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  1. Well after listening to many many option-no’s I have finally placed an order should have it in a few weeks
  2. For those that are interested I must of listened to around 8 DACs. Including one that cost 6 times my budget before deciding on the metrum NOS dac . As far as MQA goes Metrum offers an MQA module but don’t recommend it. I believe NOS DACs do not benefit from tricks like MQA and won’t be ordering the module cheers
  3. Well I have listened to enough after now listening to the metrum jade. I just need to decide if I want the jade , onyx or pavane . Let’s see how the tax man treats me ‘such an honest analogue sound lol
  4. Going to have a listen to a metrum jade in a couple of weeks - have had several great references and klooking forward to a listen
  5. I would jump on the Ayon unit that Betty book highlighted
  6. Thanks Guys I wont finalize a decision till the end of July still working through the list. Warren
  7. Hi Rmpfyf no dsd is not a deal breaker - don’t really care if it has it or not but do prefer NOS DACs
  8. Hi I’m reading and researching the units talked about , six if I’m not replying. Please don’t think I’m ignoring you . Imhave a list I’m working through - at the point end I have the metrum pavane amongst others
  9. Thanks maximus I would rather try something different than the Ayon if I do go down the dac path
  10. Thanks analysis I’ll do some reading first
  11. Gi would use it with a transport to play CDs and also to stream tidal Warren
  12. Hi I occasionally do upgrades to my system - my system consists of brinkmann bardo turntable klyne 6pc phono pre amp Lamm LL 2.1 pre , Yamaha rx-v3077 avr sgr cx4fmk2 speakers and centre martin Logan atoms speakers velodyne sub - just sold my Ayon CD-5s CD- dac . I have $10,000 upgrade budget and am considering either to upgrade with a Dac for that much or to upgrade my turntable . I have no interest in changing speakers or preamps any suggestions on a Dac as this is the digital source thread ? warren
  13. Your not crazy the remote is in excellent condition and works perfectly - I assume from your comment that you would be interested if the remote was in as new condition ? if you want to make an offer pending a picture of the remote I’ll posy a pic warren
  14. Cheers thanks for that and Darren was right , I did have a few ports in me at the time of posting -lol
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