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  1. +1 for Vinomofo....excellent service, only ever sent x1 carton of wine back, no questions asked! I'd say we would buy 90% of our wine via VM & we now have our own "consultant" who will, on our recommendations, call us when the good stuff comes in. Back to Hi Fi & the theme of the thread.....I for one really enjoy the researching into new acquisitions & this forum, along with others really does help me form my own opinion. Yes, sometime you receive a snipe here or there but in the whole I think most are pretty well behaved. My last addition to my set up, an Innous Mk 3 "Mini" Server + LPSU (Fantastic, review to follow soon) was a direct result of my involvement in the "making an ideal music server" post of which I battled with the nerds who were contradicting each other (fight, fight, fight!) but beneath all of that, I found the common themes & what was important which eventually lead me to make, what I'd like to think was an informed decision! I hope so as both @amdan & @Tony M also bought Innous Servers from my recommendations. Pretty much all my gear now if from fellow sna'ers via the classifieds!! I'd also like to add that via this forum I'm now a proud member of the Adelaide Hills Gentleman's Music Appreciate Society, or whatever we're calling ourselves these days & some true friendships have been formed. These guys are my go to for advice BUT....I also seek advice, ideas from the masses via the foruem. So...I may not be on the site 24/7 adding posts etc....but I'm alsway reading & if I need any advice I have the forum.....& the AHGMAS. Cheers all Matt
  2. mattjtaylor2809

    High end bookshelf around $2K - $4K

    Contact@Grizzly about Contrast bookshelf speakers, sound amazing with tube power.
  3. mattjtaylor2809

    FS: USHER CP-8571 MKII Speakers

    Hello SoundGuy Timing not great as we're about to pull our kitchen out but any idea how much they would cost to ship to Adelaide? Cheers Matt
  4. mattjtaylor2809

    Low Noise switch

    I've checked the box's at I'm after a 9 Volt / 0.6 A Reading online their seems to be varying thoughts on the Ifi iPower plugs?
  5. mattjtaylor2809

    Low Noise switch

    In the spec's sheet for the MC110's, it lists power supply as........External Power Adapter, 9V/0.6A or 5V/1A. They seem quite a bit different but does this mean they would be interchangeable? Max power output is rated @ 1.52W Cheers Matt
  6. mattjtaylor2809

    Low Noise switch

    I'm not that tech savvy to start looking into subnets etc....but your point in regards to the powering of the MC110's is valid so maybe I'll focus energies on finding LPSU's for each converter?
  7. mattjtaylor2809

    Low Noise switch

    Hi Guys, Just thinking about tidying up a few bits & pieces in my digital front end & wanted to know if there is a recommended lower noise switch? It would have to be at least 4 port, maybe 8 port better.....or can I just use a LPSU on my existing switch? I suppose the other question would be 'will it make any diff" if I have optical media converters (TP Link MC110's) after the switch? Cheers Matt
  8. I'd be looking at updating your DAC & buying a descent transport. The OPPO idea is a good one as they're pretty good as a transport & you can also use it for Blu-rays, DVD's for Rach & Gracie. Alternatively, look at the AudioLab 8200 series CD/DAC.....not sure whether the DAC is better than your TEAC but in combination, it could be a winner. My 2 bob
  9. mattjtaylor2809

    JBL Options...experience??

    Thanks Campo007.....if I do go down the tube power road it would be some sizeable push/pull monoblocks, like PrimaLuma HP’s but I could also end up with SS mono’s. Cheers Matt
  10. mattjtaylor2809

    JBL Options...experience??

    Ok...thanks Kelossus.
  11. mattjtaylor2809

    JBL Options...experience??

    Thanks for your insights, appreciate the feedback. I’m certainly not looking to buy new unless Klapp or someone else is giving them away. Like you, I don’t need sub 30 Hz but I do want speakers that as you say hit hard & keep up with the music (when it calls for it). Maybe the 3900 are a better fit for me? Cheers Matt
  12. mattjtaylor2809

    JBL Options...experience??

    I really don’t know if my assumption is correct or not for non-active speakers, what I was getting at was maybe I don’t need to worry too much about a reduction in dB under 50 Hz as maybe my current speakers are the same?
  13. mattjtaylor2809

    JBL Options...experience??

    Yes, I’m keen to hear about the s4700, I’m assuming not much diff to Jake’s 4600’s?
  14. mattjtaylor2809

    JBL Options...experience??

    Not necessarily talking me out of them....I'm sure all speakers drop dB once the frequency is under 60-40 Hz.....I've just not seen this listed in specs (or maybe I've just noticed it)? What it does tell me though, in the size of room I have (10 mtrs x 6 mts) & at normal listening levels, maybe the 4429 won't be the right speaker for me & I should focus my research on the S3900 & S4700? Cheers Matt
  15. mattjtaylor2809

    JBL Options...experience??

    Interesting info....when I listened to the 4367 at the 2016 Hi Fi Show I didn’t think they were bass shy at all but they were playing at pretty high SPL’s....could be a deal breaker for me if -3 dB drop under 55 Hz as I have an issue in my room around 55-60 Hz....