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  1. The bad driver can still have a signal but still sound off due to some other issues like there is grit in the voice coil and magnet gap (google what that looks like), or break in coil wire somewhere along it has a weak connection or frail due to being driven too hard and melted or weak connection. Best to find a local speaker repairer to have a look or find spares (canablised pair on eBay or contact Paradigm dealer). I doubt the drivers are a common Vifa, Seas or other driver maker (check label on magnet) where you might find them from manufacturers direct. Also, try thumping or sm
  2. The Kef Ref 1 although more $ would have been good to compare, a 3 way driver bookshelf size design with potentially incredible imaging from the dual concentric tweeter and mid driver unit.
  3. Also, as mentioned before while a subwoofer can make a big difference in the bass extension, depth and overall quantity, do you really need all that if your expectation of bass isnt there, music tastes don’t demand it or you feel no need. 50hz at +/-3 dB for your speakers on paper is quite sufficient as many bookshelf speakers only manage around 60-70hz bass extension and it’s about the same or close to what many medium size floorstanding speakers can do. If the amp is only sounding average with the speakers with dull voices and treble, you could end up with that plus a big bass th
  4. Here is a list of amps to look out for https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/325588-sna-amplifiers-and-preamps-audition-shortlist/page/2/ There are old integrated classics like Accuphase 202, Rotel pre and power combinations, Adcom 555 power amp, various Luxman, Quad 405 power amp, Yamaha M2 or P2200 power amps etc.
  5. In similar discussions about whether an amp can drive a speaker well enough, it’s often said that an amp should be able to drive the speaker at its lowest impedance measurement so the B&W speaker brochure says the lowest is 3.7 ohm so is the CA amp able to do that well and it’s own spec brochure says 4 ohm at 90w vs 60w at 8 ohm load, implying maybe not great. 3.7 ohm is getting low so you might find a better result with another amp that can really drive the speaker well at that low impedance load. It’s not only about increasing the watts to 100w as another better amp at say 50w at 8 ohm w
  6. A well matched subwoofer like a Rel would fill in the low frequency much better that many small bookshelf speakers can’t manage. If really low frequency and quantity bass is less important to you then maybe sell the CA and get an overall better quality and more powerful amp that can really grip the speakers better. There is an amp shortlist on the amp forum.
  7. A shelf has potentially bad reflections due to Rolf Harris like musical instrument wobble phenomenon, vibrates more than proper stands, has no pointed feet to decouple things, distances in the triangle will not be exact, thereby affects imaging/voice/bass quality and price of mangoes.
  8. Never seen that in several pairs I’ve had. You should try to adjust them correctly as it’s obviously not right.
  9. Congrats on the purchase, although that shelf setup really won’t do them proper justice. Link for proper setup below, an $11k bookshelf should have some decent solid stands, placed in proper listening triangle and spaced from rear wall. https://uturnaudio.com/pages/speaker-placement
  10. I’ve had the Acoustat Spectra 11 hybrid ESL panel and woofer system, which are quite nice. I had the 555 amp another time before the Spectra. The Spectra should be quite forgiving and work well on the 555se amp.
  11. Not trying to defend Stereo Coffee because I believe he is fully grown adult, but I’ve heard the very simple preamp he sells and makes and he is really onto something, they sound incredible for the price and nothing comes within 2-3 times the price, can be as good as some other things 20-30 times the price that only perform average. Perhaps search the reviews here of the Stereo Coffee preamp. We all have our angles.
  12. I used to have the old 555, which with the 2000 year mark 2 version (last pic) apparently sold about 100,000 units world wide regarded as one the best amps price wise. Reviews are saying the SE versions is basically a tweaked up version of the Mk2 and pictures below look that way, decent build quality. It was a powerful generally even handed sound. What preamp and speaker do you have.
  13. There is a HT forum for this you may get better responses.
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