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  1. The old wires can make a significant difference when partnered well with your equipment, sounds like you’ve found a good match for your amplification into your speakers.
  2. Not sure balancing the TV in between them is that smart [emoji15]
  3. Looks like I’m too late to this party but can the P5 run a power amp or just sources?
  4. If this falls through I’ll take them as these were my 1st proper speakers I bought when I was in my early 20’s.
  5. Great to be able to read everyone’s views, opinions & feedback from this year’s show as alas, I couldn’t attend as it was my wife’s birthday...& as much as I sold her the benefits of a wee side trip to Melbourne, it just didn’t fly! Anywho, I’d like to think I’ll get to the show next year, wherever it is & whoever is promoting as it’s just such a great opportunity to listen to a great range of speakers & equipment we just don’t see here in little old Adelaide.....although, in the spirit of “one up man ship”, I did attend the Halcro/Duntech launch last night at Hi Fi Collector in the beautiful Adelaide Hills just 2 minutes from my house so...how’s them apples! Would have loved to have heard the active ATC’s [emoji22]
  6. I assume you're talking about these? https://www.soundandvision.com/content/rare-find-altec-lansing-604-8g-coaxial-speakers $13,999 US maybe a little out of my league!
  7. Thanks Tweaky.....I'll look out for them but I'm not a huge fan of "vintage" speakers as I worry they will cause too much of an issue if/when they break. I know this could happen with any speakers but I'm thinking it would be easier to fix newer speakers, even if 2nd hand but that's just me, maybe I'm being too paranoid? Found these JBL S4700 online from Japan, seem a good price? https://www.hifido.co.jp/sold/19-24482-57963-00.html Cheers Matt
  8. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123908781266 Almost worth a punt!
  9. Wow....didn't read the entire thread as I'm supposed to be working but very interesting. I've tagged @Tony M to your thread as he has a pair of La Belles which could do with some work on their crossovers! In terms of my needs, this is so far out of my comfort zone.... I just found a YouTube video of them....maybe a few 2nd Hand Cornwall III's coming onto the market now?
  10. Cornwall IV's....are these new into the market as I've only ever seen Cornwall III's online?
  11. Thanks for all the comments everyone. It does sound like they have tamed their top end which would be paramount for me as I'm sensitive to any form of shrillness, overly bright top end BUT....to achieve that live sound it's a very fine balance which is what took me down the JBL road to begin with. My comment about warmth was from a Steve Hoffman review but he did pair them with a SET amp so that would help. Speaker placement for me will also be a slight issue as I'm not sure I can have them up against the back wall as my hi-fi rack sticks out in the room at least 1 mtr so it would look really strange to have the speaker behind the rack? My TT has now moved to the RHS wall but you can see from this photo how far out the Hi Fi rack & my current speakers are out from the back wall (at least 1 mtr)..As their is a windown behind the curtain, the back wall space is limited. Maybe this removes the Klipsch from the equation if they need to be right up close to the back wall? Any ideas on price for the Heresy & Cornwall III's? If pricing in Aus x2.5 the US, can you import? Cheers all Matt
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