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  1. I agree with this suggestion. The easiest, cheapest upgrade, and it will tangibly improve your sound.
  2. Its a great TT, though as you note, requires much care in set up. Mine was much less reliable that the one you sold, requiring frequent tinkering, and I rebuilt mine completely . But a great sound when on song. All linear decks have their engineering compromises, but these Rabco HK designs were an interesting alternative to the servo linear decks or the more expensive air bearing designs....
  3. Very nice! Here is my 124 mk2 with SME 3012. I agree there is something very right about how these sound...
  4. Great to see the vintage linear tracking decks in this thread! While we are on the topic... My old Harman Kardon ST7: And my current Yamaha PX3, playing in context with some classic gear:
  5. Great work! I am constantly surprised at the way some of these online distributors seem to stand in the way of people giving them money...
  6. Hi there, I have a buyer interested, but you are next in line in case it falls through. Thanks
  7. Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline LP Cover: NM (still in shrink wrap) Vinyl: VG (see below) Columbia red label reissue. Played twice. There is distortion on Bob's voice on track one - I suspect a pressing error - hence my grading as "VG. " Photos:
  8. Pink Floyd Animals Cover: NM (apart from the price label on the sleeve) Vinyl: NM Columbia red label reissue. Gatefold sleeve. Surprisingly great sounding. Photos:
  9. Miles Davis Kind of Blue Sleeve- Ex Vinyl - VG Columbia Red Label Reissue. Photos:
  10. Pixies Trompe Le Monde Sleeve- NM Vinyl - NM. UK Reissue. (Played Once). Shrink wrap still on record. Photos:
  11. And if you need more reasons to keep it, or more reasons for anyone to buy it, this is perhaps the last exotic cantilevered Audio Technica MM cartridge - a gold clad boron, with a microline tip. All the new AT cartridges use aluminium cantilevers, making this seem like the last of a generation, and I suspect collectible. GLWTS.
  12. Further information: Knosti Disco-Antistat Record Cleaner Complete with box and parts. I imported this from Germany 5 years ago. No fluid in the bottle, though happy to offer advice on mixing your own. Works well, only selling as I bought an RCM. Pick up fine with limited contact, or happy to bubble wrap it and post for $15. Photos:
  13. Further information: Test Match Board Game boxed - I guess about 12-15 years old, with some "historic" Australian players. In good condition with all pieces, balls, "field" , score sheets. Free with $20 donation to SNA. Pick up only in Marrickville Photos:
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