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  1. Hi all, Thanks for all your posts, so much to learn. Here are some pictures from today’s efforts. Will build the cabinets up this week & work out the XO design. Cheers Matt
  2. Would something like this work ok or am I over complicating things? https://www.ebay.com.au/i/123806927185?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-159824-816807-4&mkcid=2&itemid=123806927185&targetid=4584826053541484&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=&poi=&campaignid=398426096&mkgroupid=1299622994238756&rlsatarget=pla-4584826053541484&abcId=9300413&merchantid=136820&msclkid=ec934b60eda21029407c149559b8189e Thanks for the heads up in regards to the Silver 8 & switching polarity
  3. Thanks for clarifying, it’s all new to me but I’m enjoying the learning. BTW - The XO components arrived today & we will be cutting out the holes in the baffles, glueing the woofer baffles & possibly building the XO’s this weekend....as always, more to follow. BTW - any recommendations for a board to house the XO or just use mdf & cable ties to hold them together?
  4. Hi Hank, yes, pretty much following this design although I’ve bought the Silver 8 not Fast 8 or Crystal 10. I’ve ordered the XO components but not received them as yet so will build XO later this week or weekend. I’ll keep you all posted Cheers Matt
  5. The woofers (Lii Audio W-15) I'm using have been specifically designed for OB use & do have x2 voice coils so I'm assuming then they are dipole or nothing to do with it?
  6. What about CA CXN V2 or the new(ish) Matrix Mini I3 Pro for a DAC/Streamer solution? These are the x2 I'm looking at to replace my PS Audio NuWave DAC (10 years old), Aurelic Aries Mini Streamer (ROON End Point) + Aurelic LPSU + Regan re-clocker. Both are ROON endpoints which is critical in my decision making, any experience with these players? I think I'm leaning towards the Matrix?
  7. Hi All, I trust everyone had a great Christmas? Mine was a little scary as my Dad had a turn which required a trip to hospital & a pacemaker implanted 24 hours later but he's all goo now 😬. Things have moved on a bit since my last post as I've ordered the speakers & they arrived the other day. Mate of mine @Grizzly had some left over 18mm MDF so we started to cut out all the parts for a Liionidas design OB (as I've posted above). I also bought some 18mm marine ply which we will use for the woofer baffle. Thanks also goes to @Tony M for us
  8. H All, I think someone mentioned active crossovers earlier in this feed so I'm interested in exploring this, i.e. is something like this worth it or at $100 just junk? https://www.parts-express.com/rolls-sx45-stereo-two-way-mini-crossover-w-sub-output--245-1184 Cheers Matt
  9. Hi Niss Man, I hear you.....I will be using the Leonidas design although I've stupidly bought the Silver 8 not either the Fast 8 or the Crystal 10 so I will reach out to the designer for advice on any changes to the XO with this different full-range speaker. I do have a group of interested & seemingly knowledgeable gents in the Adelaide Hills who will also be able too advise me.....kinda
  10. Hi All, Been a bit busy at work but have been doing some research I've been receiving some helpful advice on the XO from a Nigel at Speakerbug in Qld (Thanks @niss_man for the recommendation). I've also emailed Lii Audio for pricing & delivery times into Adelaide for their W-15 woofers & possibly the Fast-8 (or Silver-8) full range driver but I've not heard back from them so I'll hit them up on their FB page. If I do use the Lii Audio Fast-8 (Crystal 10 too expensive for me at the moment), as posted above, this the recommended 2-way XO:
  11. Thanks for everyone’s posts, I’m just trying to digest everything. Is there a definition for an OB speaker Vs dipole speaker? I’m getting a little confused/ mixed up? Thanks for the heads up with Speakerbits, I’ll chase them up shortly & discuss options as the XO design above is pretty basic & I may tweak it a bit based on feedback on here etc. @niss_man thanks for spending the time to better explain the XO components & design, it’s helping to better understand the interplay between components. Keep the posts, ideas coming.
  12. I don't plan to add an ambient speaker. Did you buy most/all of your XO components from Duelund? https://duelundaudio.com/inductors/ I ask as they state the following for their CAST Capacitors & the XO design states 68uF....did you have these specialty designed? "Standard sizes 0.001 uF – 50 uF other values available on request."
  13. LOl.... This is the design without the ambiant tweeter
  14. Righteo....here goes me being stoopid. Basics... I'm assuming an Inductor (to reduce HF going to the woofer?) I'm not sure how to read the specs, is x5 6mH....Low RDC?? These are Capacitors? (reducing low freq to tweeters)? Are these then depicting resistors? (reducing the amount of power directed to each speaker)? Is this saying x1 1.2Ohm or is it x1 2 Ohm? x6 8 ohm....20 watts? The schematic also suggest this design has x2 woofers or is th
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