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  1. Interesting specs for 450: https://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/home-entertainment/blu-ray-and-dvd/dp-ub450eb.specs.html implies it will play DSD from optical discs
  2. My bad - I was checking out the specs and the 820 does have HDR10+. So now wondering if I should get the 820 ... would love it if 850 did SACD but suspect that is not going to happen.
  3. Looks like the 850 will have HDR10+ as added to the 150 and 450 ?
  4. Thx Colin - 820 options would be of value re: analog out. I don't think we'll replace our 10+ year old Pio Plasma just yet as still going well ... so the Oppo 83 will move to family area. Guess if we do get a 4K TV in the future then the 820 might move out and something new at that time will come into the HT room.
  5. Couldn't find in the manual - will reread again. Pity that is not something stored in memory as would take out the light spill issue. I'm already thinking of getting some velvet + thin boards to black out the front wall. Light bulb moment ... so if motorized then changing zoom implicitly changes focus (I don't have to change focus on the HD750, just z+s) ?
  6. The 820 can be had at a good price per the bargains thread - what will the 850 bring as an upgrade to the 820 as can't find any info on it. I suppose we could still use the Oppo 83 until then ... but analysis paralysis and you don't buy anything !
  7. Title says it all - is the UB820 still the one to go for or are there other contenders like the Sony X700 worth considering in the $500-sub range ?
  8. According to Rich, you have to adjust zoom, shift and focus if you go the 5700 (my 2nd choice) - maybe some owners of the 5700 can confirm that if using scope screens as if only zoom + shift needs adjusting I'd be inclined to reconsider. We do switch 16:9 once in a while and its at least tolerable with the motorized option I have. Peerless Precision - have that from day one as you suggested some 6+ years ago 👍
  9. I'm in a similar situation with a 115" scope screen and will probably go with the TW9400 on Monday as best bang for the buck and having the least issues. It will be a PITA to do adjustments manually if ceiling mounted without any motorized functionality or lens memory. You don't state your distance from seating position for your 140" scope but you're unlikely to have any benefit at normal seating distance with native 4K vs faux-K. One thing worth checking out - does the lens memory option for the TW9400 have masking to prevent light spill for 2.35/2.40 ? The JVC's have this which is a nice feature ...
  10. Try Instylehifi - they have a 5700 on demo there as well.
  11. News of 2700 firmware available to a select few on AVS/appears others are able find it though. @Matt_Walker any news on the 5700 firmware update ?
  12. From AVS: ”while the update to the Ht3550’s Dynamic iris (adding strength settings) will be user upgradeable the update to the HT5550’s Dynamic iris will not. It will require the unit be sent in for service.” If true will be an inconvenience for 5700 owners and many will wait for units with said firmware before buying.
  13. Yeah - seen that one and a bit exy (even with 20% off and 2 for 1) but I want the UHD + BD so hoping we get this one sometime: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Valerian-and-the-City-of-a-Thousand-Planets-4K-Blu-ray/185622/
  14. Anyone know if the 4K UHD + BD dual release has the BD as region free ?
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