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  1. Just received an email from Burning Shed advising that there has been a security breach at Burning Shed that has resulted in the unauthorised disclosure of personal data (email addresses, encrypted passwords (which have been decrypted!!)). Not happy Jan
  2. Great album and band. In my youth "Mr 9 to 5/Alta Loma" was a real favourite live track of mine (hear the King Crimson influence). This clip is a bit grainy but I still love the feel and complexity of it.
  3. Loved The Dark Third when it was released but the band then moved away from that sound and I lost interest. Listening to samples sounds like this might reignite my interest?
  4. Hmmm.........not sure what to think about this one yet. Hopefully it will grow on me. Didn't stop me pre-ordering the red, white and signed vinyls and the deluxe boxset. I tell you this hobby is a sickness! 🥴🤪
  5. Agreed C’man. Excellent performance by Tate and his young band. In fact, it was far better than what I expected. Tate’s vocals still hold up well and he sure does command the stage. Way better concert than Queensrÿche a couple of years back IMO.
  6. Great memories! Great store! I still have many a vinyl from that store. I remember turning up one lunch break when unbeknown to me it just happened to be nude day 😲.
  7. Well I got my hands on the 2 live albums and they haven't disappointed. Driving prog/psych/jazz/rock tunes where there is so much going on. In fact, listening to it in the car is where it works best for me. The interplay between the musos is excellent. Thanks Dilettanteque.
  8. Most of SW’s recordings are great. As a big fan one gets sucked into a vortex where you have to have everything he puts out and on all media. Luckily for me my wife thinks all my purchases are from the bargain bin.
  9. Great choice. Hard to beat this phono at that price and its RRP. And it has so many loading options. Good luck
  10. 48hrs.....24 albums :)) 1.Led Zeppelin ll 2.Deep Purple - Made in Japan 3.Pink Floyd - DSOTM 4.Pink Floyd - WYWH 5.Jeff Beck - Wired 6.Marillion - Script for a Jesters Tear 7.Porcupine Tree - In Absentia 8.Miles Davis - Kind of Blue 9.Le Orme - Collage 10.Yes - Close to the Edge 11.Transatlantic - Bridge across Forever 12.Tool - Lateralus 13.Riverside - Second Life Syndrome 14.Robin Trower - For Earth Below 15.PFM - Per in Amico 16.Alex de Grassi - Southern Exposure 17.Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland 18.Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn’t Stand the Weather 19.Sigur Ros - Takk 20.Eva Cassidy - Songbird 21.Rush - Exit....Stage Left 22.Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert 23.King Crimson - In the Court of....... 24.Santana - Caravanserai
  11. I don’t mind my post rock so l will have to check this out. Love chasing these musical breadcrumbs.
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