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  1. Yes & No. most CD's are very high output, but not all. Thanks for posting, but you are barking up the wrong tree. At least you're thinking about it. I thought it was common knowledge and I am surprised that some of the TT experts on this forum do not know this. It's not rocket science. Once you have aligned the cartridge there are 3 variables when setting tracking weight 1)The height of the arm, pivot point 2)The position of the weight 3) The height that you are measuring the weight. Year 7 science, "every action has a reaction". If you change any one of the three, the tracking weight will change. Think about it, if you keep winding the VTA up eventually the stylus will lift off the scales. Andyr, made a statement and then ran away. This is someone who a has a great deal of respect on here, but he doesn't want to continue with it, why?. He probably thinks he's right and I'm a goose. This is very simple to work out. I did it once I install the VTA, well I just verified what I already knew. I'm not saying that VTA is not important, with my cartridge I have lifted the pivot point by 5mm, it makes a big difference to the sound, but once the cartridge is in the zone with the correct tracking weight, 1mm up or down of the VTA is no big deal as far as stylus angle is concerned, but it does make a difference to tracking weight. Those who install VTA and wind it up or down to find the zone are having themselves on, unless they recheck the tracking weight. As you wind it up you are reducing the tracking weight, no big deal just reset it and have another listen. With my weight is very difficult to get the tracking weigh dead on, so I use the VTA to fine tune it. This is usually just a few thousands of an inch, a 1/4 to 1/2 a turn. Some people might think that I'm nuts, but I'm just practical. Keep thinking about it, the penny will drop.
  2. I chose my funeral music a couple of years back, Cluster One Marooned & Wish you were here All by the same band. OK, a different bass player on the first two.
  3. Mat removed Belt removed Standard weight LP Standard weight LP removed and replaced with 180 gram LP If just over 10% is basically the same and not a little heavier, I stand corrected. I'll bet the change of the stylus angle is well under 10%. I'd be surprised if it was 1%. Maybe someone on here can work it out. The 180 gram LP is 1.1mm thicker.
  4. No qualification in physics here, just common sense, reason and logic. I've been involved in the VTA discussion before and apart from a changes in tracking weight, I can't find a difference in small changes. Anyway my TT has VTA on the fly, so it takes about 2 seconds to change it, so I did (sorry I didn't do it before, but I have experimented with it many times before) VTA set for 120gram LP (same image as before) VTA adjusted to suit 180 gram LP I think some tend to bang on a bit to much about VTA, but each to there own PS; I have placed a digital scale on the deck and have wound the VTA up and down. I've watched the weight go down when wound up and watched the weight go up when wound down, try it yourself no qualification necessary, just common sence.
  5. All recorded with the same settings. There is a big difference. The 2011 re-issue is a bit thicker and I didn't change the VTA, so it tracked a little heavier. I just play them in flat with the recoding volume set to max. If I were to play most CD's into the PC in the same manner, it's a sad story. Heaps of white with all the tops cut off. As far as sound output is concerned, there is a big difference in the digital format. Most of my CD's are from the 80's & 90's and well over 90% have too much output, they sound OK at low volumes, not good up high. DVD & Blu-ray audio is much like most vinyl as far as sound output is concerned. Half to 3/4 volume on my set up and it sounds great. With the LP's with low sound output, I fell that I'm over driving my system when playing these loud. I bit more headroom would be nice. The recording that got me most interest in vinyl is a Master recording of a Philharmonic orchestra, playing music from The Alan Parsons Project. Not classical but a full range of instruments and this sounds great on vinyl (to me). I do have some CD's that sound great turn rite up in the car. Most of these are recordings I've burnt from vinyl at a realistic volume. Hergest, good story. There are heaps of those German Deutche Gramaphon classical recordings around here, on CD and LP. I'm working my way towards them. After reading your story, I'm really looking forward to comparing them.
  6. I might see if I get a demo on the one from JB. I couldn't seem to find a price on the dino-lite.
  7. This one court my eye, not sure if it fit into the cheap category.. http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=QC3199 I'm not to worried about using it to set up the VTA.
  8. I've heard this many times from young people. You don't need to worry to much about your vinyl grading when selling them LP's.
