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  1. You are better off fixing the problem as less people would be interested as they would not be able to hear it working properly and wondering if there are other problems like damage in the crossover or midrange unit, for quite an expensive item.
  2. You should take it out to look for anything obvious like loose connections, obvious burnt out crossover components, otherwise often a burnt out tweeter dome voice coil and needs a repairer in your area to have look or replace whole unit with like one from what the magnet label says if shown. Alternatively canabalise from another similar and check online for spares (eBay, Gumtree, driver suppliers, contact Whatmough).
  3. Modern jazz and vocals, acoustic and guitars, flamenco, female vocals, flutes, bongo drums, country, light rock etc.
  4. For used bookshelf speakers there are lots of previous post recommendations - Proac, Monitor Audio, Sonus Faber, Kef, VAF, Legend, Osborne, Lenehan, Jamo, Spendor, Focal, Whatmough etc.
  5. You can google for sale of those items and some archive adverts should come up probably around $50-75 each driver.
  6. I have previous model using the Peerless polyvinyl cone midbass and the Lenehan tweeter and they are as good as a Lenehan, Jamo Concert 8, Kef Ls50, better than VAF I-91, Proac 1sc etc Did review review here
  7. Kef Ls50 easily beats the first two for imaging and voice coherence. havnt tried the last two. Should also try a $1000 Wagner MTM kit which uses the same tweeter as the Lenehan https://www.wagneronline.com.au/speaker-kits/audio-speakers-pa/pl/
  8. Used VAF I-66, Jamo Concert 11, Dynaudio 1.8 etc, Wharfedale Linton current series, Focal 826, Proac Response 2, 2.5, Studio 200 & 250, Yamaha NS1000, Krix 250, Esoterix Mk2, Monitor Audio, Spendor etc
  9. Barn doors aside, depends how your room sounds without doing much, here’s a good start approach https://www.audiophysic.com/en/rules-about-positioning/
  10. Agree with no guarantee of improvement but should give it try to to see if can improve. Bennic caps are generally average sounding. Also, the issues discussed here about average quality, low cost crossover parts and average implementation is not uncommon in many high price and end speakers.
  11. I wouldn’t go for his total crossover overhaul but would change out the caps on the tweeter circuit to higher quality such as metal film units, which would be much lower cost and risk. I’ve done that in speakers and found about a subjective 10-20% lift in tweeter clarity. The upgrade cost might be say $20 - 100 depending on how many in series caps are involved. Instead of changing the whole cap, one can use a cheaper but extremely high quality lower value 0.1uf cap piggy backed parallel to the existing one at about $10 each. Also, changing out $0.5-1 sand cast resistors on the twee
  12. You can try and search and compare with local shops to see if what you are after is cheaper. Most main brands will not sell to you cheaper for new if there is a local distributor. Second hand local and over seas and much cheaper under 50%.
  13. $950 Wagner MTM kit https://www.wagneronline.com.au/speaker-kits/audio-speakers-pa/pl/
  14. Nice cabinet finish, didn’t realise they made like that. Demoed a pair years ago in my place and thought they were very well balanced, detailed, sweet and punchy. Uses middle of the range and cost Seas Scandinavian drivers similar to other brands like Proac.
  15. 70cm for my chair height to bring tweeters level with ears.
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