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  1. Conrad

    FS: Midnight Oil Albums

    I will take Diesel and Dust please.
  2. PM sent with intention to buy.
  3. This is now SOLD. Thanks.
  4. I will post some later tonight.
  5. To answer your question. I’m not really technically minded. I got a well respected member to modify it.The result was about 20-30% improvement in sound. Frankly I’m surprised there hasn’t been a lot of interest in this pre. They are very,very good. I will keep it if there is no interest.
  6. Item: Shindo Aurieges L Preamplifier Location: Castlemaine Price: SOLD. Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Stupid Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: Never thought I would do this, oh well.... These don't come up for sale very often. I went through quite a few preamps before I bought this. There has been a few mods done that improved it substantially from stock. There's 2 Duelund caps, better resistors and some longer RCAs. There are plenty reviews on the net. They can explain it's sound better than me. One word that springs to mind is " Musical" There is NO phono stage even though it's written on the back. If I could keep it I would!! The "on" indicator doesn't work it died just after I bought it from the previous owner. Comes with a spare set of tubes It is 230 volt. But its not an Australian model. Just to be transparent. It has an original Shindo power cord with 2 pins or you can use your own fancy power cord. Auditions are welcome. in fact encouraged. Please no lowball offers. These retail for around $4000 Mods were $450 So I think my price is very reasonable. I don't have the original packaging but it will be well packed if postage is required. Specs: InputsP: 4x RCA Output: RCA 10V/5k ohm Signal to noise ratio : 120db !! Frequency response : 10- 50,000 hz Power consumption : 80W Weight : 5Kg Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  7. Thanks for all your responses. The SUT is now sold.
  8. Item: S.U.T Triode Corporation TR-MC1Se. MC Stepup Transformer Location: Castlemaine Price: $325 Buyer to pay postage. Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: NiceJapanese S.U.T. with permalloy cores works well with Denon 103R from .3 MV up. It has two inputs with high or low setting. These retailed for over $1200 There is a small chip on top of one of the transformer housings and a small scratch on the front as shown in photos. I have the original packaging so I can post anywhere in AUS. Pickup and audition is fine also. Donation made upon sale. Specs: Transformers : Super permalloy core Frequency response: 10Hz-70 Khz Gain selector: Pass/Low/High Input impedance:2-47 ohm Input terminals: 2(MC1/MC2) Output terminals: RCA unbalanced Dimensions:W178mm x D160mm x H130mm Weight: 2.5 KG Pictures:
  9. Conrad

    SOLD: FS: Denon 103r MC cartridge

    Spot on description of the sound from a 103r. Organic is another word that comes to mind. They can be further improved with a wood body. GLWTS.
  10. Conrad

    SOLD: FS: ME25 preamp

    I had a Me 14. I believe you need to change the phono board to make it MM phono. Zach could probably help with that.
  11. Pm sent with intent to buy.
  12. Hi Rockford, yes I wear size 43, but these are way to big for me. I had to go down a size. Hence the sale of these.
  13. Item: Birkenstock Arizona sandals Location: Castlemaine Price: $100 Plus postage Item Condition: New Reason for selling:Too big Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank deposit. Extra Info: Size 43 or 10-10.5 Aus size Regular width. These have oiled leather uppers. Rrp $173. They have not been worn. Pictures:
  14. Thanks for the cables Bill. I have used them for a few days and they are an absolute bargain for the price. As good as cables priced at a few hundred dollars. Great through the entire range. No harshness, while still remaining neutral. Thanks again.