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  1. Item: Mini DSP2X4 digital signal processor and mic Location: Werribee, Melbourne Price: $120 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, can be posted. Extra Info: Has the download code so you download computer system control onto your laptop for both the DSP and mic and you cna basically dewsign and control your own 2 way crossover and adjust it as you play! I never downlaoded the programs and never used it. I am dselling as it sits on my CD rack. Regards: Dave Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: 2 way horn speakers Location: Werribee Price: $120 Item Condition: Ok...a bit rough.....can be sanded back and repainted. Reason for selling: Not required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: I made these years ago. The are DIY using 2 way speakers from an AAD i40 stand mount speaker set. Custom 2 way crossover. 6.5 inch mid/bass and tweeter. They have concrete bases that can be repainted to tidy up. They sound good and would be a great garage speaker. Obviously they can be sanded and repainted. They are un unusual suaded blue! They satnd about 210cm high! Regards: Dave Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: FR horn speakers Location: Werribee Price: $200 Item Condition: OK! Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: made from marine ply; painted in undercoat white. Screwed and glued together. They stand about 155cm high. Using a Fountek Fr135 5 inch FR driver. They haven't played too much. They sound surprisingly good. The cabinets have been sitting on my outside veranda so not perfect nick. Be good shed speakers. Obviously can be sanded back and sprayed for a better finish. These horns run with no crossovers, no filters....plug and play. You can also attach baffle-step filters to balance the sound to suit your room......I can show you how. You can adjust the sound with packing in the tube from the top. You dont need a sub box...you dont need tweeters....... The cost doesn't even cover the price of the speakers landed here in Australia. I also have plans for a stand mount cabinet if you are keen? Regards: Dave Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Taoc ASR 11-3s audio rack/stand Location: Werribee, Melbourne, Vic. Price: $600 Item Condition: Fantastic! Reason for selling: Have moved to larger entertainment unit......T.V. invading the audio room! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Description: 559 x 595 x 533mm (HxWxD) with overall height being: 59cm. Weight: 24kg..... Load capacity: 100kg per shelf Space between shelves: 230mm + 180mm made from: Aluminum die-cast frame ensures an attractive form and light weight Cast-iron spacers fitted to the aluminum poles to improve damping performance and sound resolution according to the manufacturer. These racks are made from aluminium and steel. The shelves are all adjustable and have dampening inbuilt between the lamination layers. I have owned since new and is a few years old.....there are some light marks on the frame.....but the shelves do not have any marks or scratches. These racks are sensationally made. The hold significant weight and look pretty stunning. Obviously it is a 3 shelf rack...so will hold 3 items. The feet are adjustable to get the thing level...which was important for me with wooden floor boards and running a turntable. I would prefer pick up from Werribee in Melbourne...as it is heavy. I do not have the original packaging so am reluctant to pull it apart. But I will however for interstate people..............It screws together in a fairly obvious pattern. You can see it in the picture........sort of gunmetal grey frame with light grey shelves. The other side of the shelves are black. Please consider. These are usually pretty expensive so this is a huge bargain. Regards: Dave Pictures:
  5. Item: Dostoyevsky DCX Turntable Location: Werribee, Melbourne. Price: $3000 Item Condition: Second hand....but in superb condition. Reason for selling: Have had two turntables for some time....time to moderate. The other turntable is a Garrard 401. And it is difficult to part with either! But this deserves to be played and loved...not sit in a box in my lounge room! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only.....I might be able to deliver to certain Melbourne suburbs. I have the original packaging. Extra Info: The manufacturer states: Dostoyevsky DCX was conceived as a "classic" turntable, wooden square box with platter and tone-arm on the top. Idea was to build around "classical turntable look" while incorporating design and engineering required for great sounding turntable. Chassis is made from the three 20mm thick layers of Baltic Birch plywood, bonded together, and it is a two box design, main plinth and motor unit. The remotely sited motor unit with drive motor, electronic controller and switches, is practical solution to ensure vibration isolation of the main plinth. Main plinth and motor unit are supported by small silicon-rubber feet providing optimum coupling to the surface, and good vibration transmitting control. While looking "square" and simple from the outside, the main plinth employs advanced vibration control design, by means of different curved triangular openings in the two lower plywood layers. This was for sale some months ago and has since been fitted with a new black Orsonic headshell. These are utterly remarkable and lift sound performance significantly compared to a standard head-shell. There has been a new drive wheel fitted....this came from Soulines. Tone Arm is a 9 inch Jelco oil damped....black and has been on the turntable since new. Comes with original platter set up guide tool etc. The current cartridge is a Shelter 501 which is about half way through its play life.....ie; 1000 hours to go! I am willing to include this at a small cost. Playing these TT's is a real pleasure....the sound has this black background....which for the price point is quite surprising. Sound seems to stand out into the room from this apparent silence..... Whilst the "look" is decidedly old-school, the sound isn't. The separate motor board helps isolate motor vibs...as does the cut-out in the back of the main deck. It is altogether an ingenious thing. If you like modern-industrial or a simple timeless expression, then this will fit with you. This price is significantly less than a new deck and arm and with the Orsonic head-shell, adds even more clarity to what is already a high performance unit at a pretty reasonable cost. I am in and about during holidays so don't panic if I do not respond within the hour. This represents a big discount compared to buying new. A new Soulines Dos. will set you back just under $4,000...and then you have to fork out for a tonearm (a new 9 inch Jelco is around $1299) ...and a cartridge (the sky is the limit). So initially the price looks scary....but in real terms....?? This unit hasn't done a whole heap of work......so relatively new. This TT will benefit from some great level cartridges.....as the background, and what it doesn't do....leaves outstanding audio space for great detail. Regards: Dave Pictures:
