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  1. Further reading reveals that Gradient are now selling a new crossover system with integrated power amps using Hypex Ice power modules, so perhaps Class D is the way to go.
  2. I thought it had a switchable power supply but I could be wrong
  3. Great question. I don't know! I can't seem to find that information.
  4. Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade yhe power amp for my Gradient SW 63 subs and looking for suggestions. I am currently running the subs with a Quad 405 Mk2, which is fine a normal listening levels but runs out of steam as the volume goes up. The power amps are fed by a Modwright SWLP hybrid valve preamp that is connected to a Gradient active crossover, which splits the signal and feeds the sub amp frequencies up to 120Hz, with the rest going to a Naksa 100 power amp that drives the ESL63s. I am very happy with the set up overall, the gain structure is a perfect match for the ESLs and sounds amazing even with the volume all the way up to 11 😂, however at these levels the Quad amp completely loses the plot. 100 Watts gives me plenty of gain, so I'm looking for an amp that is around the 100 watt mark that also possesses the drive and grip to control two 12" drivers per sub at high levels. There is a Bryston 3b in the classifieds that looks the goods, and the price is right, so perhaps I have already answered my question. However being the OCD audiophile like many of us are, I have done some goggling and found various recommendations, ranging from Quad 606 (Gradient recommended), Crown K series (no noisy cooling fans!!) , Alesis Pro amps, Class D amps etc etc. Cosmetics doesn't bother me much and my budget is relatively modest. Perhaps someone with technical knowledge could point me in the right direction (eg volts vs current drive)? Thanks for reading. Over to you! Cheers, Dave
  5. I have a good friend who is a stone mason. He has a big pile of ironstone in his back yard. I popped in a few weeks ago to pick out a slab. He's eventually going to carve out a Garrard 401 plinth for me from that slab. It's going to be stupidly heavy, incredibly well damped, possess electrical screening properties and look frigging amazing to boot..... It may take some years to come to fruition but this beast will be absolutely one of a kind. I should have taken a photo of the damn slab 😂
  6. Vintage but not silly money, like Peter's $old 301? 401 is the reno sweet spot, or maybe a Lenco. Easier to source for not crazy amounts of coin. Happy hunting 🙂
  7. Another way to look at it would be to split the plinth in two sections, either vertically or horizontally, where one section bears the turntable chassis and the other holds the tonearm/s, and there is a layer of effective isolation in between the sections. Food for thought?
  8. The method I'm Imaguning woul require the shaft to have no contact with the plinth. But for that to be meaningful it would mean that whatever contact the structure had with the plinth would be isolated by a soft "bearing" material, like a small sheet of rubber. I'll have to sketch it up but the same principle could be applied to another method, imo. I can't see any advantage of the pressure fit unless the plinth is so we'll damped that it would render the idea of isolating the tonearm from the plinth irrelevant.
  9. A solid fixing for the tonearm combined with damping and isolation from the TT motor. It's a tough one. Pondering this for my own 401 project. Say if the armboard was attached with a clamping mechanism, where the surfaces of the clamp were isolated from the plinth top and bottom with whatever.... The bolts would not need to contact the plinth itself, only the clamping surfaces, which are isolated from the plinth with...? Make sense?
  10. Nice. I really dig these vintage TT renos. Gets the creative juices flowing.
  11. Kind of, the double bass is the largest and lowest tuned stringed acoustic instrument. Bass guitar is just that, a bass version of a guitar playing in the same register as a double bass depending on how it's tuned of course. Contrabass is another common name for double bass, but it can refer to other instruments working in the same register. It's all a bit grey man. Yup
  12. Contrabass = double bass. Is that what you were asking about?
  13. I reckon if you can get the same finish on the control knobs then it's a winner 👍
  14. Bonjintan, Dental Kafka Akita Sakata, sax clarinet voice Jim O'rourke, contrabass Giovsnni Di Domenico, piano, Hohner pianet Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, drums, perc
  15. Regarding using either coupling or isolation under the plinth, it depends on what the turntable is sitting on. If it's a properly damped rack or platform, then go with coupling as that would serve to drain any left over energy from the plinth into the damped platform. But if the platform/rack shelf is not damped (most are not) , then isolate using a compliant material like vibrapods.
  16. They look amazing, matt black cabs is a great idea. Strong WAF
  17. Winter, Into Darkness. The heaviest album ever recorded? What have we learned since 1989?..... Svart reissue, excellent sq. Very quiet mastering insists on open gain. Zero attenuation for best results 👍👍👍
  18. Lovely. I had an Uncle who had a magnificent collection of prize winning orchids. He's been gone over twenty years, but I carry his memory with me everywhere I go.
  19. Thanks for the inspiration guys 😘 http://zeitkratzer.bandcamp.com/album/metal-machine-music
  20. I have had an order from Juno (UK) being handled by FedEx, it was supposed to arrive 10 weeks ago...... Juno gave me a store credit. Placed another order a couple days ago. Fingers crossed it arrives this week. I give up either way. If it happens again I'll ask for a refund.
  21. I've yet to meet a cranky Mick, and when I do I have the perfect single malt to quell his temper.
  22. They have been mentioned several times, just that the SNA search engine now has a very short memory
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