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  1. Very confronting. Macabre and grotesque, straight from the opening scene. Great choice and a great movie!
  2. Ghosts of the Civil Dead. Aussie cult flick with Nick Cave from '88. Couldn't believe this was shown on TV (on SBS) one night in either '91 or '92 which was when I first saw it.
  3. josh0571

    Pro-Ject VC-S mk2

    Thanks Mike. That's a good price.
  4. josh0571

    Pro-Ject VC-S mk2

    How much was it landed Mike, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Way out of my league mate...!
  6. Good to see a 5 year old thread come back. Still got the old LP12 I bought in 2010 Andy, though I've never heard a Brinkmann or Techdas.
  7. josh0571

    eBay Listings that make you go "Umm?"

    Silly priced ($6,600 BIN) LP12 in Sydney: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/linn-sondek-LP12-/131726646724?hash=item1eab851dc4:g:slwAAOSwe7BWvnQs
  8. josh0571

    eBay Listings that make you go "Umm?"

    Now reduced to $1,995 which is still too much...
  9. josh0571

    eBay Listings that make you go "Umm?"

    Very optimistically priced modded Marantz CD-94 MkII $2495 BIN in QLD: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Marantz-CD94-mk2-CD-Player-UPGRADED-AUDIOPHILE-QUALITY-/331554208511?
  10. josh0571

    Classic Hi Fi Sydney

    Hi Marc Yes, I think it is but there were a lot more posts in the thread including mine...
  11. josh0571

    Classic Hi Fi Sydney

    Yes they were but not for very long from memory.
  12. josh0571

    Cricket World Cup 2015

    I think we've got the Indians beat with 328 on the board...
  13. josh0571

    Classic Hi Fi Sydney

    There was a multi-page thread about the Classic Hifi shop a few years ago but I can't find it now. I was amazed at the fact that they were stocking new Cambridge Audio phono pre-amps at a price higher than the RRP of authorised dealers at the time. Their prices in general though are way over the top.
  14. josh0571

    Andy Fraser Passes.

    Andy Fraser was a great songwriter, musician and bass player, and what a band Free were. Every album they made was great. Very sad news - RIP Andy.
  15. It does look very nice but it's not cheap.