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  1. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    The Golf, because it would cost less to repair when some idiot inevitably opens a door into the side of it! Plus im sure insurance premiums and annual service fees are cheaper with the Golf
  2. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    Yep, so its taken out the creature comforts that make the normal Golf R such a great daily driver. Hence, more Hardcore (and i used air quotes, because i dont think any stock VW can really be called hardcore)
  3. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    I've always thought of the Golf as the Corolla of sports cars. Super easy to live with, extremely functional and owned by everyone - the opposite of a weekend car. The Grid Edition might be a bit more "hardcore"
  4. RockandorRoll

    I let go of Foxtel

    Seems like its the customers problem. The training course isn't on Customer Service, its on ethical market behaviour
  5. RockandorRoll

    I let go of Foxtel

    This isn't so much a case of what the offer is (up sell/free etc) its more that, if you opt out of marketing material, the company cannot send you anything apart from your bill. I have to complete a training course every year on who we can and cannot promote to and this almost falls into the SPAM section of it.
  6. RockandorRoll

    I let go of Foxtel

    These responses have been designed to offer the lowest possible negative impact while still searching for reasons and possibilities. Its hard to do a one solution for all approach without offending someone so they need to be scripted to avoid offending on a greater scale. This is another no win situation for Foxtel. If they sent you even the smallest bit of information about up selling to another device, and angry customer could construe that as marketing and end with a whole bunch of trouble at the ACCC. You cant have it both ways. Rudeness begets rudeness. I might come across as harsh in this, but Customer Service cop an absolute blasting by everyone and its always a lose-lose situation. Foxtel would be hemorrhaging customers these days and they need to try everything to stop the bleed. I don't blame them in turning Customer Service into salesmen, its a good strategy. Even if 10% pick up the $10 deal, its better than no one.
  7. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    Ah depreciation, yes RenaultSport taught me that lesson well, it would be nice to buy a car that doesnt drop like a stone for once I dont think the 2.0 is enough. its over a second slower to 100 than my current wagon. Seems like a backwards step. Merc use that 2.0l in their C250 as well, so it must have a RWD variant. Havent driven one. The lack of paddles really puts me off. At this stage id just be buying it for things like car play, LED headlights etc. A more up to date daily driver.
  8. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    Speaking of the A250. What are everyone's thoughts on the Infiniti Q60? They are at $50k drive away at the moment. It's got the Nissan 370z 7 Speed transmission paired to the Merc 2.0L with 155kw/350nm all going to the rear wheels.
  9. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    When i got in my first GTI, It felt like i was driving a van. The upright centre console, high mounted gearstick and forward seating position was a very different sensation to the big aussie sedans i was used to.
  10. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    I am, considering it came 6th in this review. Shows what difference a track can make.
  11. RockandorRoll

    BMW M135i

    That's not bad for 185k though. We could all have a laugh at BMW quality but that almost seems reasonable given the type of engine/car and possibly driving
  12. RockandorRoll

    My System this morning

    The home office
  13. RockandorRoll

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    I think those cars make sense in Europe where the price lines up with expectation, the C63 in the US is also a better deal at 60% of what we pay (with rough currency exchange only) Id love to own one, but at those prices I'd feel completely ripped off Same with cars like the Infiniti Red Sport, at $100k AUD, its not going anywhere.
  14. RockandorRoll

    Dodgy Ford and its Problems

    I was told the exact same thing by Volkswagen when i had problems with my dual clutch. Supposedly it was "the way i was driving it, its supposed to do that" Turned out to be a failed mechatronics. I think VW had a lawsuit over that as well. Funnily enough, i had the same GetRag dual clutch that Ford have used, but mine was in a Renault Clio. I enjoyed it much more than the VW DSG and had no bucking or hesitation issues.
  15. RockandorRoll

    Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    Its not just picking a random brand and failed model. The PGT was made to compete with the GTI, this was common knowledge. Now history is repeating itself and they are having another crack with the i30N. Its probably a fantastic car, the Proceed GT was a fantastic car. You don't need to convince me, i have no allegiance to a brand and i shop on facts and figures. Its whether it sells to the public, which is what seems to be grinding your gears. My comments were around that guy and the fact that he is still pumping out these troll videos (troll in the early sense of posting controversial material to insight a reaction, not the new Facebook sense where everything is "trolling")