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  1. & she looks so thrilled! Me on the other hand, I'll where this like a badge of honor! 😀
  2. I have a Sony VPL-VW60, I’d say about 8 years old, how much better an image with standard blu-rays & 4K would you achieve with this BenQ Vs my older Sony?
  3. Just assessing my options with this deck really & as I suspected, there’s not much I can do with this variant but that’s ok; I’ll just make sure it’s set up correctly, chuck a better cart into it & if I want more...I’ll move it on.
  4. Gryflles, Don’t you add back in motor noise using a Classic Vs a Prime? I’ve not heard a Classic TT but I like the idea/concept of an off board motor?
  5. I’m waiting for you so I can buy your JBL’s [emoji51]
  6. Hi All, I have an Aries Scout which I’m happy with but I’m just wondering what upgrades are available & would give me a lift in performance over & above moving it on & upgrading to a newer VPI TT? Pretty sure my TT is standard spec with a standard arm. Isolation feet, upgraded arm, antiskate? I do plan to upgrade the cart (currently running Clearaudio concerto) so this post is more about the TT itself. Overall I’m really happy with the TT, just wondering if I can squeeze much more out of it & how much that would cost? Cheers all Matt
  7. I’m going to come over for the Hi Fi show again this year so may take you up on that offer!
  8. Hi Darren, What I’m interested in is whether the JBL’s are flexible enough across different types of music & at different SPL’s....I’m pretty sure they rock & go loud but what about at more moderate SPL’s & at lower volume? Cheers Matt
  9. OMG....never thought I’d see the day! Bargain at the asking price...is the windex included?
  10. Thanks for all the input to this thread but as we're going through kitchen & living room reno's & our home iMac has pretty much cr@pped itself, it looks like a home 2:1 laptop is of higher priority than a TV at this stage.
  11. Thanks pc9, I may stretch to 65" but I do have a Sony PJ in the room with a 100" screen so for "movie nights" I'm covered. Another reason I was thinking 55" was that they would be slightly cheaper so I could spend the cash on moving up the food chain, not size etc... I take your point though & in all reality, I will be sat 3-4 mtrs from the TV so..."would I see any difference between say a FALD & non FALD panels? The one thing I don't like is any kind of judder so as long as the panel is smooth, especially with sport...then I'll be happy. Cheers Matt
  12. Just reading up on this now & seems like the latest Samsung QLED’s & the Sony 9000F? are FALD sets? if you had to pick one as best for Sports & Movies, 55” & under $2k, what would take your money? cheers matt
  13. Hi All, I’m not exactly sure what FALD is & it’s positives (any negatives?). Was in HN’s in Sat & I still think the FZ950 was the most impressive 55” panel under $2k.
  14. Oh...I’m sure you will but please, please tell how they sound, integrate.
  15. That’s a great price, do you have it home yet? I maybe able to pop over on Sunday to have a look & listen!
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