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  1. Crazy cheap price. No brainer at this price. GLWTS.
  2. Yep, @Snapper() I was just listening to your DX7 an hour ago in my mancave. Have to say, exceptional speakers especially with valve. Quality of crossovers is pretty crap compared to Ns1000/M/X. Tiny inductors, and caps. Nevertheless I would take these over the NS1000/M anyday, maybe not the NS1000X.
  3. How long is too short...??? you are not saying in your ad....
  4. These look like a variant of the Dynaco A25. These use very similar drivers. Worth every cent of the asking price. These 10 inch woofers are efficient, and have very smooth roll-off characteristics. Would be nice sounding speaker. I had a pair of these Interdyns some 10 years ago. Sounded very good indeed.
  5. Sad to see SNA members not supporting. These are well worth the money asked....and then some. I needed to make room, and needed them gone, so sold them thru Gumtree. Took a day to sell with 3 folks wanting them. As promised I will still donate the proceeds to SNA.
  6. Further information: Superb sounding all Dynaudio large bass reflex speaker pair. Excellent detail, imaging and bass. 30W54 woofer, D76AF mid dome, D28AF tweeter, and D21AF supertweeter. These were kit speakers in the 1980s I beleive. They were professionally made locally by Scan Audio if I am not wrong. Huge sound with lots of punch from the 12 inch bass driver (freshly refoamed with correct foams) Crossovers with good components: Solen caps and massive inductors on woofers. Some minor marks, dents and scratches, and a couple of "cat pulls" in the grille fabric. A bit too huge a sound in my 3m x 4m mancave, thus the sale. Sonic signature is more on the bright side of neutral, so would suit valve or vintage sounding amp. Sizes: 1080H x 340W x 460D with grilles. Around 35+ kgs each. Info available on the NET Photos:
  7. Further information: I put these bass reflex speakers together from parts I had laying around. Enclosures (slot ported) and woofers are made in Spain. Mids and tweeters are Taiwanes/Chinese generic drivers. 12 inch woofers are heavy aluminium frame, and of good quality with still well working foam surrounds. Sound pretty decent really, tested with my good amplification. Crossovers are tweaked Intedryn 3 way with good components. A bit too good a sound for a garage, but cosmetiacally very average enclosures, and no grilles supplied. Will donate all proceeds to SNA. Local pickup only. Sizes: 750H x 405W x 350D Photos:
  8. Not sure really, have not heard from the seller....
  9. Will take these if still available, sent you message with intention to buy.
  10. Woofers are Vifa P17WH-00 - 8 ohm, and tweeters are Vifa D19TD-5 - 8ohm. Updated with photos of drivers.
  11. Further information: Here I have a pair of vintage Scanspeak branded largeish bookshelf speakers locally produced here in Melbourne I think. They are all original 2 way, and have all Vifa drivers. 6.5 inch woofer, and 3/4 inch tweeter per enclosure. The foam lining on the slightly slant front baffles deteriorated, so I renewed it. You can see a pic of the drivers. Crossovers are of good quality with large air core inductors. Overall decent sounding speakers with good imaging, and solid enclosures. Rear banana plug connections only with retro fully sock grilles. Sound good on lower stands about 450-500 high, as they beam up nicely. No model number indicated. Sizes: 500H x 270W x 200D. Photos:
  12. Thanks for the info @aasza, could not find anything on the net on these myself. I will amend ad.
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