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  1. Guys

    BJ sent me a PDF document from Philips that shows that LCD TV purchased after Oct 1 2007 are covered by 3 years warranty so I have printed it out to keep with the TV for warranty purposes. FYI, I bought the TV from Myer Garden City in Perth at $3100. They did not even have the TV on the floor for display. I called asking for a price quoting BJ best price of $3300 and the sales rep were happy to do it for me at $3100. At the time, the sales rep was adamant the TV only comes with 1 year warranty though as he claimed he had contacted Philips only a week ago and was advised by Philips that it only comes with 1 year warranty. But the document from BJ suggests otherwise.

    He said they cannot budge on the pricing for the extended warranty though, so at the time I bought the 3 years warranty cover based on the premise that the TV only comes with 1 year warranty. Apparently the extended warranty can only be purchased at point of sale? 3 years cover is $315 but the best he can do it $289. He confirmed that the extended warranty can be cancelled within 30 days so I guess I will have to make another trip to Myer to cancel it. I might give Philips another call tomorrow to confirm before doing so. They have 2 in stock in their Perth Kewdale warehouse so there should be 1 left for anyone that is interested.

    All up, the sales rep put through two separate transactions. He does it in a funny way though. He said he has to charge the full $315 for the 3 years product cover. So on the first transaction, he charged me $3074 ($3100+$289-$315), and the full $315 on the 2nd transaction for the 3 years product cover. I paid for the whole lot using AMEX and my wife's Myer One card too. I forgot to mention that I got him to throw in a $89.95 HDMI cable too for free and delivery is also included in the price.

    Only "problem" I have now is I really would have liked to extend the warranty by an additional two years so that the TV has 5 years of warranty cover. Their price for a 5 years (3+2) warranty cover is a crazy $449 and he is quite adamant he can't move much on the warranty pricing. I don't think this is worthwhile, what do you guys think?

    Do you guys think if it is possible to go to another retailer such as HN, GG or JB, and tell them I just want to buy 2 years extended warranty for a LCD TV I just bought elsewhere? Appreciate your feedback, cheers.

    Hey sschen:

    Any chance I can get a copy of your invoice??? Just want to try something with Myer.



  2. BJ, I checked with my insurance co and TVs are convered under the accidental cover in the contents insurance anyway. I had initially paid $350 for the extra 2 years, but then cancelled it as I had 2nd thoughts about paying that much for just 2 extra years. DOn't know why Myers charge a lot more than other places.


    I think you are right. I don't think it is worth spending $300 on 2 years of warranty. I think I am better off spending that money on a wall mount for the 32" <_< . The TV is already covered under accidental damage in my home and content insurance.

    Have you set yours up yet? I have a very small issue with mine. Probably in settings, but it keeps flicking from widescreen to smaller screen. Any ideas???

  3. Rowd - I purchased from Myer Melbourne yesterday and they were happy to match the $3300 (inc. delivery) price for BJ (I think his invoice was originally from a Qld store? - definitely not Melbourne) but no they wouldn't throw in any cables, which wasn't really a drama for me. An assistant called John looked after me there. He gave me a discount on the 2 yr warranty extension (from standard 3 years to 5 years) which I purchased for $350 (instead of $430 or something).

    Sorry if I missed anyone who wanted receipts emailed today but I've been working but I can forward them now...

    By the way, I have had a close look at the online specs and the 47" panel seems to me to be the same as the 42" Aurea and therefore must get the same rating for PQ as the Aurea has been getting - i.e. excellent reviews. Looking forward to it. Mine was on back-order, available on the 18th January. I understand the last of the Myer LCD's that were on back-order was purchased yesterday.


    Kris gave me a price of $299 for the same 2 year warranty and I didn't take it. In hindside I probably should have. ODD that warranties are all different at different MYer stores. Have to look into that. Going to go on Sunday and have a chat with him. Maybe I can get a discount on that too. :rolleyes: you never know. I hope people who have bought from MYER got their MYER one card, so they can get some credit vouchers in a couple of months, which can probably go towards a wall mount for the 32".

    I think Philips will post the 32" for free as otherwise it would be too difficult to ask people for more money for postage.

  4. Thanks Buthcher, Robbyw and Aswan. Good to see I could help you guys.

    Make sure you get your TV before end of month and express post the tag on the box and form ASAP so as not to miss out on your free TV.

    Couple of points.

    1. The Warranty in the box said only one year, so I rand the help line philips has provided and rechecked. Apparently there is a new warranty if you buy your LCD after October. One year become 3 years. Yahoo.

