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  1. Very nice @dalamii! Do you have a link to this?
  2. Not a huge worry with those imperfections. It's a great entry into the LP12 world for the price!
  3. Love the look of these early Accuphases! Bet it sounds awesome too. Very nice set-up you have!
  4. Hi Lincoln I had a pair of Aurora 2.1's which I only sold here recently. Had them for around 10 years. Not sure exactly what the difference is between the 2.1 and 2.2 models but you won't need huge grunt to run them especially in a small room. They are a great sounding speaker with plenty of bass, depth and a broad soundstage.
  5. Withnail and I deserves a mention...
  6. Essentially yes @betty boop there's no support or perspex backing but the record can be secured very tightly with the clamp. Don't think it needs anything else. Edit: my VC-E didn't come with a perspex backing.
  7. Worth it for sure if you're going to be bulk cleaning!
  8. Hi Blake I got the smaller of the two Pro-ject machines, the VC-E, a few weeks ago, and I reckon it's fantastic. Well-built, easy to operate and every record I've cleaned has sounded better. Well worth considering for sure. Cheers Josh
  9. Further information: Linn LP12 turntable with Once Analog DC motor and separate power supply, Syrinx Gold PU2 torearm and Stanton 881 MkIIS cartridge. The serial number of the LP12 is 64680 which dates it to a late 1985 - early 1986 model. The deck has the fluted Afromosia plinth, clear Sondek lid and the upgraded Cirkus bearing under the inner platter. The DC motor is a Once Analog system with separate power supply and electronic switching between 33 and 45. Being DC, both speed settings can be adjusted on the rear of the PSU which allows for dead accurate speed callibration. The Once Analog
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