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  1. Thanks for confirming, it’s a shame but whatever I replace my Aurelic Aries mini for needs to be a ROON end point; I’m actually hoping I can find a DAC/Streamer combo.
  2. Do you know whether it's a ROON end point? I'm looking for an upgrade from my Aurelic Aries Mini (which is a great streamer & ROON end point) & this will match my Belcanto gear but I'd prefer it to be ROON end point?
  3. I've sent you some info via PM. Innous Mini MkIII just & out & out bargain for what it offers.
  4. It’s not such a silly suggestion & it could work as I don’t plug any other analog sources into the pre (just DAC & HT bypass). The Aries Mini does have an internal DAC so I could use the unbalanced output into my HT amp for my outdoor speakers so that could all work. I’ll investigate further.. Nice to hear from you Matt
  5. Thanks again for the suggestions. I'm not keen on the DEOX option as I have a preamp & whilst it doesn’t do room correction, I don’t really need this in the room it’s in. The need for both balanced & unbalanced out is that I send the balanced output to my Bel Canto Pre/Pro for a dedicated 2CH system & the unbalanced signal to my HT amp to play music outside (2nd zone). Looks like for a budget of $1k this cant be done in a single box so I’ll just stick with my Aries Mini > PS Audio NuWave DAC combo.
  6. The StreamBox RS looks to be the closets to my needs, I’ll investigate further, thanks
  7. Thanks everyone, it seems that $1k will not cut it. Its strange as if I looked at buying seperate DAC & Streamer, I’m pretty sure I could buy a good combo, better than what I have. Cheers Matt
  8. I’m pretty sure Bluesound doesn’t give me both balanced & unbalanced outputs? I think the Naim Atom is out of my price range but I’ll check it out. Cheers Matt
  9. Thanks but isn't the Aries Femto just a streamer? Looking at the Bluesound, this looks like it's both a DAC & streamer but only unbalanced out..... Maybe I'm asking too much for the $$ I have? It's been a while since I looked into this & just assumed that it would be logical to combine the x2 without any compromise but maybe not. Cheers Matt
  10. Apologies for butting in but......Is there anything available under $1K that is both a good quality streamer & DAC? It would need to be ROON ready/end point, have both balanced & unbalanced outputs (Bal > Bel Canto / RC > HT Amp for outdoor speakers) plus Ethernet to connect to my network. I'm looking to replace my Aurelic Aries Mini & PS Audio NuWave DAC so maybe I can do this in a single box? Cheers Matt
  11. Innous very good, I have the Mini + LPSU & use as my ROON core.
  12. Hi Jeffro, I'm looking for a replacement speaker cable for my PAD Musaeus cables as I prefer banana connections (I don't really want to use converters). How would you describe these speaker cables sound? Cheers Matt
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