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  1. Thank you. Always, learn something new and shows how much I don't know much about bird species!
  2. These were taken last year while in Seoul, Korea. I believe this species is only in Korea (maybe I am wrong). Taken with phone camera, so PQ is not so good.
  3. I can see one of my favourite white falcon 351 (either XW or XY) 😍
  4. Hope mine is relevant to the topic. I was in Seoul on a holiday recently and saw a nice setup at a cafe called Analogue Roasting in Gangnam area (near Intercontinental Hotel). They had Billie Holiday CD playing, never heard sounded so analogue. To make sounds better, coffee was so good.
  5. Just got back from a trip to Korea for beautiful autumn foliage experience. While in Jeju island, my rental car was G70 2L turbo, at an amazing price of $60 per day for 4 days. When I picked it up, it already clocked 60k+ on speedometer but no rattles could be heard. Since my mother in law was travelling with us, I really couldn't push it to the limits, but whenever there was an opportunity to do so, I did push the car especially on twisty roads. It really handled well . My only complaints would be, it is bit thirsty, limited rear seat leg room space for adults and infortainment look dated, otherwise, it is a perfect getaway car for couples. As car reviewers pointed out, plenty of torque was on tap from just above 2000 rpm and loved the sound from the exhaust. Next time, I should try Kia Stinger AWD.
  6. https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/motoring-news/vw-recalls-80000-cars-over-dsg-transmission-problems/news-story/aad4d2425dfba490715d8427a9dddf6e
  7. as well as red cherries, raspberries and red plums. This is phenomenal, so precise and concentrated with such detail and power, delivered with elegance and precision. The palate is super long. The best vintage made at Clonakilla to date! Perfection! Drink now, but better from 2026. James Suckling Australia’s best shiraz isn’t Australia’s best shiraz in every year, though Clonakilla comes close. It’s a superb release. Just look at the tannin profile and then put down your glasses. Black berried fruit, a suggestion of meatiness, whispers of woodsy spice notes, a certain creaminess, a quick shake of pepper, a touch of volatility. Nothing protrudes; it’s the definition of seamless. The screw of tannin, so often left to last, begins almost at the start. We are looking at an ultra-long-term wine here, deserving of prime space in the best of cellars. Campbell Mattinson The colour is medium to deep red/purple and the bouquet is lifted, spicy, aromatic and floral, with refinement and palate tension. Fragrant herbs, mint, subtle pepper and mixed spices. Violets and assorted berries. and the tannins are fine and firm, tautly tensioned and precise, running the full length of the very long palate. A delicious wine in a medium-bodied but seriously structured style. Huon Hooke Clonakilla SV is great wine, but asking #110 a bottle? Not sure. This is my personal opinion on basis of tasting SV in the past.
  8. I heard M10 at a friend's, which was immensely satisfying to listen to. M20 should give more extended bass and at this price, it is a bargain. If I am in Sydney now, this would have been sold to me. GLWTS
  9. Reading Ross's website, I am more than impressed on his work ethics and passion. Btw, you have a wonderful looking set up which I admire and bet they sound wonderful too.
  10. https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/motoring-news/which-small-suv-is-best-for-buyers-on-a-budget/news-story/ab29b1630048f6a20c924773cfffc397
  11. Glad to hear your experience with French cars were positive one. I really wish my experience with them was same one. What I have said in earlier post, no manufacturer is immune from defects, but some tend to have more that others.
  12. I won't touch French cars, after I had a Citroen and found it not as reliable and my gear shift knob broken off into pieces under the sun. And my brother in law bought Peugeot 3008 bought in 2012, it gave him nothing but trouble and headaches with so many mechanical and electronics issues. Dealer mechanics can't fix it and waiting for updated software (firmware) to arrive to install and still not able to fix it. Once warranty was over, it cost him more than $5k when he faced with problems. His wife even told him to sell it off. Honestly, they are good looking cars that's all.
  13. Very nice listening room. Is it a Moran chesterfield sofa?
  14. Must be very cosy. This is what I call a real listening man's cave.
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