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  2. Sadly I have never had the opportunity to actually hear this one working due to the problem. Would love to get it going. Vanch
  3. Hello Roman do you know how to fix it? I think this is what you mean in your message? Thanks...Vanch
  4. Thanks for that...yes is a 9" arm see specifications>>>>looks like Ortofon didn't clarify this too well with Overall length 12" would be to end of the headshell but Lateral length is 9 1/8" So it is a 9 inch arm Specifications: Arm length (overall): 12" Lateral length: 9 1/8" Cartridge offset angle: 22.7 degrees Tracking force: 0 to 10g Arm resonance: 8Hz
  5. Item: LEGENDARY!! CHAMPAGNE GOLD LUXMAN K-03 TAPE DECK!! AWESOME 11 KG BEAST Location: PLENTY Price: $1,750.00 offers invited Item Condition: EXCELLENT OVERALL CONDITION...minor scratch on right side facia...see pics. Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: ONE OF THE BEST EVER MADE!! LEGENDARY RARE HIGH END MODEL LUXMAN K-03 CHAMPAGNE GOLD CASSETTE DECK DIRECT DRIVE....3 HEADS WONDERFUL SOUND QUALITY PLAYBACK & RECORDING EXCELLENT WORKING ORDER & CONDITION PLAYS, REWINDS, FAST FORWARDS, RECORDING QUALITY ALL LIGHTS, METERS AND CONTROLS FUNCTIONING LOADED WITH FEATURE....INCLUDING DEMAGNETIZER & MUSIC SEARCH FROM THE NET....hifiengine>>>> Luxman K-03 Stereo Cassette Deck (1984-87) Specifications: Type: 3-head, single compact cassette deck Track System: 4-track, 2-channel stereo Tape Speed: 4.75 cm/s Heads: 1 x record, 1 x playback, 1 x erase Tape Type: type I, CrO2, Metal Noise Reduction: B, C Frequency Response: 15Hz to 22kHz (Metal tape) Signal to Noise Ratio: 73dB (dolby C) Wow and Flutter: 0.22% Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5% Input: 100mV (line) Output: 0.55V (line) Dimensions: 453 x 365 x 163mm Weight: 11.1kg **Please note: small scratch on front right side...see pics......some engraving on top lid hard to see...see pics. WELCOME TO DEMO Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Item: ORTOFON SMG-212 TONEARM & ARM REST Location: PLENTY Price: $545.00 Item Condition: PROPER WORKING ORDER Reason for selling: NO LONGER REQUIRED...ALSO LISTED ELSWHERE Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: ALL WIRING CONNECTIONS VERY GOOD!! BEARINGS NICE AND SMOOTH!! THIS SALE INCLUDES: 1. SMG-212 TONEARM 2. ORIGINAL ARM REST {NOT INCLUDED.....EVERYTHING ELSE IN PHOTOS, NO HEADSHELL TOO!!} SELLING JUST THE ARM & ARM REST. (Please note I am keeping the Lustre Cueing Device) FROM THE NET....vinylengine>>> Ortofon SMG-212 12" Tonearm Description: The SMG-212 is another example of fine craftsmanship and design from Ortofon. Precision ball bearings are applied for both horizontal and vertical planes assuring perfect tracking at even minimum stylus force. Lateral balance by the special shape of the Duralumin tube arm enables perfect record tracking even up to 30 degrees out of level. Resonance of the arm is minimised to a sub-audible 8Hz and the counterweight is calibrated in grams from 0 to 10. The plug-in shell of the SMG-212 accepts any cartridge and is adjustable for cartridge overhang. Specifications: Arm length (overall): 12" Lateral length: 9 1/8" Cartridge offset angle: 22.7 degrees Tracking force: 0 to 10g Arm resonance: 8Hz Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Happy to buy it...PM sent. Thanks...😁
  8. Isn't that tonearm bent?? Should be dead straight...yes.
  9. The Grace F-8 is a superb cartridge and will sound great on any turntable...certainly far superior to the standard Technics cartridge which comes with the Technics SL-23. The Technics is a good cartridge mind you...but not in the same league as the F-8. So your JH is playing now...and your SL-23 is singing. It's a wonderful year for hi fi....
