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  1. At that price we'll get stung with the LCT as well.
  2. Yes, take Launch Control away from an R and its a near 6s car like most things with that power and weight.
  3. This may be sacrilege on this forum, but I was in a similar predicament and ended up going a Soundbar with rear surrounds. I get all the latest codecs, costs less than an AVR and hides away quite easily. Its simple and smart enough to turn on with the TV, one remote to rule them all etc etc. Then i can keep the 2 channel system separate in the same room and use that for listening to music.
  4. I thought Tesla bought their batteries from Panasonic
  5. I would agree with this line of thinking. Ive been wondering what to get for a fun weekend throw around car and there is nothing worth buying. A GTI TCR seemed interesting, but the niggling thought in the back of my head suggests that its still a Golf underneath. The Megane gets rave reviews, but its a 5 door wagon not much smaller than my Volvo, it serves the same basic purpose. Civic Type R is also just as big as my daily. These aren't 'pure' enough. I would need something completely different, RWD, lightweight, powerful. You can find a car with all 3, but its no
  6. Sorry, i just meant in terms of sales numbers.
  7. I think it hurt the I30N in a big way. They wanted to take on the GTI, they got no where near it.
  8. Monitor Audio Silver 2. 8" in a bookshelf, pretty cool. Have box, can ship
  9. I saw A New Hope recently topped a YouTube list for Best Western. Love that line of thinking. Watching the animated series of The Clone Wars and Rebels has given me so much more respect for the prequels. It builds Anakin much more gradually which makes his fall hit so much harder. Revenge of The Sith carries so much more weight now. The Jedi massacre, all the ones shown have names and stories. You could live without the Phantom Menace, it adds little to the overall story apart from some motivational aspects later on. The Sequel trilogy is by far the worst
  10. I dont pay close enough attention to the release of these things, so stupidly i just bought a 2060Super. Good to see that the PC market has stepped it up again. Consoles had closed the gap with the new PS5 and Series X, but PC has just taken another leap
  11. A bit of Jason Isbell this morning. Good to have the TT up and running again.
  12. Quintet Black. A subtle upgrade to the 2M Black I was using previously.
  13. New house, new room. Still have to mount the cart on the turntable.
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