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  1. Tony Allen Hugh Masekela Rejoice Album of the year? I struggle to think of an album that has brought as much joy this year. And 2020 was no slouch in the music department at least. Allen has such superior command if dynamics in his playing and in the overall production. Mastering and pressing is first class. All analog from go to whoah. And there is little music that is more deserving than this slice of improvisation. The best kind of music.
  2. Party Dozen released one of my fave albums this year. This is their 2017 debut. Brilliant rhythmic noisescapes and riffs. Sometimes I think their pithy pieces would suit a film score, other times I can imagine some heavy rhymes being spat out by a hardcore rapper. Great Aussie band Carn Shane, show us ya noise!
  3. I want this on vinyl, but rarity and cost precludes, so I slum it on CD
  4. It's a PITA for lovers of music on vinyl. A lot of small labels are culpable. Take Southern Lord. Pretty much everything they press is limited edition. And don't get me started on all the coloured vinyl editions 🤢🤑🤮
  5. Skull Defekts @metal beat get with the program 😜
  6. It does mate. Love the new avatar. Looks a bit like someone we know? ¿ @Doppelganger
  7. The satellites are spinning A new day is dawning The galaxies are waiting For planet Earth’s awakening Oh we sing this song to A brave tomorrow. Oh we sing this song to Abolish sorrow. The satellites are spinning A better day is breaking The galaxies are waiting For planet Earth’s awakening. "Satellites are Spinning" Sun Ra RIP Danny Thompson (bottom left corner) https://sunrastrut.bandcamp.com/album/swirling
  8. Love the painting, I would seriously buy that. Calyptorhynchus lathami?
  9. Hi Steve, I'll, grab a pair please. Will try to hook up the next time I swing thru Northo
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