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  1. Sony 1000 low price is $330 on eBay and also consider demoing the Sony 770 around $200 rrp, which I think will do as you are not a frequent flyer or have other likely uses.
  2. For me the QC25 lacking wireless would be annoying. When I changed from wired to wireless I was surprised how much more the freedom of not being tethered added to comfort and convenience, not getting caught on things and pulling etc. https://www.themasterswitch.com/best-headphones summarise the Sony 1000 as combining the best of battery long life, better sound and respectable NC. The review quotes the QC 35 sound quality as iffy is a major put off for me as the 95% of the other times I would use it away from flight times need that.
  3. What brand, Yamaha 5.1? and that leaves $500 for an AV amp which isn’t much and the sound not potentially great but it will be a start to a new system. You may be happy with it depending on what you have heard before. It could be better to aim for a 2.1 system, divert money into better quality quality speakers, subwoofer and AV amp rather than spread it so thin on separates and centre speakers.
  4. You mentioned an upcoming 10 hour flight only so it appears you are not flying a lot and that might tip it in favour of other choices with audio quality if you are going to spend time in other situations where this might matter more such as on train commutes, at home, driving cars or as a passenger. I had an over-ear Bose QC 35 in the past and NC was incredible, perhaps 95% reduction and very comfortable, audio was good enough but it just lacked something when listening in quiet situations when even compared to a minimalist on-ear compact $130 Audio Technica ATH ANC1 (no longer made) 75% reduction. I agree on a noisy plane even with good NC audio quality doesn’t make a difference. I also have an over-ear wireless $200 Sony MDR ZX770BN that I got used condition but very clean for $130 with about 60% NC effect and even that has better audio than the Bose. I used this for flying perhaps 1-2 times a year to Japan and across Aust, but extensively commuting on the train 2 hours a day and find this quite satisfactory for the spend. I have used similar $300 Beats and they are very average and heavy. Beware some products can have very ineffective NC as low as 25% so it’s important to try before buying. Various review sites mention this against models. If you are only using it for the 10 hour upcoming flight and perhaps once a year in future with no purpose in between, I would consider cheaper alternatives because although a 95% NC Bose or similar is nice, it may be wasted if you are not using it. Any reasonable NC (not below 50%) headphone will make a difference than not having any no matter the price and quality. Incidentally, I find listening to NC with good audio quality quite nice as it creates a very black background for instruments to really stand out and reduces extraneous external back noise dramatically.
  5. It will be very hard to get what you want if you cannot hear them on the speakers you are using. Also it is common for AV amplifiers at that price to be very bland sounding, that is they don’t sound very good and have unclear treble high notes. You should consider a modern intergrated amplifier with higher quality internal amplification design and parts. Consider Yamaha AS 500 per 701 series amps and others. Second hand amplifiers will also get better quality sound for the money. See https://www.whathifi.com/best-buys/hi-fi/best-stereo-amplifiers and other similar reviews of budget amps.
  6. Compare different ones at a shop to see how effective NC and comfortable it is. Bose is very good although there others with better music reproduction from an audiophile sound perspective. Get a wireless one as cords get in way.
  7. Consider Yamaha As2100, Roksan, Musical Fidelity etc. Separates like a tube or SS preamp $1k with all the functions plus a solid state or tube (60W KT88) amp $1k would be better audiophile sound. For example, Audiolab 8000Q preamp $500 with Bryston 3B power amp $1k or similar combos. Naim combos also go well with Proac. For integrated amps see regular forum poster Cafads many reviews of amps.
  8. Welcome, what’s the nice Krell heading West?
  9. Perhaps the Spock mind meld picture gave the wrong impression. In reality Spock is actually very gentle and light of touch with his hands during the mind meld and leaves no marks what-so-ever. No need to be sorry about anything, it’s all about having the experience and the execution of it. You are the buyer, be polite ask permission, have clean hands, explain it carefully before you do it, dont demand it, if they refuse no harm done, it only needs to be done to the woofers very quickly and gently with two finger tips for 2 seconds, not on the tweeters as it will achieve nothing and they are too delicate anyway. I have bought used speakers without testing the woofers and sometimes they were not so healthy and made voice coil noises after brought home. Depressing the woofer gently in a damaged one can reveal a potential scratching noise and were not audible felt on touch. This is only a rudimentary test but gives some reassurance in the field. I have had one local hifi idiot come over like he owned the place, aggressively flick an aluminium woofer on a $6k Monitor Audio speaker without permission, not to test the voice coil but for curiosity. Fortunately it did not dent the woofer cone.
  10. Very old woofer comes over time can sag with gravity and the small voice coil 1-2mm gap to the magnet is reduced sometimes touching and making a sound when driven. With age there can also be corrosion and debri in there that can rub and cause similar issues. Also speakers that have been abused with high amp volumes can have the thin wire around the voice coil fuse, break or melt slightly or completely and rub or worse completely immobile or lose connection and you get only some or no sound. These issues can be repaired by a professional.
  11. If it’s this amp http://www.audioreview.com/product/amplification/amplifiers/bryston/3b-st.html the reviews are very good and I also though it was very detailed sound with no bloated bass. Somewhat lean sound so match carefully with speaker.
  12. A Vulcan mind meld usually works, see below. Otherwise with speakers, sit your head centred between them, listen for equal sound left and right, cover drivers with hand or sheet of paper to hear up close next driver is working, visual check of driver condition. Play music that has full spectrum of sound to test (bass, mids and treble). Also ask seller if you can gently depress the woofer to feel or hear the voice coil rubbing.
  13. You should first consult with your Shire Planning and Building Departments to see if will pass town planning and Building Code standards, the latter will be harder to achieve. The main issue will be achieving minimum energy efficiency standards of the walls of around R3.7 with suitable thickness insulation and double wall panelling which will eat into your already tight space. In addition it will really affect resale of the house if not done well.
  14. Generally just means things have the subjective impression of sounding quicker paced, immediate and not lagging in areas like bass and drum notes and instruments vs something that sounds less immediate, plodding and lagging behind like plodding and boomy bass notes. Can mean a system or particular equipment sounds that way.
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