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  1. Lenehan Audio

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Come on Daz ! There are matters of extreme importance to be discussed and decided on re the REAL HighEnd !! Where would we be without one of the High Court Judges in attendance ?? Cheers Mike
  2. Lenehan Audio

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Hi John. Beauty mate ! I'll talk to you before then. Cheers Mike
  3. Lenehan Audio

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Hi AJ Are you flying into Coolangatta ? It's 30 minutes from the factory so we will make sure your picked up mate 👍. We also have a room in the factory your welcome to or my partner has a 7 bedroom house ! Whichever way no prob . Cheers Mike
  4. Lenehan Audio

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Go On ya AJ so that makes 10 so far Cheers Mike
  5. Lenehan Audio

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Ok good start ! Sparkle . Jventa . Cammyboy. Bhobba . Cafad . Kdoot . And perhaps 2/3 others so far . So maybe 9 to kick off ! Ba yutey . Cheers Mike
  6. Lenehan Audio

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Very well Lads. 4th August First Saturday in August ! Start at say 9am/10am or when you get there when you decide you will attend could you please advise ? Cheers. Mike Lenehan
  7. Lenehan Audio

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Hi Jeff. Yup there's one due all right ! What about August ? I'm thinking first or second Saturday ? Live got a pair of ML5's just dying to be run against a pair of the latest Quad 2912 electrostatics ! Can anyone guess the outcome ? YOU guys decide . I've also got some new Grandinote electronics ! A new DAC and Integrated amplifier I believe gentlemen the latest combination produces the BEST audio I have ever heard . I will announce the date in a day or two . Cheers. Mike Lenehan
  8. Lenehan Audio

    Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    We round them off with a 2/3mm radius hand sand ! They look great 👌😎. Cheers Mike
  9. Hi PKay there are quite a few ML1's in recording studios being used as nearfield monitors ! the nearfield switch is for when the speaker is being used within 1m listening distance . Flick the switch back the other way and your in farfield mode . Xanadu Studios in New York for instance has one pair in the office in farfield mode while another pair used as control monitors in the studio are in nearfield mode. Nearfield requires a flatter on axis response at 1m whereas Farfield must take into account room reflections which are in play when listening at 3 or 4mtrs. Cheers Mike Lenehan
  10. Lenehan Audio

    Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    Thanks AJ. Yup they are the same results we get here . I believe the LK1 is actually ahead of a pair of very popular RRP$4700 Speakers we had at the factory here for a week. Thanks again AJ. Cheers Mike
  11. Lenehan Audio

    new ML-1 any news

    Hi Cardiiiii fairly close ! add about 10% to the difference between models because of the requirement for a full disassembly and reassembly for upgrading. Cheers Mike Lenehan
  12. Lenehan Audio

    SOLD: Truth. Optical PreAmp

    Hi. Yes the unit is unity gain but has to power the LDR opamp ! I don’t know too much about the technology but it’s not an active preamp. Cheers. Mike
  13. Lenehan Audio

    SOLD: Truth. Optical PreAmp

    Hi Ivan. Yes it’s an LDR volume unit .The left is the input selector for Aux 1,2and 3 RCA inputs . The second and third are for volume and channel balance . Cheers Mike
  14. Lenehan Audio

    new ML-1 any news

    Hi Rantan. Ok as follows . ML1...................$4400. Pair . ML1PlusR ........$5000. ML1Reference..$7000 . ML2...................$6000 . ML2PlusR.........$7000 . ML2Reference..$9000 . Regards. Mike Lenehan
  15. These speakers are in perfect working order with some very minor marks . $1400 including Australia wide shipping . Regards Mike Lenehan