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  1. I love my Salk Supercharged SongTowers and I am sure these would sound fantastic.
  2. Hi Wayne, There are a few Sub Design sites online that can help with the box design and explain the various pros and cons on the options, i.e sealed, ported, passive radiator, etc. You will need to get the driver characteristics off the manufacturers website. Also a few good DIY forums, google these and you might find a similar project. I am looking at replacing my 15" sealed Rythmik sub with 2x CSS SDX12 or 2x 15" that fit in a smaller enclosure with a similar pro amp to you. I don't think there is anything special in the amp connection there are a few ways I know of, if it i
  3. Item: Apple Pencil Gen 2 **BNIB** Location: Perth 6016 Price: $165 Item Condition: Unused Brand New in Box Reason for selling: Was a gift but it is the wrong model (I need a Gen 1 Pencil) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Can post at buyers expense Extra Info: I have a brand new Apple Pencil Gen 2 purchased by mistake. The packaging has been opened before I realised it didn't work with my iPad. My mistake is your good luck. It was purchased from the Good Guys (I have the receipt) in November 2019 as a Christmas present. Photos: Advertisement
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