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  1. Absolutely, that is a great price. Note that whether the 740ML is better than the 540ML is arm dependent. Same internals, different body. This review is useful: https://www.google.com/amp/s/hometheaterhifi.com/features/secrets-world-of-vinyl/vinyl-accessories/audio-technica-vm760slc-phono-cartridge-review/amp/
  2. That is a great price. The aesthetics might be objectionable, however my VM540ML has been a revelation, equalling some of my moving coils.
  3. The AT 81 CP has a conical stylus - it won't have brilliant performance, and certainly the SL10 deserves better. A simple upgrade is the AT 85 EP stylus which should be interchangeable -if you search ebay you will find this cheaply. This has a 0.3 x 0.7 bonded elliptical, not high end but a step up from what you are using. Apart from the suggestions above, the AT body I would look for is the AT112EP (or its higher end siblings such as the AT132ep and the AT142LP/152LP). This cartridge body also is compatible with a range of vintage high end AT stylli, including the AT440ML
  4. This was a timely thread, I need to do this service on my X7ESD. Thanks for all the great advice here 😊
  5. I bought Wish You Were Here remaster and had a similar feeling. I was thinking of splashing out on The Wall remaster, but did not want to waste my money, in case it turned out the same. Listening now to my Australian first press - a few scratches, but such a wonderful experience.
  6. Big fan of this generation of AT moving coils with their Be cantilevers!
  7. Technics EPS 300MC. Having fun playing with this vintage gem on my Yamaha PX3.
  8. Sadly I think physics is against getting good sound from the speakers in this, as there is only space for a small driver, and its clear the internal dimensions / design mean that bass response won't be adequate. But the line out means this can be plugged into any number of portable boom boxes or a pair of powered monitors, so there are options I guess.
  9. Nice to see someone else has one, they seem a bit scarce. And amazing you had it since new. I also didnt know how much to pay. Though I have got my value since 😊. Recently I installed an Audio Technica AT 142LP cartridge in mine - this has a line contact / modified shibata tip stylus, and definitely overkill for this deck. But with this cartridge installed, it was shocking just how good it sounds through headphones - this is a very reasonable headphone stage mated to a well engineered linear drive TT. Remarkable for what might otherwise be written off as a toy..
  10. 6AS7 SET amp here, I think one of Eric's early versions of this design. My SNA review of this amp here:
  11. Megadeth "Tornado of Souls" https://youtu.be/sONL6QUMR9E
  12. If it is a Nagaoka MP50 it is well worth checking if it can be saved. It is a high end MM. I believe the replacement stylus is interchangeable with the MP 500: https://www.lpgear.com/product/JNP0500.html
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