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  1. Ok, that makes sense so I can compare the Q70/Q75 & the Sony 950G. Thanks once again. Matt
  2. Thanks Brumby, just what I wanted to hear. I think places like HN have Samsung reps in-bedded in there staff so no wonder they push them!
  3. Thanks....I have read the Rtings reviews but its for the Q70 not the 75 which I think is a newer model but hard to find out any comparisons. We do have a 4K 65" Samsung we purchased a few years back (I think the old 8 series) which I've never been that impressed with as it just seems to over gained & then when you try to dial a back a bit, it then doesn't look right....I like the more natural colour on the Sony BUT RTing's review suggests the Q70 sport performance is slightly better? Cheers Mat
  4. Is the Q70 the same as the Q75? It’s very confusing
  5. Not sure I have the model numbers correct but I’ve whittled it down to these x2 panels as my budget is pretty much $2k. I do have a pretty big room of which a 65” would probably work better (I’m sat about 3.5 mtrs from the screen) but I have a 110” screen with PJ so 55” & $2k will do. The room is normally pretty dark so I shouldn’t have issues with reflections. In terms of content, mainly sport via Fox plus Netflix & I will invest in a 4K player once I’ve bought the TV. My preference is the Sony as it seems to have a more natural colour tone to it, I find Samsung a bit over gained but I know this can be fine tuned. So, if my No 1 priority is no judder or blur watching HD sport on Fox, which is the better panel? Any others I should look at? Cheers Matt
  6. Never heard of the Puffin but an interesting product.
  7. Thanks MattyW, Interesting that you say spend most if the money on the phono stage, not the cart but I suppose, if he does want to invest in a newer cart down the track, the VALAB will still give him another bump in performance. Cheers Matt
  8. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. He’s running this cart which I think is a 10? His HT amp is a Yamaha RX-V1800, I’m guessing 10+ years old. As I said in my original post, he’s happy enough with 2CH sound via CD/Streaming but disappointed with his TT. If he were to go down the replacement cart & separate phone stage with roughly $1k, would you split this 50:50 or spend more on the cart or phono stage? Happy NY everyone. Matt
  9. Happy NY everyone, Over in Belfast at my brother-in-law’s house listening to his entry level Project TT with a budget cart direct into his Yamaha HT amp. Sound is ok but lacks detail & definition. He’s happy enough with the sound via CD so happy enough with 2CH sound via his Yamaha HT amp & Monitor Audio speakers with the exception of 2CH sound via his TT. My assumption is that he’s at the limit of his TT + cart’s performance & have suggested an upgrade in cart & adding a Phono Stage spending around $1k. But, would he get more gain if he bought a dedicated 2CH amp instead? Only has $1K to spend. Suggestions please? Cheers Matt
  10. I assume you’ve stopped the association with Tapatalk to as I can’t find our forum in it now? to have an app or access to the forums via tapatalk or similar is important; trying browse via your iPhone is tedious at best! cheers matt
  11. The old wires can make a significant difference when partnered well with your equipment, sounds like you’ve found a good match for your amplification into your speakers.
  12. Not sure balancing the TV in between them is that smart [emoji15]
  13. Looks like I’m too late to this party but can the P5 run a power amp or just sources?
  14. If this falls through I’ll take them as these were my 1st proper speakers I bought when I was in my early 20’s.
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