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  1. If you can ship the CM1s to Adelaide , I'll take them
  2. RockandorRoll

    Z - love

    I've been having further bad thoughts about these Is it wrong to want a Convertible automatic to cruise the east coast of this great land. You can pick up a dealer used version for $30k
  3. This is my problem. All the products work well together and sound perfect in terms of treble and bass depth. The problems come on specific passages where it may boom too much on the left hand side or the soundstage might sit a little bit off centre. Its all room related and I can fix it by putting the speakers in a non WAF approved position. So i need a better room, which means i need a better house, which means i need a better job, which means i need a better city....
  4. RockandorRoll

    Hot Hatch !

    Having owned the Clio with 240nm (mine was the standard 200, not the 220 Trophy) and now something with 350 @1500 up to 450 @2250 I definitely see what a difference a good chunk of torque can make. Something to be said for lightweight though, the Clio was ridiculous fun to drive
  5. RockandorRoll

    Hot Hatch !

    Yes, traction does seem to be an issue with VW. I think its those big wheels! Heres the Renault and GTI in a drag race. Look at the launch of the Renault @ 2.40, almost smooth in comparison to the GTI. But once the GTI hooks up, its gone!
  6. RockandorRoll

    Hot Hatch !

    They are big little buggers now aren't they. The benefit to VW will always be that awesome performance is a trip to APR and $2000 away. Im sure the extra power would help change this result
  7. RockandorRoll

    Currently Spinning

    Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats - Tearing at the Seams (2018) Rateliff is my new favourite artist (replacing Meat Loaf). His outings with the side band The Night Sweats make a more rock and roll flavoured album. Small tinges of Elvis and Van Morrison with a bit of Bruce Springsteen. Not at that level of story telling, but an enjoyable sound all the same. His solo albums are a bit more Folk orientated, more The National etc. Pretty much everything is on Spotify, so give it a listen if you haven't
  8. RockandorRoll

    SOLD: FREE: Logitech Squeezebox x2 & Harmony Remote

    Gone to Zippi guys. Thanks for all the interest. I probably could have got money for them, but I'd rather give back to the community. Cheers
  9. Item: SlimDevices Squeezebox Silver x1 Logitech Squeezebox Black x1 Logitech Harmony Universal Remote x1 Location: Adelaide Price: FREE Item Condition: Used. Haven't checked if they all work Reason for selling: cleaning out the cupboard Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: some packaging, some manuals. Suit a tinkerer/collector
  10. RockandorRoll

    Is BMW i8 Cheating With a Loudspeaker?

    I thought it was for both inside and out, the intake tubes were more for inside only. I don't know how audible it is outside, apparently it helps with the pops but i cant see how that works. Wiki call it a speaker https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soundaktor. But if anyone is going to be technical about it, it will be a Stereo forum haha
  11. RockandorRoll

    Is BMW i8 Cheating With a Loudspeaker?

    Golf GTI has a Soundakator which is basically the same thing, its a little speaker that enhances the sound outside the vehicle. Its quite common these days. I think Lexus has the option to adjust your engine sound inside the car via a dial. Lots of cars use a little tube off the intake that vibrates to give a rumble.
  12. RockandorRoll

    Car accident on way to work - Contesting Fine

    I know that intersection, I waited for a tram there for 40 minutes, its just up from the Highpoint mall (we stayed with a friend who lives in the new apartments across the road) Its pretty deadly and in the short space of time we waited, we saw a number of brake lockups. It looks bigger in your image than in real life so its easy to see how you could get into an accident. Good luck with it though, hitting from the rear is always hard to prove innocence.
  13. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    The Golf, because it would cost less to repair when some idiot inevitably opens a door into the side of it! Plus im sure insurance premiums and annual service fees are cheaper with the Golf
  14. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    Yep, so its taken out the creature comforts that make the normal Golf R such a great daily driver. Hence, more Hardcore (and i used air quotes, because i dont think any stock VW can really be called hardcore)