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  1. Further information: These are early 1800 Super Slims. Around 86 DB efficency. They need about 40 watts plus of good quality power. They work as they should. A great sounding speaker for the price. Around $4.5 K new! The bases are in a bit rough. I sanded and Tung oiled the solid timber sides. The covers are not perfect. I replaced one speaker terminal as it was broken when I got them I didn't get around to replace them all but will supply the rest. They weigh around 30 KGS each . Dimensions: 1850 H 290 W 400D I can deliver to Melbourne ov
  2. Further information: This is the top of the range Consonance Preamplifier. Lundahl Transformers. Silver Wiring. Weighs 25 KGS! $4875 rrp plus $1000 worth of premium tubes. 2 x Shuguang 101D WE replicas 2 x NOS RCA 2A3 RCA 5691 2 x Herbies tube dampers. Tube cage Remote Original packing. I can deliver to Melbourne for $30 to cover petrol during the next couple of weeks. Thanks for looking. Photos:
  3. Further information: This was one of Duc's (RIP) personal SUTs. Beautiful solid burl timber front. Solid timber case. Transformers 2 x Lundahl 1941 are mounted on copper plates. Suits most MC carts. I used Benz LPS, Ortofon Jubilee and a Modded Denon 103 all sounded great with plenty of Gain. It can be changed internally but I never felt the need. Even the feet are hand turned. I can deliver to Melbourne $30 to cover petrol during the next couple of weeks. Thanks for looking. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any refer
  4. Further information: I bought speakers with built in Subs so it's no longer needed. I was very happy using this with Ambience Reference 1600 speakers. Great quality Redgum amp. It has the Focal Flax cone driver upgrade. It presents as new. Very solid build weighs 39 KGS. There is a scratch underneath that cant be seen. to be transparent. I can deliver to Melbourne $30 for fuel, in the next couple of weeks Dog not included. No Lowball offers please. Thanks for looking. Photos:
  5. Further information: This phono was handmade and improved by Duc (RIP). Superb sounding Phono It has Duelund caps. Mundorf and Siemans also . Hammond chokes . Close tolerance resistors. Herbies tube dampers. Fitted with GEC 2900 tubes .Touted as the best 12at7 available (one tube is slightly microphonic) plays fine. Mazda / Mullard GZ34 AWV Radiotron Black plate 6CG7 s Spare tubes: RCA GZ34 Western Electric 5755 / 402A better than most NOS tubes I tried. GE 6CG7 I can deliver to Melbourne for $30 to cover fuel over the next coupl
  6. Item: Amperex/ Phillips 12au7 matched pair Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: NOS or very low hours from Herleen plant.
  7. Ha, ha it’s the one I bought from you in the second photo. I’m still really enjoying it.
  8. Further information: This is the top of the range Consonance preamp with Lundahl transformers and silver wiring. It outperformed the modded Tram Two preamp I had. Retail is $4785 plus over $1000 of quality tubes It has a full set of much better tubes and also the originals. It weighs 25 KGs. I have the original packaging. So shipping is no problem. I can deliver to Melbourne once I'm allowed in. A donation will be made upon sale. Thanks for looking. Photos:
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