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  1. Are you talking about isolation or damping? The isoacoustics products are designed for isolation, which is a very different kettle of fish to damping.
  2. How cool is this? A kickstarter campaign to create a new portable cassette player/recorder with switchable Bluetooth functionality. Long live analog!
  3. Such an under rated solo artist. This album is fantastic, and dirt cheap in the US. Progressive acoustic jazz without all the frippery and nonsense of fusion. Sama Layuca by McCoy Tyner. So glad McCoy stuck to his vision. There was nothing and no one else like him.
  4. I would love to hear these, but out of my league presently. @t_mike 😎
  5. Thanks. Not sure it will fit but I'll check when I get home on Friday. Either way I'm sure this will go to a good home
  6. Cool unit. Have the surfaces been sealed? And what are the dimensions please?
  7. A great song, rendered sublime by Billy Strange's brilliant arrangement.
  8. No response yet but I haven't had time to chase it up. Sending out emails today to brigades and will follow up with phone calls this evening. @Marc what email can I use to cc you in? PM me if you prefer
  9. I have put some feelers out via FB messenger to the RFS brigade in Cobargo, and the CFA brigade in Mallacoota. Hopefully will hear back from both of them soon. I tried calling the CFA brigade at Parndana KI and will keep trying. A direct deposit can be made to CFA Vic where it is possible to specify the receiving brigade in the reference field. See screenshot below
  10. It definitely is possible. Let me look into it and get back to u tmrw
  11. Seems fair to me. The only suggestion I would make is that the RFS/CFS Stations in the hardest hit areas receive the money directly, rather than being absorbed into the whole organisations which the govt should be funding anyway. It will take a little research to find out which stations would benefit most, but they would be located in Kangaroo Island, East Gippsland and Shoalhaven. I'm happy to look into it more carefully.
  12. Hi Marc, have the funds been distributed? I'm curious as to the recipients and percentage given to each.
  13. Hi, I would suggest trying a different approach. The top of the stand and the bamboo board look too small to provide adequate stability for the speaker. IMO you would be better off making some boards that are the same dimensions as the speaker boxes, and fix them firmly to the top of the stands, with screws or countersunk bolts and nuts (or blutack). Then place the isolation pads at each corner, directly under the speakers. This will give much better stability, make it much easier to level the speakers and the isolation factor will be improved as well. The boards will also help to dampen the top plates of the speaker stands, a crude but useful constrained layer construction. Even better if you add a thin layer of rubber or similar sandwiched between the board and the top of the stand, which will improve the damping factor.
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