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  1. Opening up nicely after more than an hour.
  2. Thanks for the offer, but all my systems are in Sydney.
  3. Why is this pair came on classified just after I left Sydney for another year on Monday morning as I am/was in the market for a nice bookshelf speakers.
  4. When Quafers were around, I bought a dozen on special $9.95 per bottle in late 90s or early '00s. Nice drop it was.
  5. This wine turned out to be better than expected. What a cracker wine this is.
  6. The recording on CD is awesome with an excellent acoustic guitar played by Janis.
  7. I have German pressing too which I like. I am sure I won't.
  8. Sounds like I have to get a double LP version too.
  9. Even though there is no chance for me, I will go back up if the sale fall through.
  10. There are so many artists posted here that I never heard of. Good to find many new artists!
  11. Brings the memory back watching him playing at the Basement, Sydney in late 90s or early 2000. He requested for totally smoke free night.
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