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  1. Al.M


    What size room do you have and if you had to go used speakers how old would you be comfortable with? Are looking specially for bookshelf speakers or can floorstanding speakers be used in the room. Bearing in mind speakers around 20 years or more can still be good so long as they are in proper condition.
  2. The smart apps can be accurate enough for basic measurements that will get you within about 1-2dB accuracy. Google for reviews of the most accurate apps. Last I read there about 6 common apps accurate enough vs the very inaccurate ones that can be - +6 to 10dB or more out. You can search SNA forums for several past discussions and links.
  3. You would need replace the pots with set attenuation with some resistors to level the loudness between the drivers. Do some googling for an L pad circuit calculator which will get you in the ball park but measurements would be the best and then it all becomes too difficult. First bypass the pots without any L pad circuit and see what it sounds like then start adjusting if needed.
  4. Whatever speaker you consider should be matched to the measurements for the amp, Mark 2 version? which seems to be here https://www.stereophile.com/content/line-magnetic-audio-lm-518ia-integrated-amplifier-measurements $1k used budget can get you a lot of good standmount speakers like Jamo Concert 8, older version Proac Studio 100 or Ref 2, Sonus Faber, PMC in Perth Gumtree currently, Lenehans if spend a little more. Others to consider Legend and Spendor.
  5. Al.M

    VAF i66 vs Harbeth, ATC...

    15khz is average for the age and there is not much music freq that high so that’s not the issue. It’s more exposure and experience, trial and error of equipment that helps to discern what sounds good and then to chase and refine that. Most audiophiles have travelled similar paths starting from low fi to mid and then higher over a number of years.
  6. Buy used equipment for less than 30% cost of new.
  7. Al.M

    VAF i66 vs Harbeth, ATC...

    His comments are valid to a point and of course it will help to sell more Harbeths if customers also don’t have to think about upgrading their amps. But there are amps and amps that one will prefer the sound over others. Also to the OP if you are going from AV sound and then aspiring to these types of speaker it would help to know how to get the best sound out of them in terms of room setup, matching equipment and ability to hear the difference as well.
  8. Al.M

    VAF i66 vs Harbeth, ATC...

    I only read the first first page of the Harbeth link discussion which has relevant points, but in my experience very few AV amps will sound better than a good two channel amp. If only using the new speakers on the AV amp you would be mostly wasting your money as you would not hear what these kind of speakers can do. AV amps vs a 2 channel amp typically sound soft, mushy and not very detailed. In that case less expensive speakers would do.
  9. Al.M

    VAF i66 vs Harbeth, ATC...

    In order for people to comment further it would be good to know how big is your room and what amp do you have so that a closer likely match can be found. There are also other brands to consider like Focal, B&W and Sonus Faber etc. I had the earliest version I66 years ago and it is way better than the DCX, much more detailed midrange, imaging but the bass was not enough in the room size I had about 4x8m. The latest I66 uses a much more expensive Seas tweeter otherwise it looks the same as the first generation I66.
  10. Al.M

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I regard some small residual hum up close to a speaker is acceptable and normal, especially a power amp at full with no volume control on it. Its possible to come across used 240v to 220v transformers around the place for $40, I used to have 3 of them but gave my last one away with gear I sold.
  11. Here’s a good speaker example for $895 on the wrong side of the country and he’s got a nice huge powerful NAD power amp. All you need is to match with a nice preamp and then well under budget to spend on several carpet rugs for room acoustics. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/perth/speakers/rrp-2799-kef-iq90-speakers-floorstanding-high-end-iq-90-70-50/1186489241?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  12. Al.M

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    The CAT clone preamp I had sounded very good, easily as good any mid to upper level preamp, but there were several minor issues that made me decide to return it: 1. Transformer hum audible slightly from about 3m, at 30cm distance the hum was about 3dB above background noise. I didn’t try a DC blocker. My house is quite old and my system setup often also has noise issues with equipment. 2. There was a cosmetic manufacturing fault in the casing from warped base casing. 3. The casing wasn’t designed that well to ventilate heat. 1 & 2 might have been addressed easily but 3 needs a casing design change by having vent slots or grill at the bottom of the casing. For $700 delivered I doubt any commerical retail preamp would have sounded as good. It may have run in if I kept it longer than 2 weeks but the sound was also too bright for me.
  13. Al.M

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Well done, incredible looking clone. As I mentioned in previous post about the cloned Goldmund amp I bought for $700 delivered no regrets, the CAT preamp was quite good but I returned it and received a full professional refund including the postage. On eBay for $800 v1 or $1000 v3 plus delivery is pretty good.
  14. There are endless combinations. Some suggestions although some are on wrong side of country so will need to sort postage and some self promo 😊 For amps you can get integrated amps or separate preamp and power amp combinations such as: Yamaha AS1000 for $1200 in gumtree Anthem 225i for $1000 Vintage 200W Yamaha P2201 power amp for $300 with a $500-800 Preamp like the Audio Research Ls8 in stereonet classified listing and other similar. I have a 150W Vincent SV236Mk intergrated (see gumtree) for $850. Other amp brands include Accuphase, Rotel, Musical Fidelity, Cambridge Audio, NAD etc. For Speakers you want something that does good bass for reggae music and nice easy relaxed sound for rock metal so examples are: Krix Esoterix Mk2 in Perth humtree for $1200. Large floorstanders or stand mounts like Richter, Dynaudio, Kef Ref 3-4, B&W, NHT, Focal, Monitor Audio etc. Also see Ascension Audio in Adelaide website for new speakers. You can also use a subwoofer with large bookshelf or standmounts (refer to speaker brands above). For subs refer to brands like Velodyne, SVS, Rel, Krix etc. lessor brands brands can be quite good for little money. There is a Sunfire subwoofer in gumtree for $1k and could be matched with a $500 standmount two way speaker. Depending how old and appearance, bare minimum you can get a used kick arse setup for maybe as low as $1000-1500, example TDL transmission line small fridge size speakers for $500-800 and NAD amp for $500.
  15. I wouldn’t trust pack and send with this. I did this before with a lighter speaker and it arrived corners dented because they hadn’t put any padding just a single sheet of cardboard.