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  1. I have also used the Pioneer 5MC, nice sounding high output MC, so at that price worth getting the stylus as @Mr Thorens advises.
  2. OK Computer and Let's Get It On sold pending payment. What's going on still available.
  3. Item: Radiohead OK Computer Sealed, Marvin Gaye Location: Marrickville Price: see below Item Condition: see below Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: cash for pickup or direct deposit Extra Info: Radiohead OK Computer 2008 Capitol Vaults Reissue, 180gm "Audiophile" quality. Sealed, never played. $50 plus $12 postage. Marvin Gaye What's Going On. 1990s Reissue. Sleeve - Ex Vinyl - Ex $20 plus $12 postage Marvin Gaye Let's Get it On. I have had this for 20 years - I think it's a 1980s Reissue. Sleeve - VG Vinyl - Ex $20 plus $12 postage
  4. I had an old PS3 hooked up to my DAC for a while. It was one of those early machines that could play SACD. I agree it sounded great, and the combo (PS3/DAC) was not far from the Sony ES CD player I use. But the fan noise was too much for me personally, particularly in late night listening sessions.
  5. Love the vintage Sony PS3 in the rack. And nice to see you hanging on to the vintage Sony CD1700 cans too!
  6. Great review, I am listening to one of Eric's amps right now - great value devices.
  7. These are now spoken for, pending donation and pick up.
  8. Item: 35 Mixed Records Location: Marrickville, NSW Price: Free with $20 donation to SNA Item Condition: Varies (see description) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: 35 records. Real mix of stuff - some rare, some scratched, some clean, some very easily cleaned up. See pictures for titles. Free with $20 Donation to SNA Pick up only in Marrickville. Will not separate or post. Pictures:
  9. Item: Wii U Games Location: Marrickville Price: $50 the lot. Ask about post. Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Deposit Extra Info: Rayman Legends, Pikman 3, Kirby, Nintendoland, Skylanders SwapForce I have some Skylander swap force figures and the "Portal of Power" too. All sold in one bundle. Pick up preferred, but happy to post this all - drop me a line for a post price. Pictures:
  10. Such a fantastic price. GLWTS
  11. Item: Jayhawks Vinyl Package - Green Grass, Hollywood, New Sealed, RTI Pressing Location: Marrickville NSW Price: $60 for both (not including post) Item Condition: New, sealed Reason for selling: Not playing them Payment Method: Pickup for free or Post for $15 for both Extra Info: This vinyl has not been played and is sealed - these are the 2010 RTI US pressings. Includes: 1) Tomorrow the Green Grass 2) Hollywood Town Hall Pictures:
  12. Item: Musical Fidelity X CAN V8 Class A Tube Headphone Amplifier Location: Marrickville, NSW Price: $260 Item Condition: Used, very clean, looked after Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup only in Marrickville. Extra Info: Really wonderful sounding Musical Fidelity X Can V8 Class A Tube Amplifier. This has two vintage Italian made National ECC88s installed. Two outputs, fantastic build. Includes rudimentary 16 bit USB DAC. Lots of clean, detailed power. Only selling as I really don't use it - so little time for serious headphone listening. Sorry all - PICK UP ONLY in Marrickville NSW. Pictures:
  13. Item: Sony CDP 101 Location: Marrickville NSW Price: Free (only with $50 SNA donation and below conditions) Item Condition: Excellent. Mostly functional Reason for selling: Want to share the love Payment Method: Pickup only Extra Info: A few months ago @JayNTH very kindly offered this Sony CDP 101 for free with a $50 donation to SNA. Those who know this deck will know this was the first CD player released (1982?), and of course a highly historic machine in the history of hifi. Second hand prices for functional CDP 101s are potentially high, so @JayNTH was very generous in letting this go for no personal gain. I have always been fascinated by them, so as a result of this generosity, it was lovely to experience this machine. I want to share the love. So here is my idea: (1) I will pass this CD player on to another SNA member for free if they are willing to make a $50 donation to SNA. (2) The recipient can hold on to the player for a while (lets say no more than 6 months) at which point they should pass it on to another SNA member with same conditions (ie $50 donation to SNA and agreement from the new member to pass this on). The great part about this plan is that this lovely museum piece can be shared with those interested at SNA, but we can also make some money for SNA whenever it is passed on. Obviously this is an honour system, so I ask anybody inquiring about this to accept the terms, including that I will let any people "next in line" know who the lucky recipient is, so they know they may get the player next. I hope that is all clear. Happy for any suggestions to make the above plan work better. Some notes on the machine. As you can see its in pretty good nick, and comes with the rare remote. It fires up well, the draw opens snappily and it reads discs quickly. It seems to play well. I noted it was fussy about scratched discs. I also noticed that on one of those 40 degree days in summer, it started skipping a few hours after being left on and playing - if you know anything about these machine, you will know this is a standard symptom for this machine. It sounds great. To my ears I don't think it compares to modern machines, but its such a lovely step back in time to hear it play, and it is a beautifully made competent that looks wonderful to behold. Pick up only in Marrickville - unfortunately I don't have time at the moment to pack this for post.
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