  10. Hi Martin, I read your comments on the speed issue you experienced with your Luxman A522. Funny thing...I recently acquired an A522 which is running at around 24.6 RPM instead of 33.3 RPM...sound familiar? So looks like I am having the same problem which you did...may I ask were you bought your new motor, sub-platter etc? I will be needing one for mine. Cheers...Vanch :-) 0419666313 Plenty 3090
  11. Hey good work there....and YES of course it worked.... Was it the 1mm black rubber cord you used? The bigger the cord size the faster the speed as I showed in my earlier speed tests. For quick & easy speed checks, I downloaded "Turntabulator" through iTunes for $2.99 and use this on my iphone....you sit your phone on the spinning platter and in a few seconds it shows you the speed. And finally, if your new custom made cord belt has some excess glue at the join, I found I can clip off the unwanted glue with nail clippers...they have a nice curve to them which helps too...just try not to clip your belt in half Ha ha!!! Well done clunt...happy music PS: I recently used this 1mm clear silicone cord on my JH turntable and it's excellent too....easily glues together with super glue! Ebay Item No. 271953236807 Only $1.11 with Free post and 6 metres length (sorry I forgot to mention this sooner)
  12. Hello clunt, I was thinking you mentioned the new belt your bought is 1.3mm thick. I think your turntable needs a 1.0mm thick belt to run at the correct speed. If you get the 1.0mm rubber belt from the Ebay seller I mentioned you should be able to get the speed just about spot on....I hope... Remember to use just a small dab of super glue at each end...not too much, then tape the glued ends down on a chopping board or the like to hold them in position...make sure they are evenly aligned before the glue sets>>>>>ACTUALLY BETTER TO TAPE THE ENDS DOWN FIRST! Good luck with that...Vanch
  13. Fair comment Rob I agree. The examples given relate to an SNA selling situation, not Ebay........[which is a whole new ball game I'm sure members would have even worse stories to tell] Just some suggestions what a Seller may consider to do where there are more than one Buyer involved, and how the Seller may decide to handle negotiations with multiple Buyers. There are no hard & fast rules here as to what a Seller should/must do or what a Buyer should/must do and each person has a different "point of view" as to what is right or wrong, fair or unfair. Hopefully members will do the right thing and if they have made an agreement, they have spelled out this agreement between themselves, and will honour that agreement.
  14. Fair play in buying and selling I think is mostly common sense and good manners. For example: Buyer 1. sends the Seller an offer message...they agree on a price and arrange pick up...shipping whatever...at this point the deal is done...it's a Gentleman's Agreement. Buyer 2. subsequently sends the Seller an offer of the same $ value...the Seller informs Buyer 2. the sale is Pending Payment...Pending Pick Up etc. The Seller confirms to Buyer 2. that if Buyer 1. defaults on the original agreement terms, then the Seller will be free to offer the item to Buyer 2. and so on. Now what if this happens.... the Seller already has an agreement with Buyer 1. and subsequently Buyer 2. or another buyer offer the Seller MORE than the agreed or asking price...Hmmm?? This now is where things get interesting! What will or should the Seller do? A. Tell the latter buyer the "Sale is Pending" to Buyer 1. and can not enter into any other arrangement unless Buyer 1. defaults...and there is Buyer 2. waiting in line the Seller can go straight to Buyer 2. and sell the item if Buyer 1. defaults OR if Buyer 1. defaults...the Seller can inform Buyer 2. that he can now buy the item and complete the transaction promptly or by a "certain date" OR the Seller may decide to notify ALL other buyers that Buyer 1. has defaulted is not proceeding, and the item is back for sale... And seeing there are "more than one buyer interested" in the same item, to be fair, the Seller will allow each buyer to have one chance to make their "highest offer" for the item for sale. Highest Offer WINS! The Seller has allowed everyone a fair and reasonable opportunity to buy the item and has disclosed to each Buyer the offer process... Such as..." I will allow everyone to make their highest and final offer by not later than 8.00pm tomorrow evening ...after which the highest offer with the right payment/shipping terms will be accepted." We all know nothing is always easy but maybe this type of approach could help to solve many problems in buying and selling....or at least most of the problems. Good luck (No I am not a Lawyer)
  15. Looks like it's in very good condition....great pick up and easily fixed. Not a bad turntable too. Well done...
  16. Thanks EV Good discussion.... Hopefully clunt can get the right belt made up for his turntable. Let's see how it goes
  17. HMMMMM?? Identical scratches on the lid hey.... the movers did it! Very considerate that the mover thought... "bugger I just scratched this guys veeeeery expenssssive turntable lid..... hey I'll do a matching scratch on the second lid so it looks like it is a factory flaw" He'll never suspect the movers did it....hehe
  18. Fair comment...I really do not know Why? It was just a guess...I guess For me it means: A. I can play records on my turntable which would otherwise not be used B. for a fraction of the cost of buying a manufacturer made belt...which should be better of course (unless it is playing at the wrong speed) C. I can not hear any difference in the music where the glued part of the belt hits the pulley. Like I said....do not use "too much glue"....just a small dab of super glue on each end of the cord....make sure you align them perfectly when joining the ends together... this is made easier by using masking tape to hold down each end of the rubber cord onto a chopping board or the like, checking the joins are precise, then let it dry. I used this procedure this morning and it took me 5 minutes to make a belt with a near seem less join...plays beautifully....in fact I was able to make 2 belts from the one cord purchased Before gluing the ends I measured the cord length for future reference to fit that particular turntable. Hope this helps other members with similar problems....
  19. Good morning you may be correct with this.... "Making the motor pulley larger , by use of a larger thickness belt, will make the TT go faster ,as it will take fewer turns of the small pulley to turn the lager pulley one rotation." I have made at least 10 of these cord type belts myself and yes if you use too much glue it will cause a "small bump" where it meets the pulley...so make sure to use just a dab of super glue and make sure you align the joined ends precisely....this small bump may have a slight affect on the speed for a millisecond where it meets the pulley...I can not hear any difference in the music while playing. All I know is that I just did a test on my Connoisseur BD1 turntable and found these speed readings>>>> 1.0 mm belt speed.....29.7 RPM 1.5mm belt speed....31.0 RPM 2.0mm belt speed....33.3 RPM
  20. Yes Loctite 406 is good if you have it but I would say most people would have some super glue around...it sticks and dries quickly. Just don't glue your fingers together....
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