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  1. A lot of car for the money, especially with the V6 and service history. GLWTS.
  2. Sounds like all the forums were emailed on this one! To the OP - @Doppelganger has provided your answer. All is probably fine. Go easy on plugging in components with the amp on as you can damage your speakers. Enjoy your turntable!
  3. Hi there Welcome to the world of turntables! When you say you plugged in the cartridge (or was it headshell?), do you mean the "click" noise only happened through the speakers when you plugged in, and hasn't happened since? If so, I would say it is a normal sound - most folk would just plug in a cartridge / headshell prior connecting to an amplifier to avoid this sound through the speakers. Send some pictures of your set up and perhaps someone can help verify is all is ok. If you can send a close up of the stylus assembly (ie the needle) that can help identify any damage.
  4. Further information: Tannoy CPA 5. Boxed. Part of the "Contractor Series" . Uses the ICT technology (shared with Goodmans) - so not a true dual concentric, but an interesting speaker - excellent for the shed, bedroom etc. Pick up only, with limited contact, in Marrickville. Photos:
  5. Further information: Asus Essence One full featured 24/192 DAC. Can be used as Preamp and a headphone amp. Toslink, Coax or USB inputs, inc. balanced XLR outs. Stellar reviews on this for the sound, and its beautifully made with a cast metal body and lovely internals. You can buy kits to swap out the op amps on this, and you can also buy a kit to allow for DSD conversion. In great condition. This is a spare for me - I have second one that I use in my rig. Pick up in Marrickville. Or happy to post. Photos:
  6. Yes. Great ad! A note too to endorse the seller, @Rrobot who is very knowledgeable about vintage APM speakers. All the quality APM speakers I have had, including the APM22ES, 20ES, and the 121ES , have sounded amazing . I currently use a pair of APM 77Ws , which I will never part with. I am sure these rare 181ES sound fantastic, and look like a bargain!
  7. After owning a few SL7s, I have dreamed of owning one of these. I think one drawback to consider is cartridge choice, since you are constrained to p mount cartridges. The best p mount cartridges made are all now out of production and very sought after. If you do find one of these cartridges, such as the Technics epc-100cmk4, then this TT is one of the best platforms to run it in.
  8. You definitely should explore and see what different experiences are available - the joy of trying new cartridges! As others in this thread have said, an MC is not necessarily better than an MM, especially compared to the higher end MMs. That said there MCs I have heard which provide a lovely audio experience, and many, including myself, have found that some MCs provide a quality of sound that is different to MMs and worth hearing for yourself. As @Juzbear says, there are a few relatively inexpensive LOMCs from Audio Technica that are well reviewed, and are safe options.
  9. Further information: Wii U console in great condition, all cables, power supplies with box and packaging. Includes Pro Controller (Boxed) plus blue Wii controller , Nunchuk (boxed) and sensor bar. Includes the following games: Rayman Legends SuperSmash Bros MarioKart 8 Hyrule Warriors Mario Party 10 Super Mario Maker Pikmin 3 Super Mario 3D World Zelda - WindWaker Splatoon Zelda - Twilight Princess Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush NintendoLand Skylanders Swap Force (with Portal Pack - unused) All in fantastic condition. Great opportunity for amusement while in lockdown - particularly great if you have kids! Many of the above games are still current for Switch - eg Windwaker and MarioKart. Pick up only with limited contact in Marrickville NSW Photos: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. I thought that was the "shank" size and not the tip size? There is discussion of this here. Since this thread has moved towards comparing the AT microline and the DL110, I thought I would share a few snaps of the stylii that I have. I make no claims on the quality of my pics, and as you can see I live in a dustbowl, but in the spirit of sharing, I thought it would be interesting. This is a shot of my DL110 (pardon the dust). A shortish aluminium cantilever, and a beautiful stone. There is lots of talk on the web about how Denon not only uses high quality diamonds, but also polishes them to a high standard. You can actually see the greenish / yellow colour here that eltech refers to - I never noticed before. I guess not all diamonds are the same. This is AT VM540ML that I use. I don't have the equipment to get close enough to see the lovely precision by which diamond is cut by Namiki, but I have a magnifier which gets really close in the sunlight - the ridges in microline are amazing. Note the AT uses a longer (and thinner?) aluminium cantilever than the Denon. For reference, here is the AT 440ML OCC. Looks very similar to the AT VM540ML, except the cantilever in this is not polished. Note this the first variant of the 440ML- renowned as the brightest sounding. It was indeed painful to listen to for the first hundred hours, but then it settled down. The below picture is after many hours of use - lots of crud on the cantilever. For comparison, this is the simply glorious stylus of the AT36ML LOMC I have. This is a very fine microline cut diamond on a gold plated beryllium cantilever. I think it is a work of art. I am a huge fan of the old beryllium cantilevered ATs - I have several and they all sound special.
  11. This is useful. I used the DL110 cartridge in my Yamaha PX3 linear tracker, which has a short, low mass arm. I might give it a go in the other turntable (Thorens 124 / SME3012). I should stress I really liked my DL110. My DL110 tracks beautifully, and has an organic punchy sound that is very persuasive. The stylus under a microscope is a work of art, especially given the price. And it being an MC doesn't worry me, I have several LOMCs here, and they are all special in their own way. I have also recommended the Denon to others, particularly where their systems will not cope with a bright sound (such as that which emanates from the AT440ML). I just found that - personally - I preferred some of my AT cartridges, which sounded to me more detailed. But I will try again with the Denon, as I wanted to like it. Btw the one AT cartridge I had that sounded to my ears similar to the sound signature of the DL110 was a vintage AT30E LOMC ( one of the rare MCs with a replaceable stylus). Just in case you ever stumble on one and are curious!
  12. Thanks eltech, you have given me an incentive to get my DL110 and give it another go!
  13. I agree wholeheartedly 😊. Other stylus shapes are capable of great sound, but in some ways a well set up microline is all you need. This is really interesting, as I had the reverse experience. All the AT microlines I have spent time with - AT440ml, AT33ML MC, AT36ML, AT VM540ML - sound far better than the DL110 I have here, which sounds punchy, musical and full, but lacks the extension and detail of the ATs. But I haven't yet installed my AT150MLX, and /or perhaps my DL110 is not a good sample. Do you mean the AT VM740ML or the AT VM540ML? If you can get the 740 for under $400 its a great buy! $440 is the going Australian rate for the 540ML (at Decibel hifi) which is actually a reasonable price given the exchange rate. You can get it on ebay for closer to $400, though you then risk an international seller. The 540ML and 740ML are the same internally, the only difference is the metal body for the 740. Whether you need the metal body depends on your arm and if the extra weight helps. Btw, there is some confusion about the pricing of the more expensive Special Line Contact and Shibata AT stylii. In theory the Microline is a more advanced profile, and many manufacturers (such as Hana) will charge more for the ML stylus, which should be more complex to manufacture . Obviously AT got a good deal on the ML stylii, or perhaps the SLC and SH are special in other ways that AT have not made clear to buyers Or alternatively, they can just charge more for these stylii, because of their subjective sound quality.
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