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  1. Love the look of those Sony's! They do look very '80's! Very jealous here!
  2. Thanks Luc. This deck looks to be in very nice original condition too.
  3. There are two serial numbers on the box in the last photo. Would the first number be for the arm and the second for the deck?
  4. Popped into Audio Connection in Sydney a few months ago. They had several vintage direct drive turntables from Denon, Luxman and Yamaha. The Denon's grabbed my attention with their big rosewood plinths and flying-saucer styled platters. The build looks very high quality and they are stunning to look at! Shame they don't make them like that anymore!
  5. Another option, and local too, is Once Analog's DC motor and separate speed control unit for both 33 and 45. Worth a look.
  6. Hi Rantan Are the stands Diatone stands? Thanks Josh
  7. That's the UK jazzy progressive group Ben - their only album on swirl Vertigo from 1971. Worth a listen if that's your cup of tea.
  8. It's a permanent closure from what I hear. Real shame. The owner runs the Glenbrook record fair in the lower Blue Mountains.
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