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  1. 1 hour ago, musicbee said:

    I think you will find the PI2aes needs 24vdc to operate.

    The PI2aes also powers the RPI, via a 5vdc voltage converter on the board.

    Although this can be switched to external RPI board power. 


    I don't think this would be compatible with the PI2aes.

    You would need a HAT such as the Ian Canada fifo q3/transporter or Allo signature etc.


    I just purchased one of these:


    Very worthwhile, powers my RPI4. 



    Bugger, I also have a Hifiberry  Digi + Pro HAT.

    Run it with a cheap LPS, sounds great.

  2. I have the Teddy/Naim272/250DR combo which my partner and I love listening to new music on Tidal.

    I also have music stored on a Synology NAS. The 272 is on wifi and the NAS plugged into the router.


    I want to add roon to enable more music discovery mainly.

    I have googled extensively and the Naim 272 is not a roon endpoint, so I need to add a bridge of some sort to enable this, I think ?


    Ease of use for my better half is a high priority, like most wives they just want to be able to click on an app on their phone and hear music.

    So I don't want some semi diy Pi solution which will confuse her.

    Conversely I don't want to pay megabucks for a streamer/endpoint combo that will be bettered in 18 months.

    I am not allergic to getting a solution that will enable me to bypass the dac in the 272 and buy a standalone NOS or similar dac.

    I would like roon to be able to stream to our bedroom, but don't need it to stream all over the house.


    Budget ? $2,000 to $4,000.




  3. Hi All

    I was round at Bill's this evening and had a listen to this device.

    Bill played the same song with the device active, then without and for a third time active.

    It was interesting when he was playing a Peter, Paul and Mary track, the double bass sounded very different and more real with the device active, with it bypassed all the lower register of the double bass was lost. My son plays the double bass at school and listening to him practice at home sounded much more similar to the double bass with the device turned on.

    Bill mentioned that the device does something to the phase of the music, so it might be that if the microphone type and placement etc of the instruments being recorded causes phase problems, this device might alter the phase and then the sound. The close miked acoustic guitar on the same P,P and M track mentioned above might be an example of this, as it sounded much more punchy and clear with the device active. I am not a recording engineer so my coments are only speculation.

    Whether spending $4k on the device is the best way to spend $4k to improve your system is debatable.



  4. Too many distributors selling too expensive stuff when their cheaper stuff would have sounded better in the room. eg Duntech Ayre cd Player, Audio Research integrated , Speakers ,,Beautiful. Not over done.

    I agree, some of the sounds coming out of the simple uncluttered Duntech room were superb, in fact I don't think I heard a bad sound coming from that room all weekend. The same can't be said for some of the other rooms.

  5. My $.02

    WAR Audio room was the most musical and realistic by a big margin. Listen to Elvis sampled from vinyl on the Korg professional AD/DA sampled with DSD and you would swear he was in the building. Angus and Julia stone from CD sounded real as well.

    Gary Cawsey's room was amazing, the cost of his modified rotel and marantz electronics was less than the cables used in some of the other rooms but, his copper binding posted 2way speakers sounded so engaging, his bigger speakers sounded even better.

    The best pair of speakers in the SGR room was the pair wearing blue dresses!

    Warren in the pure music group room had some effortless sounds coming from the JBL's and the monster sized


    I met Earle in the Weston Acoustics room this morning and we had Melody Gardot sounding breathless in the room with us.

    Listening to Billy Idol acoustic in the cabasse room through those big eyeballs made me feel like I was at the concert.

    I thought quite a few of the other rooms with high priced systems sounded, flabby, gritty or very sibilant but with the crowds being so large it was hard to control.

    Very few people were using computer audio or even dacs in their systems, where I understand the majority are overseas.

    I hope all the exhibitors makes some goods sales over the coming months and we have the show back next year.

  6. I am looking for a two way monitor speaker, (probably on stands) that can play well at low volume listening levels.

    By play well I mean lots of detail, good midrange and treble, not really interested in lots of bass. The reason I ask is I like to listen to jazz, acoustic guitar, and piano later in the evening when my wife and kids have gone to bed.

    My current setup likes the volume up a bit to bring the best out of it. I don’t want to change my other components due to limited funds. My room is 3m x 5m, tiled floor so quite live, budget would be $1,000 to $2,500, I don’t mind second hand or the bay.



  7. IMHO the bass is better than the Tranquility - but not as good as I found SABER DAC's. Detail retrieval about the same as the Tranquility - definitely not in your face like the Off-Ramp enabled WFS. Not the fluid, liquid midrange of the Tranquility DAC's either - not dry - but very accurate. Pratt etc - no - the PDX and Killer does that much better. Transients etc are OK but not the last word. Just checked that aspect out with the clicking fingers of Sammy Davis on Bye Bye Blackbird. No this is not an in your face DAC - it sounds like it is conveying exactly what bis on the recording rather than razzle dazzle such as snap etc. Not dry like the JK Saber - but certainly accurate sounding. Meaty is the best way I can think of describing it.



    Have you played Sam Cooke live at the Copa on it yet ?

  8. Bill thanks for the mammoth effort with your write-ups of late.. It really does seem like jitter-elimination is the key to unlocking a Dacs potential

    How bizarre, I thought the Burson was weakest with vocal/melody lines

    He really should, shouldn't he? It's a controversial, and at times polarizing little Dac. Glad it found favour in your system

    To put it into context, I have had the Audiosector NOS dac in my system for the last three years and the bass and treble roll of and lack of dynamics has really started to annoy me. They cant compensate for the fantastic midrange. As soon as I heard the tranquilty dacs these characteristics were apparent as well. I am sure that I have some form of nos bias, but so be it.

    I also think that the presentation that the PDX gives messed with my head as well, as I compared everything back to the PDX.

  9. Gents

    I was Bill's guest today and I introduced him to Sam Cooke Live at the Copa, this is a HD Tracks download that can sound vastly different when played by different dacs , as Bill mentioned above.

    Prior to meeting Bill I thought he was a PDX fanboi, but after listening, the PDX beat all the other dacs ( even when they were connected to the Off-ramp) on every single track we played. It was simply more believable in it's presentation.

    Does this make me a fanboi as well, probably, I just need to find a bank to rob so I can afford one.

    Bill lent me his Burson DA160 dac which for $900 or so in my much more modest system sounds fantastic. Mr Darko needs to get one to review.

    Bill thanks again for a very enjoyable afternoon.



  10. Thanks Hugh, my amp is over 20 years old, so overdue.

    Your recommendation sounds great, but i still need a tech in Brisbane, as there is no way i would risk stuffing it up by DIY.

    Kendeil is a cheaper Italian cap, in truth. Nothing fancy about them, Cerafine, Fischer Tausch, the split foil Moorecroft caps are superior. I'd be ordering and fitting Nichicon Muse from Michael Percy in Nevada City CA, much superior caps which would no doubt give better sound quality anyway. I'd be surprised if, even with FedEx shipping, the cost to Brisbane would exceed $150.

    I do not agree caps should be replaced at 10 years. If they have an easy life they will probably do double that......


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