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  1. I'm using my Zen Mini III (set up as my ROON Core only (not player)) via Ethernet into the internal bridge on my PS Audio DSJnr....very happy with the SQ.
  2. I'm also in the same boat, maybe @Grizzly will come up with a locally made offering?
  3. Hi Wilco, I could be interested in these if still available but I’m not if they’re the correct rating for my 34Kg Dynaudio Focus 380’s & how do you attach them or do the speakers simple sit on them? If they do just sit on them, how stable are they? Cheers Matt
  4. Will you take payments over 5 years?
  5. Thanks for confirming, it’s a shame but whatever I replace my Aurelic Aries mini for needs to be a ROON end point; I’m actually hoping I can find a DAC/Streamer combo.
  6. Do you know whether it's a ROON end point? I'm looking for an upgrade from my Aurelic Aries Mini (which is a great streamer & ROON end point) & this will match my Belcanto gear but I'd prefer it to be ROON end point?
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