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  1. Put me down for seconds if the deal doesn’t proceed pls?
  2. https://miniot.com/pages/wheel-by-miniot this looks very interesting from a design perspective. Love the minimalist form factor and overal concept. The proof of this pudding will be in the listening, if it commercialises. Hmmm, tracking weight and alignment is all out of sight to think about.
  3. My room isn’t treated, ie hard floor and one side and back wall of mostly glass, 6m x 10m. Any active (or non active) speaker system will be hit or miss depending on its enviroment , hence room treatment is key. If we cant treat the room then digital room correction is a great option. As you mention, a treated and enclosed room could work if it flattens the right things, or an open room equally works too. These speakers are very non fuss regarding placement ie back and side wall, and still throw a wide sound stage and are quite onmi directional. However, tweaking brings out their best ie stands, correct height and some toe in. Without the dspeaker correction I was content (yes naively) until experiencing the difference. I have had many different set ups, perhaps my stacked quad 57s with subs and valve amps were my benchmark, without being $ ridiculous. Stacked quads create an immense radiated sound that your whole body absorbs, and their midrange is totally intoxicating. Back to your question, my thoughts are these speakers aren’t overly bass sounding it’s full spectrum, they have that ability to sound awesome at low listening volumes which most people do, but when played loud they can alter your heart rhythm in a nice way 🙂
  4. Welcome to the club Snoopy. I have had the Silvers then the Golds for a few years now and did the same minimalisation trick as you......less is best....less boxes, cables and cords. Recently I added a dual core DSP unit and it has really tamed the bass humps and made the system sound much better. My room isn’t overly difficult but the before and after measurements are amazing. No raat as you mention but many use Roon through a RPi or Mac mini. The Devialet user forum has more. i run a mac mini using spark (not great) and a Project digital phono for the TT. I loved the Golds before the DSP addition, now I am completely besotted.
  5. Awesome package here,.......you get incredibly sounding speakers, amplification, dac built in and no need for expensive cables, hi fi racks, boxes and clutter. Add some pics, to do the Phantoms justice as this system is revolutionary and pleasing on the eye without the usual stacked box look.
  6. Yep, another early adopter of these for many years. Had them with their matching chrome stands and those big woofers would make them rock back and forth with their very high SPL abilities. These look in awesome condition and a steal for the price when you compare to similar for the price......huge sound. Worth the auditioning to compare.
  7. Thanks. I'd prefer to sell both items at the same time so I'll wait a bit longer. If it doesn't happen within a day or two, you can have the DSPeaker only. I will take both but was respecting that Darren69 was in first for the psu. Have pm’ed. Cheers
  8. Hi I will take the dspeaker only if it’s still available. Thanks.
  9. These are awesome sounding speakers, and you get amplification and DAC included. No need for cabling as well. GLWS
  10. Item: OL Alliance- awesome tonearm and works nicely as an upgrade to many mid level TTs that suffer from cheap budget arms Location: Sydney Price: $250 firm plus postage, rrp is approx $500. Item Condition: very good, comes with all packaging and box for travel, the manual and mounting kit. (No cart and no turntable as in picture.) Reason for selling: i switched out to an arm that is made by my tt manufacturer to get the right geometry, as TT arm board is non Rega and should be 5mm shorter. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, eft Extra Info: I can only concur with the reviews, it’s an upgrade arm for many decks with Rega geometry, that punches well above its weight. I have been v happy with it on a $4k Wilson Benesch turntable but I am unsure how the lessor 5mm sounds, which is the difference of Rega and WB specs. Google the OL arm , but I can’t find any negative reports and it bests the equivalent Rega arms. Here is some review info https://www.originlive.com/hi-fi/tonearm/budget-tonearm-alliance/ Pictures:
  11. Item: Sonneteer Sedley phono with USB vinyl ripping facility (ADC) Location: Randwick NSW Price: $600 plus shipping Item Condition: very good, and with little use Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank tfr Extra Info: having had many phonos over the years this is an incredible one for the asking price. With ADC functionality you can digitise your record collection by just adding software. Flexible leadings and MM/MC suitable. Comes with original packaging and manuals. It’s a solid piece of engineering topping scales at 4kg. http://wallofsound.ca/audioreviews/sonneteers-sedley-sings/ Pictures:
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