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  1. Thanks. I watch quite lot of music DVD's and some of them are other regions. Good luck with the sale anyway. Cheers.
  2. Hi, Just wondering if this player is multi region? Thanks Peter.
  3. The epic Russian movie " Come and see " without doubt is the most horrifying, visceral ( and probably the best ) war movie ever made.
  4. Hi, I may be wrong, and I defer to much more learned individuals on this forum, but running your valves 10ma above recommended spec is not going damage your amp but it will shorten the lifespan of your valves in the long run and you may get slightly less than optimum sound quality.
  5. Hi, if it's possible to show us a picture of the Mod's that would be helpful,Thanks.
  6. calypso

    FS: Snell Type E (IV) floorstanders

    Hi, I was just wondering if these are still for sale? Regards Peter.
  7. calypso

    SOLD: FS: Tannoy Little Red Monitor

    Sigh! If only these were in Hobart. I'd Definitely grab them. GLWS.
  8. Yes, that darkening is the nitro cellulose finish ( common on original and vintage style replica guitars ) reacting to sweat, sunlight or, as in the case of the neck discolouration, probably where it rested against the guitar stand. The rubber on some guitar stands cause a chemical reaction with the nitro.
  9. calypso

    FS: RCA NOS 5881 tubes x 4

    OK, thanks.
  10. calypso

    FS: RCA NOS 5881 tubes x 4

    @LuzArtHi, I could take a pair off your hands if that's OK. I could use them as a spare set for my super reverb. I live in Springwood so could pick them up. Cheers, Peter.
  11. calypso

    FS: EML 45

    Hi, can't see the mesh. I guess they're on the other side of the valves? Cheers Peter.
  12. calypso

    SOLD: 47 labs speaker cable for sale

    These are now sold pending payment.
  13. calypso

    SOLD: 47 labs speaker cable for sale

    Oh brilliant , thanks Hensa.