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  1. Further information: This was bought directly from Vidikron (owner of Runco) as new old stock in storage late last year shipped from the US to my door. It has done less than 20 hours and I've used it for less than 500 hours. There is no lamp counter but i'm sure it's been used sparingly. It's rated for 60000 hours and has been faultless with no issues at all. It is rated for 700 lumens but I can tell you it's plenty bright for my 120" 16:9 screen as it's using LEDs, equiv to 1000 lamp lumens. It has a razor sharp lens as it's a single chip DLP. It's been rated as one of, if not
  2. It's an LP Morgan Novares fixed frame screen that came with their own custom side masking solution (LP Morgan Galleria Eclipse). Works pretty well. I think it's a unity gain screen but I'll be swapping the material with a studiotek G4 material soon.
  3. Yup since i already have the electric horizontal masking working I think I'm already halfway there, just need to work out a way to automate it for scoped vs 16:9 content.
  4. Woofer you are dangerous! I have to start ignoring your posts soon haha. Beautiful cables to go with your new LPS
  5. Anyone here have any electronic masking solutions setup with their lumagen? I'm due to get a lumagen (deposit paid) and my CIH scoped screen has electronic masking with a remote & sensor. So far I've been told it should work with Control4 system or perhaps via a scripted program using a raspberry Pi4 using IR control. I'm more interested in the latter but happy to know of other possible solutions. Or maybe just have the screen setup as always 2.35:1 and get the lumagen to scale 16:9/Imax material to scoped. Anyone doing this, if so how does it look? Note: I ha
  6. Further information: Bought as refurbished stock May 2019 from Excel Hifi. Unit was as new and I've been using it daily with no known issues. It was recently updated via WIFI to the latest firmware. Unit is built like a tank, it is quite heavy for a preamp/processor. Prefer local pickup. https://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/cx-a5200/index.html Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference
  7. Although your personal recommendation is go with a One SE/Duo/Mini paired with an external lienar PSU like the Uptone Audio JS-2?
  8. I just learned this recently in one of Jim Peterson's recent youtube vidoes, HDMI cables were designed to work at longer distances so he says that's a good safe length. It may still work at shorter distances still but can be twitchy. How many devices in the hdmi chain do you have Marc? Process of elimination, straightest path; source player direct to preamp/processor, then re-introduce other devices into your chain until you nail down which component is the culprit.
  9. Also Marc, ensure that all your cables are at least 2m up to 4m for passive hdmi - audio sync issues.
  10. Perfect! This player has tons of features. Would have been good to have netflix/youtube 4k but that's just icing on the cake.
  11. Can this zappati player move subtitle locations? I have a 16:9 screen and a lot of the times the subs fall into the black bars but I'm moving to a CIH scoped screen and therefore they aren't going to be visible anymore for scoped movies. My current media player Vero4k+ allows this but the subtitles have to be ripped in a special way, also the player is good when it works but when it doesn't.. debugging is a mess, hoping the zappati can improve on this!
  12. These seem to get great reviews all over and they are also on my list to listen to one day! I think the lead designer had something to do with the B&W nautilus speaker if I recall correctly.
  13. Can try this from someone having audio sync issues in avsforum: The sync delay should be less if you set the Zappiti output (i.e. display mode in the settings) to 24Hz instead of Auto or e.g. 60Hz. Once you have the "auto sync 24/50/60" turned on, it will still output in e.g. 60Hz if the file is in that format.
  14. If using an external linear power supply, then there is no need to have a better PSU that is used in the PRO, or it negates the need for one? Ah looks like you answered my question just as I asked, thanks! Looks like AvAustralia are selling that unit on special for $688.
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