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  1. I'll grab the 5as4 please
  2. Borrow e188cc tubes

    I had grado ps1000 and teles would of made my ears bleed. If you like detail and transparency German tubes are the way to go. Awesome tubes for phono stages. In my gear I prefer mullards. Tube rolling is fun but can get damn expensive fast.
  3. Borrow e188cc tubes

    D getter more extended at both extremes but also smoother overall. Round getter may seem more detailed because of slight upper midrange bump. D getter has bigger darker sounstage where as the round can project the sound more forward and separate the instruments but not in a relaxed cohesive natural way. I'm not a fan of teles. I think they will make your hd800 sound even more thin and with an exaggerated soundstage, especially if running digital.
  4. Borrow e188cc tubes

    What headphones you using with the wa2? I had amperex Holland 50s d getter as driver tubes. Good match with the GECs 6as7g