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  1. Al.M

    Looking for an amp

    You need to match the measurement specs of tne speakers but the following candidates should be looked at Audiolab 8000, NAD 3020, various Musical Fidelity, Rotel, Arcam, Pioneer 400 etc.
  2. I do the woofer is customised as the labelling on it seems stock Kef with no other designations on it like say for example Proac speakers have theirs. The original tweeter dome in my example has a shiny coating on it that the replacement Scanspeak tweeter does not but. But if my old sonic signature memory in my ears serve me correctly they sound very similar to the last pair I had some years ago. The last time I googled for a Lin Kan crossover diagram there wasn’t one even on such popular sites as Linn and Pink fish audio forums.
  3. When you cleaned it was there any visible material on the cloth or material the same colour as the dome? If not then perhaps indicator that not much comes off to be a problem at least visually anyway. The following links indicates the health issues if exposed: https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/csem/csem.asp?csem=5&po=15 http://datasheets.scbt.com/sc-234014.pdf According to the first link above seems to take about 50-100mg/m3 of exposure in one hit such as inhalation to be a problem, which does not appear to be so small so that careful cleaning might be an issue. Otherwise long term exposure in smaller amounts indicated in the second link above. According to info sourses it is used widely in manufacture of many things and playing with an NS1000 dome may not be the only possible exposure although one should be careful: Extraction of beryllium (smelting and refining). Beryllium metallurgy (production of beryllium metal and compounds) and laboratory work involving beryllium. Ceramic manufacturing. Precision machining. Nuclear applications. Electronics, microcircuits, guidance and control systems, computer components. Stamping, cutting. Die casting. Plastic moulding. Welding electrodes. Handling, assembly. Dental plates manufacturing. Thermal castings. X-ray tube window manufacturing. Guidance and navigation systems manufacturing. Rocket parts and heat shields. Sporting goods. Apparently humans are exposed to small amounts in the environment. To properly answer your question it would probably take a safety health expert like an industrial hygienist using info from the second link above to work out your exposure levels.
  4. Thanks, so the 4.5uf makes up the second order 12dB leg of the crossover for the woofer? I now wish I had gone to the trouble of peeling the glue off the inductors to measure them to complete the crossover schematic so that people could clone these provided the original woofer and tweeter was not customised. I’m sure someone has the full schematic somewhere.
  5. They should both work ok in that future size room. The 705 and sub would give overall more room filling sound as subs can often have more and deeper bass and meet your HT role better. The 792 floorstander would have better midrange detail being a three way driver design.
  6. Al.M

    Woofy speakers

    Do you think these Interesting design speakers on gumtree would sound a bit woofy? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1194292419?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  7. Depends also on reviews both in international audio media and local circles. Some fantastic gear but nobody more than 2 people have heard it won’t sell no matter how good as there’s are no customers to know what it is. Also many tend to over value what they have and expect that many others should also appreciate it as much but nothing further from the truth expressed in lack of sale. Time, fashion, appreciation and audio tastes have move on affecting values. Higher up the cost scale the less customers. Mega cost items generally may struggle to get more than 30-40% rrp whereas lower cost items can get than that ratio as people don’t mind spending smaller amounts.
  8. If you are happy with the way they sound in that spot then probably ok but should have enough space say 2cm space for rear port to breath not make shopping noises. You can also plug the ports with foam and because they are so close to wall there may be enough rear wall bass reinforcement anyway.
  9. I havnt heard either so just on paper speculation the Focals would seem to be sound quality improvement with possible sweeter highs and voicing but overall less of a big sound impact and bass as the Accusound have more woofers and bigger cabinet. Accusound as a brand are cheaper low end type so one might assume the voice is possibly more blurry and there might be some annoying resonance honks in the overall sound.
  10. If you don’t want to spend much ($250-400) and stay vintage something like a Yamaha P2200 or 2100 might be good at 400W into 4 ohm http://thesnowfields.com/manuals/Yamaha P2200.pdf There are plenty of these around from time to time used in PA systems and good enough for home stereo.
  11. Howabout the fact that humans dont hear things flat any way, instead we hear in the heavily A-weighted curve. I’m ok with the source, amps and preamps and speakers needing to produce a flatter freq response and then it’s subject to the room issues, the listener preferences and their own ability to hear things in their journey or they have educated themselves to believe in or had drummed into them. As the human ear and brain is heavily influenced by psychoacoustics for which there are few if any persons knowledgeable enough to explain. There are good technical and other view points being made so far in this post but also much navel gazing in terms of addressing what and why people like to hear a particular sound. Perhaps more discussion here may help in the discussion along the lines of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychoacoustics and https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_psychology As often in such discussions we discuss things assuming everyone is hearing and interpreting things very similar when in fact it’s very different and random. My theory is that a lot of these types of posts are afflicted by issues of quote “perception of the pitch, timbre, loudness and duration of musical sounds and the relevance of such studies for music cognition or the perceived structure of music; and auditory illusionsand how humans localize sound” and it’s perhaps not all precise technical reasons that can explain it all.
  12. Al.M

    Floorstanders - Room Size

    For better stereo separation and distance from side walls although you would need to sit closer try the longer wall may be better to arrange the speakers if the room openings suit.
  13. Al.M

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I reviewed the CAT preamp copy several pages back in this thread. I’ve heard a few others they can be good and bad like anything else. I have a clone or DIY of some kind that I don’t know what it is pictured in silver tube below and it’s very capable better than an Audio Research LS7 or the Death of Zen solid state DIY next to it which is very good itself. If you are chasing something better than a low to mid fi sound from the usual bland and boring candidates of general brands the Chinese copies can be very good IMO.
  14. Perhaps Yamaha AS2100 or similar. Also a Tube preamp with a solid state power amp.
  15. Al.M

    B&O Icepower 125ASX2 not turning on

    Class D circuits seem to be very easy to damage, I’ve had a few die on me from even the slightest cable cross touching. It’s possible to get someone to repair the circuit board but often as cheap to buy spare circuits and insert them. Try to find them on DIyaudio.com, here and eBay.