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  1. You can argue that if the voltage is continuously close to the upper limit, the chances of it going over will be high; even though the tech did not get an over-limit reading at the time of inspection. You can present a record of your testings over a period of time.
  2. If it is constantly on 250v, they may heed your call.
  3. You can complain to the power supply co. if the voltage is over or on the allowed upper limit of the standard of 230v, and if they do respond, they will probably fix the problem for the whole of the area you are in.
  4. Without a serial number and a manufacturing date, it is going to be darn impossible to tell what level of hardware a Pontus has.
  5. An upgrade in line with the changes done in Venus II and Ares II ought to be expected soon, as Pontus II.
  6. There was word earlier that Pontus II was in the offing, and I wonder whatever happened to it.
  7. It's just circuits; the same design and production req should result in the same results, one might expect. We can only hope the chip design was not lost in the same fire.
  8. https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/2020/10/29/akm-factory-fire-could-affect-supply-of-a-to-d-and-d-to-a-convertors-for-12-months
  9. Copying in the specs from a different source: DIMENSIONS (W × H × D) 485 × 238 × 465mm 19" × 9.375" × 18.25" FRONT PANEL HEIGHT 220mm (8.625") POWER REQUIREMENTS 120V, 60Hz POWER CONSUMPTION 1200W STANDBY POWER CONSUMPTION Normal: <0.5W Network Wakeup: <2W NET WEIGHT 59.1kg (130.3lbs.) BTU RATING (4Ω, 1/8th power) 3200 BTU/h CONTINUOUS POWER OUTPUT 1080W/Ch (8Ω) 1800W/Ch (4Ω)
  10. There is no drop of price in this offer. Some bonus points, though.
  11. I am very disappointed at MF about this. Imagine the trouble of having to send the thing back for repair! ☹️
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