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  1. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Thanks Daz, Will have another read of your original post....will also hopefully draft in the help of @Grizzly who is an experts in these types of things!
  2. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Thanks Blybo, I know you like you're bamboo...I like the look of it too but it's just too expensive for me at this time. I am worried about 26mm thickness with my gear as some of it is quite heavy! I'll ensure the heights of each shelf lends itself to good air flow & MORE equipment! Cheers Matt
  3. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    My only concern with the threaded rod design is how hard it is to level off all shelves.....having said that, the post with spikes design could be even harder? Also with the the threaded rods, how do you set the heights, do you use a washer & screw top & underneath each panel? Do you make a small hollow for the washer to sit in? With a 26mm panel I don't want to hollow out too much. Cheers Matt
  4. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Hi Guys, Updated project picture Any suggestions of equipment placement, materials etc... greatly appreciated. Cheers Matt
  5. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Hi All, I'm back on the case & hopefully will find sometime over Christmas to knock one of these racks up. Still undecided on the materials but most likely the Acacia or Beech 2200 x 600 x 26mm panels from Bunnings @ $99 each as they're hard to go past at that price. I like the idea of Bamboo but it just seems very expensive, if I had $1200+ I'd just buy a rack. I have the changed the position of some of the equipment, i.e. TT on the RHS but essentially the design is the same. I'll post the image later as I'm having a struggle to post the screenshot at the moment. I'm also moving towards the threaded rod idea with a wooden or metal pipe outer casing (like @Darren69). More to come. Cheers Matt
  6. Suggestions for next hifi show

    Hi Marc, Completely understand the rationale of holding these shows in Melb/Syd & I’m happy/able to travel. Just an idea for the future once established. Cheers Matt
  7. Suggestions for next hifi show

    Centre of speaker manufacturing!![emoji12]
  8. Suggestions for next hifi show

    Oh....yes, I don’t agree with Hensa! Keep it in Melb
  9. Suggestions for next hifi show

    Hi All, I’d have to agree with Hensa, I really enjoyed the HT rooms at the 2016 show & whilst that not why I attended, it was a great break from critical Hi Fi listening & as I’m sure like most of us..I’m also into HT with all my 2CH systems actually hybrids.
  10. Hi Fi Show 2017 Pics and Reviews..

    Hi All, I echo everyone’s sentiments to Mark & all the Vendors who whilst they’re obviously at the show to sell kit, were on the main very receptive to discussion & playing music brought from our own listening rooms. Stand outs for me, in no particular order. Grandinote room with the Mach 4 speakers, so quick, precise & deep. Sounded great playing the Pump mix of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus & other tracks. The new VAF’s, was initially worried about their bottom end, queue next track...no need to worry! The Hulgich speakers really shon...a few of us who live in SA visited Nick at his home when he 1st set up & whilst we left really happy with his sound, they’ve come on leaps & bounds, serious sound for the $$ & if I were changing speakers anytime soon, I think those Ellla’s mk II would be my pick. The DeVores sounded very good but none of the music played when I was in the room was to my taste, nothing bad but hard to tell if they would suit my music. I was really impressed with the PMC, Krix & Osborn standmounts, serious, deep fast & exciting music from such small enclosures! Other highlights, meeting Arthur & discussing his Elektra Pre, definitely on my lists! Melody room, just for the sheer size & expense, the JBL’s with the Cary’s....the Gaia supports, also on my list. The active SRG’s but I didn’t like their passive speakers ??, monitor Audio Platinum speakers, seriously good speakers you can throw any music at. Hmmm, what else?? Catching up with a few familiar faces from SA, Tony M, Emiel & others. Looking forward to next year, bring it on. Cheers Matt
  11. SOLD: Funk firm -lsd

    Will u ship?
  12. FS: Bel Canto CD3t transport

    Hello, Has this now sold? Cheers Matt