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  1. Zaph Audio has some information on it in his DIY waveguide here: Waveguide DIY I miss reading Zaphs site, it hasn't been updated in quite a while.
  2. Hi zydeco I am interested can I check that you can provide the receipt and if the warranty is transferable? Cheers
  3. My current amp is 8 years old so I am a bit behind in the progress of the room correction software. I thought if I used a NAD 758 I could add on a miniDSP and use the Multi-Sub Optimizer (MSO) program like this. It sounds like the NAD is the best option for me, giving the option for upgrading my 5.1 setup to 5.2.2 in the future. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks Snoopy8 and shogo33, all good information. I have only one sub at the moment but am thinking of upgrading to two in the future. With the NAD 758 (or any AVR with 1x sub preout) can you add on an external bass management system later to handle the subs? Would you need to stop DIRAC from managing the subs? I only have a 5.1 system (again may upgrade to 5.2.2 later), so would an Anthem 520 be better as it has 2x sub pre outs?
  5. I am looking for a receiver around this price also. What are chances of getting the Arcam - AVR390 down closer to $3000? This look like a good option to add a power amp to later when more funds are available. I have an Electra power amp so don't need the internal amps. *after some further reading from previous threads, it looks like the NAD 758 V3 is hard to beat for $2000. I would love to get the Anthem 720 but at nearly double the price, in my situation, it is hard to justify the extra cost.
  6. I wish I had the money, but I am saving up for a new receiver at the moment. I have a DIY sealed 15" Rythmik sub I made 10 years ago, but I am thinking of replacing it with a sealed Dayton UM18. But with the cr@p USD exchange rate at the moment, it will probably be while.
  7. Wow, the enclosures look fantastic, did you do them yourself? Those drivers have have a great reputation, and are used in some very serious systems. I would love to check them out but in Perth unfortunately. GLWTS
  8. that is a pain. I nearly purchased one off Klapp in the recent sale and asked them to confirm if the 783v3 included the new module. Klapp said that the units would be shipped directly from NAD and they all had the upgraded board. Something has gone wrong somewhere!
  9. Have you thought of DIY tube traps? I intend to make some one day when I have some free time (which will probably be a while away...kids...) https://www.teresaudio.com/haven/traps/traps.html https://www.gearslutz.com/board/bass-traps-acoustic-panels-foam-etc/668341-diy-studio-tube-traps-questions.html
  10. That is a good run. My old Denon 2808 died after 3 years and Denon didn't make the spare board anymore so it couldn't get fixed. Luckily the local Denon rep gave me a good deal on a new 4311 which is still going strong. I later found out under that under Australian Consumer law the manufacturers are required to hold spare parts, hence the discount offered on a new replacement. Upgrade time for me soon as well..I was thinking the NAD T 758 v.3 or lower model Anthem..good luck with your search
  11. Thanks Andy I am down the road in Mt Hawthorn so not far away at all. I was intending to run mine with an Elektra Theatron 7.
  12. Hi All, does anyone know where you can these in Perth? I am keen to get one but would like to check out the menu etc before I commit.
  13. I was looking at getting one these soon, not sure what to do now...
  14. Bargin. These have a great reputation and I have been tempted to make a pair myself. I like the metal x with the feet, did you make this or is it off the shelf? Wish I was in the area to audition
  15. Hey Peter_F, do you have a link to the page on the Sony site? I cant find anything on the X9000e power supply issue. I purchased mine after my Samsung 64F8500 plasma power supply went kaput and they don't stock spare parts anymore so they cant repair, I dont want to get caught twice.
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