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  1. Item: Telefunken M15 or M15a reel to reel Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: working or non working Let me know guys if there is one out there looking for a new home and some TLC. Cheers E.
  2. Oooh, Has tubes, vinyl, horns, RTR & 833 tubes! My favourite things. I've been meaning to visit for a while, now you've just convinced me to make an appointment for various reasons.
  3. Allot of great projects and photos on this thread. Well done to all.
  4. It is certainly allot cheaper with LP compared to tape.
  5. Just quality machines waiting for some fun.
  6. Damn! Don't know what worse, the stuff you want and can get that doesn't show up or the stuff you want that shows up and you cant get. I have the Qutest and i know my system has the full potential for this one, but my wallet is limited in its frequency range. And its black just as i want it..........😟
  7. The proof is in the pudding, you have to eat it to find out. I too am currently enjoying both the process of servicing/working on 40 year old machines as well as the performance from a good tape. This machine is nearly ready , has Audionote and Elna caps - some further upgrades i will do first before i put the knobs back on now i'm past the restoration phase.
  8. I think many people who commented have missed the point. of why you would do it. If i didn't have dedicated RTR machines i would have adopted this approach. Some of the benefits have been mentioned in the thread. The use of the VCR is not just as a storage device but to have a high quality recording/playback machine. A proper HIFI VCR was advanced at the time as far as sound reproduction goes beyond the video reproduction. This was due to fast rotation speed of the head per second beyond even studio level RTR, good size audio heads and amount of surface area of tape recorded on w
  9. Item: Reel to Reel recordings - good quality and master tape reference if possible. Price Range: Will have to be assessed on case by case according to quality, music content and recording source whether studio recording or copy. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Preferably 2 track one direction recordings, may consider 4 track recordings but it is less of a preference. Tape must be in good condition and not deteriorating. I'm open to most genres of music with a focus on female singers.
  10. I don't have the data anymore as it was 8 years a go, its only what you see in the graph on page 7 (the page before).
  11. Thanks for your kind comments. I hope it inspires anyone who is contemplating doing the same thing to give it a go if they feel they are comfortable with managing the physical aspects in constructing it as well as the appropriate parts. and tuning needed. My main advice is be clear with what the goal looks like and just get it done. When i first heard a good horn system i knew it was the path i wanted, i merely came up with a version that had to achieve two things (which i just went back now and had a look at how i started this topic- 12 years ago) i said at the start
  12. I forgot to put the side shot.
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