  9. I realise that you would need some experience to know what you're looking at. I do have a new cartridge with the same stylus, so all I'm intending to do is compare the two. My current stylus is sounding fine, but it has done a few hours. In the old days when I used to send it away, I was informed how many microns it was worn. From memory 10 was about it, after this they recommended a re-tip. Does anyone use one of these to inspect their stylus?
  10. It was just reflexes and luck. By the time I realised what was happening, I was about 10 metres away (around a 1/3 of a second). I can't remember what I did, although I did swerve to the right. I do remember going into the cheese slicer and thinking I'm crashing and heading towards the ditch sideways. I did think that I was probably going to roll. The cables going across the roof may have saved me from rolling. I never gave up getting it back under control and once I was in control again it seemed like forever of knocking down the post that normally hold the cables. I took out about 50 meters of the fence and the cables also took out the mower. If I would have hit the other car the mower would have probably ended up in the car and seeing that I had a jerry-can full of fuel and two jump batteries and one car battery in the boot, it wouldn't have been a good ending. I'm lucky, no doubt about it. This car still had the original exhaust system and the A/C had never been touched and still cooled as well as it did when it was new. Did the head gasket last year at 394 000km's. Compression was 5 PSI better than the spec's. I could still see the hone marks in the cylinders and it had absolutely no ridge. The auto still had the original filter, just cleaned it a few times. Rear wheel cylinders were still original with the original rubbers as were the front callipers. Drive shafts were original I just changed the boots twice. It still used the same amount of fuel it did when it was new. Original ignition system (including the leads) except the for one coil. I only ever changed the spark plugs 3 times in 19 years. The Daughter has already found a couple of the same model on the net she wants me to buy. We bought her home in it after she was born. Just driving my 1966 Holden at the moment.
  11. Most vinyl is around the same output, not sure of the reason to fluctuate output between pressings. Pink Floyd Vinyl, all the same LP, WYWH. The UK pressing is alive The 2011 re-issue that lots of people criticise is dead. I bet most would prefer the UK pressing. I'll try the 2011 re-issue again with a lot volume and see if I can find the Dynamic Headroom in this recording. The Jap & CBS are much the same, CBS may be a touch louder. The Joboxers Aren't as bad as what I'd thought, I thought it would look more like a CD sound wave.
  12. Item: Original 1994 UK pressing of Pink Floyd’s “The Division Bell†LP Location: Gold Coast Price: $100 plus post Item Condition: LP Good+ / Sleeve VG Reason for selling: I have more than one pressing of this LP Payment Method: Paypal or Direct Deposit. Extra Info: I bought this on eBay for $200. The grading of the vinyl was NM. I found side A a bit fuzzy, mostly on track 4 “Maroonedâ€. Others have listened to this and couldn’t hear what was bothering me; I may be a bit fussy. The guy I bought this from said, “It looked that good I didn’t bother playing itâ€. It does look good and I have played it. These LP’s sell regularly in-between $150 & $250 on eBay. This is a great opportunity for someone to get a piece of rock history at a bargain price. The cover and inner sleeve are excellent, but there is some minor corner damage. I can up-load a sound bite of track 4 if required. I will also offer a refund less $5 handling fee, so buy with confidence. Buyer to pay for return post Catalog No 7243 8 28984 1 2 Matrix/Run-out Side A: 8289841 A-2-1-3 (stamped) FLOYD-A (scribed) Side B: 8289841 B-2-1-1 (stamped) FLOYD-B (scribed) Pictures:
  13. I've just come across another one of his LP's, "The Bridegroom", although he seems to have changed the name to "Love Gone Wrong" Funny, the title track off this one seems to be about Brisbane and has a line about Acacia Ridge. The only suburb I work in, that is in the short time I lived in Brisbane. Looking forward to the next one (if any) as I am really enjoying these.
  14. Look, all your post in this thread are digital spam. I own a CD player and have done for many years. I own a Blu-ray player and have listened to hi definition audio I do own a TT and much prefer vinyl, so don't try to convert me and if you have nothing to add to this thred in the TT section of the forum please buzz off. Your post are just spam as far as I'm concerned, they have nothing to do with this thread, just a digital spam. Go to the vinyl ver Digital thread, you can spew your guts out there.
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