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  1. 16mm MDF is good enough, have you got a cabinet volume in mind for the woofer, sealed (less bass or doof doof) or ported vs the bass response you want and crossover circuit design? Assuming A4 front baffle size it might be equal depth so about 9L internal volume for a 16 cm woofer. There are various free web downloads like WINSD Linear Team woofer from driver database or punch it in to model and calculate speaker box volumes and see what the bass response will look like according to the port diameter and length for a ported design or none for sealed enclosure. To get a nice ported bass response extension of around 40-60 Hz you need to model response with the size and box volume. To make it easier look for DIY internet speaker designs using these parts or find designs and look for exact tweeter and woofer similar in price to what you are currently looking at. Also have a read here before proceeding https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/189847-introduction-designing-crossovers-measurement.html
  2. There is a Musical Fidelity A3 for $800 in Perth Gumtree for 10 weeks, which you should seriously consider offering $700. It is likely to have way better sound than the others because it is an audiophile grade product and heavily built.
  3. 1.1 ohm load seems hard to believe that Focal would make a generally good mass market speaker for such a difficult load with very few mid fi priced amps to match with it, in practice it may not be that bad. The Arcam is quite old mid 80s amp and more likely to need servicing sooner than later. The Denon seems the chunkiest built and powered 115w into 8 ohm among them followed by the NAD, which might translate on paper into something but it may be a bad sound match also. Best to try them out. If you are Ok with old amps you could wait for a Yamaha PA2200 or 2100 for around $300-600, they are not true integrated amps and have only one input though with built in volume controls and a preamp can be added later but work in the interim. These are heavy duty 20kg PA amps good for hifi, 200w 2 ohm load and about three times the build of something like a 6kg Arcam. An old NAD 3020 amp do as well and Gumtree interstate may have them, I have a 3120 version if you like to PM me. The capacitors in such old amps will likely need servicing and sound dull or smooth but may be ok with a bright sounding speaker. Otherwise popular options around Gumtree interstate to consider can be Audiolab 8000A, Pioneer A400, Mission Cyrus, various Musical Fidelity and larger Rotel etc. If lucky and at a stretch might be possible to put together a cheap tube or non tube preamp with high power Rotel power or similar that would beat most intergrated options. Edit: also keep eye out for others like newish Yamaha As700 etc.
  4. Thanks for comments, howabout something like a Thor PS10 https://www.thortechnologies.com.au/product/ps10-smart-power-station/#techSmart be suitable setting at 220v output?
  5. Apart from being 20v outside spec what would be the other issues using the below Variac on two 400W 220V mono block power amps? Would the 2kva Variac be suitable to run both amps at the same time? Any other options? These are selling on Aust eBay $95 from Aust distributer but sourced from China.
  6. It depends also a lot on the woofer and what it’s best designed for. The holy grail is probably a sealed design that has the bass extension, tightness of both designs but minus the overhang of ported designs, which is very rare. I’ve heard a number of expensive sealed designs but very few or none have extended as well as a good ported design. Generally agree if you are adding a sub then a sealed woofer system in the main speakers is good way to go, however many ported speakers with higher or lower bass extension frequency can work well also. Best to try both types and integrate with a particular sub and see which you like the best in the room acoustics you have.
  7. Little speakers are always going to struggle to fill the room and sound thin but a warm lush sounding amp can make up for it like a tube preamp with solid state power amp. What size room do you have and how are speakers setup against wall, stands etc. Have you got stereo listening triangle sorted, google that If unknown.
  8. Havnt heard your amp but it appears to be quite mid fi ish though with good reviews and upgrade there would make more difference, check the below average looking innards below if that is any visual indication to go by. Your speakers are $3k rrp and would maximising performance with better amp. A $1-1.5k used amp, separate pre amp tube and SS combo would be worth considering. Something like a Schiit Frey preamp and matching other power amp
  9. What is the floor construction between upstairs and ground floor, any openings connecting passage areas etc? If concrete good insulation already.
  10. The Denon is an option, they are around 1995 vintage and audioreview.com users say good sound. There are other more modern looking and newer amps if they come up for sale around $300 like Audiolab 8000A and Arcams etc. Not many options in Perth Gumtree ATM, but be patient. Consider other states and postage. Understand reluctance with used speaker condition. Google for how to choose used speakers but generally listen to them, make sure left and right sound is equal, look under covers for damage, put ears up close to tweeter and woofer to hear its working, test at moderately high levels and listen for strange noises etc. If the seller looks dodgy avoid.
  11. For that low budget there is certainly no limitation living in Perth as there are enough audio shops where you can visit and hear equal or better stuff that you would be way more sure about than buying the Missions blindly. If you are Ok to buy used amp then why not speakers and sub like the ones mentioned above. The Bronze speakers can be found for $200-300 used and depending how old gear you are Ok with there are plenty of good used subs for $60-300 like Sony SAW40 or Rel that we’re $400-1000+ rrp. If you search comments AV amps in your price range used or $3k new often sound terrible for music, hence a used integrated amp like Audiolab 8000, Mission Cyrus, Musical Fidelity, NAD, Arcam, Rotel etc for around $300-600 can be way better sounding. However, such amps don’t have a sub connection that allows it to play on more than one input source (using Y split connector). So won’t be able to use the sub on more than one source like CD or TV/HT mode. Some AV amps tend to sound better than others such as Marantz and others. AV amps depreciate horrendously so it might be possible to find an expensive used one that was once worth several thousands for $300-500 and the sound better than abismal. Perhaps search Gumtree and SNA classified and return with models for further comment. Edit: another way though needs more thinking is to get a used studio monitor active speaker that has amps built into them that will sound way better than an AV amp and find a suitable preamp, processor or use the preamp section of an av amp only it though it will be crappy on that end of it but active amps shouldn’t be.
