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  1. Hi , Could I please have : Townes Van Zandt and Gasoline Alley.
  2. Hi, l have Ambience 1800 Superslim. They have a true ribbon instead of quasi ribbons. I used to have Maggie 1.7i. I prefer the Ambience. Going cheap $1100 plus shipping or pickup firm. I’m in Raymond Island near Paynesville. Vic. *phone number removed* *message me* if you have any questions. Good road trip!! Cheers Steve. moderator *edited to remove phone number listed*
  3. I have reduced the price to $1100 for two days only. Including delivery in Melbourne on Saturday. These are a bugger to pack. Glad wrap, bubble, wrap plus tarps in the event of rain. So delivery and packing free of charge!! Bugger the virus buy these and enjoy life. Or at least some good tunes whilst in lockdown.
  4. The price is a bit negotiable, depending on what tubes you want.
  5. Further information: Top of the range Consonance DHT Preamp. I am the second owner of this preamp. It comes with upgraded tubes and Herbies tube dampers Psvane WE replica 101D tubes RCA 2A3 circa 1945 Over $1000 worth in total. The preamp retails for $4795 Point to point silver wiring Lundahl input and output transformers. Remote control volume up and down Bloody heavy 25KGS I have the original packing and tube cover. I can deliver to Melbourne metro area this Saturday A donation will be made upon sale. Thanks for looking. Photos: .
  6. Thanks for the info. There are no serial numbers on these that’s why I was a bit vague about the model etc. I hope this is helpful for potential buyers.
  7. If these don’t sell,in a couple of days. I will do some work on them and increase the price!! so grab a bargain while you can!!
  8. I’m not really sure They’re slim and 1800 tall. They are not the reference model. Single woofer. I preferred these to a pair of Magneplanar 1.7i I had. Smoother,more dynamic much wider sweet spot and easier to drive. Non fatiguing. In regards to upgrading the drivers. Tony Moore is the man to talk to.
  9. Could I please have : Vince Jones : Watch what happens. $10 Laurindo Almedia: Virtuoso Guitar. $20 Kenny Burrell: Both feet in the ground $10 Please PM me postage costs and your PayPal Thanks
  10. I have a Cocktail Audio X50 D that I may part with. Please PM me if you are interested. It’s Silver as new. It has 4TB of storage.
  11. Reference model Sydney? ........ Just got back last night. Yes a long drive. Great speakers!! The things we do!!!
  12. Posted 14 minutes ago That turntable looks familiar! New Idler wheel now. Listening to it as I write this.
  13. Absolutely. Tony Moore lives not far from me. Even though he has stopped making the Ambience speakers , he will repair and mod the existing Ambience speakers out there. Crossovers, drivers and wiring etc. This pair of 1800s has the potential of being a very nice set of speakers. Hopefully someone will enjoy them.
  14. Further information: I bought these a while ago from another member They had a broken speaker terminal which I repaired. I have new replacements but just haven't gotten around to fitting them. They will be supplied to the new owner These speakers sound great. smooth and detailed. They throw a wide and deep soundstage. I oiled the timber and gave a couple of scuffs a light sand. The cloth has a couple of cat scratches and some small holes. The ribbons are in good condition. They have decent bass from the 6 inch forward facing woofers. i used a subwoofer also. Dimensions are 1850 H 290 W and 400 deep The MDF plinths at the bottom have gotten a bit damp at some point. Sensitivity is around 85 - 86 DB @ 4 ohms About 40 plus quality watts should work. I used a Pas Labs amp with them. The boxes could do with a paint. They are fully functional. These are a bargain!! So NO lowball offers please!! I could deliver in Melbourne next Saturday for $50 to your door if you are in the Metro area. Thanks for looking. A donation will be made upon sale.
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