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  1. Update to say I've had my Jungson JA-88D 09 repaired - by Adept Electronic Services here in Adelaide. Some of the power transistors on one channel were cooked. Problem was I was running it in the hot weather before Xmas, keeping it habitually switched on, and forgetting to turn on my DIY fan (above). The repairer said after inspecting the damage I must listen to music really loud! Not actually - string quartets and other classical stuff usually for me, but a bit of electronica sometimes for fun. There had been crackles/static building on the left channel, and a combination of things probably tipped it over the edge. So just to emphasise again the need for cooling. Heat scenarios really stress out the Jungson. In my experience the DIY fan works moderately well, but using in conjunction with a ceiling fan, set on low, completely does the trick. I'm resurrecting an elderly Kenwood KR-770 receiver for summer duties, but now that we're heading towards the cooler months the Jungson is right in its element. I just think this amp sounds totally gorgeous and worth persevering with. Another thing I've found is using good quality power cables. David Price advised doing this in his review of the original JA-88 in Hi-Fi World back in 2006. Indeed it was his review that swung me to this amp in the first place, and after owning two examples I've only just now got around to installing good 'uns - Audio Principe Signature Shielded from wall > Jungson power conditioner > JA-88D. I was a non-believer in power cables before, but have now got a magical sound going on - quite addictive. What Me? - I hope you are enjoying your JA-88D.
  2. Amongst the best. Lucky who can do the pick up. Almost tempted to jump in the car...
  3. Probably the longest running saga in audio history is slowly drawing to a close. Yesterday I received a handsome black box in the post from California - Light Harmonic’s Stella earphones. It’s not the product I ordered, way back in 2013, or ever particularly wanted. But never mind about that. As a substitute for the undelivered Geek Pulse DAC, I at least have something in my hands. I’m not one to judge these earphones, having never listened to IEMs before, but I would say after a couple of days listening they are pretty darned good, and probably a keeper. Are Stella worth their US asking price of $1,300? Are they recompense for the US$1,500 I spent on LH Labs’ / Light Harmonic’s crowdfunding campaign all those years ago? Hell, I really couldn’t care. I’m just pleased to be finished with this saga. But I really do hope that others who got into this mess get something back from Light Harmonic.
  4. So far I’m loving the stable connection and SQ of optical. It eradicates the snaps and stuttering at least as exhibited in my system. Granted, optical ‘only’ goes to 192kHz with Chord Hugo 2, whereas USB tops that with 384kHz and DSD. So I will revisit that some day when I get a new MBP. I was encouraged to go optical with Hugo 2 after reading designer Rob Watts here - what he says compelling. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chord-electronics-hugo-2-the-official-thread.831345/page-778 Audirvana is a beneficiary IME.
  5. LH Labs have finally given up delivering on Geek Pulse DACS - it’s official. They have announced an exchange program whereby those who ordered but never received one can opt instead for one of the company’s IEMs - Stella or Mera. It’s all here: https://support.lhlabs.com/support/solutions/articles/13000071394 There is little over a week to put in a request form. I for one never received my Pulse Infinity (the new chassis model), and I wonder if there are any others out there who are in the same position. All one can hope for is that this exchange program finally brings closure to what turned out to be a very regrettable crowdfunding experience. Many people got their fingers burnt. The company is still in business, operating under the parent Light Harmonic brand, but mainly makes IEMs and car audio for Tesla. Remarkably, the Da Vinci DAC that started the whole thing off, is still in production and now does DSD files.
  6. Lovely story. Nothing nicer than sharing music listening to cassette.
  7. A laptop fan cooler would not be big or strong enough to support the Jungson - as you say it is a massive beast. But there may be ways of positioning one underneath as long as there is enough clearance. The Jungson’s rubber feet are tall to help ventilation, and placing anything underneath might actually obstruct airflow.
  8. Yes this was a DIY project - it wasn't hard to make. Airflow works quite well thanks to ventilation slots in the base, sides and top of Jungson JA-88D.
  9. Here’s a solution which I use, a platform-mounted case fan blowing air upwards through the amp. It is connected via 3 pin molex to a speed controller that allows the fan to run at different speeds.
  10. This was when Sony were at their innovative best, in defiance of recto-linear design with those lovely slanted controls. Be careful with touch-up paint - can ruin. Go to model makers forums for best advice.
  11. Lovely amp, just be careful with operating temperature. It has massive passive copper radiators but is not designed for Aus conditions. I’m on my second JA-88D, the 09 version, but it came a cropper a couple of weeks ago in the hot weather and blew the left channel - currently getting it repaired. Really need a summer amp to prevent this from happening.
  12. Update: I've ditched USB and swung over to optical for connecting MacBook Pro to Chord Hugo 2. Optical is WAY better both for SQ and conquering stuttering problems. I wished I'd known about this a long time ago. I think I can trace the remaining stuttering problems back to my Telstra/NBN service - it is so damned slow sometimes. Back to enjoying Audirvana
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