  6. Hi All: I have dropped the price of this amp to $1100. Regards: Dave
  7. Item: M.E. 240 Integrated amp. Location: Werribee, Melbourne Price: $1100 Item Condition: fabulous! Some light discolouration here and there....but incredible. Reason for selling: Reducing collection Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is an integrated amp with 2 X 80 wpc power. It was recently serviced and all working well. It is the high cap model with the upgraded power supply and has the proper remote.....which still works! The original manual comes with it which is perfect. The condition of this amp is unbelievable....but, as you can see, the writing on the panel "volume" has begun to wear. There are some light marks on the top....but no dents, no scrapes....and the RCA sockets all work superbly. I bought it from the original owner some years ago...and play it fairly regularly. It was recently serviced and has a new fan. These amps have a huge toroidal transformer and this one can be heard if you place your head on or near the top left of the casing. No sound comes from the amp through the system....and listening is pure pleasure. It gives a healthy thump at turn on and works perfectly. (Extra 44,000uF bringing the total to 88,000uF for more power storage: according to M.E. : for better bass control, and imaging!) The sound? Maybe not as clinical as some SS gear....but more balanced smooth and elegant and full. I have driven all-sorts of types of loudspeakers from 82dB to 99dB sensitivity.....currently driving a pair of horns. Probably better suited to speakers 88dB and up....for longevity sake. It has lots of inputs....5! It has been and continues to be a beautiful amp. It is quite rare. Hence the price. Pick up from Werribee. It weighs 11 kgs...so it is not a massive amp and so can be packaged for a trip. But like all electronic gear, I am worried about doing so. Regards: Dave Pictures:
  8. LOl....I have fond memories of the Melody amp room at various hifi shows! The amp is still available. Regards: Dave
  9. Item: Melody SP9R integrated valve amp. Location: Werribee, Melbourne Price: $900 Item Condition: Fantastic condition...some scratched on valve cover. Reason for selling: Moving on and reducing collection. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a beast! It weighs about 40kg! So please consider pick up only! It doesn't have a remote. It is point to point wired....no circuit boards to heat, cook and break. Recently had a service and new power/output valves. It has this system that it turns the volume down on start-up...and once power is in the system....turns the volume back up when ready to play. This is a safety measure and adds to valve life. It has this unusual valve cover that you either love or hate.....I tend to operate it with the valve cover off. I have used for a couple of years without an issue. If you want a valve amp....and are interested in valve rolling: this is the beast. It will take: KT88, 6550 (currently in it) 5881 and EL34. There are no shortage of valves to consider and each will bring its own sound signature to the amp. Presently I would say the 6550 that I have been using are a bit cold.....if I was keeping....I'd head towards some nice EL34's. Or for lifting the roof.....a solid set of KT88's! The input/primary valves are 6sn7...which also offer quite a variety. It has self biasing electronics and so is really easy to have a collection of different valves for different sounds! It runs in class A....so operates at around the 18wpc "with the current valves".... ....but believe me.....it is not a queasy weasy amplifier! I have driven open baffle speakers, horns and typical 2 and 3 way......presently I vary between a pair of 82 dB speakers and CH2 horns from Wyndham audio which are around the 93dB sensitivity. The amp delivers strong crystal clear and open sound. It has strong bass....good mids and radiant highs.....this does not deliver a romantic soft sound as some people would expect. I would suggest pick-up only as, it weighs a lot! It has some serious iron cores in those transformers. Runs on 240 volt....not 220 as some imports do. It is absolutely silent....no hum, no rumbles no hiss no crackles.....quiet. It has 3 sets of inputs and sub woofer take off. When operating it does get hot......be mindful of this as you would need a ventilated cabinet. Kind Regards Regards: Dave T Pictures:
  10. I have included the picture with my rather large, (imposing?) Garrard Turntable on it. Regards.
  11. Hi Eagleeyes.......it does unscrew etc. It is a cute stand. The oak is like iron! Regards: Dave T
  12. Hi Hammo...I am getting one built.....! One that has enough shelves and strong enough to carry my valve amps and turntable! Regards: Dave T
  13. Item: Solid English Oak hifi shelving unit! Location: Werribee, Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Getting a single unit. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Podium Slimline 4 tier hifi/audio rack is an imported hand made English Oak unit imported from Britain. I emphasise; handmade in solid oak! Dimensions (mm): 566(w) x 645(h) x 400(d) Max. load 130kg. Accessories Spikes, Spike shoes In terrific condition. The picture here is from the catalogue....... Mine has a huge Garrard turntable sitting on it so you cannot see the thing clearly. It is a beautiful looking rack. They retail for around the $1200..... So a pretty good deal even second hand. Regards: Dave Pictures:
  14. Item: TAOC ASRII Audio Visual Rack Location: Werribee, Melbourne Price: $750 (will take offers now!) Item Condition: Great condition. Has small discolouration on bottom bar. Reason for selling: Getting a single wooden unit Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Taoc audio racking system in silver. These things are exceptionally well made with iron and core filled construction. The frames and risers are aluminium alloy. The shelves have adjusters so you can level each level...and the feet are adjustable. Each shelf is bi-coloured...silver on one side and black on the other. Each shelf is an absorbent type of material to cut vibration. Shelves measure: W: 500 × D:450 × H: 22 W: 595 × D 533 × H X 560mm overall. Weight: 40kg. Load capacity: up to 100kg per shelf. These sell for more than $2000AUD. So this is a very good price. Regards: Dave Pictures:
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