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  1. Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    That price discussion from the Renault thread creeps in here. I recently priced up an S3 and it got to $82,842 on the road with only the Black Pack and Performance pack added (must haves in a S3 imo). I could get a 2 year old Used one for just under $70k The BMW is the winner so far, not a lot of options, comes nearly fully loaded and out the door for just under $70k I find PDrive TV on YouTube does some great videos for performance times. They got the Stinger to 5.3
  2. Thor Ragnarok

    I must be the only one who thinks that the Kiwi Rock man was the worst thing about the movie. A joke every now and then is ok, but i grew tired of him really quickly. Jar Jar Binks tired...
  3. New Renault Megan RS

    The purists would have you believe that as soon as the Clio went EDC and Turbo only, the Megane became gods gift to cars. IIRC, track times vs the Clio 220 Trophy were a lot closer than people thought. As to how that makes a car more or less focused, i cant tell you, that's a personal thing in my book. I loved my time with the Clio and will consider one again in the future. I think the new Megane is doing exactly what the Clio did by trying to cater to the masses. 5 doors and an EDC is what people want if GTI sales are to be believed. Does this make the new Megane 'less focused' than the old one - probably. I think it will still have some form of eLSD in the base model, purely for a usability/drivability point of view. I think the GT uses the same running gear as the Clio with its eLSD, so i cant see why they would step back in the RS. Im sure the eLSD was exactly as you say, space, weight and ill add cost.
  4. New Renault Megan RS

    The Clio IV has an eLSD that works very well
  5. Recycling crisis

    Having dealt with the Packaging Covenant, i wouldnt be surprised if more suppliers turned away from it. It is active in Australia but there is no hard and fast rule. You just get a company score at the end. They need to offer more information and relevance to the Australian consumer before they are taken seriously. Unfortunately, the retailer will often dictate the packaging specifications to suppliers, so it starts at their end. I use to sell 2 exact same products that were displayed in the exact same spot on the shelf. One was recycled, one was not. The recycled option was not more than 10% more on price. We sold 10 to 1 in favour of the non recycled product. There is no appetite in Australia for a recycled option.
  6. New Renault Megan RS

    I wonder if the Sport will use an eLSD vs the proper mechanical LSD on the Cup. E Diffs have come a long way and are quite effective at reducing the effects of torque steer. My car sends 100nm more torque than a GTI through the front wheels and does an outstanding job at making it usable. That's on a 7 year old platform as well, im sure the PerfoHub on the Renault will help contain any hop.
  7. New Renault Megan RS

    Yep, Cup only with the LSD. Im not sure what the point of the Sport is in this. Perhaps people who dont want the harsher ride? I had the Hydraulic bump stop sin the Clio RS. A fantastic handling car that got better closer to the limit.
  8. New Renault Megan RS

    Looks great as it comes around the corner. I expect other manufacturers will start making the the lower front spoilers sit wider to get that aggressive, "snow plow" look 5.8 to 60 sounds pretty good for the Sport
  9. Wheels Car of the year is

    Good win for a company that has come leaps and bounds ahead since the Chinese owners have taken over. ...must have had some marketing dollars to spare as well
  10. New Renault Megan RS

    When the GT launched, Renault outright said that they see the GT as a GTI competitor and the new RS (while still in concept) will be a competitor to the R and RS. It came into the discussion because when it launched it was at the same price as what they want to launch the RS with. Its relevant because they seem to have changed their stance on where they see the RS (topic of conversation) fitting into the Megane lineup. It now seems that the GT has been pushed aside and the various levels of the RS have been priced to compete against the GTI and the R. The pricing reveal has muddled the entire lineup of where the GT and RS were supposed to sit.
  11. New Renault Megan RS

    Yep the Grid R really has closed the gap as mentioned before. I cant see why anyone would buy the GTI for nearly the same money. I wonder if they launched that knowing what Renault were thinking. The Megane Cup for the same price ($50K) with 220kw and the LSD will be equivalent to the R's 214kw so should be a good match up in terms of track times even with out the pseudo AWD. Not sure if the 0-100km/h time will be in Renaults favour, but thats never been the reason why people buy Renaults anyway.
  12. New Renault Megan RS

    I just built a fully optioned GTI on the VW website and it came to $57k. With no features except the DSG, it was $48k. SA must get screwed royally with car pricing. But even if I search Carsales in Vic, there's is nothing under $45k brand new. We won't get into haggle pricing because after having owned both a GTI and a RenaultSport, Renault are a lot easier to get a deal with. I suppose at the time of the GT launch it had 155kw and 280nm, they probably thought that stacked up against the 162/350 GTI. It didn't.
  13. New Renault Megan RS

    That price lines up to me. I couldnt find a GTI for less than $45k, with demo models still being above $40k. You have to spend nearly $50k to get a GTI with the Performance Pack and LSD. Focus RS and Civic are both near $60k by the time you put them on the road, the Grid R seems to have closed the gap down to the new Meg though. Looks like they have done their homework and I think if they hold that near $50k price, it should pick up a few new buyers. Whats odd is what that price will do to the GT Megane which came out at nearly that exact same price. Surely that thing is due for a price cut. The GT has a 7 speed EDC, so its not like they cant source them, just didnt want it for this car - im sure there is a reason (possibly torque load). Its also funny how when the GT was launched, they labelled it their GTI equivalent. Seems they have flip flopped their story while the GTI was getting its boost increases.
  14. Post some pics thread...

    Crappy phone pic while we braved the Melbourne heat.
  15. Subaru Levorg MY18

    This is quite common behaviour in most new Auto transmissions that have a "sports" tune. The Polestar tune on my Volvo takes into account the steering angle, Gyro meter and brake activity to either leave it in gear, or go up/down. It will then blip the throttle to rev match if going down or hold revs up to make sure its at peak torque delivery on exit. Of course it can be all overridden with the paddles, but the computer is often smarter that the driver. I find it odd that in the sports mode, the CVT chooses to mimic a TC with gears when it should do the opposite. The benefit of the CVT is that its always in the optimum position for driving. If you were driving hard, i wouldn't want it shifting gears at all.