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  1. Man, i wish I had the cash for this! Good luck with the sale
  2. I totally understand. Please put me in the queue if you decide to post.
  3. Hi all thanks for the very useful advice. I’ve tried everything but no luck. Time to toss the damaged records and replace all the inner sleeves for the remaining vinyl.
  4. Hi Id love this if postage to Melbourne is possible. cheers stephen
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I’ll take some better photos tomorrow (of a pristine, clean record - as I think the dusty old record is a bit distracting and doesn’t really show it up properly). Unlike mould - which I imagine would sit on top and be powdery - this is more of a scuff. It completely alters the vinyl. The grooves almost disappear and the surface is dull. No amount of washing, scrubbing and even scouring removes whatever it is. It looks like it has eaten away at the vinyl itself.
  6. I have tried Spinclean, VPI, alcohol, vinegar. any suggestions?
  7. That record is scratched to bits - will be going straight to the bin but thought I’d take a snap. can mould cause permanent damage to the vinyl? I would have thought you could simply clean it off? but these spots do not change whatsoever with cleaning.
  8. Never been washed an put away damp. Has even appeared on new records - never played. I would have thought mild would wipe off?
  9. Thanks! How depressing. A few thousand dollars worth of records down the drain! ill buy new inner sleeves for the rest of the collection. does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. Hi thanks is for the reply! yes, I always store vertically. I have cleaned in a VPI machine and no joy. I typically store in these inner sleeves (please see picture) but I don’t think all damaged records were in the same inner sleeves. you think the inner sleeves could be to blame?
  11. Hi all I am hoping that the collective knowledge of the forum can help me out. Around 80 of my LPs have these whiteish spots on them (as a consequence they are unplayable) - please see pictures as an example. I had assumed it was mould or something similar but it does not clean off (have used brushes, spinclean, alcohol - you name it). I have a theory, as crazy as it sounds, that it is somehow spreading throughout my record collection so I am about to throw out all the damaged records. Does anyone k ow what might be causing this? Is there any way
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