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  1. @blybo The Redline is a totally different beast, especially with the 6 speed. I think GM needs some work on their auto transmissions. The VE SS and SV6 i drove, both had terrible auto's The hesitancy from the traffic light in the Volvo, is due to the transmission starting in 2nd gear from a stop. The Polestar tune wont help that (it still does it in mine). The only thing you can do is drop it into 1st manually which has its own issues as you need to change to 2nd relatively quick. Apparently new BMW and Merc's do the same thing, it helps get the EPA rating. This is something that didn't happen in the older 6 speed Volvo's so people assumed they were faster cars.
  2. This was a Series 2 wagon. The steering was fine and the ride comfort was fine. Lovely car, both inside and out. But the throttle response and power was so far away from what i expected. I could completely bury the throttle and it felt no faster than a corolla, there was no push back in the seat or excitement at all. Manual mode with the paddles made no change to its behaviour. I seriously considered one to purchase instead of the Volvo, but after that ride, I never bothered.
  3. Yes, the engine is rather impressive. I'm at 186kw 450nm from the 2.0L and it has no problem doing anything. A fully loaded car feels no different to an empty car. In comparison, my Clio RS would feel it if i had a big lunch. My Volvo isnt as good with fuel consumption though and sits around 10l/100km The SV6 Commodore is the most disappointing car i have ever driven. I expected so much more from the figures, but it was a big let down. I really like the idea of the new VXR, but wouldn't consider it purely because its the same SV6 engine.
  4. It will work fine until it doesn't.
  5. Thats the Flow, which is different to the Pressure. The unit says it has a maximum input pressure of 500kPa. A normal household tap can have anywhere from 400-1000kPa. As you mentioned, you have pretty good pressure, so i would suggest you are on the high end. I would look at a regulator if i was you. Not just a reducer that works on back flow, but an actual regulator that puts out a consistent pressure reading
  6. Favourite is Thanos. Least favourite is Widow, she was out of her depth in the first Avengers movie and has struggled through since. I hope Thanos swats her away like a fly again.
  7. Not sre if this has been posted before, but it addresses a lot of the concerns the general public should have with EV It seems even in Tesla heavy LA, there are still issues with infrastructure
  8. Tenille Townes - Living Room Worktapes (Spotify) Saw this lovely lady at Introducing Nashville at the Antheum Theater in Melbourne last week. She has a hell of a voice, and ill admit to welling up at Jersey On The Wall which has a terrible story leading into it. A very talented songwriter and singer.
  9. On the newer Drive-E drivetrains , it's also a remap of the TCU, shift speed, blipping down shifts etc. It's a nice way to get a 'tune' while maintaining warranty. Something that I wish I had when I tuned my GTI...
  10. See if you can squeeze an extra $2k into the budget for the Polestar optimisation. https://engineered.polestar.com/au/product/optimisation/xc60-d4-awd-drive-e-automatic-2019 It's a nice torque increase, but the transmission remap is worth it alone.
  11. ooooh what engine are you thinking? T6 or T5
  12. When auditioning speakers it's hard to do vinyl so I went with the HD tracks version or the SACD Considering the master tapes were burnt, there's not a lot they can do to fix it. Il check out the Friday Press version though
  13. I listen to a lot of High on Fire, At the Gates, Witchery, Old Man's Child etc. Thrashy, fast, rhythm I think it will be a struggle depending on the other music you listen to. I really liked my B&W's and Monitor Audios stuff for slower folk stuff, but it was all too polite for metal. Focal was the exception from the big brands, I remember enjoying my el cheapo 707's a lot for metal, but sounded average for anything else. Some people will recommend VAF, but I think they are too revealing to make metal enjoyable. Surprisingly, I used Meat Loaf's BooH as a test disc where i could. Terribly recorded with weak bass and strainy top end. Once i found a system that played it well, i was happy. Vintage is the answer as suggested above, some old KEF's or JBL's. The best speakers ive heard with metal are my current Verity's. The second best was a $10 garage sale set of Kenwoods from the 70's. The Lenehan Audio ML1's were also fantastic... i should find another set of those
  14. The big thing is noise, not just electrical noise but mechanical noises. That quiet hum in the corner can be very distracting. When i built mine i went with a decent power supply (Seasonic) that was supposed to be very quiet, a super quiet case, quiet fans and a CPU cooler even though i didn't overclock (It makes less noise than the stock cooler). Also, only use SSD's, they are cheap enough now and make next to zero noise. You'll want something with an adjustable fan so you can turn all the fans right down. I wouldn't spend my money on RAM which is extremely overpriced at the moment, but rather on good quiet fans. Noctura are pretty good from what ive heard.
  15. I haven't updated this in a long time. Probably because i dont have much to tell. I have fixed my media PC which runs Roon perfectly and ive upgraded the cart to a Quintet Black. Now i have two Ortofon Blacks! Here it is mounted, sits much nicer on the table, no headshell weight required. Seems to sit higher off the record as well. Heres a full system shot as it stands Its all very comfy and homely
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