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  1. Hi Batty LK1’s are 86db/W/M sensitivity. Very easy 8ohm load . Cheers Mike
  2. Hi Guys just a quick update ! I've spent another 34hours on the Xover design since my last post and yes they are devils no doubt . Having everything burnt in is critical before making any changes as things change very slightly after run in . This is where much of the time in Xover design lies . One must apply a new idea then let the thing burn in before making any critical decision. I hope to have a listener within another week or two . Cheers Mike Lenehan
  3. HI CAMERON OK mate making a list on my phone now . Cheers Mike
  4. Hi All Ok I was advised from 2 sources, Clay and another mate I trust that this was the device to have as a streamer/server ! so I got one , Clay set it up for me ( because I am an IT imbicile ) and came back to me and said Ahh Mike this thing is awesome so he bought the one he had . I immediately ordered another one for myself and some stock which I should have on the 20th of this month . Cant wait to get the beast in my ref system . At the price they are 1/3 to a 1/4 of the price of other SOTA contenders so are definately a great option in an all out system . More on this when mine rolls in . ( CLAY wouldnt give me my one back Boo Hoo ) Cheers Mike
  5. Hi Guys sorry for the lack of interaction on SNA ! OK the new speaker is going well , I'm only getting around 15 hours per week on the new Magnesiums at the moment because we are flat out with FoilFlex cable orders. This covid thing has bumped up our orders on FoilFlex and Curious USB cables quite significantly ! who would have thought hey ? ! Ok the Xover changes quite significantly in respect of any change at all in the shape of the front foam baffle and even the enclosure energy storage tuning ( by this I mean absolute minimising of energy storage . ) I'm determined to make this enclosure have less impact on the sound than any other speaker on the market today . I also want this speaker to be THE BEST available regardless of cost . Yeah I know Thats a BIG statement mate !!! Well this is my aim and if the sound is better than Bills initial Magnesium two ways (which is the best speaker so far I have ever heard) So I guess we should have a GTG so you guys can get a handle on whether this project is worth following ? The Covid thing will limit us a bit I guess but I'm sure if we were carefull we could handle say 4/5 people . Then perhaps the participants could report back on what was heard . Maybe within 2 to 4 weeks time Saturday or Sunday is fine with me . Let me know who may be interested ? Cheers Lads Mike Lenehan
  6. The baffle will be Foam and it must be an exact density . It's part of the design . Solid baffles are a no no for sound . Mike
  7. Ok. I found this pic on my phone ! Someone please tell they look ok 🥴 the foam baffle by the way is just a prototype so is not yet finalised . cheers Mike Lenehan
  8. Hi All ok I have a pic at work so I will post it on monday ! they do look a bit wild so not everyone may like what they look like. This is a 7 inch twoway design utilising the latest Seas Graphene Magnesium bass driver and the Seas T35 Exotic high frequency unit ( both drivers are modified and upgraded ! the T35 significantly so ) They will be delivered with their own dedicated 3hz IsoForm stands. Although this is a two way standmount they will weigh 90kgs each and are designed with absolutely zero compromises . My experiences with Bill initial Magnesium 2way speaker showed me that at last I had found a Midbass driver that was significantly superior to the Peerless Nomex devices I've been using for over 10 years. I had done R&D with ScanSpeak, Morel , Accuton and other drivers but none could produce the midrange purity and resolution like the Nomex drivers . They has the abilty to sound like Paper diaphragms in the mids and still retain great bass stomp and resolution in the bass . UNTIL the Seas Magnesium came along !! its the best sounding driver I have ever heard in ALL areas , Phenomenal resolution everywhere with exception bass extension and control . This latest Magnesium does however require significant initial run in and a handtuned Xover Low Pass circuit for each driver . The Diaphragm breakup node is aweful due to the super rigid Magnesium diaphragm and every driver is just subtley different at the breakup frequency so the slightly wild EQ circuit to nullify this has to be hand tuned individually after initial burn in . I'm close to retirement now so I decided to do an all out design and not give a rats bottom what it looks like ! Must admit I'm a bit scared to show you dudes the pic . !!!! anyway bugger it this speaker is absolutely for SOTA sound not for what it looks like . Cheers Fellow Audio Maniacs Mike Lenehan
