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  1. Best to get a 220v regulator with such products.
  2. I have compared my Spotify 320kbs songs using a basic Cambridge Audio NP30 streamer with the same CDs vs an old but good Meridian CD player and the CDP has about 10-20% better sound quality, much bolder and dynamic, although the Spotify EQ is very good. But you are right in that the shear volume of music available vs a CD collection far outweighs the situation and CDPs are bordering on obsolete despite how good they can sound.
  3. Way too many options....

    Sorry meant headphone preamp not phono.
  4. Adelaide to Perth

    It is but we need to increase the lead
  5. Preamplifier Questions

    From what I can see in your system with no specific mention of price etc, it looks like you are using your $2200 rrp NAD Class D 150w integrated amp as a preamp with the 25w mono Class A/B amps finding them better. Based on your preamp suggestions it appears you want to spend around $2000, is that correct - you haven’t stated clearly? A recommendation has been made to look at a used $6k preamp in the classified section, is that too much. There is potential to find a used $2-3k preamp that would potentially be 2-3 times that new price. So the used SNA Electra $1700 and Supratek $3000, MF $2000 in gumtree appear to be good options. In the gumtree there’s also Consanance and Copland tube preamps. Other used preamp brands to look out for that do come up for sale are Conrad Johnson and Audio Research. There are also cheaper options like a Cary SL70 for $500 in the SNA classified, which should be about equal to the Shiit Freya that retails for $1200. Something like the Cary would suit your speakers in rrp price at the time and age. The NAD Class d amp can also be used as power amp with a suitable new higher quality preamp.
  6. Way too many options....

    I suppose it depends on what you value most but judging from the items you are looking to replace you are more of a 2 channel person and resources spent purely in that direction should get a better sounding 2 channel result rather than spreading the resources across wider function equipment. This is just a generalisation and its difficult to prove it as there is a wide variation in the performance of equipment across both directions up and down the price range options. I helped one person to move from using phono preamps to dedicated 2channel preamps as the result was much better sounding.
  7. Cary SLP70 Preamp with Phono

    For those looking to jump from bland mid fi setups and wanting to try a tube preamp you will be surprised how good something like this can be. Cheap, simple and effective.
  8. I dont think he was meaning to be patronising and understand what he is saying but I agree with you it’s all the same for audiophiles and there are more than just two types and many shades in between as well as tending towards one end or the other. I love the Quad 57 and its a great example of imaging and incredible midrange, however there are more problems with them that outway owning them as well, lack of treble extension, one note bass, drive, maintenance and inconsistency of sound among may different pairs due to age, appearance. Unless you don’t mind throwing money, time and frustration at keeping them going. The best the OP can do with the JBLs in addition to what he has done is move them around the room to find the best position, use better imaging amps and sources, which will only go so far and defeats the purpose so money spent on amps etc will be a waste, better to spend on changing speakers. Since he has been spoilt with Magnepans the only solution is another one, ESLs a step up, or unusually good imaging cone speakers as mentioned which will still fall short of any panel speaker. A good coaxial cone speaker could get to within about 70-80% to a panel speaker.
  9. OP is asking about soundstage but with descriptions about imaging as well. Many of the full range electrostatic speakers image better than Magnepans and along with Quad 57 ESLs the vintage Acoustat can be very close with more bass, highs and louder. Rob McKinlay ESLs In WA image extremely well and I would expect the more expensive full range Martin Logan’s and hybrids are good also but they can cost anything from $5-7k up to $20k. In terms of cone speakers those with coaxial woofers such as the Kef Ls50 image significantly more than standard two way or three way driver designs, although still fall short of a panel design speaker. The JBL LSR305 is a quite a cheap base model conventional active two way driver speaker and could never be expected to image that well. In order of imaging comes ESLs, ribbon panels, coaxial woofers, a small number of special conventional two or three way driver cone box designs usually quite expensive, then lastly with below average imaging are the vast number of mediocre conventional cone speakers ranging from expensive to the very cheap end.
  10. Wagner Speaker Kits

    For $1300-1600 floorstanding speaker kit pair extremely good value there is nothing else offering tweeters of that well reviewed in other speaker brands even up to $2-3k of that sound quality, assuming the kit crossover circuit has been well designed. https://www.wagneronline.com.au/6-5-tower-speaker-kit-pair/speaker-kits/audio-speakers-pa/hdsk455-ja-74882/993935/pd/
  11. Speaker cable basics required.

    In the SNA how to archives is a cable design article using coax. I couldn’t find it. I have used coax TV antennae cables for interconnects and they are very good, with clean sound.
  12. Anyone heading from Adelaide to Perth and got some room for speakers?
  13. You should move this post to the amp section.
  14. Wagner Speaker Kits

    They look like good value and use some of the same Scanspeak and Seas tweeters and woofers that belong in high quality and expensive speakers like Lenehan and Hulgich etc worth $5-15k. I know one member has tried them here.
  15. If you DIY it will be very cheap say $200-300. The final finish may not be quite as good as a commercial shop but you may also be surprised it can be acceptable. In the gumtree people are selling 18mm MDF 1200 x 2400 sheets for as little as $20 each. I scored some 32mm sheets for about the same. For cutting you can go to a wood work hire shop or try yourself with table saw. Use a router to shave protruding edges very precisely. Then join together with 600mm clamps, butt join and 75mm wood screws using Phillips head drill. Jigsaw or route woofer holes and hide rough edges with overlapping woofer etc. Then use iron on wood veneer lining, stain and polish finish or simply paint raw MDF with suitable primer and paint product. You should practice test the finish product. If you want to see some examples and likely tools contact me.