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  1. Item: Rotel RSP-985 Location: Gold Coast Price: $170 Item Condition: Very Good Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: No Remote supplied.
  2. Item: Metrum NOS MIni Dac Location: Gold Coast Price: $300 Item Condition: as new Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This unit is as new ! NO Offers this si very cheap .
  3. Hi Lads OK the FoilFlex website is up check it out www.foilflexcables.com We will be adding a couple more pages like a Testimonials page and also a Magazine review page Let me know if anyone has some sugestions. Cheers Mike Lenehan FoilFlex Cables and LenehanAudio
  4. Item: DEQX. HDP3 Location: Gold Coast Price: $1600 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, bank deposit Extra Info: this unit is in excellent condition Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Hi Gruffnutz. It would cost nothing to find out 😎 just buy a new Evolve Curious and compare it to your standard Curious ! When it sounds the same you can confirm your suspicion and send it back for zero cost 🧐 Problem is it doesn’t sound the same it’s quite ahead and I can guarantee it 😁 cheers Mike Lenehan
  6. Hi everyone yes we will be at the show in October and have a plethora of new product Firstly we will be sharing the room with the lads from Heschl and using their new 350 integrated amp with DAC ! An awesome device and right upto the performance of our loudspeakers and cables. Heres a a quick list of the new products we will be showing up with . 1. The latest version of the venerable ML2Reference Loudspeakers 2. New 3hz Isolation stands for ML2 and ML1's ! These stands improve the performance of any loudspeaker, improving bass and 3D sound staging to an amazing degree. 3. Our Latest Range of FoilFlex Cables .These new cables are currently being sold at pre release prices until we get packaging and the website upto speed . A team of testers did a review in Sydney recently and the FoilFlex speaker cable outperformed a cable at 13 times its price . 4. Our range of Curious USB cables. Plus a surprise . 5. A new range of Power Cables from EGM Audio at what can only be described as amazingly competitive prices . We worked with Joel from EGM doing a heap of BETA testing for them in the early days and the results are exceptional . I'll put some prices up next week when Joel has them available. Cheers. Mike Lenehan
  7. Thanks vivianbl and 075Congo although cables seem expensive for what you are physically getting there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that SOUND per dollar ! Cables are an inexpensive upgrade. Cheers. Mike Lenehan
  8. Hi Deafenears None of the cables are shielded ! We found shielding ruined the sound of the cables . Shielded sounds misty I believe compared to a correctly designed unshielded . XLR’s are Nuetrik Cheers Mike Lenehan
  9. Hi Dane. So no Sub ? And your highpassing at 70/80hz ? Aren’t you simply chopping off some of the bass . Cheers Mike
  10. Hi Mick. So how do the Foilflex sound against the Shunyata Alpha’s in your system ? No problem with holding them together with the Velcro by the way Cheers. Mike
  11. Hi Metal Beat Yes 100% money back !! Cheers Mike
  12. Hi Mick the holes in the cable are designed to detune the natural resonance that all wire has when you put a current or voltage through it ! we dont want the ringing of the cable adding to the musical signal . Its best to try and keep the two +and - conductors as reasonably close together as possible . There is the place where the cables Capacitance and inductance has been tuned . Cheers Mike Lenehan
  13. Sorry Metal Beat. We are currently involved in the new FoilFlex Website . Here are the current prices inc express shipping Cheers Mike Lenehan
  14. Thanks Mick very interested to hear what you think of the FoilFlex speaker cables against the Shunyata's ! what are they worth by the way ? Cheers Mike Lenehan
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