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  1. Amazon Likely To Set Up In Australia

    So im assuming people are aware of the way the the Amazon pricing algorithm works. It hunts the best prices online from other retailers and then applies a discount. Its going to take awhile for it to comb through the Australian online space and set prices accordingly. At the moment its a few opportunistic ebay retailers setting up the Amazon shop. Once the brands on sale have been threatened by the existing channels, expect the prices or products to disappear from the listings. Those small ebay/Amazon sellers have gone under the radar so far, but now that the retail giants are hunting through Amazon and chasing their suppliers, those little online shops will be starved of product or priced out. "Forget it Amazon, its Woolies town"
  2. My System this morning

    The work setup Surface Pro + Dock Audioquest DragonFly Black Sennheiser Momentum In Ear
  3. 2017 Reliability Surveys ( 0-3 yrs )

    "You can come up with statistics to prove anything, 40% of all people know that" Every time I think about buying an Alfa, an anecdote comes up that makes me run so far in the other direction. Did you hear about the Giulietta owner who returned their car for A pillar squeaks? Turns out the A Pillar wasn't welded to the rest of the body! And isn't there a problem with polarised screens in the Guilia? Then there was that reviewer who couldn't do a lap in the supposed M5 killer, because the electronics kept shutting the car down. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2017/03/somehow-jalopniks-2017-alfa-romeo-giulia-quadrifoglio-didnt-break-sure-wasnt-exactly-perfect/ I wonder what the % of Alfa owners were in the pool of 14,000 people. Considering the only car of theirs in the entire list is the Giulietta, id say there's not many owners to take a sample from.
  4. Subaru Levorg MY18

    I considered a Levorg as well. Has everything else I was looking for. A smallish wagon with good power and a nice quality interior. I agree with the philosophy of the CVT and what it can mean for both acceleration, performance and economy. I think with Honda, GM and Ford all putting out 10 speed autos next year, the market will eventually realise why a CVT is a really good option. I honestly think they were just ahead of their time and the market wasn't ready. I ended up finding a Volvo V60 for a good price so stepped up a few rungs and went with that. But i still notice the Levorgs when i see them.
  5. Suzuki Swift Sport

    Manual only means sales volume will be halved, maybe even lower than that.
  6. Z - love

    I was looking at these the other month, before they had their recent price adjustment. The interior is 10 years old, the screen graphics dated terribly. I would pick up one of the earlier HR models because there hasnt been a lot of change since then. These quite often go for $40k as a demo.
  7. My System this morning

    unfortunately the light beams straight into the speaker so its a pain to get right with the camera phone.
  8. My System this morning

    A bit gloomy outside today, so some soothing tunes to help with the hangover
  9. Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    Nothing like artificial pops and crackles to keep the mid-lifers happy
  10. Kia Stinger

    The only thing i don't like about EV is the time it takes to charge. If im on a roadtrip from Adelaide to Melbourne, sure I can stop at the supercharger in Keith, but that still takes 75 minutes to get back to full charge. The technology still isn't there yet for our big empty country
  11. Currently Spinning

    Quick! someone go and listen to Joseph Arthur - You Keep Hanging On Wait for the chorus and see what your speakers do.
  12. SOLD: FS: 800mm Speaker Stands - solid steel

    Well i thought someone could fill with sand or bitumen or some other exotic material. I personally didnt bother because they are heavy enough.
  13. Item: 800mm Speaker Stands (custom made) Location: Adelaide - Can deliver to metro area Price: $250 for both Item Condition: perfect Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are big heavy beasts that have been holding up my Monitor Audio Silver 2's. They are made of steel and powder coated in gloss black. Dimensions: 800mm High x 400mm wide (bottom plate) 300mm (top plate) The tubing inside is hollow so can be filled with something Pictures:
  14. SNA Members Top 50 Records during the 90's

    Matchbox 20 -Yourself or Someone Like YOu
  15. Suzuki Swift Sport

    My Girlfriend has the Vitara Turbo with the 1.4 and the auto. Great car to punt around the city streets in. Good ground clearance and turning circle makes it easy to navigate car parks. Its geared quite well for immediate pickup but runs out of puff quickly. You can feel the lack of torque, It feels like an 8+ second car If they run that setup unchanged in the Swift it should be quite fun but not anywhere near the same league as the Clio RS. The Renault pulls much stronger for much longer and the RS Dual Clutch is a lot better than the Suzuki 6 speed. But the Renault starts pushing $35k, the Swift needs to be $25-$30k for people to look away from the Renault.