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  1. does this look like im using the eq part correctly ? anything i should be watching out for?
  2. finally got my mic after a lot of crap
  3. I have a umik on the way and second amp will do a measure and check love your setup mate. Have another two subs so possible use behind lounge we will see
  4. ill have to do the math but my volume was for a single woofer they look getting the wood this weekend to start building and testing. got the smd im-sg to be able to test the results.
  5. So i have 4 alpine swr-1522 subs i currently have them in the boxes as seen below I have got my self a minidsp and an crown xls2505 about to get a second amp. now i know these boxes arent great from home theater they are designed for a holden barina. Im wondering should i do 4 indiviual boxes or 2 dual boxes?
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