    2. extra 4 year warranty for $300 sounds like a good deal, but if the TV doesn't have faults by 3 years, likely it won't by 7, so save yourself the $300 and just put it on home insurance.

    3. Once you all got your TVs we should discuss how you can upgrade the firmware and if anyone can get the perfect settings for this awsome LCD.


  5. Just emailed the last 2 people who requested nicely a copy of the invoice.

    Guys if you can't beat me price might as well go to Myers and get a myer one card and get $60 as gift certificate when you buy the TV from them (which is what I did) So in actual fact the price would be $3240.

    Typical for them to have had only one left. I suggest try other Myers or RETRAVISION.

    Can someone please give me their setting for the TV. I'm playing with it today.



  6. Went into HN today to get a 46" X series, salesman ended up showing me the philips and I was very much impressed. Not sure if it was just setup issues or if it was actually the panels but i honestly thought that the philips had a much sharper, brighter, clearer image than the sony. Either way I think i'm goin to go the philips with the 32" TV offer, thing is Ive bheen quoted high compared to others in the forum. I was quoted $3900.

    Just wondering if I can get a copy of receipts for the TV by tomorrow as I'm planning to go in tomorrow and grab it. Much appreciated to anyone than can send me one.

    My email: cjreid_69@hotmail.com

    thanks guys

    Sorry, I would love to but am at work till tomorrow night. Maybe someone else can forward you a copy.

    Just as a matter of point of view. I went to HN yesterday (guess to recheck my price), they had the 47" price as $3899. The salesman said it retails for $4200 (BULL) and if I pay cash he is happy to go down to $3800. I asked if delivery is included and maybe a free HDMI cable. He said at that price no, but eventually agreed to give it for $3800 free delivery.

    I said to him so any chance you can give it to me for $3300 plus HDMI cable and free delivery? He said mate if you can get it at that price, get me one too, SO I GAVE HIM MYERS ADDRESS.

    They are the most expensive place. Don't give them your money.

    P.S. I've got nothing agains HN though

  7. Hey docbj,

    could you also please email me a copy of the receipt to khanbubba@hotmail.com

    Thanks champ.

    Hi everyone:

    Have sent a copy of the invoice to you all who had put down their email. If anyone else requests it from now on, could someone else pass it on.

    I think we should open a new topic on how to hang the 47" on the wall or what kinda entertainment units best fits this sexy TV.

    Thanks and good luck with your purchases.


  8. Hi docbj

    Love to get a copy of the invoice as well. Can you tell me whether you got additional warranty. robbyw.

    No additional warranty needed as it has 3 year factory warranty. 2 extra years with Myers costs $300. That is how they rip you off. I think in 3 years time most of us are pretty happy to upgrade anyway.

    Make sure you include your emails in your posts so I can sent you a copy of the invoice. Remember guys, you work hard for your money so just don't give it up easily. I set a new bench mark, so hopefully you guys and ladies can use my experience and get even better price. Make sure you don't mention to the dealers about the 32" as you may loose your bargaining chip a bit.

    Good luck


  9. Hey, I bought a 47"PFL9632D today from Domayne Canberra. retail at $4299, i got it for $4210 with extra 4yrs warranty (total 7 yrs.) A bit disappointed seeing some ppl say they are getting them in melbourne and sydney for approx. $3400. Has anyone bought one in Canberra or has had a price anywhere in the ACT. Maybe they demand more here because we earn more here -appparently? Was considering the Sony XBR 46" but it was the bonus 32" that swayed me to Philips. Im buying a PS3 as well anyway. Both displays are excellent along with the Samsung "F" 46" although it has an annoying blue on/off switch light at the centre bottom of the frame (not sure if you can turn it off?). The sony was good but I prefered the philips for motion viewing and i think it looks more aesthectically pleasing, especially with ambilight, which in these new models isnt just a gimmick.

    Anyway let me know some prices ppl



    Hi all:

    Bought the Philips 47" on Thursday from Myer in Carinade, Brisbane. He quoted me $3800 as well but I said I have a price of $3300 with free delivery and HDMI cable. He matched it without much effort, which kinda made me a bit concerned (kinda too easy)

    Anyway it arrived yesterday, but the delivery people had left the Myer invoice still on the side of the box. So now I know how much Myer bought it for.

    Their Price is $3021 inc GST, which means they still made about 10% on the TV.

    So I suggest to you guys to try and bargin to around the $3150 mark as that would be a good price.

    Considering all that I still think I got a good deal as I paid using diners (points), myer one ($60 back), free deliver ($35), Free 1.5 metre HDMI cable ($89).

    Will try and scan the myer invoice if anyone else needs it.

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