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  1. It’s been a few months and I’m still looking so bumping this up!
  2. Hmmm...Just did some googling and you may be right. The modern comb filters should outperform my trusty LD players. At the time the reverse was true!
  3. Hi all, Just fixed my Laserdisc player yesterday (home isolation has to be good for something!) and have hooked it up to my RX-V3085 via composite. The LD player has S-video out but unfortunately the AVR does not accept that (can't believe it doesn't have one input!). Anybody know of any converter to HDMI or component that works reliably. I am looking for a noticeable improvement in the PQ over the composite connection. Budget is < $100. I can google a bunch of options but really want a solid recommendation as I have purchased stuff in the past that never worked properly (eg. HDMI splitters with my old avr). Thanks!
  4. Bit late to the party but you could ask your questions at lddb.com and see what they think. It might be a simple drive belt replacement that you could do yourself?! I just replaced a capacitor in my CLD-D590 yesterday based on info I found there.
  5. Item: Yamaha YST-SW800 subwoofer Price Range: $300 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I already have one that I purchased for this price last year and I would like another one.
  6. Thanks I'll keep my eye out but the only ones around at the moment have the seller asking way too much. Gumtree has a RX-V3079 for $1500 or a RX-A3050 for $1450. I have seen those for around $1000 and I have seen brand new RX-V3085s for $1900.
  7. Quite right I mis-typed there. Thanks for the other thoughts. I am thinking the second hand models will do the job for me (but still keen on other's thoughts) - the issue is they are so good hardly anyone is selling them!
  8. Hi all, Looking at similar threads there seems to be guidance that any AVR 2016+ is good so I am looking at a new 3085 or down to a second hand 2081 (I am considering any AMP between those two specs). Trying to decide what matters and if I need to fork out for the latest and greatest. My dedicated HT room layout is shown in the thread I started here: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/3068310-will-i-benefit-atmos-amp.html I haven't as yet but it is conceivable to move the FPL and FPR speakers into the ceiling. I will try on the wall initially. Things have changed since that post (although I still havent bought an AMP!) so I have some questions about the differences between the latest and older models. I have been comparing specs via this site https://www.zkelectronics.com/compare/yamaha-rx-a2060/australia/yamaha-rx-a3080/australia/ Q1. In practice is the improved DAC noticeable. Would ripping my CDs to a higher bitrate MP3 benefit from this? (I think I will rip them again to FLAC regardless) Q2. The 3085 has dropped support for Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital EX. Are there any issues with that or does a different Dolby technology merely replace it? Q3. Is the HD3 version of Cinema DSP (vs 3D) and Surround AI worth anything? Q4. I have read that Yamaha's YPAO isn't great but the 3085 adds the words "64-Bit High Precision EQ Calculation". Is that much of an improvement? Besides the power rating and the 11.2 channels is there anything else that I should be considering when deciding on the next AMP. My main goal is to get the best sound field I can without paying for stuff I don't need. Mainly used for movie viewing via streaming in HD or BluRay (also Laserdisc which has AC-3 output) but also music when the mood takes me! I've always had Yamaha and I'm very happy so plan to stick with them. I was also thinking perhaps the RX-V3079 as with my projector (JVC X35) I don't think I need any of the later video improvements? So yes I can afford the 3085 which is running around $2000 at the moment but if I can pick up second hand for half that and get what I need then happy days. Thanks in advance for your thoughts! Speakers: Focal 716V Mains Focal CC700V Centre Focal 605 Front Presence B&W DS3 as Surround L&R Focal 605 Surround Back L&R A Yamaha YST-SW800 Sub
  9. Item: Logitech Harmony 670 Price Range: $40 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I just missed out on one on eBay so think this price is reasonable. I am after something which is well backlit for my theatre room. Already have one Harmony remote so would like to keep to the brand.
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