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  1. vinilink

    currently drinking

    Not good at describing how they taste. TH was kind of falling short on the palate which indicates that well over from its peak (acccording to back label. cellar for 10 years), while EH (8-10 years) was drinking nicely and got better with decanting. Thus, given what the back label stated, they sure can cellar 20+ years under optimal condition. Still got a dozen of 1995 EH in my collection. I also have fair bit of 1995 Tintara shiraz, and I reckon this is better than 1995 EH. 🙄
  2. vinilink

    SOLD: FS: Sonos 1 ( I have two of them )

    Thanks. Look like last one will be sold shortly.
  3. vinilink

    SOLD: FS: Sonos 1 ( I have two of them )

    My sister is looking for one to play in the kitchen using Bluetooth using her mobile phone. Can she use by other means to play music other than Bluetooth? I am a noob to this kind of things.
  4. vinilink

    currently drinking

    Certainly drinking much better than when it was few years old. May can cellar another 10+ years!
  5. Here is a screenshot from LW website I got and don't know why others doesn't show same price as shown on my laptop.
  6. https://lenwallisaudio.com/products/home-theatre/vision/televisions/th-55f950u-oled-4k-ultra-hd-television/
  7. Len Wallis is cheaper at $1812 and rather support them than JB.
  8. Why are these. especially 303. become available when I am not in Australia???
  9. vinilink

    SOLD: Acoustic Energy Reference 1

    I know my brother is after a pair of AE1 as I have a pair of AE1 Mk2 which sounds very nice. If not sold, I will let him know about this ad.
  10. vinilink

    SOLD: Acoustic Energy Reference 1

    This is a bargain. Are speaker stands are from AE?
  11. vinilink

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    I am sure ME will make MC phono card according to a specific cartridge spec if you request.
  12. I would drive up there to pick it up, just wrong timing.
  13. I was answering on basis of model number.