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  1. RockandorRoll

    Dodgy Ford and its Problems

    I was told the exact same thing by Volkswagen when i had problems with my dual clutch. Supposedly it was "the way i was driving it, its supposed to do that" Turned out to be a failed mechatronics. I think VW had a lawsuit over that as well. Funnily enough, i had the same GetRag dual clutch that Ford have used, but mine was in a Renault Clio. I enjoyed it much more than the VW DSG and had no bucking or hesitation issues.
  2. RockandorRoll

    Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    Its not just picking a random brand and failed model. The PGT was made to compete with the GTI, this was common knowledge. Now history is repeating itself and they are having another crack with the i30N. Its probably a fantastic car, the Proceed GT was a fantastic car. You don't need to convince me, i have no allegiance to a brand and i shop on facts and figures. Its whether it sells to the public, which is what seems to be grinding your gears. My comments were around that guy and the fact that he is still pumping out these troll videos (troll in the early sense of posting controversial material to insight a reaction, not the new Facebook sense where everything is "trolling")
  3. RockandorRoll

    Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    They might be doing ok recently. But he's been playing up that gag for years now, back when their cars weren't so good. I don't think the joke works as well now because they are actually making decent cars. Lets not forget Korea's first attempt at a hot hatch, the Proceed GT. Great looking car, competitive numbers, well priced. How many of those do you see on the road compared to the Euro option?
  4. RockandorRoll

    Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    Without even watching it, i can tell he will have mostly positive things to say about it. Hes a korean tragic He was originally a really good troll, but i think enough people have caught on now that the forumla is tired and uninteresting. Maybe he should go the other way and start posting serious news, just to throw people off for awhile.
  5. RockandorRoll

    Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    Similar to the MKV GTI which had a relatively new DSG at launch. And you're right, lots of problems with that one. Seems that *** have got the formula right now though. I think Hyundai have been building loyalty in the back ground for a few years now, i can see this thing being a winner, untested or not. Personally i wouldnt touch it, but i think it will work for others.
  6. RockandorRoll

    Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    Hyundai have been using a DCT in the normal and SR cars for awhile now. Id be more concerned about what extra weight that will add to what it already a fat piggy of a car
  7. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    The Golf R is dull as dishwater to look at, but damn that is such good buying at the moment. It almost makes no sense to buy a GTI right now (apart from the fact it actually looks like the go fast version) Interesting note about the pull vs push of FWD vs RWD. I do appreciate the pull/ point and shoot nature of a good FWD vehicle, but i suspect this is dependent on the roads you drive and how you drive it.
  8. RockandorRoll

    Electric Autonomous Vehicles - Future or Flop ?

    I see the biggest advantage to autonomous driving as helping elderly people in rural areas maintain a sense of freedom without risk to the general public. Too many grandmas weaving around on country roads at 80km/h posing a threat/obstacle to other road users. We shouldn't lock them up in a home, but they are a danger to themselves and others. If an autonomous car maintains the specified road speed, keeps itself inside the lines, applies the brake or swerves obstacles in case of collision and wakes up the driver to put their hands on the wheel. That's enough for me. More than once the auto braking in my car has saved me from a bumper repair bill, but I don't expect it to stop for pedestrians that jump in front of me.
  9. RockandorRoll

    Electric Autonomous Vehicles - Future or Flop ?

    One of the questions is whether the Volvo's systems (which were disabled) would have stopped in time rather than the Uber systems. It becomes a question of technology implementation and how the general public is now part of the testing ground for the manufacturers.
  10. RockandorRoll

    My System this morning

    Ha, no, the other speaker is just off camera to the left. I'll need a wide angle lens to fit it all in as it's spread quite wide
  11. RockandorRoll

    My System this morning

    lovely bit of morning light coming through while i spin some of the black stuff
  12. RockandorRoll

    New Volvo V60

    http://www.caradvice.com.au/623801/2018-volvo-v60-revealed/ Looks pretty nice
  13. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    That price discussion from the Renault thread creeps in here. I recently priced up an S3 and it got to $82,842 on the road with only the Black Pack and Performance pack added (must haves in a S3 imo). I could get a 2 year old Used one for just under $70k The BMW is the winner so far, not a lot of options, comes nearly fully loaded and out the door for just under $70k I find PDrive TV on YouTube does some great videos for performance times. They got the Stinger to 5.3
  14. RockandorRoll

    Thor Ragnarok

    I must be the only one who thinks that the Kiwi Rock man was the worst thing about the movie. A joke every now and then is ok, but i grew tired of him really quickly. Jar Jar Binks tired...
  15. RockandorRoll

    New Renault Megan RS

    The purists would have you believe that as soon as the Clio went EDC and Turbo only, the Megane became gods gift to cars. IIRC, track times vs the Clio 220 Trophy were a lot closer than people thought. As to how that makes a car more or less focused, i cant tell you, that's a personal thing in my book. I loved my time with the Clio and will consider one again in the future. I think the new Megane is doing exactly what the Clio did by trying to cater to the masses. 5 doors and an EDC is what people want if GTI sales are to be believed. Does this make the new Megane 'less focused' than the old one - probably. I think it will still have some form of eLSD in the base model, purely for a usability/drivability point of view. I think the GT uses the same running gear as the Clio with its eLSD, so i cant see why they would step back in the RS. Im sure the eLSD was exactly as you say, space, weight and ill add cost.