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  1. Well said. But where exactly in the sound reproduction chain should the desired sound modification occur?
  2. It's not an easy location for many people to frequent without something in mind. I wish they would upload updated pictures of the section on their website.
  3. That sounds like a commercial strategy that I wouldn't have. I would merely want to share the pleasure and joy of music that would inspire the boy and help him along on his way for a worthy life. The rest is up to him. I only hope that there would be many a boy (or a girl) like him in the local community.
  4. I would introduce a boy who was curious enough to come into my shop, if I ran one, to some wonderful music.
  5. Don't expect any new features / feature fixes via software updates, except perhaps just security patches. Haggle hard if you want the last Panasonic. I wouldn't even consider it if the discount is less than 60%.😜 My plasma is still going strong, and I am still very impressed with the quality of the display.
  6. So do I! Imagine how boring it would be to have a USB stick up there! 😜
  7. Must be a very good shop, since you never bought anything from there then and could be regarded as a "time waster" by some sales people. 😜
  8. A strategic decision, I guess. The writing is on the wall - not enough profit, and there would be even less to be had with competing technologies and cheaper manufacturing rivals in the years ahead. Good thing might be a big discount on the existing products.
  9. The worst thing I found about Edge is that one cannot remove the cached data of a particular website. And Win 10 froze up on me every week, until recently I got rid of the thingy altogether.
  10. Just like in the IT industry, there's so much to catch up with technology for the Hi-fi salesman as well.
  11. If I were a hi-fi salesman and if I had a policy of unrestricted demo (with a smile) with no obligation to buy provided I was not sitting idle doing nothing, would I be selling a lot more products than otherwise? Just wondering myself, as a customer, taking into account of my desire to trial-listen to a few products of interest and the fact that I often found myself desisting from even contacting a shop, not buying much at all in the end over many years. Also, would such a policy eventually result in less demand for demo, as there would be much more real product knowledge shared freely online for a prospective customer?
  12. The EMM Labs DV2 does have higher output: Maximum output levels: 8.04 or 7.22V (+20.3/19.4dBu), balanced; 4.02 or 3.61V (+14.3/13.4dBu), unbalanced. which is fantastic as DAC output, and also makes it able to drive a power amp directly. Even so, it does not compare with a dedicated pre-amp. D90, with its 2v output, is not in the same category. As for the size of the enclosure, it seems to me that many manufacturers of DACs, who rely on online business, seem to want to limit product size, or rather the weight of the product to under 2kg, very much with the postage in mind. High output wouldn't be a priority in such a situation.
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