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  1. The current range of Luxman gear looks really stunning. I'm surprised none of it made it into your 2019 list. Maybe 2020?!
  2. Store DJ and Len Wallis - see here: https://www.technics.com/au/where-to-buy/
  3. Sounds pretty good. The white ones look nice too!
  4. Great looking set-up @metal beat! How many LPs can you fit in one of them?
  5. Yeah noticed the headshell - very nice! Is the 6mm mat an option for the new range?
  6. @April Snow: sorry I'm as blind as a bat! The Bronze is supposed to be a big upgrade on the Red. @MarkT: what's your cartridge and how is it? The black looks very nice too! What a tough decision that'd be!
  7. Woah, very very nice April! Let us know how the 2M Red is sounding and keep all the original packaging!
  8. Wow is this the G or the GR?!
  9. Yeah I like the look of them too. Will have to go check them out.
  10. All the models look similar but my eye sight is dreadful. Would love to hear a new GR or G.
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