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  1. You are right there, it is about how the manufacturer implement them on active speakers. But, overall, I agree with you and prefer with passive speakers with great pre/pwr amp combo any time of the day.
  2. My first system in late 70s consisted of a pair of acitve speakers and hence upgraded (not better) to bigger Active few years later. The very reason I purchased Active, due to very convincing advantage of having built in amps inside the box would sound superior due to less loss in sound signals by bypassing speaker cables and how naive was I! After making 2 mistake purchasing, I have gone to passive with separate pre and power amp and never looked back. I am sure there are many excellent active speakers out there, however, when it comes to upgraditis and wants to change either speakers or amps, it may become a nightmare. As Al mentioned many times, you will have only one less component on your system but still have 2 umbilical power cords running behind them. On top, some may spend more $$$ on better power cables.
  3. Take it as you are being sarcastic. As ACTIVE speakers have been around for a very long time. I think active speakers are becoming popular, and same time many probably think this is a new technology due to wireless concept.
  4. THOMO, not sure if you remember Catt furniture from WA. We have a dining table and 6 chairs made out of jarrah is solid as rock which are 30+ years old. Anyway, GLWS
  5. This was basically my point that I mentioned in the other thread!
  6. From what I can see, the OP wants us to tell him "Yay" for an assurance to get LS50w, despite he wants it. Thus, making sure he won't get an another buyer's remorse.
  7. If you can hold it for me till when I am back in Sydney next month, I am happy to take it.
  8. Many good suggestions posted above. Gremrock suggestion is particularly appealing regardless of brand of speakers. Active speakers are good concept to simplify the system, but they are not all as simple as it appears to be. 1. Each speakers has to run a powercord for the amps and must have powerpoint outlet on each side 2. ICs has to be long to reach the back of speakers, meaning your have long running ICs on the floor 3. Make sure built amps are as good as stand alone (which is rare afaik) 4. If you are not happy and/or want to change/upgrade in future, it can be frustrating 5. With my limited experiences in the past, built in amps in speakrs aren't that good. Having said this, I am sure there are excellent active speakers out there. Just to be sure, why don't you compare ls50w and ls50 with an integrated amps or Dynaudio Xeo 2?
  9. Maybe that's what has happened too when you auditioned 5 pairs of speakers you have mentioned.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if ls50w has an ordinary built in amp.
  11. Never knew Huon Valley has a winery or wineries, I should check out Chatto Pinot. Huon would be a good region to grow Pinot.
  12. Opened two bottles of wine tonight and as 5 of us enjoyed them too much to remember to take a photo of wines. I will post empty bottles tomorrow. Edit: De Lisio shiraz is keep getting better since last time I tried in March.
  13. Your dish looks really delicious and well presented. 👍
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