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  1. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    The Goldmund copy amp that I mentioned previously came with the Goldmund gold coloured badge wrapped separately to the amp case so it was up the customer to decide whether to stick it on.
  2. The Ls50 midrange, coherence and imaging is probably one of the best around certainly at that price and most likely well above that and has great pace, timing and pretty good bass for its size. It is not as robust at very loud levels as some have experienced damage to voice coils. The Ls50 sounds significantly better on higher powered and gutsy amps so you need to consider what the quality of amp is. The Dynaudio D28 tweeter in the 52 speaker is a very sweet and detailed unit and will compete as well with modern equals and the midbass woofer Unit is also high quality and is better sounding than the Ls50 tweeter unit. The drivers in the old Dynaudios are about the same quality and heritage in the current modern Dynaudio equivalents. The 52 speaker is still very good and I don’t think modern equivalents would be significantly better. The issue with all older model Dynaudio speakers and even new ones is that if you damage a driver you will not be able to find spare parts as Dynaudio would not supply the part unlike other speaker driver makers who will. Instead you will need to buy the entire new driver via a service dealer at considerable expense. Alternatively, one can canabalise from used Dynaudio speakers. The cabinetry and appearance of modern Dynaudio equivalents appear much nicer.
  3. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Tried to look for hifi shops in Shanghai and Chengdu, came a across a few with lookalike mega speakers and gear but didn’t go the right places. Need to do better job of finding out next time. Joined several tours and mixed it with the locals, they are very sweet people really tried to help us despite the language barrier and our clumsiness, they were really honoured to have western foreigners as guests among them, would always look out for us, share and pay for our meals and tried to stop me using the ladies toilets because I couldnt figure out the signs. In a nice way they are very proud of their ancient culture that is now back on track and liked to let foreigners see it in a positive way. My biggest wish for China is that their regained economic success somehow results in political and human rights improvements than the current underlying scary potential situation. They have had a very rough time in the last few hundred years with their own Emperors loosing the plot, European and Japanese colonialism taking over their country selling opium back to their population, only to then have communism further ravage the place and now finally a brighter future. The futuristic Shanghai airport to city magnetic levitation train ride is amazing - 20km in 8min at 300kph for $8, in time for Peking duck Shanghai variation meal time
  4. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Because there’s a big red moderator warning notice at the bottom of page I’ll keep the new purchase in suspense until then, assuming it arrives in one piece and is what I thought I ordered etc. Back in them truly communist Iron curtain days in 1988 I was backpacking around and found myself in Moscow and boarded the trans Siberian train in winter bound for Beijing. After 9 days in Russia with not much but really good vodka to consume I had the most amazing Peking duck, never had anything like it since. If you haven’t already visited China please do so, very interesting and they are just human like any others around he world and a lot of negativity about them should soon dissolve.
  5. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I’ve bitten the bullet again a few weeks ago and ordered another knock off product preamp that I’m hoping will do as well as my last purchase of a Goldmund amp. hope to receive it around early Dec and may report back if moderator doesn’t pull trigger by then
  6. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Not true thousands of years ago they invented gun powder, paper, porcelain etc while Europeans were in the dark ages. There’s a reason why there are 1.3 billion of them, head start on the rest of the world, though they got off track the last few hundred years.
  7. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Most of those knock off sites say the designs are based on well known brands but don’t say exact copies. It’s very obvious from the locations, the descriptions etc that they are just that. Apart from the use of the brand name, it would be very difficult for the original company to claim these are exact knockoffs in circuit design down to the last detail. If one is just chasing a customised hand built amp that looks really well built these are a good deal if they sound good. Further up in this post I posted about a product I bought and had great success.
  8. Weakest Link(s) in the Audio Chain?

    First is the human factors - persons listening skills and experience, audio prejudices, physocology, biase, state of mind alertness varies throughout the day, for some hearing health and loss of high freq Second is the physical environment and equipment in order of - speakers, room, source quality, preamps and amps, all others are much less (CD players, DACs, network players, cables)
  9. Some DIY audiophiles are doing just that but it’s not easy, see DIY section here on SNA and http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/ Also, http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Diy_Loudspeaker_Projects.htm
  10. Perhaps try all the other suggestions and see if you are satisfied before resorting to room treatments and curtains. I had a similar room to yours and was able to achieve a good result. The rear reflecting wall may not matter as much as reflecting side and other walls. Also, don’t create a completely bare room that reflects more than a room with furniture that can help to breakup reflections, so long as the objects are not in the way of the main speakers. You could also try arranging the system to left or right or opposite wall if it suits.
  11. The calculator is suggesting ideal speaker distances to walls but clearly not practical as you don’t have the space and the equilateral listening triangle could not be formed. Just move things around and see what works and balance it with practicalities.
  12. NS1000's VS Proac Studio 100

    Even at age 17-20 yrs the average person would only be capable of hearing about 17khz and they are less likely to be into hifi and statistics say they will have greater general hearing loss later in life at an earlier age due to iPod generation and other music lifestyle listening habits than previous generation. Hi-Rez advocates are saying there are harmonics etc that are perceptible and the claim is that 30-40khz freqs are involved. That said however those hi Rez products often do sound very nice.
  13. FS: Wharfedale E 90 Speakers (Large)

    Had a pair of these in the past on a 60w Audiolab 8000A intergrated amp resulting in one of the most enjoyable memorable sounds as they are 95dB efficient, good on lower power amps, can be placed close to rear wall for bass reinforcement with highly charged and impacting good all round sound. These are in great shape and come with nice chrome rear handles.
  14. EOI: Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 6, Puppys Only

    Would it be worth hanging onto them incase the rest turned up later
  15. New XBox one x

    The 360 controller was not rechargeable, just get two sets of rechargeable AA batteries and they will last 5-7 days between charges. I use an Xbox One and have simple requirements no 4K TV, rarely use DVDs, instead just stream movies from Netflix, Youtube, Movie channel, Foxtel and play Titanfall online and happy with that. One thing I noted when going from 360 to One was the controller on One was less build quality than 360 controllers. Haven’t used other systems like PlayStation so probably don’t know the difference. I will need to upgrade to OneX sometime later so watching with interest here.