  12. Heard the last model with matching preamp on Kef Blades and it was one of the best sounds ever heard, beautiful control, precise detail and imaging, effortless.
  13. Also checkout some Naim, Musical Fidelity and Roksan amps which have nice musical character and not bland sounding. Yamaha AS1100 and 2100 getting good reviews as well. Some cheaper but good sound separate tube preamp and solid state power amp combos can be found also like new Schitt Freya pre $1000 rrp or similar ($700 used Audio Research LS7 or Conrad Johnson 10) and say an old Quad 405 amp $400 used or similar like high power Rotel or Emotiva power amps, Class D and Hypex modules etc. A well matched combo would blow away any of the integrated amps mentioned but sub woofer use needs to be sorted. There are some good speaker used in Gumtree ATM like Focal 826 floorstander for $1300 that maybe worth a look but seems like you like the B & W so stick with them.
  14. See pictures below. I have a spare old working tweeter for sale. For tweeter take out screws and fit a slightly larger screw to grip on plastic tweeter faceplate and stick out to allow claw hammer or similar tool to gently lift out all three screw points until finally free. For woofer do similar but it is harder to find a larger screw to grip. If the woofer roll surround needs replacing then it is easier to slip a large screw driver under and between woofer cone and outer metal frame, lift gently on all sides. Place a wooden batten like in the pictures between hammer and speaker surface to protect and leverage. The glue is not very strong once you initially lift, its like dried blu tack or kids play dough and easily scrapes off. Reseal with something like silicone sealant.
  15. Appears your phono setup is already good enough and this can often be the case with many equipment upgrades and swaps, while other times better but it is never certain until trial at home. Unless your processor or av amp preamp or DAC pre (whatever you are doing?) section is good enough, a 2 ch amp (intergrated or separate pre power combo), a good separate preamp should make a difference. Search other posts for preamps. Processors and av preamps are often quite muffled compared to a good 2 ch preamp and it can be a waste of time if you havnt sort this issue out. Also, read the forum threads on room acoustics to answer that part of your OP.
  16. The B&W 702 are $6k rrp Speakers and the various AV and power amps being considered are around $3-4K rrp so in theory in the ball park to match. If you search many common post questions you will see AV amps sound is not good compared to a dedicated 2 channel amp. More power doesn’t always translate to better sound unless the speaker needs it. The common answer for a HT setup seeking 2 ch sound quality is to have a HT bypass function on the AV amp that allows a 2 channel amp to be used as well so you switch from one to the other. Check which av amp models can do that and how to set this up in forum and other website info guides. Perhaps keep an AV amp with HT bypass and get a power power amp from $2-4K rrp. In addition to the current list, lookup 702 speaker user reviews of what amps are matching well. As you have a subwoofer, the need for an expensive floorstanding speaker is less and you can get away with a good standmount speaker at less $ and divert funds to amps and or spend less. See other posts for such speakers. Also, if you don’t already have it lookup how to setup and position a system in the equilateral triangle for 2 ch systems to get the best out of what you are trying to do.
  17. You can also try rotating from up to down the driver so that gravity pulls the cone down and it might be enough to stop the voice coil rubbing. If doesn’t work then see a repairer.
  18. It’s not that difficult to DIY it, plenty of YouTube tutorials. Might take about 1-3 hours depending on how it scraping etc and alignment of voice coil. I had success not removing the dust cap, simply gluing surround to woofer edge, wait to dry, then aligning the surround at the edge of woofer basket with clothes pegs, depressing woofer constantly to feel for scraping of voice coil, then gluing it gradually.
  19. If spending more something like a world class $3k rrp or cheaper used Supratek preamp with the Emotiva power amp would likely beat any $4-6k rrp intergrated. It’s often said, a good preamp can contribute to 50-60% of the sound quality. http://www.supratek.com.au The Darko Freya preamp youtube sums it up very well about the potential sterility of a non preamp based system.
  20. The Freya should work if things match much better than the integrated amp. There is a Youtube Darko Audio trial of a Freya preamp doing similar you can search. If you are patient there used similar tube preamps in the used sna section and Gumtree with Chinese tube preamps, custom builds, older general brands like that can be found for $300-500. My own example pics below both sound really good, one is tube and another solid state
  21. Depending on budget something like a tube preamp for around $500. There is / was a Conrad Johnson preamp for around $1k in Gumtree. Non tube preamps like Audiolab 8000Q may do for around $300-500.
  22. Consider one or two Apple Homepods.
  23. All of those amp options should be OK to try out. Havnt heard the speakers but Dyns tend to sound clean, detailed and not warm so try to search for reviews of amps indicating a warm sound to match the speakers. General idea is to mix warm with less warm sounding equipment so each doesn’t accentuate the other too much.
  24. Better audio experience means many things: 1. Sound quality - less but acceptable and not relevant to many like background music music listeners. 2. Choice and availability of music - infinitely better. It also helps to keep one up to date with discovery of latest artists and broadly expand the genre one grew up with. For oldish farts like me I’m really enjoying the latest artists at 1/3 my age and don’t have to be stuck in my own time warp. 3. If one upgrades to more more Rez streaming services the gap closes in theory equal or better to CD and vinyl. 4. Space wise and simplicity streaming takes much less room - another good experience.
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