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  1. Amazon (AU) have 4K + BD 2 for $40 with a wider selection - until January 13 2019
  2. jklow888

    2019 projector releases ?

    That box is to clean for a demo so what privileges do you have to get before dealers! (besides spending big). Look forward to your comments...
  3. Only saw the 20% off - maybe should have taken one to the price check scanners. Will be there tomorrow morning and will give that a go but sounds like your surprise was only today ?
  4. At BigW now (Macquarie) nothing on sale ☹️
  5. https://www.amazon.com.au/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dmovies-tv&field-keywords=4k+blu+ray
  6. @T800 and @poppybob - could you post some feedback on your recently acquired 7900/9900 units regarding any convergence issues and sharpness across the entire screen and if you had any prior JVC's to compare against ? The start of this thread and history of the Xx900 series appears to be more known for its varied quality but I am thinking of passing on the N5 per contrast ratio output and the N7 is out of budget so wanted to get an idea of the quality of the last of the 7900/9900's and might get one of those promptly once N5 reviews are out/any N5 comparative reviews are available. Thx.
  7. jklow888

    SOLD: FS: JVC X5900BE

    If in Sydney would have taken it
  8. jklow888

    2019 projector releases ?

    Will be interesting to see what they do on the X7900 if retained as the bottom of the JVC market is now at: https://klappav.com.au/collections/projectors/products/lx-uh1b-4k-dlp-cinema-projector-with-hdr-black
  9. jklow888

    Projector upgrade from HD750

    BTW - does the current series have the optical block issue that plagued the earlier series ?
  10. jklow888

    Projector upgrade from HD750

    Thanks Quark - so that sounds like you order from retailer and JVC ships direct if that is the stock available/how its controlling the new model release ?
  11. I have a JVC HD750 (bought from bbar in 2012) where the known pink-line issue is now showing with masking at 5%. So I guess its time to look at a replacement and as I have a 115" scope screen powered zoom/shift is a must and preferably lens memory. I haven't been up to date with projectors for ages but if I was to make a decision in the next few months then it looks like my best options are: Epson TW8300/TW9300 JVC X5900 While there are warnings that zoom and shift variances exist between JVC modes, I will go on the basis that the JVC should work as a "1:1 drop in" replacement. That said, I am tempted by the TW8300/TW9300 since they now have lens memory, but would there be any risk in mounting an Epson to the existing mount point of where my JVC is ? I had a play with the projectorcentral pro calculator and one thing I recall seeing when I did this in 2012 was you had the option of a ceiling mount - that is no longer available. Taking into account distance from lens of current projector to screen is 3.86 m, this is what I got: TW9300 - throw = 3.9 m - zoom = 1.94 - gain = 1.1 - aspect = 2.35 - diagonal = 115 inch - brightness = 29 fl JVC X5900 - throw = 3.9 m - zoom = 1.94 - gain = 1.1 - aspect = 2.35 - diagonal = 115 inch - brightness = 41 fl So all things equal the JVC is actually brighter which I was not expecting. Do you think the Epson is worth consideration vs the HD750 ? Or should I just wait for the NX series to be released and pick up an X5900 either on runout or maybe an X5900/X7900 from someone who is upgrading ? Source-wise - we watch 1080p BD as much as is possible. I'm aware that the above projectors are not native 4K but will probably replace the Oppo 83 with a 4K player in time, but that also depends on availability of 4K rental material which doesn't exist so may skip the upgrade if bandwidth improves to consider 4K streaming.
  12. jklow888

    FS: Arcam Alpha 8 amplifier

    Yes - look at the back of the unit
  13. I have the VTF3 MK2 circa 2002 and it has not skipped a beat for HT or music. That is a lot of quality sub for that money and the VTF3's still rank highly per output and quality after all these years - won't last long/grab a bargain ... GLWTS !
  14. jklow888

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Yes - see the how to guides on their product line pages. I expect this to be a vast improvement as there is no input losses from the passive crossover components.
  15. jklow888

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Eminence Alpha 15's - following the MJK design mostly but as I cannot get the documented full range drivers at that time, using the TB as my variant which seems to be highly regarded and efficient enough. Crossover was originally passive but is expensive as needing large inductors and large capacitors to cross in the 200 Hz range so went with a miniDSP HD for the L+R. I haven't decided what to do with the C but will use the miniDSP + REW to see what might be the best passive design vs what Basta calculated. I may be patient and also get an old electronic crossover but those typically cross much lower as they filled the niche of 2 channel to add a sub.