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  1. Great price for this demo pair. 60% off RRP https://www.sightandsoundgalleria.com.au/product/vienna-acoustics-beethoven-baby-grand-black/
  2. Further information: 9 x Mint/Still sealed Black Sabbath Vinyl albums from the Ozzy years. All 180g from the Rhino label. Black Sabbath - R1 1871 Paranoid - R1 78976 Master of Reality - R1 2562 Vol 4 - R1 2602 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - R1 2695 Sabotage - R1 2822 Technical Ectsasy - R1 2969 Never Say Die - R1 3186 We Sold our Soul for Rock’n’Roll (2LP) - R1 2923
  3. Further information: Pair of 1m King Cobra interconnects. A great cable in excellent condition - see photos. Shipping cost will be actual Auspost cost.
  4. A well made cable which l purchased online from Canada. 1.5m in length and has IEC and USA plug. Postage cost will be Actual cost
  5. My Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson collection. It’s a “sickness” I tell ya! 🙃
  6. Watched Dunkirk again today. I must say that Zimmerman nails it with the soundtrack for the movie - just superb (IMO)
  7. 454kg each speaker!!! WTF! What’s inside them? Anyway we’ve all missed the boat. They started shipping in April......
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