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  1. I have one myself and can attest to the upgrade in sound quality ..it really is an impressive power supply. GLWTS Chilli
  2. Item: Quad 11L classic bookshelf speakers in piano black Location:Newcastle ,NSW Price: $400 plus postage Item Condition: 9/10 very good condition. No marks or scratches ...the photos show some weird reflection from some room blinds.They are really are in as new condition. Reason for selling: Need the funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: These are superb bookshelf speakers and are detailed ,warm and musical. I purchased them new in 2016. Box and packaging included Pictures:
  3. Item: Cambridge Audio cxc cd transport ( plays cd's only ) Location: Newcastle Price: $420 plus postage Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Need the funds for upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: I am the only owner of this unit and it is only a month or two old. It sounds superb, clean, detailed and musical. I am only selling it to save up for a Bel Canto transport to match my Bel Canto dac Includes box, packaging and remote Pictures:
  4. Thanks for the offer JDH for the Pro-jest cd player, but I will stay with the Cambridge cxc transport until a Bel Canto unit comes along and I will be able to use the AES/EBU ( balanced connection )between the two units I dont blame you not wanting to sell the Bel Canto CD2 cd players. chilli
  5. Oh my, you have two Bel Canto CD2's !!! you should sell one.... to me I am having no luck picking up a used Bel Canto CD3t transport Ahh the life of an audiophile chilli
  6. Ohh , nice setup JDH. I sent an email to the Bel Canto importers today about the firmware update ( Absolute hi end )...see what they say. I hope to get a reply back from Bel Canto in the States in the next couple of days chilli
  7. Yes , what you said all sounds true. Actually the main reason I am chasing the firmware update is that I have found my 1.5 to be sensitive to locking onto a spdif clock signal that other dacs I have in house ( moon 100d & stello DA100 ) have no issue with any spdif clock signal My Rega apollo R locks on fine with the Bel canto 1.5The Creek Evo 2 cd player wont lock at all. Also the Cambridge Audio cxc transport will lock but as soon as the cd is stopped or ejected it loses lock. All in all , a bit of a mystery. I have tried different spdif cables as well and can rule that out. chilli
  8. Thanks again JDH, Maybe a bit tricky for me to attempt. I have sent an email to Bel Canto and will see what they say. Thanks again chilli
  9. Maybe I should have added, can anybody help me with the process of a revision upgrade
  10. Has anyone one on here upgraded the firmware revision on their Bel Canto dac's ? I recently purchased a new old stock Bel Canto dac 1.5 with revision 1.02 and would like to upgrade it to current version 1.11 Cheers chilli
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