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  1. Almost enough for me to consider, but that old 6 speed Aisin unit is getting a bit long in the tooth. I understand their philosophy behind its continual use, but I'd need something more responsive Im quite happy with my 8 speed and 448nm at 2250 from my 2.0L. Perfect daily driver
  2. I'm quite fond of my mini wagon. Its an older model P3 Volvo V60. I chose it over the Octavia VRS and Levorg STI as it was the quicker of the three. The Polestar accessories make it sound and move very well for the 1600kgs of swedeish metal.
  3. Inspired by Grumpys 14 years, i had to look up the source of my screen name So now im playing the whole 17 minute version on Spotify
  4. Ha, great reasoning. I drove an Auto VE SS the other day, its just so.... lazy feeling. You hit the nail on the head, it doesnt feel fast, it probably is, but its a different kind of fast.
  5. If you had to get rid of a car, would it be the VE Ute or the i30N?
  6. The i30 is fine, that's 300mm shorter than the Volvo. It's more that the Cerato is almost mini wagon long
  7. I agree, great option. My only issue is that its not much smaller than my Volvo (100mm). I think ill want something smaller for my daily hack.
  8. True, but the little additions are a nice nod back the other way. The black side skits, 10 spoke wheels, flow through spoiler
  9. Yeah not sure what happened there, i just copied and pasted the original
  10. That rear quarter shot looks very I30N
  11. you guys have an accountant?
  12. Possibly because its not actually torque vectoring Mazda is quick to point out GVC is not a torque vectoring system. Technically, torque vectoring from Acura, Audi, Ford, and the like are "active yaw control" systems. They help a car rotate by altering torque delivered to a single wheel. In a left-hand turn, for example, the hybrid Acura NSX will instruct the electric motor powering its front-right wheel to add more torque, pushing the vehicle to the left and into the corner. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/news/a29737/how-mazda-g-vectoring-works/
  13. Im hoping to snap up a bargain I30 N Line for daily duties now that my Volvo is 5 years old. The poor Volvo will get slaughtered in resale, so I might not bother.
  14. There are different types of TV, most will use the ABS system to brake the wheel with the least traction and power the one with the most. It feels pretty awesome, gives that 'pull through the corners' feeling. Other systems, like VW on the GTi Clubsport use basically a half cut from a Haldex system. It doesn't use brakes, but actually balances the power between the fronts. VW's system is superior, but comes with a service fee just like haldex systems. Im happy with the brake based eLSD on the Volvo and RenaultSport that I used to own. I think they are great for the average driver and a long step away from the Maxima and GTI that i had
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