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  1. Never mind 50% off CarPlay, the US has it for free now, im sure Aus wont be far behind. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/12/04/bmw-free-apple-carplay/?guccounter=1 Obviously they came to their senses.
  2. I wonder if its too late to drop that deposit! UPDATE: Toyota RAV4 Prime Debuts Plug-In Power And Impressive Range WWW.MOTOR1.COM This might be the most compelling RAV4 yet. The new Rav 4 Prime looks the goods, with some impressive power-train upgrades. 0-100 in 5.8 - yes please!
  3. Agreed, Im far to impulsive for that. I would have found something else in that time. Or, i would just wait longer and get the next model year or see what every one else has come out with in the meantime.
  4. That makes sense as an excuse, dealers make the money on services, not the sale. Which is why i love getting a deal and then going to my independent!
  5. So was our Suzuki Vitara. Gotta tint those fronts though so it doesn't look like an 80s limo
  6. They have actually found that a car with a torque vectoring rear diff can get around a track faster than one with a mechanical LSD. Some would suggest that a quicker lap time shows greater control.
  7. Well, to be fair there is a hint of truth in it (not so much winky face). Bragging about buying a RWD car so you can hang the end out probably shouldn't be mentioned on a public forum. Especially as there are photos of your car on here. It is extremely dangerous and irresponsible, but I don't care, you don't have to justify it by saying you 'don't do it in traffic'
  8. Mate, I'm just taking the piss. Cut sick, feel free
  9. That's extremely dangerous and irresponsible.
  10. Agree completely. I've got 450nm going through the front wheels and super sports and the torque vectoring system can handle every bit of it in day to day driving. Maybe if there was snow, or if you hit a slippery dirt track every day i would consider AWD. But it adds 100kgs to my cars weight and id rather take the weight saving.
  11. You mean you dont have these for your rear brakes
  12. You would be amazed at how many people call a head office directly, expecting some sort of compensation. Thats why retailers/dealers exist, they get the margin, they deal with the complaints. Plus, dealers can go back the manufacturer for warranty approved work. The bill doesnt come out of the dealerships pocket, it comes from the manufacturer.
  13. The M140i is always a car that catches me out, it looks almost EXACTLY like a car that cost $20k less (118i). You have to look for that badge, otherwise its a world of hurt.
  14. A sleeper should have zero street cred, that's the whole idea. Its a very capable street car, with nerd cred (nerds know its cool) To drag us back on top, Renault Megane has just had a recall as well. But i think that's expected on a frenchy
  15. That was really the only thing going for the locals. Bang for your buck was hard to beat. I've had in my possession VK, VT, VE, not to mention the numerous rides in VS, VF commodores. I think wallowy is pretty bang on. even with an FE2 upgrade, these things are almost comical in their lack of driving feel and couch like comfort. Perfect for Australian roads and the way Aussies get around, but I dont think they could ever be confused for sports cars. You just have to chase an SS through the hills and watch the suspension travel to know that they are struggling to attack the curves.
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