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  1. Very nice listening room. Is it a Moran chesterfield sofa?
  2. Must be very cosy. This is what I call a real listening man's cave.
  3. I know my comment is off the radar. Since some of you are talking about how boots of the cars are getting smaller and I agree, but we should also look into design of the luggage. Personally, I never liked design of 4 wheels poking out bags and avoid them purchase whenever possible as it takes up unnecessary spaces and not stable as they roll up and down when travelling on trains or buses when you are not holding on to them, but most of bags are designed this way these days unfortunately for fashionable reason rather than practical. So, instead of just talking about how small the boot spaces of modern cars, we should take a look at the design of travelling bags. I am saying this as I travel often and experienced with bags taking up the spaces with wheel poking even on station wagons.
  4. What about in a car? Maybe an ideal to use balance more towards left if driving a car alone.
  5. Ok. Actually looking for one for my old man and for him having another STB will be too much troublesome.
  6. Has this tv got a built in dvb tuner or need a separate set top box?
  7. Why is this tv appears for sale when I am away for a year from Sydney?
  8. Just came across about Stinger on youtube.
  9. Can't remember which pressing it was but Led Zeppelin II "whole lotta love" sounded amazing.
  10. One day, I have to try Coates wines.
  11. This is one of the best VHS player/recorder ever made, saying this as I used to use one. SQ wise, if you tape any CDs or vinyls, this would deliver an excellent sound close to original from CDs or vinyls and it may easily outperform many cassette decks.
  12. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/preview-pioneer-sp-bs22-lr-loudspeaker/
  13. Actually saw an old retired man with his old lady next to him driving the yellow one at St Ives shopping centre car park, it was a real eye catching!
  14. I went against my intuition, end up getting 4/5
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