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  1. vinilink

    Kia Stinger

    You guys may watched this video already, but just in case if you haven't.
  2. vinilink

    currently drinking

    Had them with home marinated tenderloin Bulgogi (Korean bbq). Sorry didnt take photos of foods. Coppermine aged gracefully with very smooth sweet plumy taste while Kristina shiraz drank nicely (could be at its peak) but definitely needs about 2 more years to show at its best.
  3. vinilink

    Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    The i30 Fastback N review. https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/new-cars/why-the-new-i30-fastback-n-is-even-better-than-the-original/news-story/1390a2b3007af1ea2f28a07677d3b81c
  4. Beautiful furniture you are selling. If you are in Sydney and I am back there, I would love to grab 2 side tables and dressing table. GLWTS
  5. vinilink

    FS: BIC T-2 Tape Deck (1978)

    A great deck... a friend of mine used have it in late 70s.
  6. vinilink

    Best Line Level Preamp?

    Ok, I am a ME fan. A friend of mine had Perreaux pre/pwr combo like you have many years ago. When ME pre was used instead of Perreaux, the difference in SQ was stark. Even my friend was shocked that he had to get ME. This was even well before ME had factory upgrades to Alps knobs, and better power supply unit. Edit: Can't say ME is the best but one of better one than many out there.
  7. vinilink

    SOLD: FS: whatmough 202 Speakers.

    If i am back in Aust now i would buy it.
  8. vinilink

    SOLD: FS: whatmough 202 Speakers.

    89dB iirc
  9. vinilink

    My beloved

    Looks very cosy room to listen to music especially late at night with a glass of nice red!
  10. vinilink

    Anyone tried UD1S Records?

    So, where would Sheffield Lab Direct to Disc would fit in? I reckon, UD1S can't beat he sonic quality of Direct to Disc recording. Just my 2 cents.
  11. vinilink

    Coffee /espresso Machine

    A friend of mine, his brother is a coffee judge in Australia, recommended to try this French Press. This technique actually works for me!
  12. vinilink

    currently drinking

    Never met him personally, but heard only good things about him from wine industry people, especially in SA. I will think and pray for his speedy recovery. Actually, he was one of my favourite wine writer along with HH.
  13. vinilink

    The Engine Oil Thread

    As others mentioned, I always use Penrite and love to support Aussie company.
  14. vinilink

    What would you do?

    Not because I own ME amps, but heard a combo of ME pre with a valve power (think it was custom made), they sounded magical with full of dynamics to my ears.
  15. I know Steve Hoffman used own a pair of 201i leadline.