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  1. Hope it fits the Grand Cru classification as label or brand suggest.
  2. You can try cleanskins from Kemenys "Hidden Label" Please note that I never tried their hidden label and have no relationship with them, just heard positive comments from few people in the past. Not sure what delivery costs would be to Perth from Sydney. https://www.kemenys.com/go.jsp
  3. I am finishing off Rosenvale Tinto, which I opened last Saturday night. Tbh, it is holding it very well and has a better mouthfeel now than before.
  4. You need to give him sometime to aerate
  5. I am referring to the wine below.
  6. I have 1996 Penfolds wines which I may open sometime this year. Edit: actually I have few bottles of 1993 Grange and 1994 St Henri Magnum yet to open them.
  7. Having a quiet dinner and cooked prawn spaghetti for my wife who has been working hard.
  8. Give another 10 more years.
  9. How is sq of pressed at Pallas vinyl and is it pressed in US? I am thinking of getting a same copy.
  10. @aussievintage you can read the review of Soundpeats earbuds I mentioned in this thread. https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/soundpeats-trueair2-wireless-earbuds-bluetooth-v5-2-qualcomm-qcc3040.24797/reviews
  11. I purchased one of Soundpeats after reading a positive review on head-fi and used it for 1.5 months when stopped working on left side (seems a common issue). It was this model https://www.amazon.com.au/SOUNDPEATS-Bluetooth-Headphones-TrueWireless-Cancellation/dp/B08JGZQCM1/ref=sxin_7_ac_d_rm?ac_md=0-0-c291bmRwZWF0cw%3D%3D-ac_d_rm&cv_ct_cx=soundpeats&dchild=1&keywords=soundpeats&pd_rd_i=B08JGZQCM1&pd_rd_r=576d913b-b1d8-4c71-9a16-2693052fb8b7&pd_rd_w=cAHz0&pd_rd_wg=tmSLJ&pf_rd_p=b472bd0a-9bbc-4d04-b122-9bb2ef945033&pf_rd_r=VBRXWPX3F6KR0QR1MB8G&psc=1&a
  12. I am in a very same situation as you are in now and keep staring at preorder button
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