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  1. That's so cool. Great to see this go to someone who will really appreciate. Nancy and Lee was that album for my Dad. More of an evening whisky album though. Say, do you know Los Trios Diamentes? Another outstanding Mexican group. Passion, tenderness and next level musicianship. Worth seeking out.
  2. I hope you sell the Vertere first, because this sounds like a dream combo with the Jubilee. I think Doug has stuck with his P9 for a few years now, which is saying something!
  3. Bumping this up. @Marc whats happening mate? Long time no hear! I'm keen to see my cash go where it was intended, as I'm sure many others are.
  4. Congrats for the baby, Jean. May she/he be surrounded by beautiful music
  5. Hell yes. Brilliant, insane band. Their second album, Of Natural History, is a freaking masterpiece
  6. RIP Jimmy Cobb https://www.npr.org/2020/05/25/845814061/jimmy-cobb-the-pulse-of-kind-of-blue-dies-at-91?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=nprmusic&utm_term=music&fbclid=IwAR12roUoMlRmCcQiAjNfF0C_YU3IUGQceJhl5iP5Z_5HgOvJcOno7_6OxrI
  7. I spun this LP just last week. It is very good indeed 👍
  8. Hey Mick, let me know if you have any Michael Hedges or Robbie Basho in that lot and I'll grab them 👍
  9. The CU Quartet has recently released a new album, which is very good. I've been meaning to buy the vinyl but current exchange rate makes it hard to justify http://astralcuq.bandcamp.com/album/good-days
  10. Amen to that brother. It's all good Not posting much these days, but still listening to lots, which is what really counts. I like to keep up with this thread though, always some thing new/old and interesting cropping up in peoples posts. I can't get Tony Allen out of my head or off the turntable for the past week. I have quite a few of his (and Fela's) records but there is still much to explore. Vale Tony, we will miss you. I sense the power of your humble influence on music will continue to grow and flourish. There is no end
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