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  1. Regarding using either coupling or isolation under the plinth, it depends on what the turntable is sitting on. If it's a properly damped rack or platform, then go with coupling as that would serve to drain any left over energy from the plinth into the damped platform. But if the platform/rack shelf is not damped (most are not) , then isolate using a compliant material like vibrapods.
  2. They look amazing, matt black cabs is a great idea. Strong WAF
  3. Winter, Into Darkness. The heaviest album ever recorded? What have we learned since 1989?..... Svart reissue, excellent sq. Very quiet mastering insists on open gain. Zero attenuation for best results 👍👍👍
  4. Lovely. I had an Uncle who had a magnificent collection of prize winning orchids. He's been gone over twenty years, but I carry his memory with me everywhere I go.
  5. Thanks for the inspiration guys 😘 http://zeitkratzer.bandcamp.com/album/metal-machine-music
  6. I have had an order from Juno (UK) being handled by FedEx, it was supposed to arrive 10 weeks ago...... Juno gave me a store credit. Placed another order a couple days ago. Fingers crossed it arrives this week. I give up either way. If it happens again I'll ask for a refund.
  7. I've yet to meet a cranky Mick, and when I do I have the perfect single malt to quell his temper.
  8. They have been mentioned several times, just that the SNA search engine now has a very short memory
  9. I found a nice four notch Mullard GZ34 valve in Germany for not silly money, but the seller was not able to send unless I was prepated to use a courier service at considerable expense. Not had any experience with restricted goods though, what a pain!
  10. It's quiet, around here.... Time for some Fire!
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