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  1. I am very disappointed at MF about this. Imagine the trouble of having to send the thing back for repair! ☹️
  2. If they can't sell it, then it's not. 😀
  3. Is this any different from https://www.magnusaudio.com/MA-400.html? The specs there are not the same.
  4. Now on 10% discount for 3 days (6.16 Shopping Spree Day) by Shenzhenaudio.
  5. Very nice. It sells at half this price domestically. Aliexpress doesn't ship this product to Australia, though.
  6. Bargain for the quality of the display. Wonderful to watch fireworks on in the Dynamic colour mode.
  7. Well said. But where exactly in the sound reproduction chain should the desired sound modification occur?
  8. It's not an easy location for many people to frequent without something in mind. I wish they would upload updated pictures of the section on their website.
  9. Another thing one can try is to allocate dedicated CPU resources (cores/kernel threads) for the tasks concerned. A busy multi-tasked system can present an unpredictable impact on some demanding/sensitive data processing tasks.
  10. That sounds like a commercial strategy that I wouldn't have. I would merely want to share the pleasure and joy of music that would inspire the boy and help him along on his way for a worthy life. The rest is up to him. I only hope that there would be many a boy (or a girl) like him in the local community.
  11. I would introduce a boy who was curious enough to come into my shop, if I ran one, to some wonderful music.
  12. Don't expect any new features / feature fixes via software updates, except perhaps just security patches. Haggle hard if you want the last Panasonic. I wouldn't even consider it if the discount is less than 60%.😜 My plasma is still going strong, and I am still very impressed with the quality of the display.
  13. So do I! Imagine how boring it would be to have a USB stick up there! 😜
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