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  1. Thanks, can you confirm the 205 can be used as a pre Amp......I have heard this before when paired with Electra power amps. Are there any other power amps that can be paired? Thanks....
  2. Thanks. Can you just run you left and right main channel pre outs from a surround amp into it to use it as a power amp?
  3. If you don't buy the Arcam a49 can you tell me where it is? Thanks Chris.....
  4. Sorry just realised its an Integrated amp....please disregard above
  5. When looking at the Benchmark AHB2 amplifier, my other choice, its input ohms is 50 k Ohms...the Vitus is 22 k Ohms...….I don't know if this makes any difference....
  6. Thanks.....was looking if I could use my Benchmark DAC2 as a pre amp however the output input impendences are way different...ie 60 to 135 ohms on Benchmark vs 22 KΩ for the Vitus..... This could be a problem.....
  7. Hi all... I'm looking for advice on the best integrated or pre/power for my recently acquired 805D3s. I later intend to add a powered sub. My source is an Oppo 205. So far I've researched NAD (M32, 33), Hegel 190, Parasound Halo, Naim Nova, Arcam, Rotel RA1592, Cambridge Edge A, Benchmark AHBS and at a stretch Class Audio or Pass Labs INT25, Advice also sought on matching interconnects, speaker cable... I listen to female vocalists and also louder pop, rock music.... If you're a dealer you may also assist... Thanks Chris....
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