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  1. If you look up the road tax in Europe, you can see how they are taxed by displacement which is driving the push towards smaller engines. This is across every brand, not just BMW. Aus on the other hand is super lucky, we are taxed on value.... /s
  2. Disappointed. When I heard this was possibly coming with a 200kw N version and dual clutch, i thought this might be a good next car. Maybe the N version will fix the ugliness?
  3. I was gong to suggest that those Haldex AWD systems add a lot of weight to cars, somewhere in the vicinity of 100kgs. But then the last sentence suggests that the weights are similar so who knows? We all love the displacement part, but unfortunately the restrictions with European taxes by litre means that companies have to think smarter. I think its a positive sign that they were able to get very close to the old model considering the restrictions placed upon manufacturers.
  4. I believe the Accord is lighter than the CRV as well, so it should be fine. But it should also be priced at the same amount, not twice the price. The 2.0 is a detuned version from the Civic Type R so much more appealing for people like me.
  5. I suppose they don't have that big Ute/Truck market to help keep them afloat. But also, why wouldn't they bring the 2.0T accord into Aus? Instead they bring the 1.5T and price it higher than the V6 Camry.
  6. Interior is looking very Peugeot with all the horizontal lines
  7. The Golf shifters are the wrong way around though. + should always be down!
  8. Looks great, these have really good road presence. Bit too big for me at this stage of life, but later on with a couple kids, i can definitely see the appeal.
  9. I wonder about this mentality. Surely everyone who would appreciate Holden enough, already bought one of the last V8's in the VF. So we have people sitting on something hoping the price goes up, but for who? The people who already have one, or the people who are never going to spend that much in the first place. Its not like the old Torana or HK Monaro. Those were limited and people didnt know what they had. Now, every bogan with some sort of V8, thinks they are sitting on a gold mine, but its only other bogans who are going to buy it, and they already have theirs.
  10. Yes, there is a bit of boominess, but it's better than I thought. The back of the cabinet has multiple cut outs for cables so maybe that makes a difference. They are a bit close to the edge if I was to put them next to the TV, so I figure this was safer.
  11. Another quick update. Moved to temporary housing in the house that we are renovating until I find something to buy. Still found time to set a little system up while the rest is in storage. Monitor Audio Silver 2 driven by the NAD D7050
  12. Yep, that and the Trucks are the best bit of the whole day. I used to work for a sponsor of one of the V8 cars. Pit tours, grid walks, all that stuff. I've even been around Mallala in one of the Supercars. Its all fine, and should be appreciated, but I just.... don't care about the championship.
  13. That's exactly what i want to see. I want the car the you buy from the dealership being thrashed on a track.
  14. Pretty sure its a Haldex. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_xDrive https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/bmw-1-series-officially-revealed Plus its getting the Toyota Camry 8 speed.
  15. No not misunderstanding, very helpful. I was just using the figure above, where someone mentioned a 200km range. 320km would get me to most places.
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