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  1. I've had the following on a variety of high powered FWD cars over the years Dunlop Sport Maxx - Good grip, terrible life, loud Kumho Ecsta - ok grip, good life, loud Pirelli P Zero - low grip, good life, quiet Toyo Proxes 4 - Surprisingly good grip, good life, quiet Bridgestone Sr001 - Good life, low grip, quiet Michelin Super Sport - Awesome grip, terrible life, loud Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - Awesome grip, terrible life, loud Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - Awesome grip, good life, quiet See if other owners have gone up a size in width as yo
  2. Yeah, that's the one I want. Well, if I ever went back to VW. Price will determine whether the Mk8 is a winner across the board. If the Golf loses its 'Sporty Corolla' vibe i think Hyundai might end up picking up a lot of customers.
  3. No hiccups in streaming dropouts. I did have a problem using the inbuilt streamer from Edge, its seems to reduce output to 48khz. Im trying the 192 playlist but am only getting 96khz output streaming from my S6 tablet. Not sure if thats a CCA thing thats dropping the rate.
  4. S21s still use a Exynos processor(in house Samsung). Only in Aus and India i think, the rest of the world gets it with a Snapdragon.
  5. Signed up. As a long time Spotify Premium member I loved its radio and recommendation functions. I've discovered so many great artists on there. Im not sure i was really missing anything with Spotify. I've recently fired up my Roon server and am discovering all my old artists. Quboz integrates well with Roon so it has become the go to option. I love the Roon interface, but wish it had playback control on the lock screen. I tried Tidal a few years ago and had no issues with that either, it was missing a few albums but that was it. Will be fun playing with it
  6. Picture from back in Xiamen a few years ago. Innuendo is universal.
  7. Currently rocking a G8s. Great value for money when they were half price at JB Hifi. Similar specs as an S20, but half the price. Not sure i can justify the price for Samsung when we don't get Snapdragon processors.
  8. It's not a case of right or wrong, dynos vary greatly depending on application. Some are inertia dynos that have all wheels spinning and don't provide resistance. These tend to give 'happy' numbers. Others are chassis dynos, these use a magnetic drum to provide resistance. This resistance is calibrated to a bunch of SAE values including temperature and sea level. These will give more accurate numbers across different locations but will still vary. Dynos for numbers often have an inbuilt calculation that adds a wheel to engine conversion. People then take this number and add on to
  9. Is this a dyno that converts back to the crank number using a random percentage? What type of dyno, correction factor etc etc. These click bait headlines breed the idea that everyone 'underrates their specs'. The dynos I've been to with VWs have put out the exact numbers as expected.
  10. I was thinking of the Phantom because it has massive bass to help with the subwoofer aspect. But its also relatively cable free. No amps, no DACs etc. You can get a pair on stands and have a clean looking system.
  11. Ive never been a 'sub' guy, but i think even a sub guy would question 2x subwoofers for a bedroom setup Devialet Phantom?
  12. Hmm. Price is pretty much what I expected. Not happy about the detune. My Volvo has more power and torque than that. May wait and drive one before I make a call
  13. I'm OK with the looks. The front grille is a bit much, but it's a trend that won't die. The brakes are overkill, but that's cool. The rear muffler could be a nicer unit. Proportions are right, it has some nice sharp edges. If it wasn't a BMW, people would think its awesome. I've never cared about the brand of car I'm in, as long as it feels great to drive. I've had Nissan, VW, Renault, Holden, Ford, Volvo, Suzuki. I try not to buy the same brand twice, life is too short for that.
  14. I'm coming around to this. I love the idea of a GTI, its a great sporty version of a Corolla. But having been burnt in the past with VW, i cant go back. Plus i hate our local dealer. The 128ti is a great alternative. I dont care what brand its under, or the history. The specs on it seem perfect for what i want. If you get over the BMW RWD huh duh, this is just a compelling hot hatch. Interesting what they state about the transmission. Its the same unit that's currently in my Volvo. But it sounds like it behaves like mine BEFORE the polestar optimisation. Th
  15. https://www.whichcar.com.au/events/coty/ford-escape-at-car-of-the-year-2021 “Seems like a nicely executed thing, but does it give me a reason to not buy a Toyota?” asks Inwood rhetorically. “It won’t take the segment by storm; it’s just not different enough,” opines Richard. And with that, the Escape sealed its fate in COTY 2021. Sometimes, nice guys just don’t win. “Is this the best driving SUV in its class?” asks Inwood. “Engine is a powerhouse, steering is sharp and responsive with great turn-in. Body control is also really nicely judged.” “Dynamically very p
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