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  1. mattjtaylor2809

    ME Monoblocks

    Might just have to take you up on that, cheers Matt
  2. mattjtaylor2809

    ME Monoblocks

    I heard the bigger models x3 Hi Fi show’s ago & they blew me away matched with Classe gear but they were the $26k model. Looks like the 4429 & your S4600 share some drivers. Hopefully one day someone in SA will have a pair so I can have a listen. Cheers Matt
  3. mattjtaylor2809

    ME Monoblocks

    Ahhh, good old IKEA! I’ve been tempted in the past by the 4429’s but a lack of anyone in SA with them I’ve not heard them so I’ve kept my $$ in my pocket.
  4. mattjtaylor2809

    ME Monoblocks

    Like the look of that Pro-ject table Jake! One question, where did you get those little TT lights? I’ve seen a few set ups with them now & I likey! What JBL’s you running, couldn’t see them in the photos. Cheers Matt
  5. I’ll have to make sure I stick around next time & not skive off home Friday night!
  6. A few albums of my youth via Discogs & the Netherlands, very nice, especially the x2 pink vinyl for Secret Samahdi.
  7. @Grizzly Rachel will be devastated!
  8. I’m rocking out at home in your honour, have a drink for me I’ve had plenty!
  9. mattjtaylor2809

    EOI: GTG at The Coates Cellar Door

    Hi Duane, I’d love to come along...any excuse to drink & buy some of your lovely wine. @Grizzly - toss of the coin on who drives!
  10. mattjtaylor2809

    SOLD: FS [MEL]: Aurealis Audio R3i Phono Cable

    Hi, Do you know whether this type of connection is compatible with the VPI Aries Scout?
  11. mattjtaylor2809

    Stereonet "Not Secure" on Chrome??

    Success.....I can now log in via Chrome & no issues.......although now I'm using & loving Firefox!!
  12. mattjtaylor2809

    Otoroonot anyone

    Me neither & I broke the internet[emoji51]
  13. mattjtaylor2809

    Stereonet "Not Secure" on Chrome??

    Thanks Marc, I'm now switching over to Firefox & it seems much better actually, much faster & not issues with certificates etc... I hope I've not caused any issues? Cheers Matt
  14. mattjtaylor2809

    Stereonet "Not Secure" on Chrome??

    No such issues with Safari.......just don't like Safari.....maybe I'll try Firefox.