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  1. Al.M

    Krix Neuphonix MK1 advice needed

    Hard to say until you compare them side by side in same room. Krix is valued more rrp, perhaps bigger bass, whereas the BW has a bigger midrange driver and metal dome tweeter so maybe sound balance is more that pronounced, just guessing. Overall the Krix on paper should be better but the personally I’m not a big fan of the ring radiator Vifa tweeter sound, very dry and uninviting.
  2. PM sent for audition if possible.
  3. Al.M

    High end bookshelf around $2K - $4K

    Used Sonus Faber Electra Amator with Dynaudio Esotar tweeter and modified resin coated Scanspeak 18w/8545 7 inch woofer beats all so far mentioned, tremendous tweeter detail, big deep bass and great mids and very musical. No need for subwoofer and competes with many medium size floorstanders for bass.
  4. Al.M

    Ming da 845 PP 75 watters

    How many watts are these?
  5. No, considering other things in life like a small new car costs around $15-30k and medium size ones around $30-60k and the number of parts and complexity are much more. The other side of the coin audio, companies need to run a business but there is a wide variation of manufacturing costs vs retail among many products that do the same thing and are of equal or close sound quality. For example, item A can cost $1k to make and sell for $10k due to inflated brandiing and consumer perception while item B will sell for $3-5k with less brand fame.
  6. Al.M

    What will the Millennials do?

    Apple Play and Spotify can list all your songs in the cloud so to speak and the same at your finger tips but the hi res quality goes down a bit. For background music makes no difference.
  7. Al.M

    Tinnitus and the Audio Addiction

    In addition to the tinnitus as we age our high frequencies reduce and threshold loss occurs dramatically to compound the issues as per graphs below. As high as 1 in 3 of us may be experiencing issues and people are scratching their heads why we are hearing or experiencing things differently when reviewing gear.
  8. Deposit received so provisionally sold.
  9. Is there a website that has specifications? I couldn’t find any specs online but Krix Aust can be contacted. I would guess they are about at least 100w, 88dB efficiency, crossover around 300-400hz and 3000hz. They are not power hungry, have been using 20w Passlabs F5 solid state, 60w Tube and 200w Goldmund copy amps, and they are good on all of them and levels of detail just keep increasing. The bass is very ample for a sealed speaker, they play very evenly at low to higher levels. I think Krix made a very functional, listenable and accurate speaker for ABC studios without the usual hifi BS. It’s taken me a lot of thinking to decide to finally sell these. I don’t play loud volumes maybe around 10-11am volume and that’s loud enough for me in a smaller audio room, Jazz, female vocals and guitars really nice. Edit: Pops to the rescue below with specs better than I guessed, thanks.
  10. I’ve added two more pictures showing the 2 small tweeter dome dints, one at top and another at bottom of one dome about 4-5mm long by 3mm across each. They are small and light so very hard to capture in the pictures. I havnt tried massaging the dints out and there is no audible sound issues.
  11. I can pack well for interstate freight no packaging cost.
  12. Al.M

    Yamaha RX-1100 Vs Rotel RB 1080

    Old amps can do 20-20khz and should on paper be able to do SACD but modern amps perhaps voiced more nicely. There are many sub $700 good old power combos like Quad 405, Adcom 555, Audiolab 8000P, other Rotel, Musical Fidelity, Bryston, ME and NAD etc.
  13. For amp suggestions see regular poster Cafads reviews of many items. Also, consider used Yamaha AS 2100 and 3000 amps and Musical Fidelity. Separate preamp and power combos can be put together as well with potential better results. See previous forum posts on this.
  14. Al.M

    Yamaha RX-1100 Vs Rotel RB 1080

    The Yamaha is a receiver meaning intergrated tuner and power amp in one unit and the Rotel is a power amp, which needs a preamp to go with it, so it’s like comparing apples to mangoes. For $1100 used there are many good integrated amps meaning volume, phono and input selector controls with decent power amp in one box. You can also put together a separate preamp with those controls and team with something like the Rotel for that price. See or search regular forum poster Cafad’s reviews of many integrated amps for ideas. If you want to use the Rotel look for many popular preamp brands from Rotel, Yamaha, NAD and others for around $200-700+ and post again here for reviews. Either upgrade should a lot better as receivers are known to have very blurry sound compared to good integrated amps.
  15. Item: Krix Monitor 250 Speakers Location: Perth Price: $650 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These were designed by Krix Australia for ABC broadcasting studios as a reference monitor and have been extremely well put together and excellent audiophile sound, highly detailed, fantastic midrange voice, imaging and clear detailed treble response in a sealed cabinet design giving ample yet tight and controlled bass response. Drivers used are Richard Allen 10 inch poly cone woofer, 3 inch poly cone midrange and 25mm dome fabric midrange. Solid 21kg cabinet in 60x34x36cm dimensions. Please note stands are not included. Overall condition very good with no cabinets damage or dents. One tweeter has slight indents otherwise all good. As a vintage speaker these are my favourite as they are really well judged with good tuneful bass for a sealed woofer design, very musical and sweet with midrange and tweeter detail response that is equal to modern speakers. Pictures: