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  1. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    All part of the learning!
  2. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone, really happy with the end results. This is the top of the counter sunk bolt that was screwed into the joiner with the threaded rod screwed into the other end. More photo's with the TV & TT. I may switch the Isotek & Ayre power amp around as it will look more symmetrical but I may stick with the current layout. I'm also to sand & oil the off cuts & turn these into isolation platforms for the Pre, power amp & transport. The panels themselves were crazy cheap @ $99 ea. from Bunnings, just don't ask them to cut them for you! I noticed mine bowed a little bit after oiling...in which I only oiled the tops (x5 coats) so if I were to do it again, I'd give the back a coat earlier in case this caused some slight bowing. When drilling the holes for the threaded rods, we made a jig to ensure each drill hole was the same on each corner (i.e. 50mm by 50mm), then stacked the x4 panels on top of each other, held them in place with clamps & drilled them all the way through x4 panels, we then inserted the threaded rods to ensure they would pass through. When it came to assembly, we did it upside down, i.e the top panel, upside down 1st (connected the counter sunk bolt to the joiner & then the threaded rods to the joiner, it was then a matter of placing the steel pipes over the threaded rods (x5) & then carefully dropping the next panel over each threaded rod onto the tops of the metal pipes. Once we had all the panels loaded up, we then spent time to ensure that each post was aligned using a set square. We then used an angle grinder to cut the threaded rods (leave a nut under the cut so you can straighten out the thread by screwing the nut off which straightens the thread). We then used x2 nuts on each rod to tighten it all up. Any other questions, let me know. Cheers Matt
  3. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Correct, I’ll send a photo when I’m back home.
  4. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    My biggest struggle was to find everything in the same size as Bunnings seem to have mixtures of metric & imperial...I ended up using size M8 for everything.
  5. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Hi 943, They were called safety screws but that was because they’re supplied with a specific insert to tighten them, basically a counter sunk bolt. I then used a washer & a joiner to tighten & connect the threaded rod which passed through each pane, covered by the metal pipe & then terminated with x2 nuts under the bottom panel. Simples!
  6. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    My apologies, in my rush to publish the photos I forgot to thank Ant & Dave for helping me to set up the new rack! Cheers fellas
  7. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Hi Guys, Well......., it's up & running!! Joiner to fix the top panel to the threaded rods Template to help align the square metal posts Casters (they don't roll that well on carpet) Finished product, just waiting for the last light coat of oil to dry....can I wait...!!! Can't wait any longer.....Anthony @Grizzly admiring my work! 1st listening sesh with Dave (@chickanism?) @Grizzly Very happy with final product I still need to put the TT & Plasma TV on top......if I had my time again I would have made it 1800 or even 2000 long but apart from that, I'm very happy with it! Thanks for watching! Cheers Matt
  8. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Hi caminperth, Love the industrial look & this was the way I was heading until I saw @Darren69 post & decided to go with the metal pipes as the uprights. In terms of stability, I think I'll be ok as when we assembled the other day, even without screwing it up, I was really surprised as to how stable it was. Thanks for sharing Anyone else want to share their DIY shelves? Cheers Matt
  9. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    X2 coats in.... Looking very good Cheers all Matt
  10. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    More work on this tomorrow....mostly sanding & oiling though.
  11. Mini desktop hifi rack

    I like the idea of these spikes on each of the legs, I’m think about doing this with the off cuts from my Hi Fi rack to place under my Ayre amp & Transport &/or Preamp? Are the inserts that you then screw in the spikes easy to install into hardwood?
  12. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Some progress photos: Drilling the holes for the threaded rods via our lit jig. Initial construction to check stability What it should look like when finished We’ve taken it apart & about to start lots of sanding & oiling before we build it up again, this time for good. Cheers all Matt
  13. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Hi Guys, I thought of using casters as I was struggling to workout how to affix the metal pipe & then have enough room to insert a cap or something to cover the exposed pipe. I also need to factor in the termination of the threaded rod. So....my theory is that they will be screwed directly to the underside of the bottom panel although I may add a block of hardwood to give us more than 26mm to screw them into. Tony... the casters I’ve bought look similar to what’s available at Admerch They’re rated at 40 kgs ea. so x5 should be ok. Any other ideas let me know Cheers all Matt
  14. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    Something like these? $8.95 ea What effect would they have, if at all on SQ? Cheers Matt
  15. AV/HI Fi Rack Project

    I don’t need to move it much, I’m just looking into alternatives to the 50mm pipe as I’m struggling to work out how I’m to affix them!