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  1. Geoff at Aurealis said they work well with Se Amps and speakers that require a lot of current. A great all round cable.
  2. Great speaker cables. I have a pair. Whoever buys these will be very happy. GLWTS
  3. Further information: I have owned this amp for around 2 years. It's about 4 years old. These were around $13,000 new. 250 Watts into 8ohms 500 Watts into 4 Ohms 15 Watts Class A. Weighs around 45 KGS! Not a mark on it. I have the manual and all original packaging. Buyer pays shipping I can deliver to Melbourne for $40 in two to three weeks. No Lowball offers please. Thanks for looking. Photos:
  4. Further information: These are are an older model Superslim I think. Sensitivity is around 86 DB The timber is quite good i have applied some Tung oil. The bases and cloths are rough. I have replaced one speaker terminal. I will supply 7 new terminals. These speakers are fully functional. They sound great with a bit of good quality power 75 watts or more. I can deliver to Melbourne for $40 in a couple of weeks. Sorry about the bad photos. Thanks for looking. Photos:
  5. Further information: This weight is smaller to fit under the lid after spacers have been used on Rega tonearms. Pretty sure it's Tungsten. It weighs 101 grams and is 30mm in diameter. Buyer pays postage. Thanks for looking. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Further information: It filters power and conditions it apparently. It"s the same as the Consonance just rebadged. Comes with a generic power cord. Buyer to pay postage. A donation will be made upon sale. Thanks for looking Photos
  7. Further information: I bought These from another member a few years ago. He made them himself. Nice detailed sound for not much cash. One end has some fraying as shown in the photos. They are not shielded. Buyer to pay postage. Thanks for looking
  8. Hi , Could I please have : Townes Van Zandt and Gasoline Alley.
  9. Hi, l have Ambience 1800 Superslim. They have a true ribbon instead of quasi ribbons. I used to have Maggie 1.7i. I prefer the Ambience. Going cheap $1100 plus shipping or pickup firm. I’m in Raymond Island near Paynesville. Vic. *phone number removed* *message me* if you have any questions. Good road trip!! Cheers Steve. moderator *edited to remove phone number listed*
  10. I have reduced the price to $1100 for two days only. Including delivery in Melbourne on Saturday. These are a bugger to pack. Glad wrap, bubble, wrap plus tarps in the event of rain. So delivery and packing free of charge!! Bugger the virus buy these and enjoy life. Or at least some good tunes whilst in lockdown.
  11. The price is a bit negotiable, depending on what tubes you want.
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