  9. Hi All I guess you guys have read the two reviews for the FoilFlex cables !! BUT I often wondered why Wojciech that did the HighFidelity.pl review wasn't completely blown asunder by what the FoilFlex cables did in his his system ?? I knew his Siltech Triple Crown speaker cables were quite high end but I didn't rrealise they were generally considered the best speaker cables in the world !!! and wait for it >>> cost US$68,000 per pair WHAT ? Thats Aud$107,000 . Check out what he says about the comparo here in the paragraph below . And Greensleeves is another story - this is probably the only (I have to check it out) album from this label recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder (if I understand correctly - there is the PCM logo on OBI); and it was released on vinyl. There is a lot of interesting things to talk about concerning this release, but dynamic contrasts particularly draw attention - they are incredible. And the FoilFlex cables conveyed it very accurately - almost as well as the Siltech Triple Crown cables, they were compared to. Silver cables from the Netherlands sound darker, have a more velvety background, but these differences were quite small. Hmmmmmm interesting huh ? the Siltech Triple Crowns cost 56 times that of the FoilFlex. Cheers and keep lisnin Mike Lenehan
  10. HI Trevor Bills Magnesiums look identical to an ML2 . This initial prototype design was really a proof of concept speaker . It took a mountain of R&D on the Xovers to make that very difficult Magnesium driver work properly. The new design actually uses the latest version of the magnesium driver in Bills speakers . We are also going to use the Seas Exotic T35 which is certainly the best High frequency driver I have heard. I will be starting on the first prototype this week so we are looking at a few weeks before I'll have any pics. Cheers Mike lenehan
  11. OK let me first explain that this new speaker will be designed as a final effort or product so it will be built specifically for sound quality ! or absolute accuracy to the source its being fed by . It is likely to be considered too unattractive or strange to be considered by some audiophiles and certainly by 99% of better halves. My brother Russell's initial comment was ! too weird Lad , you wont sell them !! Ok be that as it may I'm building these speakers for myself in any case. So we are looking at a 2 way standmount with integrated 3Hz isolation stand , they will weigh about 80kgs each .Drivers will be the Seas W19 graphene Magnesium woofer and T35 Exotic tweeter. (both drivers will be significantly modified) The front baffle will be made of foam and the bass enclosure will be a rather strange affair . . This will definately be a speaker that will not be accepted by the better half !!! Theres no way those things are going in my lounge room !! I cant say absolutely but this speaker will probably be the speaker I will retire with in my own system . I'm interested to know what you guys think of this concept ? Cheers Mike Lenehan
  12. OK Galactic done ! I'll take a case of Limeburners Single malt as a deposit on the new speakers No Dry
  13. Hi all been a long time since I have posted ! mainly because of a new loudspeaker or should I say a new concept . Some of you may know I've been designing a new loudspeaker for Bill Hobba called the Magnesium limited . This speaker uses the 5.5inch Seas Magnesium bass driver and the Morel 1 inch neodynium tweeter. After what was a long long time with Xover design we ended up with a loudspeaker that exceeded the performance of the drivers I currently use in my ML1 ML2 and ML5 loudspeakers At 65 years old I was seriously considering retiring at the end of the year ! was it boredom ? anyway back to why I'm fired up now ! These new Magnesiums are simply incredible and finally exceed what the Peerless Nomex drivers are capable of , let me explain why I virtually retired with the Peerless Nomex's . These drivers use Carbon fibre impregnated synthetic paper cones . OK so what ? We all know that lightweight paper cones produce exception midrange sound but are not that great in the bass . The main reason for this is that the paper produces superb vocal and mid sound because of papers low moving mass and it's ability to dampen mid harmonic resonances at the top of it's passband. So with the Peerless nomex drivers we have a situation where the nomex behaves very much like paper in the mids but also has a carbon filament which makes the drivers sound like more rigid bextrene or composite diaphragm drivers which equates to excellent bass. (is anyone bored to death yet ? ) OK I've tried all the expensive super drivers and ! well ! sorry but no go , the rather inexpensive Peerless Nomex 830883 bass driver at $120 simply beats them . UNTIL now ! I will be using the new Seas W19NX-001 Graphene Magnesium woofer and Seas T35 Exotic 35mm tweeter in a new design . Theres a lot more to this story so I will continue tomorrow ( I need another Chivas Regal and dry ) Cheers Mike Lenehan
  14. Item: Rotel RSP-985 Location: Gold Coast Price: $170 Item Condition: Very Good Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: No Remote supplied.
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