD drive were in fact formatted ex-fat not fat32 whereas the 16 gb was fat32. Of course trying to reformat drives larger than 32 gb to fat32 is not so easy,but after some research I found a nice little program that did it in seconds . So now I’m copying all my music files to one of those drives and will see how HEOS fares then.
  7. So it looks like the HEOS is only recognising the 16gb drive .I was under the impression that the HEOS was not limited by the old 32gb barrier....surely that’s not the case..Could it be that the HEOS is just taking so much time to read 120 gb worth of files .Its been on there for about 20 mins now without recognising it .
  8. Oh o ,good news I’ve suddenly got recognition of one of my drives....now if I can just figure out how to get the volume slider working .......
  9. Oh no ..I’m having bad déjà vu .....Squeezebox horror story setup all over again. Ok so I got a chance just now to install the HEOS. Setup instructions are next to useless and assume a level of experience with the unit before you even start. Eg very unclear instructions regarding using a wired or wireless connection.Im using a wired connection. However I managed to get the HEOS recognised and the front light is a now a solid blue. BUT I cannot get the thing to recognise any USB sticks I plug in. All are formatted FAT32 as stipulated and I tried a 16gb, 128gb stick and a 120gb SSD drive .All the drives have nothing but music on them in a variety of file types . What am I doing wrong .?
  10. Ok guys, thanks for your advice . I will hook it all up tomorrow and see how it goes .
  11. Umm that advice came to me directly from the HEOS help line (email) So let me see if I understand you guys. To use the HEOS with my Stello DAC I can connect from HEOS coax out to Stello coax in. To use the HEOS inbuilt DAC I connect HEOS pre outs to my pre amp input
  12. Thanks sakabatou, but what I was wanting to do was somehow try to use the HEOS in built DAC.I am curious to know if it will sound better than my relatively “old” Stello DAC.
  13. I’ve been given a HEOS LINK device to replace my Squeezebox touch.After looking at the interesting assortment of rear connections it occurred to me that I may not be able to use it with its built in dac.At the same time it bought up a question about how I have connected my Touch into my system .....but I’ll get to that in a minute. The HEOS has a coax out ,a toslink out, and a set of rca pre outs. .Heos advise that if I wish to use an external dac that it should be connected via the pre outs. My question is ....what if I want to use the HEOS inbuilt dac? How do I connect it to my pre amp which only has analogue rca type inputs? Presumably I cant unless my preamp has digital inputs? This then made me think about my Touch which has been connected via its coax out to my Stello DAC coax in...then to my preamp via the Stello’s line outputs. Have I been using the Stello DAC with my Touch OR was it actually the Inbuilt dac in the Touch that was doing the DA work. Can I connect the HEOS coax / toslink outputs to my Stello coax or toslink inputs.?
  14. Yes ,you’re right ....’touching’ at the shows is not a good idea.Dumb thing for me to say.More so because so much on display is high end expensive .(that’s part of the problem though with hi fi now isn’t it) I guess I was meaning “close examination “ you know,looking at the back to see what connections are there,what does the remote feel like if it has one,how well does the software function etc etc.These are all things that can be done at a dealers place I know...but that’s also part of the problem for a lot of us now. Krispy,yours was one of the very first rooms I went into ,and I did notice that you had a lot of gear on display,(i was excited because I thought all the rooms may be similarly stocked with such variety,)unfortunately that was not to be .When I went to your room it was quite full and I skipped out intending to go back later,but ran out of time and sadly never made it back there. Id like to relate a little story ,my wife was looking for a new designer handbag(as they do) while we were in Melbourne,but I suggested she just buy one online.Her response was swift telling me in no uncertain terms that if she is going to be spending a few thousand bucks on a handbag ( yikes) she wants to see and hold it first.We ended up at a big fashion Shopping Centre ,and went into every bag shop there .One place starting with a D wouldn’t let her touch the bag she liked the ‘look’ of,another place starting with a G wouldn’t even let us in unless we lined up at the door.(never gonna happen).Needless to say all this pissed the missus right off.She had been prepared to spend a few thousand dollars on a designer handbag,but the snobbery and high handed attitude to letting her have a ‘tactile’ experience with her potential purchase left her annoyed and defiant.She ended up feeling very happy with a $500 bag purchase from David Jones.(phew) The similarities to purchasing expensive hi fi were not lost on her and she reckoned I was lucky I could at least travel to a dealer to get that tactile experience. I hate it when they’re always right.
  15. I attended both hi fi shows and I know I’m going to be out on my own here but it seems to me that the assumption at these shows is that everyone is shopping for speakers, ..........(or rooms are just vying for best sound of the show).Its become the norm for every room to have to have a system playing music . Im sure a number of folks are interested in auditioning for another set of speakers but I’m also sure a lot of us are also interested in seeing ,touching and hearing other equipment as well ,and that option seems to be very limited.Its not only difficult to examine the equipment playing,but most systems seem to be aimed at the upper end of the cost spectrum (with some exceptions) and most distributors don’t exhibit more than one model of a brand of equipment. I’ll be the first to admit I have absolutely no idea how costly and difficult it is for exhibitors to set up and run these rooms.I imagine it’s both difficult and expensive but given that’s the case why not use two rooms(there seemed to be plenty spare adjacent rooms especially at the Como)one room for system/s playing music and the adjacent room for displaying various equipment and models....I mean if you’re going to that much trouble to exhibit why not show equipment. It is a “Show” after all isn’t it . Hi Fi shops are getting few and far between unfortunately , and for those of us who live in the hi fi wilderness these shows are the only way to see (maybe listen)and short list potential equipment.Ive come away none the wiser about buying a new media player/streamer( and I came with money in hand)
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